Sublime and Valiant Prince of the Royal Secret
Thirty-second degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Scotland, 1987


The Office-Bearers (with the exception of the G.Cdr.-in-C., Visitors and Members) enter the Hall of the Grand Consistory and take their seats.
As Knocks in this Degree are not given with a Mallet but with the pommel of a weapon
(a) If the G. Cdr.-in-C. is not of rank in the 33° entitling him to dispense with the wearing of a sword, he will draw his sword before taking his Throne and lay it on his Pedestal with the hilt nearest to him. If, however, the G.Cdr.-in-C. is of rank in the 33° entitling him to dispense with the wearing of a sword, a naked poignard should be laid out on his Pedestal before the Degree.
(b) To facilitate the passage of the Candidates between and past their Pedestals, the Lt. Cdrs. will not draw their swords but a naked poignard should be laid Out on each of their Pedestals before the Degree.
(c) On reaching his post the G.Capt. of the Guard will draw his sword and keep it drawn until the Grand Consistory is closed.
G.Capt. of Guard, *:
Sublime and Valiant Princes be upstanding to receive the G.Cdr.-in-C. All rise.
Members of Supreme Council - if any- enter in procession and proceed to their allotted places.
G.Cdr.-in-C. enters last and proceeds to his Throne where he stands, facing W.
Sublime and Valiant Princes, please remain upstanding and assist me to open the Grand Consistory.
Let the approaches be secured and our safety within looked to.
G. Captain of the Guard opens door, sees that the G. Equerry is at his post, closes door and knocks once on it. G. Equerry knocks similarly on outside of door.
C. Reg.:
Sublime and Valiant G. Cdr.-in-Chief, the approaches are secured.
G.Capt. of Guard, after scrutinising all present:
And all’s well within.
Sublime and Valiant 2nd Lieutenant Commander, what is the hour?
2nd Lt.Cdr.:
After sunset and the present hour.
Sublime and Valiant lst Lieutenant Commander, how so?
1st Lt.Cdr.:
After sunset if one look to the land for behold darkness and sorrow. Therefore is it the present hour for us that have Light and believe in the Light.
Then let us proceed. * * * * *. Salix.
He and all present give 1st part of Sign
1st Lt.Cdr., * * * * *:
He and all present give 2nd part of Sign
2nd Lt.Cdr., * * * * *:
He and all present give 3rd part of Sign
All present:
Laus Deo.
And as our hope is in Him let us invoke the continuance of His aid in the discharge of our duties.
All come to order with 1st part of Sign.
Grant O Lord we beseech Thee, that we may ever perfectly perceive and know what things we ought to do, and that we may have Grace and power faithfully to fulfill the same, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
All present:
All drop sign.
The Grand Consistory is opened. G.Cdr.-in-C. gives knocks * * * * *, which are repeated by the G.C. of G. and G. Equerry. Be seated Brethren.
Grand Registrar, are there any presentations? If so these are now made.


Whenever the Grand Consistory has been opened the Grand Master of Ceremonies, who should then be waiting outside the door with the Candidates, instructs the G. Equerry to knock once on the door. He does so.
G.C. of G.:
There is an alarm.
G. Captain of the Guard, see who approaches.
G. Capt. of Guard half opens door:
Who approaches7
Illustrious Brothers … and …, Grand Elect Knights Kadosh who know both Justice and Equity. Having been chosen by the Supreme Council of their allegiance to fill vacancies in this Grand Consistory, they now request to be received into it.
G.C. of C.:
Wait whilst I report.
G.Capt. of Guard closes door.
G.C. of C.:
Without stand Illustrious Brothers … and …, Grand Elect Knights Kadosh who know both Justice and Equity. Having been chosen by the Supreme Council of their allegiance to fill vacancies in this Grand Consistory, they now request to be received into it. They are accompanied by the Grand Master of Ceremonies.
Admit him/them.
G. Capt. of Guard opens door, admits party and closes door. The Grand Master of Ceremonies enters leading Candidates in single file round N. side of Camp and between chairs of the Lieutenant Commanders keeping close to 1st Lieutenant Commander. Whenever past the chair of the latter, he wheels the Candidates to r. , halts them opposite to, but short of, the Altar, turns them to their 1. and takes post in their rear.
G.Cdr.-in-C. to Candidates:
Of your election to our Order, we have already been advised, my Brothers. It means that by your mastery of the lessons presented to you during your progress hither you are now considered fit for immediate command under Supreme Rulers in the Crusade of your Brethren throughout the world - a Crusade against the powers of darkness that assail their lands from within and deny on earth to the weak and oppressed the Holy City of their dreams. As companions in this great venture we need you, my Brothers: but not by any hasty decision would we care to see you committed to a command that is lifelong, exacting, and hazardous. Go, therefore, now with your Conductor to our Primate that you may learn the implications attaching to our title in this Order and the nature of our foes. Listen to the words which remind you of the progress of a Christian pilgrim.
The Grand Master of Ceremonies places himself on l. flank of Candidates and leads them in front of the Primate’s Lectern, where he halts them, turns them to l. and takes post in their rear. As they approach, Primate rises and advances to his Lectern.
C. Primate, reading:
I saw also that the Interpreter took him again by the hand,and led him into a pleasant place, where was builded a stately palace . . . at the sight of which Christian was greatly delighted …
Then the Interpreter took him, and led him up to the door of the palace; and behold at the door stood a great company of men, as desirous to go in, but durst not. There also sat a man a little distance from the door, at a table-side, with his book and ink-horn before him, to take the name of him that should enter therein. He saw also that in the doorway stood many men in armour to keep it, being resolved to do the man that would enter what hurt and mischief they could
At last, when every man started back for fear of the armed men, . . a man of a very stout countenance came up to the man that sat there to write saying Set down my name, Sir; the which when he had done, . . the man drew his sword and put a helmet upon his head and rushed towards the door upon the armed men, who laid upon him with deadly force; but the man, not at all discouraged, fell to cutting and hacking most fiercely; so, after he had received and given many wounds to those that attempted to keep him out, he cut his way through them all and pressed forward into the palace.
Then it came to pass a while after . . that Mr. Valiant-for-Truth was sent for .... When he understood it, he called for his friends and told them of it. Then said he I am going to my Father’s: and though with great difficulty I got hither, yet now I do not repent me of all the trouble I have been at to arrive at where I am. My sword I give to him that shall succeed me . and my courage and skill to him that can get it. My marks and scars I carry with me to be a witness for me that I have fought his battles who will now be my rewarder. When the day that he must go hence was come many accompanied him to the river-side, into which he went . . . So he passed over, and all, the trumpets sounded for him on the other side.
My Brothers, one who is a member of our Order is known as a Sublime and Valiant Prince of the Royal Secret and Faithful Guardian of that Holy Treasure. On admission he receives a Knighthood of St. Andrew. To be worthy of so high an honour he must live up to the implications attaching to the remainder of his title - in particular to the words "Sublime and Valiant Prince" - and it is right you should realise what these are.
The two words "Sublime" and "Prince" are closely associated in meaning. The former denotes one who is both eminent and excellent, and the latter originally meaning one who is foremost, is now used as a title of high nobility. Combined, the two words not only infer the standard of leader- :ship expected from a member of our Order, but also that he will stand open to the eyes of his Brethren under him, who will assuredly judge his pretensions to nobility by the way in which he conducts himself in his eminent station. Think not of it then, my Brothers, either as a summit of endeavour on which to relay, or as attained for selfish ends but only as would the true Knight whose characteristic is that he seeks to improve the upper ground whereon he stands, thereby to do God the more glory.
I need hardly remind you that the word "Valiant" means one who is intrepid in peril, nor of the degree of moral courage required to be steadfast in time of peril. If you are in any doubt as to whether or not a Prince of the Royal Secret is called on to serve a world in peril today, judge for yourselves, my Brothers, from the words of St. Paul who said
"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemous, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy.
Without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good.
Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof …
Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."
G.Primate resumes his seat. G.M.C. takes post on r. flank of Candidates and leads them in single file to the W. side of the Altar, a short distance back from it. He halts them there, turns them to their r. and then takes post in their rear.
You have heard, my Brothers. Unaided by your Conductor, answer now. Do you still request to be received into our Order?
Any Candidate whose answer is not affirmative should be sent away before the G. Cdr.-in-C. continues.

Then it is necessary that you should now pledge your honour to secrecy concerning the ceremony of your admission, to obedience of the regulations governing our Order, and to your own deportment whilst a member of it. Answer for yourselves, my Brothers. Are you prepared to give such a solemn pledge?
Here again, any Candidate whose answer is not affirmative must be sent away before the G.Cdr.-in-C. continues:
It is well.
Approach and stand at our Holy Altar.
G.Cdr.-in-C. rises and moves to E. side of Altar. While he is doing so,
Sub. & Val. Princes, be upstanding.
To Order, Brethren.
All rise and stand to Order with 1st part of Sign.
G.Cdr.-in-C. to Candidates:
Place your right hands on your heart Candidates do so and, with your eyes on the symbol of our Faith before you, repeat together the following declaration as I dictate it:
I, …, unreservedly and of my own accord, solemnly declare upon my honour, that I shall never communicate or assist in communicating, directly or indirectly, any of the secrets, parts and points of this Degree without express authority thereto from the Supreme Council for Scotland in this Rite or a Sister Supreme Council then recognised by it and to which I may then owe allegiance, unless it be as part of a regular working of this Degree under such a Supreme Council,or to one who shall have proved after strictest examination by me that he has regularly received this Degree from and is still a member of it under such a Supreme Council.
That whilst I owe allegiance to such a Supreme Council I shall always fully comply with all Statutes and Regulations issued by or under it prescribed for my observance as a member of this Degree.
Lastly, that nothing hereafter in my actions, speech or demeanour shall ever reflect discredit on myself or my Brethren as members of this Order.
So help me God and keep me steadfast in this my solemn declaration.
Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

G.M.C. instructs Candidates to drop r. hand to side.
Sub. & Val. Princes, be seated.
They drop Sign and resume their seats. G.M.C. takes post on r. flank of Candidates.
Sub. & Val. Lieutenant Commanders both rise conduct our new companions to the Camp for the Masons of our Rite in their crusade. Let those in charge there acquaint them with its symbols and afterwards, yourselves, expound to them its grand design.
Lt. Cdrs. turn inwards and, keeping pace, proceed to the edge of the floor-cloth of the Camp at the angles of the Nonagon nearest their respective chairs, where they remain facing W. Whenever the 2nd Lt. Cdr. starts to move off as above, the G.M.C. turns the Candidates to their r. and leads them in single file behind the 2nd Lt. Cdr. until they reach the spot where he has halted. He then wheels them to r. until they are midway between the Lt. Cdrs. , when he halts them, and turns them to the 1. He will then take post near the G. Capt. of the Guard and, during the following Lectures on the Camp, must assist by turning towards the Candidates any Banners, as they are mentioned, on which the letter or emblem is not visible to the Candidates. Whenever the 1st Lt. Cdr. starts to move back to his chair after the last Lecture, the G.M.C. will immediately occupy his place on r. flank of Candidates.
As the Lt. Cdrs. reach the floor-cloth the 1st and 2nd A.D.Cs. will rise. If Lecterns in front of their chairs are provided, they will move to them.
The following 4 Lectures may be read or recited; but, if possible, the 3rd and 4th should be recited.
1st A.D.C., when Candidates are ready:
From where you stand inwards, the Geometrical works of our Camp consist of (First) A Nonagon forming a defensive line manned by the Brethren of our Rite holding its 1st to 18th Grades, each of which is allotted its own sector. The tents round the Nonagon represent the quarters of its garrison.
(Second) A Heptagon, on which the two defensive lines exchange reports.
(Third) A Pentagon forming a second defensive line manned by the Brethren of our Rite holding its 19th to 32nd Grades, each of which is again allotted its own sector.
(Fourth) An Equilateral Triangle enclosing a Circle containing a Point where the arms of the Cross of St. Andrew, which traverse it, intersect. From these command is exercised by the Masons of the 33rd Degree and of the Supreme Council under the Sovereign Grand Commander at the Point within the Circle. From this point outwards the numerical equivalents of the various works are 1,3,5,7 and 9. Except to remind you that each of these has its own Masonic significance, I need only ask you to note that these numbers total 25, and that the earliest diagram of our Camp is to be found in this Degree when it formed the 25th and last of the old French Rite of Perfection.
1st A.D.C. resumes his seat.
2nd A.D.C.:
The Banners round the Nonagon and Pentagon are those of the commanders of these lines. Each bears a letter; but in addition each Banner round the Pentagon displays an emblem. These emblems are The Ark of the Covenant, a Lion, a Winged Heart, an Eagle, and an Ox. The last four are symbolic respectively of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
The letters on the Banners round the Nonagon are read counter-clockwise, starting in the South
West. These are S.A.L.I.X.N.O.N. and S but the stroke over the last denotes it is a contraction
of two letters I and S. The earliest diagram of our Camp shows the last letter as S but in other Constitutions the S has been dropped and I substituted for it. Starting and reading similarly the letters on the Banners round the Pentagon are T.E.N.G. and U. Concerning all these letters and their significance for us you will receive further information.
2nd A.D.C. resumes his seat.
2nd Lt.Cdr.:
To appreciate the grand design of our Camp, consider first, my Brothers, the emblems of the Lion, Winged Heart, Eagle and Ox on the Banners of the Pentagon. They should serve to recall to you the visions in the Books of Ezekiel and of The Revelation of St. John the Divine and thereby to remind you of the New Jerusalem which we are pledged to bring to the weak and oppressed Displayed beside them, the Banner of the Pentagon bearing the Ark of the Covenant suggests that to our Camp also should be given Ezekiel’s name for the New Jerusalem, namely "The Lord is there." (A) In this connection bear in mind that a Circle represents Infinity as well as Unity, and that the Circle of our Camp is enclosed within an Equilateral Triangle which is symbolic of The Trinity. From this we are led to realise that though He may choose to express His divine will for us by the lips of Man, our unseen Supreme and Omnipotent Commander at the intersection of the arms of the Cross is Christ himself and that, though it is not outwardly represented, we do have our Royal Standard at the centre of the Camp in His Banner over us, which is Love.
1st Lt.Cdr.:
Consider again my Brothers, the Nonagon before you. It has the numerical equivalent of 9 which is the square of the Perfect Number 3. It also represents the perimeter of a Camp manned by all the Masons of our Rite in their proper stations. From these it may be deduced that to achieve the absolute perfection required if we are to be victorious in our Crusade, we must all, as Brethren of our Rite, stand shoulder to shoulder, each doing his duty at his appointed post, and having God ever in his heart. This is the great lesson taught to us by our Camp and it is summed up in these words of St. Paul "Be perfect. Be of one mind, and the God of Love shall be with you."
Lt. Cdrs. turn about and resume their seats. Thereafter the G.M.C. turns the Candidates about, and, from their rear, conducts them in line to a point between the Altar and the Chairs of the Lt.Cdrs., but nearer to the latter, where he halts them, remaining in their rear. G.Cdr.-in-C. comes down from the dais and stands at the W. side of the Altar facing the Candidates.
G.Cdr.-in-C. to Candidates:
I shall now put you in possession of the Secrets of this Degree, with the exception of its Royal Secret and its seven Passwords which we no longer use.
The Sign is given in three parts.
I shall now give these and you will copy my example: … 1st part: Right hand on heart. 2nd. part: Extend right hand to the front, hand. upwards and palm outwards as if repelling something. 3rd. part: Drop right hand to side.
When standing to order only the first part of the Sign is used; but all three parts are given when saluting a superior Office-Bearer, or to the Chair on entering or leaving the Grand Consistory when the Degree is in progress.
Here the G.Cdr.-in-C. borrows the sword of the G.M.C.

To give the Grip or Token the two Princes concerned face each other, draw swords and bring them to the carry. Each places the hollow of his right foot against the heel of his left foot and with his left hand gives the first two parts of the Sign.
Maintaining the second part and with their swords at the carry they approach each other, and interlace the fingers of their left hand and embrace with the right hand in which the sword is still carried, point upwards.
In this position the challenger whispers SALIX, without giving 1st part of the Sign, the challenged replies NONIS, without giving 2nd part of the Sign, and both together say TENGU without giving 3rd. part of the Sign.
The G.Cdr.-in-C. returns the sword to the G.M.C.
These words SALIX NONIS TENGU are the Words of this Degree under our Constitution but other Constitutions give them as SALIX NONI TENGU. They are composed of the letters on the Banners round the Nonagon and Pentagon of the Camp and they are anagrammatic.
Though the Key to the anagram has never been passed down to us, as we give them they could stand for the Gnostic saying Lux inens nos agit, meaning ‘The light within’, i.e. our Royal Secret ‘compels us’.
The Words are given by two Princes each giving one and together giving the third, or by three Princes each giving one. Except in the Grip or Token, as each Word is given the giver makes the corresponding part of the Sign and those to whom he is giving at, and all others present, copy that part of the Sign. At the end all present exclaim Laus Deo, meaning Praise be to God.
The Motto of the Degree is Spes mea in Deo est meaning My hope is in God.
The Knocks are * * * * *. In this Degree they are always given with the pommel of a sword or poignard.
G.M.C. conduct these Brethren to the pedestal in the South.
G.Cdr.-in-C. moves to the E. side of the Pedestal on which is the silver layer. When he is in position the G.M.C. conducts the Candidates to the W. side of that pedestal and halts them in line facing E.
G.Cdr.-in-C. to Candidates:
Draw swords.
Candidates do so, holding their swords at the carry.

In turn from the right you will give me your sword that it may be symbolically purified from every stain and so be made worthy of our sacred cause.
The Candidate on the right delivers his sword to the G.Cdr.-in-C. who dips its hilt into the pure water in the layer, wipes it with the clean linen towel laid out on the pedestal and returns it to the Candidate who continues to hold it at the carry. The G.Cdr.- in-C. takes the swords of the remaining Candidates in turn and goes through the same procedure with each sword. When the last sword has been restored to its owner.
G.Cdr.-in-C., addressing all Candidates together:
My Brothers, your swords are now purified, and henceforth they should be wielded only in defence of Truth and Honour, to the maintenance of which every true Prince of the Royal Secret is dedicated.
G.M.C., Conduct these Brethren to the pedestal in the North.
G.Cdr.-an-C. moves to the E. side of the pedestal in the N. on which is the cup of fire etc.
The G.Reg. goes to the pedestal, pours spirits (into the cup) from the flagon on the pedestal, and lights it, using the silver match-box on the pedestal.
When this has been done, the G.M.C. conducts the Candidates with their swords at the carry to the W. side of the pedestal, halts them in line and turns them to the E.
G.Cdr.-in-C., to Candidates:
Give me your swords again, my Brothers, in turn.
Candidate on right of line gives his sword to the G.Cdr.-in-C. who passes the blade of it five times through the flame from side to side. Thereafter, holding the sword in both hands by its hilt and blade and after raising it thus to the height of his own eyes with the point of the sword pointing to the S. and the pommel of it to the N., the G.Cdr.-in-C. says:
I consecrate this sword to the sacred cause of Truth and Honour.
He then restores the sword to its owner who continues to hold it at the carry. Taking each other sword in turn, the G.Cdr.-in-C. passes it through the flames, raises it as mentioned to the height of his own eyes, pronounces the words of consecration, and returns it to its owner. When all the swords have been thus consecrated.
G.Cdr.-in-C., addressing all Candidates together:
In your hand may that sword ever be as a symbol of "The Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God", and may it ever prevail in repelling Falsehood and Dishonour in whatever guise they may appear. My Brothers, return swords.
G.Cdr.-in-C. resumes his seat in the E. When he has done so, the G.M.C., placing himself on the right flank of the Candidates, conducts them in single file by way of the N. until they are opposite the dais in the E., when he halts them and turns them to their left to face the G.Cdr.-in-C. in line. The G.Cdr.-in-C. comes down to face the Candidates after the G.M.C. has removed from the Candidates their 3l° Collars and has brought their 32° Collars. He hands
the latter one at a time to the G.Cdr.-in-C. who places it on a Candidate. When the last Candidate has been invested with his Collar, and, if in evening dress, with his neck ribbon suspending his 32° Jewel.
Having invested you, my Brothers, with the Collar and Jewel of our Order, I shall presently instruct you with its Royal Secret; but first you will pay attention to our Grand Primate.
G.Cdr.-in-C. resumes his seat on the dais; but the Candidates stand fast during the following reading by the G. Primate who rises and advances to his Lectern.
G.Primate, reading:
My Brothers, in the Rose Croix Degree under our Constitution you are bidden to regulate your labours by the new law of Christ and to take as your future guide the three virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity, that are its bases, its pillars, and its principles. In the immortal words of the 13th Chapter of the 1st Epistle to the Corinthians according to the authorised Version of our Bible, St. Paul tells us that of these three the greatest is Charity. He also there defines Charity for us in precepts which all relate to a man’s actions on his own spirit in his association with other men. He did not, therefore, use the word Charity in its newer restricted sense of relief, but an its original, infinitely nobler, and more comprehensive association with the Greek word Charis or grace, the quality that begets love and delight. Let me again remind you of his words "Charity suffereth long and is kind;
"Charity envieth not; Charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
"Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil;
"Charity rejoiceth not in iniquity; but rejoiceth in the truth.
"Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things;
"Charity never faileth …"
Substitute for Charity, if you will, my Brothers, Love, as it is rendered in the Revised Version of our Bible; for you may perceive from these words of St. Paul that, if a man complies with his precepts for the attainment of this Charity, he will actually beget Love even where no trace of it existed before. Do you not find, if you examine the circumstances of those of your companions who enjoy most deeply the love of their Brethren, that they do so very much in proportion as they exemplify these principles?
G. Primate resumes his seat. G.M.C. places a kneeling cushion on the steps of the dais in front of the G.Cdr.-in-C. and takes post on the r. of the Candidates.
G.Cdr.-in-C., to Candidates:
My Brothers, the Royal Secret of our Order is the Love that is Charity.
G.M.C. you will conduct these Brethren in turn to us that they may receive the reward of their labour.
Sublime and Valiant Princes, be upstanding.
All rise except the G.Cdr.-in-C.

Draw swords.
All except G.Cdr.-in-C. and Candidates do so.

Present arms.
Those without swords stand to order with first part of Sign. Candidates take no action.
G.M.C. conducts Candidate on r. of line to the dais and instructs him to kneel on the cushion. Whilst he is doing so, G.Cdr.-in-C. rises, takes sword off his pedestal, and with It, advances to the kneeling Candidate.
By virtue of my powers as Grand Commander-in-Chief, I receive, constitute and acknowledge you a Sublime and Valiant Prince of the Royal Secret Knight of St. Andrew and Faithful Guardian of the Holy Treasure.
And that all your endeavours hereafter be done with the Love that is Charity, God have you in his Holy keeping.
All present:
G.Cdr.-in-C. strikes the r. shoulder of the Candidate thrice with the blade of his sword.
G.Cdr.-in-C. to Candidate:
Rise Sir ... Christian name only.
Sublime and Valiant Princes, carry swords.
All with swords do so. Those without swords drop first part of Sign. G.M.C. raises kneeling Candidate and conducts him back to the r. of the line of Candidates where the Candidate remains facing E. G.M.C. then brings the next Candidate to the dais and instructs him to kneel, after which he orders all present, as before, to draw swords and present arms. The second Candidate is then received, constituted and acknowledged by the G.Cdr.-in-C., after which follows, as before, the benediction by the G. Primate, and the accolade by the G.Cdr.-in-C. before the Candidate is conducted back to his place in the line of Candidates. Any further Candidates will be similarly dealt with.
G.M.C. from the E. you will proclaim these new Sublime and Valiant Princes.
G.Cdr.-in-C. replaces his sword on his pedestal and resumes his seat. G.M.C. standing below the dais and facing W.
Sublime and Valiant Princes, present arms.
All conform except G.Cdr.-in-C., G.M.C. and Candidates. Those without swords stand to Order with the first part of the Sign.

In the name of the Supreme Council for Scotland of the 33rd and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, and to the end that they may ever be acknowledged as such throughout the world, I now proclaim Illustrious Brothers … full Christian and surnames this day regularly and lawfully received and constituted Sublime and Valiant Princes of The Royal Secret, Knights of St. Andrew and Faithful Guardians of the Holy Treasure.
Here, if desired, a fanfare of trumpets may be played on the organ. After which:

Sublime and Valiant Princes, carry swords.
Those without swords, drop first part of the Sign.

Return swords.
Be Seated.
G.M.C. takes post behind Candidates. G .Cdr .-in-C. rises.
G.Cdr.-in-C. to Candidates:
On behalf of Supreme Council and of all members of this Grand Consistory I congratulate you, my Brothers, on your admission to our Order and I wish you every happiness in it.
Descends from the dais; shakes hands with each Candidate, returns to the dais and resumes his seat.

G.M.C., as this concludes the Degree you will conduct these Sublime and Valiant Princes to their places in the S. and afterwards resume your own.
G.M.C. seats the Candidates in the places reserved for them in the S. column and afterwards resumes his own seat beside them.


Sublime and Valiant G. Registrar, is all accomplished here?
G.Reg. rises and remains standing until end of closing. If there is any business he announces it and it is dealt with. In that event, on its conclusion, G.Cdr.-in-C. should ask "Is all now accomplished here" Thereon, or on the G.Cdr.-in-C’s original question if there is no business.
It is, though much remains to be done in the world
G.Cdr.-in-C., knocking:
Sublime and Valiant Princes, assist me to close the Grand Consistory.
He and all others rise.
* * * * *:
Salix. Whereon he and all others present give first part of Sign.
1st Lt.Cdr. * * * * *:
Nonis. Whereon he and all others present give second part of Sign.
2nd Lt.Cdr.: * * * * *:
Tengu. Whereon he and all others present give third part of Sign.
All present:
Laus Deo All return to first part of Sign.
And may He ever mercifully look upon our infirmities and, in all our dangers and necessities, stretch forth His right hand to help and defend us; through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
All present:
All drop Sign. If he wore a sword when he entered the Grand Consistory, the G.Cdr.-in-C. takes it from his Pedestal and sheathes it.
The Grand Consistory is closed. Let us depart.
G.Capt. of the Guard sheathes his sword and opens door.
Sublime and Valiant Princes, remain upstanding whilst the G.Cdr.-in-Chief (and members of Supreme Council, or of the 33°) retire(s).