Ladies of the Orient / Royal Zuanna  
Initiation Ritual


P.A., gives a rap with the scimitar: All present who are not entitled to remain will please retire.
Slight pause. Captain of Degree, you will inform the Great Ashayhi that the hour has arrived to convene this Zuanna, and it is the wish of the Past Ashayhi that she and her officers now enter.
The Captain of Degree marches directly to the rear of the room, and advances to the ante: room door.
C.D.: Great Ashayhi and officers, the hour has arrived to convene this Zuanna and the Past Ashayhi invites you to enter.
The second triangle is composed of the remaining officers.
The Syndic remains in the ant-room guarding the outer door. The Guard assumes her station at the inner portal. Officers enter led by the Oriental Guide on the left and the Captain of Degree on the right. The Trustees elected for two years and three year terms will assume their stations in front of the Collector of Shekels station as the officers form in line in the ante: room. As the officers enter, the Past Ashayhi gives three raps with the scimitar and the Queens on the side lines will rise. The Officers will march forward in twos in front of the Queen Ashayhi’s station. At Queen Ashayhi’s station, Officers on left, led by Oriental Guide, and Officers on right, led by Captain of Degree, will immediately start forming triangle— marching forward in triangle to beyond Altar— Triangle completed when Prelate on right and Zuanna Bearer on left are opposite Altar— Great Ashayhi and Queen Ashayhi march directly to Altar.
When the Triangle has been completed, the officers remain in that position while the Opening Ode is sung. After which the Queen Ashayhi addresses the Past Ashayhi.

Opening Ode
(Tune, “Hail, Hail.”)
Hail, hail the Queens are all here,
Every one a backer,
Not a single slacker
Rah, rah, now every one,
Ladies of the Orient,
Yum, yum, yum.
(“Then immediately switch to the tune: “How Do You Do?”)
How do you do, Orient Queens, how do you do?
How do you do, Orient Queens, how are you?
We are here from far and near,
To fill each with joy and cheer,
And cause smiles to reappear
With each of you.
How do you do? How do you do?
How do you doodle, doodle, doodle, doodle do?
We are here from far and near
To fill each with joy an cheer,
And cause smiles to reappear
With each of you.
Q.A.: Past Ashayhi, are thou satisfied that the Royal Chamber is fittingly prepared for the reception of the Great Ashayhi?
P.A.: I am, most illustrious Queen Ashayhi.
Q.A.: Is the Throne such as Royalty should occupy?
P.A.: Yea, verily it is.
Q.A.: It is well.
P.A.: Detector and Executioner, you will escort the Great Ashayhi to her Throne and Asst. Detector and Asst. Executioner you will escort the Queen Ashayhi to her station.
The D. & E. followed by A.D. and A.E. will march diagonally to Altar. The D. & E. will escort the Great Ashayhi to her station and the A.D.&A.E. will escort the Queen Ashayhi to her station. The D.&E. and A.D. and A.E. will remain at root of their stations.
G.A.: The officers will assume their stations and assist in the duties of the Zuanna.
At this time the remaining officers will march directly to their respective stations. Great Ashayhi seats the
G.A.: The cannon proclaims the hour when the Queens shall assemble in solemn council.. Oriental Guide, are all present who should be officially? If not, you will inform me of the absentees. Keeper of Traditions, you will make note thereof.
The Keeper of Tradition will call roll, and the officers will rise and remain standing when their name is
O.G.: All is well.
G.A. gives one rap of scimitar or gavel, seats officers. Great Ashayhi appoints all pro-tem officers for the evening.
G.A.: The Queens will assemble upon the Arc of Mystic Circle and there wait in solemn meditation while proof of their allegiance is being obtained.
Past Ashayhi and the Prelate advance to the Altar, turn, proceed to the Throne, facing the Great Ashayhi and communicate the pass word to the Great Ashayhi and at same time gives the grip. The Past Ashayhi turns right and the Prelate turns left, marching to the side of the Royal Chamber, taking the password from the Musician. Both officers proceed to the rear of the Royal Chamber, keeping opposite each other. One retires without form and takes the password and grip from the Syndic, upon reentering the Royal Chamber, takes the password and grip from the Guard of the Zuanna, (who remains at her station). The officers advance to a point in front of the Queen Ashayhi’s Station, turn, and march to the ends of the Altar. The Past Ashayhi faces her Station and the Prelate faces her station. When the Past Ashayhi and Prelate have taken their stat ions the Detector and Executioner lead the Queens to the rear of the Royal Chamber. Detector turns left about, and the Executioner turns right about: the Detector leads her line to the Past Ashayhi and the Executioner leads her line to the Prelate. All communicate the password and give the grip, the Queen Ashayhi and the Assistant Detector and Assistant Executioner are the last to give the password. after which the Detector and Executioner pass in front of the Queen Ashayhi’s station, each keeping to the right. Thus forming a semi-cirle behind the Altar, the Queen Ashayhi and Assistant Detector and Assistant Executioner remain in front of the Queen Ashayhi’s station. When all have proven themselves in the password, the Past Ashayhi and Prelate take thefr positions at the head of the line opposite their stations. At this time the Detector and Executioner do not lead their lines beyond the Altar. Make more than one semi-circle if necessary.
G.A.: Past Ashayhi and Prelate, are thou satisfied that all present are properly clothed and qualified to remain?
P.A.: I am most Illustrious Great Ashayhi.
P.: I am most Illustrious Great Ashayhi.
G.A.: It is well. Are the sacred portals properly guarded?
P.A.: They are most Royal Sovereign.
G.A.: Again it is well. Queens, attention to the Working Sign. All give Working Sign.
G.A.: Prelate, you will attend at the Altar and open the Holy Bible.
The Prelate steps forward one step, then turns and marches to a point in the center of the Altar- right turns and advances to the Altar. Bows. Slowly opens the Bible.
G.A.: Prelate, you will lead us in prayer.
P.: Our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy loving kindness toward us. We humbly beseech Thee to bless our Order, its officers and each member thereof. Keep us in the blissful bonds of Fraternal union, so that we may be loyal, one toward another, and faithful to our obligation, ever keeping it inviolate. We ask this in the name of Thine only begotten Son, our dear Lord and Savior, who taught us to pray. “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
One rap of the scimitar.
The Prelate bows, turns and returns to her station, the Past Ashayhi returns to her station, after which the Officers and Queens return to their seats. The Detector and Executioner right and left about face respectively. march around the semi: circle, keeping to the right as they pass in front of the Queen Ashayhi’s stations, and lead the Queens back to their chairs. When all have reached their stations, the Great Ashayhi seats the Zuanna with one rap of the scimitar.
G.A.: The Color Bearers will present the colors.
Flag Ceremony
The Color Bearers will form a triangle with the apex (banner) in the rear: then march to the rear of the Royal Chamber thence to the ante: room. The American Color bearer on the right: Canadian on the left (Reverse in Canada) Banner bearer in the rear to form apex. The American Color bearer at right— Canadian bearer at left (Reverse in Canada) with the Banner bearer as the apex enter in a triangle to base of the Queen Ashayhi’s station, turn in triangle— march to Altar— Banner bearer stands behind the Altar, and the American Color Bearer turns right and marches to the Prelates station, the Canadian Color Bearer turns and marches to the Past Ashayhi’s station. Both color bearers turn and march diagonally to base of Royal Throne, American Bearer crosses to right, Canadian color bearer crosses to left (in other words the Color Bearers cross at base of Royal Throne) (reverse in Canada). At the time the color bearers start their march to base of Royal Throne, the banner bearer walks directly from altar to base of Royal Throne, steps back to form triangle— all three turn and face altar. Pledge of allegiance to flag and National Anthems of each country is sung (the pledge is not required in Canada). The colors are deposited— American Colors to right of Throne— Canadian to the left of the Throne (reverse in Canada). Banner to be placed in short receptacle in front of the Throne. The three color bearers march in straight line: A.C.B., B.B., C.B.B. (reverse in Canada) to their respective stations. The great Ashayhi gives one rap of the scimitar and seats the Zuanna.
G.A.: Queen Ashayhi, why art thou here?
Q.A.: Most Royal Ruler, I am here to perform such work as pertains to my station in this Zuanna; To thoroughly memorize all parts of our Royal Manuscript, including the Unwritten Work, which becomes my duty to inform Neophytes; to have charge of the preparation of the Royal Chamber; and to preside over this assemblage of Queens in the absence of the Great Ashayhi.
See that the Royal Chamber is properly prepared for each meeting as well as for the Degree. Check each
Station, to see that it is properly prepared.
G.A.: Oriental Guide, why art thou here?
O.G.: I am here, Great Ashayhi, to assist in the preparation of the Royal Chamber; to report the absence of all officers; to assist in properly preparing the Neophytes for their long journey through the wilderness and across the burning sands of the dessert; and to offer comfort and aid to those afflicted in body and mind.
Assist the Queen Ashayhi in the preparation of the Royal Chamber on all occasions. Be sure the Ballot Box is properly prepared before the meeting and the staffs (if staffs are used in balloting) are placed on the right side of your station, and on the left side of the Captain of the Degree’s station, placed in receptacles.
G.A.: Keeper of Traditions, why art thou here?
K.T.: Great Ashayhi, I am here to properly record all the transactions of this Zuanna and attend to such manuscripts and writings as may be received; to issue all applications of those desiring to enter this Zuanna, and collect all money due therefrom and pay it to the Collector of Shekels at each regular assemblage; and perform such duties appertaining to my office as you may direct.
G.A.: Collector of Shekels, why art thou here?
C.S.: I am here, Great Ashayhi, to keep correctly the accounts of the Queens of this Zuanna; to collect all money due this Zuanna and properly pay the same to the Keeper of Shekels at the close of each assemblage, taking her receipt therefor.
G.A.: Keeper of Shekels, why art thou here?
K.S.: Great Ashayhi, I am here to receive all money from the Collector of Shekels and safely guard the same, and pay it out only by majority vote of this Zuanna and an order signed by the Keeper of Traditions and the Great Ashayhi.
G.A.: Guard of the Zuanna, why art thou here?
G.Z.: Royal Sovereign, I am here to guard well the inner portal of the Royal Chamber, and to permit none to enter unless in proper regalia and qualified with the pass, and permit none to retire without properly giving the sign.
G.A.: Guard of the Zuanna, you will retire to the outer chamber and request the Syndic to enter.
G.A.: Syndic, why art thou here?
Syndic, gives Working Sign: Thou Great Ashayhi, I am here to protect the Ag-has-i of our Zuanna from improper intrusion and to see that no stranger enters unlawfully.
G.A.: Return to your station and request the Guard of the Zuanna to enter.
G.A.: Prelate, why art thou here?
P.: Great Ashayhi, I am her to conduct the devotional exercises of this Zuanna; to give comfort, cheer and consolation to all who are afflicted and bereaved; and to perform all the duties pertaining to my office.
G.A.: Past Ashayhi, why are thou here?
P.A.: Most Royal Sovereign, I am here to assist the Queen Ashayhi in the preparation of the Royal Chamber; to see that the Zuanna is properly prepared for the reception of strangers; to know that all present are qualified to remain; and to perform such other duties as you may direct.
Check the Royal Chamber with the Queen Ashayhi before opening to see that each officer has checked her station and all is in readiness.
G.A.: It is well with all these. I, your Ruler, am required to demand decorum in all your assemblages; to be responsible for all Rituals; to enforce that all parts of our Royal Manuscripts shall be memorized; to transmit such secret work, signs, grips, passwords and other instructions as may be necessary for the safety of new inmates of this Zuanna, that they may not go astray for want of knowledge as to our customs.
G.A.: I now declare this assemblage of … Zuanna, No. … duly opened for the transaction of business. One rap of scimitar.
G.A.: Guard of the Zuanna, inform the Syndic that … Zuanna No. … is now open.
G.Z.: Syndic, … Zuanna, No. … is now open for the transaction of business.
All candidates should be outside of outer door. No candidates costume until after past Ashayhi sends them out. Remove altar from center of Royal Chamber to a place in front of prelate’s station. Leave Bible open.
When the time for the Initiation Ceremonies arrives, the Great Ashayhi gives one rap of the scimitar.
G.A.: Guard of the Zuanna, you will instruct the Syndic that it is the order of the Great Ashayhi to make sure there are no prowlers lurking around the Ag-has-i of our domain.
The Guard of the Zuanna gives the regular alarm, which is answered by the Syndic. The Guard opens the door.
G.Z.: Syndic, it is the order of the Great Ashayhi that you make sure there are no strangers prowling around the Ag-has-i of our domain.
G.Z.: Great Ashayhi, your order has been obeyed.
The Syndic, making a loud noise on the inner portal in a very excited manner, then giving the regular alarm. The Guard of the Zuanna responds, then opens the door, and the Syndic rushes in, addresses the Throne with the proper sign, then addresses the Great Ashayhi.
S.: Oh Great Ashayhi, Ashayhi, there are … strangers without our Ag-has-i who are seeking admission to our inner portal to obtain the mystic rites of our Order.
Without waiting for any response, the Syndic gives the Working Sign, and at once rushes back to her station in the outer chamber.
G.A.: Captain of the Degree, be quick, follow the Syndic, capture these invaders and bring them before this honorable assemblage.
C.D.: Members of the Degree Team, fall in, double quick.
The Captain of Degree and the Degree Team advance quickly to the center of the Royal Chamber, give the Working Sign and retire immediately. Arrange the candidates in a single line, tying their hand’s behind them, then tying them together with a small rope. Each member of the Degree Team steps to the right side of a candidate. The Captain of a Degree leads the line. She gives the alarm at the outer door with loud knocks. The Syndic responds to the alarm, then opens the door and gives her charge.
S.: Who dares to pound on the Ag-has-i of our Royal Chamber at this hour?
C.D.: The Captain of the Degree with strangers who have invaded our domain, and it is my desire to present them to the Great Ashayhi.
S.: You may enter.
The Captain of the Degree leads the strangers in a single file to the inner door and gives the regular alarm.
G.Z.: Who dares to disturb the silent meditation of our Royal Chamber?
C.D.: The Captain of the Degree with strangers who have been lurking around the Ag-has-i of our Sacred Gardens, and I wish to imprison them in the inner chamber of this Zuanna.
G.Z.: Captain of the Degree, have these creatures any concealed weapons about their person?
C.D.: Verily, they are harmless.
G.Z.: You will wait here until I inform the Great Ashayhi of your noble work. Closes the door. Great Ashayhi, the Captain of the Degree is without the portals with … captives, who have invaded our Kingdom, and she wishes to imprison them within the inner chamber. What is the Majesty’s pleasure?
G.A.: Admit them.
G.Z.: Captain of Degree, it is the order of the Great Ashayhi that you, with these strangers, be admitted, and Captain of the Degree, you will keep an eye on them, that they attempt not to cause any disturbance.
The Captain of the Degree enters, leads the strangers in a single line past the Prelate, then across in front of the Throne, then to the station of the Past Ashayhi, then across the Royal Chamber facing the Throne.
C.D.: Great Ashayhi, I have captured these invaders who were caught prowling around the Ag-has-i of our Sacred Gardens. I would know thy will toward them.
G.A.: Have these strangers any concealed weapons about their person?
C.D.: So please you, they have not.
G.A.: Are they securely bound that we may not lose control of them?
C.D.: Yea, verily, they are harmless.
G.A.: It is well, we are not afraid. Oh, Queens, what shall we do with these creatures who have dared to invade our Sacred Gardens?
All together in a loud voice: Kill ‘em, torture ‘em, slay ‘em!
G.A.: Nay, Nay, my Queens, dost thou so soon forget the lessons of this Order, that you do unto others as you would that they should do unto you; return kindness for hostility; love thy neighbor as thyself; judge not that ye be not judged. You can not tell by the outward appearance what a noble heart may be within; who knows what may be concealed within the inner recesses of these mortal souls; what noble deeds they may be capable of doing; or what kind words they may be able to utter to heal some aching heart. Do not let selfishness be your festive queen, and thus cause you to forget justice, honor, and love, and with the cruel heart of Jezebel, persecute and crucify those who are helpless. Oh Queens, I beseech you to slay not these victims, for I desire them to be Queens of this Zuanna.
Queens: Let the decree so be. Our Great Ashayhi has spoken wisely.
G.A.: It is well. Let the Queens give ear. The time has come when we are compelled to unfold the dread mysteries of our Order to a fellow creature. LET ALL BEWARE. Captain of the Degree you will present these strangers to the Queen Ashayhi to receive instructions in the first lesson on the great and wonderous mystic rites of our Order.
The Captain of the Degree leads the strangers, in a single file, toward the Prelate’s station, right face and march in front or the Queen Ashayhi’s Station.
C.D.: Most Royal Queen, I present to you these strangers, who are journeying through our Royal Domain, weak and lowly in spirit, eager and anxious to hear from thy lips, words of wisdom, in their first lesson in the great and wondrous rites of our Order.
Q.A.: Strangers, my first duty is to assure you that in the journey across the desert your person will be held inviolate. You may be robbed of all you hold precious; but out of compassion for your helpless condition, we shall see that no harm comes to you. Under these assurances, are you willing to proceed?
Strangers answer: We are.
Q.A.: Then gird thyself together and summon all the resources of thy soul, for verily, great are the trials and tribulations that await thee. Those who have preceded you have surmounted all the obstacles that lie between the burning sands of the desert and the chilling breath of the distant poles. Before you can surmount these obstacles, you must assume a solemn obligation that will tend to pave thy way. You will each hold up your right hand at arm’s length. Pause. A-ha, you refuse? Little dost thou know the penalty for all who disobey my mandates.
C.D.: Most Gracious Queen, may it please your Highness, I desire to read from the laws of our Royal Manuscript.
Q.A.: Attention to the reading of the Law!
C.D.: Be it enacted and forever observed by all Queens of this honorable fraternity, that no person shall be required to obey a command that is impossible or that would injure her physically, mentally, or morally. The right hand being secured to the body, it is impossible for it to be raised.
Q.A.: Whatever may be our own private opinion, we must always bow to the majesty of the law. The Captain will unbind the victims. The hands are untied.
Q.A.: You will hold up your right hand at arm’s length as a token to Allah, and repeat after me the following obligation.
G.A. gives one rap of the scimitar.
Q.A.: In the presence of these noble Queens and on my honor as a lady, I solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, that I will never reveal to anyone, in any way, anything that may occur here this night, at this meeting or at any future meeting of this or any other Zuanna. I furthermore swear that I will not reveal any of the secrets of this Order, nor communicate any of its passwords, grips or signs or any information concerning the same, to any person not entitled to receive them. I furthermore promise absolute and unconditional obedience at all times to the mandates, rules and regulations of this Zuanna, or any like Zuanna, that I may hereafter visit or belong to. I furthermore promise and swear that I will not speak evil of any Queen of this Zuanna, or of any other Zuanna, I knowing her to be such, nor to perform any acts, either in word or action, of injustice or unkindness toward her, I will uphold the good name of an absent Queen and loyally defend her character on all occasions. All this I promise on my sacred honor and with a fixed purpose of keeping this obligation under penalty of reprimand, suspension, or expulsion from the Order. G.A. gives one rap of the scimitar.
Q.A.: You will drop your hands. My friends, this solemn obligation which you have just taken, is as binding as any obligation you could possibly assume. Your honor is pledged to secrecy at all times. That which may occur hereafter may surprise you, but whatever may transpire and whatever you may learn of this Order tonight, or in the future, you are pledged to keep secret. We hope that you will be ever faithful and true to the trust reposed in you. Captain of the Degree, you will present these Neophytes to the Past Ashayhi for advice and enlightenment. March around the Royal Chamber to the P.A. Station.
C.D.: Past Ashayhi, I present to you these Neophytes who have taken our solemn vows and are now before you for advice and enlightenment.
P.A.: Neophytes, take heed. You have taken the first step toward becoming affiliated with this great Order. As you proceed, you will meet with many obstacles you must eat hulwah and drink sillibub. Knowing all these trials are before you, do you still desire to continue on this journey? Neophytes answer.
P.A.: Oriental Guide.
O.G., rises: Past Ashayhi.
P.A.: You will see that these Neophytes are properly robed to withstand the tortures of the burning sands of the desert and the chilling breezes of the distant poles.
At this time, if there are any Sisters who cannot take the full work, they may be seated with the Queens. The Oriental Guide advances to the center of the Royal Chamber, where she meets the Captain of the Degree, leading the Neophytes, and marching by her side, they retire to the preparation room, where the Neophytes are robed. The Neophytes are hood: winked before they are robed, each member of the team taking charge of one Neophyte.
At this time the articles to be used for initiation are placed on a table ready for use. The Oriental Guide gives the regular alarm at the inner portal when ready to enter.
O.G.: The Oriental Guide with the victims who are ready to forego any surprise that may be waiting for them.
G.Z.: Great Ashayhi, the Oriental Guide, with the victims, who are ready to forego any of the surprises that may be waiting for them.
G.A.: Admit them.
G.Z., opens the door: Oriental Guide, it is the order of our Great Ashayhi that you, with these strangers, be admitted. You will see that they do not fall by the wayside and that the pleasures are fully revealed to them.
The Oriental Guide leads and marches around the Royal Chamber to the Past Ashayhi’s station, the Captain of Degree at the rear of the line.
O.G.: Most Gracious Past Ashayhi, these creatures are desirous of being robed, that they may, in due time, be received by our illustrious Great Ashayhi as fit subjects for the inner chamber.
P.A.: My Friends, as untold obstacles abound throughout the desert you will now be prepared for our journey by wearing this robe of Royal Hue, as was worn in the chamber of Xerxes the Great place a robe on the stranger the Oriental Guide is leading. Also, this shield, which Orion captured from the clouds, expressly for this occasion place a wash boiler lid in her left hand. You will also wear upon your head the Helmet of Hercules place a large funnel on her head. I now place in your hand this mighty sword, which King Arthur of old, wielded with such exalted power place in her right hand a sword. You are now fully armed from head to heel ready for the fiery fray. So, go thou forth to conquer or to die. Our Oriental Guide will accompany you on your journey, and, Oriental Guide, you will see that their footsteps do not falter and that they not fall by the wayside; that they enjoy the pleasures and feasts that have been prepared for them.
O.G.: We will now journey on in silence, meditating on the profundity of the yet to be. Pantomine and burlesque often teach a valuable lesson, one which makes us better and stronger for its learning. Our chief aim is to elevate humanity to a higher and better sphere. This will be impressed upon you as you journey along.
The Oriental Guide leads the Neophytes around the Royal Chamber, the Captain of Degree, or someone designated as Lecturer, will step out and give the lecture.
Lecturer: Ou who, Ou who.
O.G.: Ou who.
L.: Who dares to invade our Sacred Garden at this late hour?
O.G.: The Oriental Guide, accompanied by Neophytes, who are journeying through this domain, seeking admission to the inner chamber of this Zuanna.
L.: Poor mortals, sit down in Oriental fashion, while I help you to meditate on the seriousness of your undertaking.

Perhaps you will enjoy this journey,
Perhaps you will reach the end,
Perhaps you will say, “How foolish,”
Perhaps it will all depend.
Perhaps this trip won’t be pleasant,
Perhaps the sand will be hot,
Perhaps your nerve will fail you,
Perhaps again it will not.
Perhaps your friends will help you,
Perhaps we will make you dance,
Perhaps we will be laughing at you,
Perhaps you will be taking a chance.
Perhaps your eyes may grow dimmer,
Perhaps all your teeth will fall,
Perhaps your hair will get thinner,
Perhaps you will have none at all.
Perhaps this trip may be longer,
Perhaps it will stop with a crack,
Perhaps you will wish it were ended.
Perhaps you won’t give a rap.
Perhaps you will make a good member,
Perhaps you will not be worth a jot,
Perhaps you will laugh with us,
Perhaps, perhaps you will not.
Perhaps you think this Degree silly,
Perhaps you can’t understand,
Perhaps you will grasp our teachings,
Perhaps they will be lost in the sand.
Perhaps when all is over,
Perhaps when all is done,
Perhaps you will be a little wiser,
Perhaps you have enjoyed the fun.
But, yea, verily, I say unto you, if you survive this journey, I know that you will know persecution, and now that I have spoken, depart and forget not my words, “Perhaps.”
Degree Team step back of candidates.
O.G.: Now that you have silently meditated on our journey, let us onward.
The Neophytes arise and march once around the Royal Chamber to a position where they can be seen by the Queens on the side lines; here they are halted, and are seated on the floor in a semi: circle, facing the Queen.
C.D.: Poor desolate creatures, sit down in Oriental fashion and rest thy weary bones, while I explain to you the qualifications with which you must become endowed, to approach the presence at our Great Ashayhi.
Take blindfold off of candidates. Show the Articles later after the explanations are all complete. Please let them hear the words you are saying, let them not be lost in the sand.
L.: It is essential that you first have knowledge of your anatomy therefor we have preserved the different parts of the bodies of our departed ancestors, the ancient Egyptians who you follow tonight in your journey across the burning sands of the desert and the chill of the distant poles. You will therefor give careful attention while I explain to you the significance of the various organs.
EYES (olives or peeled grapes). We have the eyes that were given us to observe the beautiful things in life. We hope that you will always use yours to see only the good in your fellow creatures and never over: strain them trying to see something which is none of your business.
EARS (Pig’s ear or green peppers cut in half). The ears, which were created to inspire our soul with music and harmony, drawing us nearer the sublime, were never intended to hear unkind things about our sisters and never let scandal, discord or confusion fal1 upon them.
NOSE (pickle). The nose was placed upon your face, not as an ornament but for the purpose of inhaling the sweet zephrs wafted from the breezes. We trust that you will always keep yours in proper place and never stick it into other people’s business. Always use it for what it was intended.
TONGUE (Sliced liver). The tongue was given us that we might be able to control our enunciation and thus utter words of praise and good cheer. Let me warn you to never, for one moment, wag yours in scandal or in speaking evil of any Queen of this Zuanna or any other Zuanna.
BRAINS (sponge). The brain is given us to control our thoughts and actions. May yours ever be used for the good of this Order and your fellowman.
BACKBONE (String of wooden beads). The backbone is one of the most essential parts of the body, but some people never had one and are therefore not responsible for their errors; others have had one, but have permitted it to become disconnected and turn yellow. Let me warn you right here, to always keep your backbone erect, that you may be ever ready to fulfill your obligations.
FEET (Pig’s foot). The feet were given us that we might go to find a Queen’s hidden woe, to cheer her on her bed of pain and nurse her back to health again, carrying words of comfort and deeds of kindness. Do not overtax yours, nor let them run away with you and lead you into mischief.
LIPS (Stuffed sausage). The lips were given us to express our inner feelings without words. Many shieks of old kissed the lips of beautiful maidens, but we have secured those of an Egyptian Shiek, handsome as a Greek God, which have never experienced the thrill, we are therefor going to allow you the privilege of kissing them.
HANDS (Gloves, stuffed with sand to make them clammy). The hands are made to perform acts of charity and love. We extend to you a fraternal greeting from the ancients. Now that you have been instructed in the essential parts of the body, we have preserved these and would like to place them in your hands.
Blinders down. Guards now place objects in hands of candidates.
Take heed and depart for the hour is getting late and you have many obstacles yet to surmount before you reach the inner chamber.
O.G.: My friends, we will now proceed down the valley. The Neophytes are led to the Queen in charge of Hulwah and Sillibub.
K.: Who dares to intrude at this late hour?
O.G.: Oh, kind, gracious Keeper, we are pilgrims, weary and worn from travel and weak and blind from thirst and hunger.
K.: Poor mortals we will let you partake of this wonderful feast of Hulwah and Gopher Snakes of the desert and drink Sillibub from the Fountain of Youth. After all have been refreshed remove blinkers.
O.G.: My friends, now that you have been refreshed, we will go forth once more. Leads the Neophytes around the Royal Chamber until they are at the foot of the Throne.
O.G.: Poor mortals, I congratulate you upon having reached the end of your pilgrimage. This journey should ever remind you that every barren desert has its fertile Oasis, where green pastures and cooling waters refresh you on life’s journey. Illustrious Great Ashayhi, here stand before you these specimens of the human race; the strangers who invaded our Sacred Gardens and were captured and put through all the tests. They have eaten of the fruits of the desert; they have par: taken of Sillibub from the Fountain of Youth, and are worthy subjects to be received into the inner chamber of thy Zuanna. They have taken the preliminary obligations of this Order and are now before you, prepared to hear from thy lips, the Supreme Words of Wisdom as eminated from the tomb of Xerxes the Great.
G.A.: Is it your heart’s desire to be advanced to the inner chamber of this Zuanna?
Neophytes answer.
G.A.: You will kneel upon both knees at the same time and in keeping with the usage of our Order, you will place your forehead upon the floor, as a token of submission to the Great Ashayhi. All assume this position, Degree Team back of Neophytes.
G.A.: My friends, the position you have assumed is symbolic of your allegiance to our Order, and in assuming it, you have arranged your anatomy in a position, which anyone seeing you, will assume that your brains are at a very low ebb. While in this position, you will repeat after me the following obligation.
Secret Work. Do not hit candidates.
G.A.: Arise, My beloved, you have now become full fledged members of this Zuanna, and are entitled to share in all its pleasures and festivities perpetrated upon future candidates. You have withstood the trying ordeal with true fortitude and it is my will that you become eligible for higher advancement in our Royal Order and that you will always bear in mind that ... I will now instruct you in the Secret Work of this Order. In this Degree there is an alarm at the outer door, or Ag-has-i, and at the inner portal, password and grip, a Royal Sign, Working Sign and answer, Sign of Recognition and answer, and a Voting Sign. Gives Secret Work.
G.A.: I will now communicate to you the password and invest you with the grip of our Order.
The Great Ashayhi gives the password and grip to each Neophyte individually, always communicating the password in a whisper.
G.A.: You will now sign our Constitution and By-Laws, and become full pledged Queens of this Zuanna, entitled to its privileges and subject to its penalties.
The Oriental Guide will escort the new Queens to the desk of the Keeper of Traditions, where they will sign the Constitution and By: Laws, after which they will be escorted to the foot of the Throne, forming a line facing the Queen Ashayhi, where they will be introduced by the Great Ashayhi and welcomed by the Queens.
The Oriental Guide conducts the Queens in front of the Great Ashayhi.
G.A.: Captain of Degree, you will escort these Queens to the Collector of Shekels where the dues are paid and they will receive official certificates.
G.A.: Oriental Guide, Captain of Degree and Degree team, you will retire without form, with these Queens and assist them in preparing them for entrance in regular form. The Degree team will see that all articles used during the ceremony are put away properly for use at the next initiation ceremony.
After Queens have been escorted back into Royal Chamber and given sign the Great Ashayhi welcomes them, advises them of meeting date and invites them to attend as many future meetings as possible. Asks C.D. and O.G. to seat Queens.  


G.A.: Does any Queen here assembled know of anything further that should be brought before this Zuanna?
G.A.: Queens, the duties appointed for this meeting are now nearly completed, but before we part let us assemble upon the Arc of our Mystic Circle and unite in singing our closing Ode.
The Detector, followed by the Oriental Guide, Keeper of Traditions, the Color Bearers and the Queens; The Executioner followed by the Captain of Degree, Collector of Shekels and Keeper of Shekels, Trustees and the Queens. The Detector and Executioner lead their lines around the Royal Chamber, passing in front of the Queen Ashayhi’s station, keeping to the right. The Detector advances to the Prelate’s station, and the Executioner to the Past Ashayhi’s station. The Prelate and the Past Ashayhi step down as the Detector and Executioner arrive.
ODE (Tune: “Auld Lang Syne”)
The moon is fading in the West,
and parting time is near,
Let’s try to do some kindly deed,
before next meeting here.
Let’s all join hands and do our best, and thus our vows renew
To prove that we can stand the test and show the world we’re true.
Now as we go our separate ways,
let’s work with all our might,
To make our Orient a success,
Dear Queens, good-night, good-night.
G.A.: The Prelate will lead us in Prayer.
The Prelate stands at the Altar.
P.: Thou Great and Glorious Ruler of the Universe, we thank Thee for Thy mercies toward us. May Thy presence be round about us and Thy grace sufficient for all things. Help us to remember our obligations and duties to each other and to Thee. May our lot be cast in pleasant places and may we drink of the sweet waters in the cool oasis of life’s journey. May no strife disturb our days, nor sorrows distress our nights, and at last when we have finished our journey through the Orient of Life, may our deeds of Charity and Kindness merit us the rich reward of the Heavenly Zuanna which Thou hast prepared for those who serve Thee. Amen.
G.A.: The Prelate will attend at the Altar.
The Prelate steps forward one step to the Altar, bows, puts fingers of both hands under each side of the Bible moving the back of the Bible with the left hand to the left of the Altar and lowering the front of the Bible at the same time with the right hand. Then drawing both hands toward her, steps back two steps, bows and turns and assumes her place in front of her station in the Arc.
G.A.: The Color Bearers will retire with the colors. The Color Bearers retire with colors. Color Bearers form triangle Banner Bearer as apex. March to the foot of the Throne where they form straight line to pick up colors, A.C.B. & C.C.B. march diagonally to form triangle, Banner Bearer as apex march to the altar where B.B. stands while A.C.B. turns to P.A. station and C.C.B. turns to Prelate station. Both turn and march diagonally to form triangle and at the same time B.B. walks directly from altar to form apex. March to Q.A. station, turn in triangle and retire. Reverse in Canada. Queens remain on Arc until C.B. returns.
G.A.: Queens, I admonish you to guard well against disclosing anything that has transpired here this night. You will now give the Working Sign. I now declare this meeting of … Zuanna No. … Ladies of the Orient closed. Without further ceremony you are at liberty to depart give one rap with the scimitar.