National Grand Order of the United Brothers of the African Race of America
Ritual for the Second Degree


Second Degree Test

Question: Where are you traveling?
Answer: 1 am traveling to Canaan.
Question: Where have you been, and who are you?
Answer: 1 am an Israelite, and have been in the land of Egypt.
Question: Have you been to the H. P. and told her that you are an Israelite, and are traveling to the land of Canaan.
Answer: No.
Question: Well, go to the H. P. and tell her.
Candidate: H. P., I was sent to tell you that I am an Israelite and have been in the land of Egypt, under hard taskmasters, and now I am on my way to the land of Canaan. Will you be kind enough to give me some instruction about the place?
H. P.: The land of Canaan, the ancient name of that portion of Palestine which, lay to the west of the Jordan, the part beyond the Jordan eastward being distinguished by the general name of Gilead.
The Israelites were delivered from Egypt by Moses, in order that they might take possession of the land which God had promised to their fathers. This country was then inhabited by the descendants of Canaan, who were divided into six or seven distinct nations, viz: The Hittites, Gergoshites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perrizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites.
Tell me about the Israelites.
Candidate: The name is applied to the twelve tribes, descended from the sans of Jacob, while still in Egypt; to the ten northern tribes after the time of Saul.
H. P.: Now Sister (or Brother) Israelite, you are now in the land of Canaan. Be true to all of your obligations.
Grip is given in handshake.
The Pass is given, and is: "Go in Peace."
Distress Sign by night is: "Sodom."
Answer is: ''Gomorrah."
Distress Sign by day is: Lock both hands and raise them up three times.
Answer: The same way.