Union of Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship of America
Initiation Ritual


Opening Ceremony

The King or Queen shall at the hour for opening a meeting of the Kingdom assume the Throne.
King, gives one ring of the gong and says:
The officers will take their stations, robe themselves, and the Sovereigns will be seated. The escort will now exact the pass-word from the royal family present and report the names of any not having the same.
I will search the Kingdom and permit none to remain except he or she be a qualified Sovereign.
Escort shall receive the word. Visiting Sovereigns shall present recognition card and the annual word or be vouched for by a Sovereign in good standing.
King, gives two rings and says:
Arise, Sovereign.
His Majesty (the King and Sovereigns will silently bow their heads, all stand silent for a moment with arms folded). Bishop, pray with us.
O Thou Supreme Majesty, how excellent is thy holy name in all the earth. Look upon us in thy infinite goodness and mercy, bless us in our meeting, Grant us harmony and pure friendship for each other. Let us be true and faithful to each other, and when our work on earth is accomplished, save us in thy eternal Kingdom. Amen!
All respond:
Esteemed Sovereigns, you exemplify by your silent communion the sentiment and teachings of our order. Let the sincerity of your meditation be proven by harmonious action in all the transactions of this conclave. The sighs and the mourns of the distressed and the groans of the dying which never cease in this world of vicissitudes should impress us with the solemnity and importance of the duty of this hour. There should be no foe or traitors lurking within the throne room, but there should be found the well instructed Sovereign, ready and willing at all times to demonstrate true friendship and to show we are heroes and heroines in our chosen fraternity. Let us each determine to so act as to assure peace, unity, harmony, fidelity and friendship. Let the golden mead of our lesson of silence be remembered, if we should be tempted to speak evil of our fellow men or of their families. May we feel the restraining conscience within forbidding evil words and that we may be able to part with a smile and words of good cheer for each other at the close of our meeting. Let us sing the opening ode:
Children of the Heavenly King,
As we journey let us sing,
Sing our Savior's worthy praise,
Glorious in His works and ways.
We are traveling Home to God,
In the way our fathers trod;
They are happy now and we
Soon their happiness shall see.
Fear not, brethren, joyful stand
On the borders of our land;
Jesus Christ our Father's son,
Bids us undismayed go on.
Escort, please make proclamation that this meeting is opened in due form for business under
the restrictions of the laws, rules and regulations of the Union of Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship.
By request of the King, I proclaim that the meeting is now opened for business.
King gives to the Imperial Guard the signal. Imperial Guard responds with two rings.
The signal has been given.
King rings 1; Herald 1; Prince 1. Then all are seated.


The Escort and Herald will now prepare the Royal Court room for receiving an applicant for an honored degree. Furniture m the room. This room shall contain, just inside the entrance two steps leading up to the seat of a chair and two leading down on other side. These steps shall contain red stain resembling drops of blood. This room shall also contain a drawn sword suspended over the chair and steps. On the Prince's stand shall be placed cellar of salt, a bowl containing Water, towel and sword. on the Treasurer's stand shall be placed dish of oil, glass of water. On the King's throne shall be placed a dark lantern and a red cross.
Imperial Guard, report if any applicants in the waiting room are prepared to receive so great an honor as to be introduced and made a member of the Royal Family.
Imperial Guard reports by calling name of persons to be initiated.
Scribe, has the entrance fee been paid by the applicant? (If not, the Scribe will collect it and report).
Escort and Herald, has the Court been duly prepared and is everything in readiness to receive the applicant?
Escort and Herald report:
The Royal House, is in readiness for the reception of the applicants.
Escort, you and Herald are requested to retire to ante-room, taking with you Sovereigns needed and properly prepare and obligate the applicants, then bring them into the Royal House and assist the officers in properly instructing them in the mysteries of this Royal Family.
The Escort obeys, hoodwinks the applicant and says:
The Sovereigns of Parliament and Royal Family having confidence in your discretion and integrity after a careful investigation, have voted to admit you into the Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship.
This is a big preferment of which you may well be proud, but before you can be fully qualified to enjoy the privileges of the Royal Family, it will be necessary for you to be initiated into the mysteries of Heroes and Heroines, which is intended to impress upon you the importance of this event in your life's history. If you have sought to enter this Royal Family for any improper motive, it would be better that you now retire and abandon the undertaking. Before we can initiate you, you are required to take the following pledge:
Applicants answer:
I will.
Kneel on your knees, then repeat your name and say after me: "I, upon my honor and moral obligation, solemnly promise that I will never reveal except it be to one whom I know to be an obligated member of the Royal Family of Heroes and Heroines of Friendship, anything that may be communicated to me in this meeting by which the outside world may obtain any knowledge of the matter or methods of receiving, obligating or instructing applicants in the mysteries and work of this Royal Family. I promise obedience to the will of officers of this Royal Court and will not attach to them any blame for the act of expressions during ceremonies in which I am about to engage.
Escorts come to inner door and give 2 rings on gong, responded by 2 rings from the Imperial Guard, who opens the door, allowing them to pass, puts both hands on front shoulders and marches around the room over many obstacles back to the chair and three steps, while the members of the Kingdom sing.
Here applicants still hood-winked are placed around the chair, and the Prince says to them:
Stranger, are you willing to go further in your march toward the Throne?
The applicants answer:
I am.
You have trampled over many difficulties in your upward and onward march, but you are face to face with sterner difficulties than you have yet encountered. You are encouraged, however, by the thought that patriots, martyrs, reformers and the great earth in all ages have given their lives in sacred honors, in the effort to accomplish noble things. Many have lost their lives in the attempt to scale the bloody step of destiny and so may you.
At this junction, members be ready to remove the hoodwink with a clap of their hands, Escort will lead applicants over steps to the King's station where he will present them.
The King will say:
I now congratulate you upon your success in overcoming your difficulty which confronted you. I now declare you initiated in the honored degree. You may now pass to the anteroom before you proceed further.

2nd or Prince–Princess Degree

Furniture in the room. On the Treasurer's station be placed salt cellar, bowl of water and horn of oil. On the Bishop's station shall be placed a Bible and a human skull. On the King's station shall be placed a glass of pare water, dark lantern, red cross and dove.
Worthy Herald, notify the Escort that the Lord and Lady of the Household of Royal Family are ready to receive the applicants for this Prince degree.
The Herald notifies the Escort and reports to the King and says:
King, your order is obeyed.
Escort gives two raps and is answered by two raps and enters the throne room, where he is
halted by the Prince.
Halt, traveler. Whence came this traveler in the throne room, without the royal garment, and whither are you going?
We came from the nobles honored by a majority and we are journeying for the throne
to get crowns.
By what right have you entered the throne room?
By having a majority of votes and taking an obligation never to reveal what we may see or hear in this parliament.
Proceed silently and cautiously with courage and watchfulness.
Escort conducts applicant to the Sovereign of the Treasury.
Stop! this person is a traveler. We know you not; by what right have you entered the throne room and come to its inner confines? Traveler, you have come through many dangers and hardships facing the pointed sword, ascending the crimson heights, making your way through the honored degree in your effort to approach the throne, Now listen to my instruction.
The attendant besides a prostrate member denotes the charity of our Royal Family in providing relief for one another. The hour glass denotes the brevity of human life and admonishes us in the time of health and prosperity that we may prepare for sickness and death. The beautiful figure, Justice, with down pointed Sword and uplifted Scales denotes the fairness we treat our members, equality and justice to all. The all-seeing eye denotes that the eye of our Supreme King is upon us at all times; that we should be true to our obligation at all times. Now place your hands in the pure water, which is the most ancient form of baptism; let it signify to you that in taking your obligation you have resolved with clean hands to enter upon your engagement in furtherance of the principles and excellent objects of the Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship.
Candidate puts both hands in water, dries them with towel.

Place in your mouth a grain of salt as an emblem of hospitality, which the superstitious believe to be inviolable when once accepted from the hands of another. In this Kingdom of Friendship this is a preservative agency as is given to you as a token by which you may know that your welcome is sincere and your reception most cordial. It will be necessary for you to deposit with me a piece of United States money of any denomination, silver, gold or nickel, that you may have this. We require as an emblem of confidence; the meaning we will explain to you at another time.
Candidate deposits money.

Escort, conduct the applicants to the altar where the Bishop will administer to them the solemn and binding obligation of the Royal Family.
Rt. Rev. Bishop, these travelers now present themselves for obligation.
All kneel.
Candidate, for the first time we acknowledge you a perfect Prince, therefore repeat your name, and say after me: "I do solemnly affirm on my sacred honor, and of my own free will and accord, that I have not been expelled nor rejected from any Royal Kingdom or House of Parliament of this order; that I am in sound bodily health, to the best of my knowledge and belief; that I will faithfully obey the constitution, laws, regulations and requirements of this Royal Family of fraternalism; that I will forever keep secret the signs, words, works and private transaction of this Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship, and will not reveal nor cause to be revealed the signs or secret works to any person except he or she be a member in good standing. I will not recommend for membership any person whom I know to be of unsound health or mind, or of bad habits or doubtful reputation, such as I would not take
Into my family. I do solemnly promise and affirm that I will not slander the good name of any member of the Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship, nor the members of his or her family and should I hear spoken or see written or printed, that which is intended to reflect upon their good name or reputation, I will as far as practicable defend their good name and afterwards I will remain silent and give them the benefit of every doubt. I will faithfully guard the interest of this branch of the Royal Family and will pay all legal and just demands that may be made upon me for the payment of its expenses and beneficiary obligations.
I will reverence the memory of a deceased member and will render such assistance and sympathy to their dependent ones as my circumstances and opportunities may justify, and do hereby and hereon proclaim this to be my voluntary obligation which I shall keep inviolable as long as I live."
Escort conducts candidate to the King's throne and says:
Worthy King, I present to you candidates for further instructions.
Sovereign King, extending glass of water to candidate.
Place this offering to your lips and refresh yourself with this pure water. Drink it as a libation, celebrating the cordial greeting with which you have been received with in the circle of this Royal Family of Heroes and Heroines of Friendship. In ancient times in drinking in honor of a friend it was the custom to take as many cups as there were letters in the name. The Greeks drank first in honor of their gods and then of their friends. A frequent number was three in honor of the graces and nine in honor of the muses. We of this Royal Family emulate their example of moderation which it will be well for you to heed. There is no lurking demon in a glass of cold water; its use brings no sorrow or premature death. Temperance is a bridle of gold. He who uses it rightly is more like a God than a man. Temperance is the golden thread running through the necklace of all virtues. Let me admonish you to be temperate and moderate in all things, and remember that you have been received in' the throne room of this Royal Family by the token of pure water. It fitly symbolizes the teaching and object of this Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship.
King takes emblem of Mortality and in the dark recites the poem. Escort holds dark lantern, directing the ray to illuminate the emblem. Red cross, dove, olive branch, all-seeing eye, Holy Bible, constitutions etc., be displayed in due course of the lecture.
Behold the dead! How striking and how still. Sad emblem of mortality. No human skill discerns the thought that in life did dwell. The spirit into heaven or down to heil. Let us practice examples of true love, bearing sweet massages as a carrier dove. From heart to heart o'er the lands, uniting all in Friendship's golden bands. So may it be, dear Kinsman, with you, when you shall brush Jordan's dew. Having practiced the motto in God we trust, living in faith true and just, and when our earthly pilgrimage is o'er, may we see this sign on the other shore, and hear a voice triumphantly proclaim, "Well done, faithful servant, enter in my name."
When the King utters sign and illuminated red cross, Bible, all-seeing eye, dove, olive branch, attendant, prostrate member, constitution, sword, Justice shall be shown at the throne. All sing, "In Thy Cleft, O Rock of Ages."


Third, or Hero's Degree

Furniture for the room shall be the test.
You will notify the Escort that the King, Prince and Princess are ready to receive the candidate for Hero's degree.
The Herald notifies the Escort and announces to the King.
Worthy King, your orders are obeyed.
Escort gives two rings and enters the throne room and conducts candidate to the test at the King's throne. Give test.
Worthy Escort, conduct candidate to the station of the Worthy Prince. The Escort will now conduct you to the Prince for further instructions.
Escort carries candidate twice around the hall, stop at the Prince's throne. Candidates brought in separately to test.
By order of the King, honored Prince, I present to you this right honored Hero or Heroine who has been obligated and now prepared for consecration.
Prince, takes the oil, and says: I hold in my right hand a token sanctified by solemn ceremonies of the ancients. Kneel on your right knee, keep your body erect and receive upon your forehead from this scepter the anointing oil places oil on candidate's forehead. This I do to remind you of the sacred ties with which we bind you in the Royal Family of Heroes and Heroines of Friendship.
Should discord or trouble ever arise in our Royal Family, by your kind words pour oil upon the troubled waters, that the storm may subside and that peace, serenity and harmony may prevail.
Arise, Right Honorable Hero or Heroine, I will give you the words which you must communicate to the Sovereign of the Treasury in a whisper.
These words will commend you to his confidence and hospitality.
Escort conducts candidate to King.
Worthy King, l present to you candidate for final instructions.
When taking the obligation you gave me this coin which I now return with the coin test, which l will explain Explains test and sign. We receive this coin from your hands as a token of confidence. Every legal contract must have value of exchange to complete and make valid obligations.
You have been admitted within this Royal Family by certain ceremonies and obligations and for the Consideration of this coin you are now entitled to be instructed in the secret which I will communicate to you. To enter the Kingdom, when the Parliament is in session, you will ring the bell at the outer door and give the Sentry the first part of the quarterly password. If visiting a Kingdom, other than your own, give the Sentry name and number with the location of your Kingdom. The Sentry may demand other tests, for the Sentry must be satisfied. Being admitted, after putting on the Royal regalia, advance to the door of the throne room and ring the gong twice which will be repeated by the Imperial Guard, and give him your name and number of your kingdom and the last words of the password. The Imperial Guard will report your name to the Prince and if in good standing he will order you to be. admitted. You will then proceed to the sacred altar and give the royal sign to the King, who will answer by presenting his sceptre. Then you will be seated.
Wishing to change your position to speak to some One or retire, you will make request of the Prince under the Royal sign and receive his permission.
Wishing to take the floor you will rise under the Royal sign and address the King before making a motion or speaking to the Royal Family.
Royal Sign: Left hand over left breast. Right hand extended in front as receiving something.
Answer: Right hand extended and presenting a sceptre.
Voting, Yes: Right hand extended, first two fingers opened with thumb closed over fingers forming a "Y."
Voting, No: Right hand extended fingers closed.
Recognition: Thumb of right hand across lips and fingers closed.
Answer: Thumb of left hand resting under left jaw, index finger pointing to eye (Words I See).
Approach: Index finger of right hand in center of chin, between lower lip and bottom of chin.
Warning: Left hand opened passed over the forehead and repeat, "a fearful headache."
Answer: It is a miserable thing.
Do Not Approach : Left hand open over the mouth.
Approach At Once: Clasp hands, right over the left hand.
Distress Sign: Left hand over the eyes closed with bowed head.
Answer: Right hand over the heart, meaning come to me.
Salutation Sign: Throw the right hand from the upper lip, drop hand to right side.
Answer.: Left hand extended in like manner.
Distress Words: Oh, the King! Thy Kingdom Come!
Answer: In his beauty and power I come.
Button Test
What! Did you find that?
No! That came from the nobles.
Can I get one?
If you have the Royal Blood.
Oh! It's here, my lord.
None but the true and tried wear this.
I see, give me your hand.
Hand Test
Clasp hands, pass thumb across hand on first two knuckles twice.
Words: I perceive that you are a Sovereign.
Yes, I am a member of the Royal Family.
Have you received your reward?
I was crowned and saw the beautiful sign of the cross.
Both exclaim, "I greet you as my companion," and advance, clasp hands, the first two fingers extended to the pulse of the wrist, fingers extended together. If Sovereign hailing in distress shall explain.
Grip and Test
Clasp hands, index finger extended on the pulse
Words: We are one Royal Family.
Yes, we are in Friendship, Unity and Love.
With charity and fidelity we assist one another.
Under this motto we promise to be true to one another (repeat same).
Yes, until death we are one.
Yes, until death we are one.
Kingdom Honors: Close the hands in front of eyes, then open them above the head three times, as imploring divine blessing from above. Extra honors are two times three. Extraordinary, three times three.
Be mindful that you do not improperly use these signs and grips. Remember your vow, never to reveal them. You are fully obligated and instructed in the adoption degree of the Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship. Our emblem dove and olive branch, symbolizing peace. Peace must be first of all in our meetings and among our members everywhere.
Working, Entering and Retiring Signs: Left hand opened over the heart, right hand extended in front of the body, palm open inside up. (In heart and work I am joined with thee).
Honors: Raise hands to each side of head which means in mind. (Bring them down across each other over the heart). In heart think of you.
Closing: Form a circle, clasp hands as members of one family (hands extended). We have met in peace and now part in peace with each other.
(Hands brought down clasped over each other on the breast). The Ruling Sovereign declares the meeting closed, announcing date of next meeting.
King, Queen, Legal Adviser and Publisher: Purple trimmed with blue, yellow and green.
Prince, Princess: Yellow trimmed with purple, white and blue.
Scribe, Bishop: Blue trimmed 'with yellow and green.
Herald, Escort: Green trimmed with yellow and purple.
Marshal: Purple sash, with yellow rosettes, baton trimmed with green, yellow and white.
Members: Green, trimmed with white and blue.
Supporters trimmed with colors of their throne.
The all-seeing eye and the Bible signifies our belief in a Supreme Being, who watches over all our actions and knows the intent of the heart. The Bible is our foundation and our guide in our dealing with our fellowmen. The sick and the prostrate Hero and the attended Heroine denote the care we give to one another. The broken column the certainty of death and the brevity of life. Justice with blindfolded eyes, uplifted sword and scales, devoting equal justice to all and impartiality of our government. The crown signifies the reward to the faithful members who never violate their obligations.
Three rings of gong call members, two rings of gong call up officers, one ring of gong calls the Royal Family to order, four rings of gong seat the Royal Family.
We hope, dear Sovereign, for by this term you shall be hailed (if woman use word lady) and that the consecration that you have received this hour and the obligations which you have taken to be a faithful observer of our laws will be impressed upon your heart, and now by authority of my office I declare you adopted in the Royal Family of Heroes and Heroines of Friendship and entitled to all its privileges. The Escort and Herald will conduct you to the sacred altar, that you may receive the congratulations of the obligated and adopted.
Ladies and Sovereigns present (candidate placed at the altar), we will greet our relative with the Kingdom honors (All give honors).
The Kingdom will have recess to congratulate our adopted relative". Singing they all shake hands and extend congratulations, after which one ring of the gong call all to order and the business is resumed.

Closing Ceremony

King, rings gong 3 times:
Herald and Escort will fraternally announce to the Sovereigns that we are about to close this session of the Court.
Herald, strikes gong twice and says:
Sovereigns, take notice that the King is about to close this session of the Court.
Sovereigns, we are about to close this Session of the Court, are all satisfied? Is there anything left undone that cannot be reasonably deferred until our next meeting? (If nothing is
spoken of, proceed to close).
We must not forget to make provisions for the needy or traveling Sovereigns, or any needy members of the Royal Family.
The Treasurer will pass the charity basket and announce the amount received.
King strikes gong 4 times; all rise and sing closing ode:

God be with you till we meet again,
By his council guide uphold you,
With his sheep securely fold you,
God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet again,
Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Jesus' feet,
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

God be with you till we meet again,
'Neath his wing securely hide you,
Daily manna still provide you,
God be with you till we meet again.

Now I proclaim this Royal Court duly closed, but before we go let each Hero and Heroine lay his right hand upon our Supreme sceptre (Bible) and Vow to keep his obligation and practice true friendship toward each other.
All fall in line, Escort at the head marching around hall as they lay their hands on the Bible, each shall say:
I promise and vow to keep my obligation as a member of the Royal Family Heroes and Heroines of Friendship.