Veterans of World War I of the United States of America
Ladies Auxiliary
Initiation Ritual


General Instructions

One rap of gavel - Attention
Two raps of gavel - Arise
Three raps of gavel - Be seated

Auxiliary Room

The auxiliary room should be furnished, and officers positioned. In center of the room there should be an Altar upon which is placed a Bible and an altar cloth. The altar cloth is made of one stripe each of red, white and blue satin or silk, each stripe to be 12" x 36", sewn together in red-white-blue sequence. The finished cloth should measure 36" x 36", with gold fringe on all four sides. An auxiliary emblem, the 5" size, should be sewn on the white stripe, 5" from the hemline, in such a way that the red stripe is to the President's right, and the emblem is on the white stripe, facing the Senior Vice President.
There should be a table or pedestal with gavel thereon for use of the President.
Each auxiliary should have four (4) color bearers' flags and a Patriotic Instructor's flag.
Flags should be carried at attention 30 degree angle, eagles should face the assembly. Flags are never dipped. The flag shall be placed to the right of the presiding officer at all times. Public Law 94-344.
The American Flag is always carried to the right of the Banner.
When addressing the President, or when being addressed by the President, members should always rise.
Hats are not worn in the meeting room, only the official cap.
All chairmen of the National and Department are recognized from the floor.
The Memorial cloth to be used for Memorial Services is 36" x 36", all white, with purple border 3 inches wide, with a purple cross in the center.
The cross is 8" x 10", the stripes are 2" wide.
The 8" cross piece crosses the 10" verticale stripe two inches from the top of the 10" piece.
The charter drape is black.
The heart salute is used at all times.
Small flags of the color bearers are not saluted, but members rise when they are in motion on
the floor.

Opening Services

The president arises, and gives one rap.
In the absence of all three top officers, the Secretary shall call the meeting to order and the members assembled shall elect a presiding officer pro tem.
This Auxiliary is called to order. The officers will take their stations. The guard will close the door, and will allow no one to enter until the opening services are concluded.
The Conductress and Assistant Conductress will inspect the dues cards.
Two raps.
Conductress and assistant Conductress examine dues cards. Members who have current dues cards are seated after cards have been examined. Persons not possessing paid up dues cards will remain standing. The Conductress and Assistant Conductress proceed to the rear of the Altar, and report on dues cards, then return to their stations. Those remaining standing without cards must be vouched for by the Secretary or Treasurer, or are identified as visitors. President:
The Secretary will call the roll of officers.
The Secretary and Conductress rise, and the Secretary calls the roll, and the Conductress answers present or absent, as the case may be. Officers rise as their names are called, and remain standing until the roll call is finished, then are seated. The President will fill the stations of absent officers.
The Color Bearers will secure and present the colors. One rap of gavel.
Color Bearers, Flag Bearer and Banner Bearer retire to anteroom.
Madam President, the Colors.
You will admit the Colors. Two raps.
Color Bearers 1 and 2, followed by Banner Bearer; and Color Bearers 3 and 4, followed by Flag Bearer, march double file into the room.
Salute the Colors.
Color Bearers pass on both sides of the altar and halt, while the Flag and Banner Bearers place their Flags and take their stations. Then Color Bearer 1 followed by 2 left face, and Color Bearer 3 followed by 4 right face, and all march to their stations. When Color Bearers 1 and 2 pass the Conductress's station, and Color Bearers 3 and 4 pass the Chaplain's station, the Conductress and the Chaplain proceed to the altar, where the Chaplain picks up the Bible and the Conductress drapes the altar, with the red stripe to the President's right the emblem to the rear of the room. The Chaplain places the open Bible on center of altar cloth and offers the opening prayer.

Opening Prayer

Oh God, we thank Thee for the privilege of meeting again. Keep us Thy servants from temptation, and help us to perform our duties to our Buddies, Widows and Sisters. Amen.
The Chaplain and Conductress return to their respective stations before the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Patriotic Instructor will lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
The Patriotic Instructor steps out one or more steps and leads the pledge.
We will now sing our National Anthem Members will use the heart salute. (Public law 94-344).
Three raps of gavel to seat members.
Conductress to color bearers:
Post your colors.

Order of Business

1. Applications for membership are read
2. Report of investigating committee
3. Voting on applications (voice vote 2/3)
4. Obligation
5. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
6. Reading of communications
7. Report of committees
8. Inquiry of sickness and distress
9. Unfinished business
10. New business
11. Trustees report on bills (accept by motion)
12. For the good of the order
13. Treasurer's report
The President states:
Hearing no objections, the Treasurer's report shall be filed for audit.
14. Closing ceremony



Madam Conductress will retire and ascertain if there are candidates for initiation.
Conductress retires and returns to the altar and reports the names of candidates in waiting.
Madam Secretary, have these candidates been elected and have the dues been paid?
They have.
Madam Conductress and Madam Assistant Conductress, (if there are more than two candidates) you will retire and present the candidates for initiation.
Madam President, the Conductress and the Candidates.
You will admit them. Two raps.
Conductress escorts candidates to the altar. When the Conductress is even with the Color
Bearers 1 and 3 followed by Color Bearers 2 and 4 proceed even with the Conductress to their position in the front of the room. The 4 Color Bearers about face, facing back of room. The Conductress and Candidates remain back of the altar. The Conductress presents the Candidates to the President, who advances to the altar and gives the obligation.


Ladies, you have expressed your desire to become members of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of World War I of the United States of America, and before doing so, you shall be required to take a solemn obligation Knowing this, are you willing to become members of the organization?
I am.
You will raise your right hand, and repeat after me: In the presence of Almighty God, and the members of this organization here assembled, I do of my own free will, promise to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America to safeguard the principles of our organization, our Buddies and Sisters; to maintain law and order, and to refrain from joining any organization which advocates the overthrow of the Government
of the United States of America.
Any violation of the previous obligation shall be cause for my expulsion from the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of World War I of the United States of America. Lower right hand.
Ladies, the pledge of the Auxiliary to the Veterans of World War I is service to the disabled to the widows of our deceased Buddies, and to those who have answered the call in time of war the rehabilitation of those who have suffered in answering its call and those who have suffered in making that sacrifice.
President returns to her station; Chaplain advances in front of altar (faces Candidates) and offers the initiation prayer.

Initiation Prayer

Dear God, bless these members who have joined with us to serve this organization. Make them feel the need to help our Buddies of World War I who are so forgotten, and to help bring a new faith into their hearts. Amen.
Chaplain returns to her station.
Color Bearers, take your stations.
A short recess may be called to welcome new members. If this is done, the Chaplain should close the Bible. Two raps.
The President gives one rap of gavel to re-open the meeting, and the Chaplain opens the Bible.


Closing Ceremonies

The Chaplain will offer the closing prayer.
The Conductress and Chaplain proceed to the altar.
Two raps of gavel to rise.
The Chaplain offers closing prayer.

Closing Prayer
Heavenly Father, the hour has come when we must go our separate ways. We thank Thee for our blessings, and beg of Thee to preserve our members.
May the Grace, Mercy, and Peace of God the Father be with all of us until we meet again.
The Chaplain closes and holds the Bible while the Conductress folds the altar cloth, and both are laid side by side on the altar. The Conductress and Chaplain return to their stations.
Color Bearers will retire the Colors.
Color Bearers, Flag and Banner Bearers retire the colors.
This meeting is closed, to open again on (date).
One rap of gavel.