Burlesque Orders and Mock Initiations Library

ISBN 978-90-78156-29-1

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The contents of this collection (in PDF-files): 

  • Baker's Specialties - Initiation Stunts / Beale Cormack, 1922
  • Best Commencement Stunts and Ceremonies / Marie Irish, 1924
  • Burlesque and Side Degree Paraphernalia - Ed DeMoulin & Bro, n.d.
  • Burlesque Paraphernalia and Side Degree Specialties and Costumes - Ed DeMoulin & Bro, 1930
  • Easy Initiations : A Collection of Practical Initiation Stunts, for the Club, Lodge, and Fraternity / Louis J. Huber, 1937
  • The Fellowship Handbook
  • Fellowship Initiations and Burlesques / Arthur LeRoy Kaser, 1931
  • Fellowship Drills / Marie Irish, 1931
  • Fellowship Jokes and Toasts / George A. Posner, 1931
  • Fellowship Speeches / John H. Arnold, 1931
  • Fellowship Stunts / Beatrice Plumb and others, 1931
  • Frazar's Star Chamber : Or Expulsion of a Member for Betraying the Secrets and Passwords of the Order / Douglas Frazar, 1882
  • The Harmless Spanker - Leaflet Whitehead & Hoag, n.d.
  • Ideal Drills : A Collection of Entirely New and Original Drills, Marches and Motion Songs / Marguerite W. Morton, 1928
  • Joining the Lodge : Burlesque Initiation Scene / Frank Dumont, 1904
  • The Lodge Goat : Goat Rides, Butts and Goat Hairs / James Pettibone, 1902
  • Making a Sister : A Mock Initiation for Ladies / Epes Withrop Sargent, 1910
  • Riding the Goat : A Burlesque Initiation / O.E. Young, 1901
  • Riding the Goat : Secrecy, Masculinity, and Fraternal High Jinks in the United States, 1845–1930 / William D. Moore, 2007
  • Roped In or the Greatest Thing Out : A Burlesque Ritual for All Organizations / Charles A. Poland, 1905
  • A Royal Initiation : A Mock Degree in One Act / A.E. Poole, 1915
  • Sister Masons : A Burlesque in One Act / Frank Dumont, 1924
  • Ten Easy Acts for Men : A Collection of Quickly Prepared Burlesque Trials, Mock Initiations ... / Arthur Le Roy Kaser, 1930
  • The Third Degree : A Burlesque Initiation for Women's Societies, Any Order / Mayme Riddle Bitney, 1907
  • Van Nest's Burlesque Degree : Or Initiation of a Candidate, 1885
  • Wamsley's Burlesque Lodge Play : Are You a Member?, 1905
  • Worth's Burlesque Ritual / Edward Worth, 1896

  • Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus

    Ancient Order of Froth Blowers

    Ancient Order of Hercules

    Ancient Order of Knights of Chivalry

    Arabian Degree Klan


    Beneficent Order of Zealous Yahoos

    Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

    Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo

    Ye Corporation o'Squaremen

    Grand and Noble Order of Button Busters

    Grand Order of the Orient

    Great Order of the Crusades of Purgatory

    Improved Order of Red Men

    Knights of Athens

    Knights of Cerberus

    Lodge of Kye Tyes

    Military Order of the Cootie of the United States - Veterans of Foreign Wars

    Military Order of the Serpent - United Spanish War Veterans

    Military Order of the Lizard - United Spanish War Veterans

    Modern Woodmen of America

    Munchers of Hard Tack

    National Sad Sacks - American Veterans

    Noble but Slightly Dishonounorable Degree of Cork Masonry

    Order of the Silent Sphinx

    Order of the Sons of Mars

    Oriental Order of Humility - Odd Fellows

    Order of Goosie Girls

    Order of the Grand Orient

    Patrons of Husbandry

    Prehistoric Order of Ancient Free-and-Easy Old Bar-Stewards

    Princes of Bagdad

    Princes of Iran

    Royal Arch Masons

    Royal Order of Jesters

    Royal Order of Supreme Purple Dragons and High Muckymucks

    Secret Political Order of Johnny Cross and the Jesuits

    Sons of Osiris

    Sublime and Illustrious Order of the Great Tin Spoon

    Sublime Order Arabian Knights

    Sublime Order of the Knights of the Zoroasters


    Uncle Sam's Eagles

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