United Ancient Order of Druids
Druids’ Ritual

Australia, n.d.

Opening the Lodge
As soon after the appointed hour as there shall be sufficient Brothers present, the Arch Druid shall give a knock on the table to attract the attention of those present, and shall then say: Officers and Brothers. Please rise, clothe yourselves in your Regalia, and assist me to open the Lodge. My Bards will take the Password.
The Bards shall report: All present are Brothers, worthy Arch Druid.
The Arch Druid shall then say: Worthy Vice-Arch, be pleased to inform me the cares of an Arch Druid.
Vice-Arch: Your first care, Worthy Arch, is to see that the doors are closed, that the Officers are in their places, and that none but duly initiated brethren are present.
Arch-Druid: I will thank you for a proof that you are Members of the United Ancient Order of Druids.
The Sign having been given.
Vice-Arch: The second care is to remind the Brethren of the purposes of our Institution, and to open the Lodge in due form for carrying out those purposes.
Arch-Druid: The purposes for which the United Ancient Order of Druids is established are the diffusion of social and intellectual intercourse among its members, and the maintenance of a system of general philanthropy throughout the Brotherhood. The means of carrying out these objects are familiar to the Brethren, and I need only repeat to them that in both the business and the harmony of this meeting they are required to pay strict obedience to the Rules by which the Lodge is governed, to abstain from all political allusions, profanity, obscenity, and personality, and to conduct themselves in all things as Brothers, in the benevolent bonds of Druidism. With these injunctions I declare this Lodge duly opened.
CHORUS: “Here from jars,’ etc.
As soon as the Brethren are seated the ARCH DRUID shall say: Worthy Secretary, please call the roll of Officers, and read the Minutes of the last Lodge Meeting.
The SECRETARY shall say, after reading the Minutes: Worthy Arch, Vice-Arch, Officers, and Brethren, I believe of the proceedings this to be a correct record of the last Lodge Meeting.
After the Minutes have been confirmed, the business shall proceed in accordance with the Constitutional Laws and Standing Orders.
The ARCH DRUID shall call out each order, and no departure from the prescribed order shall take place, except by a resolution of the Lodge. (One knock of the gavel to call the Lodge to order, two knocks to raise the Lodge, and one to seat the Lodge.)
Form of Initiation
The Brethren shall form a circle prior to the entry of the Candidate, and strict silence shall be maintained during the Ceremony.
Where necessary throughout the Ritual substitute the word “Sister” for “Brother,” and “Her” for “His,” and “She” for “He.”
The Master of Ceremonies’ position in the Lodge shall be on the left of the Arch Druid Bards.
He shall make all the arrangements and conduct the Ceremony.
It shall be his duty to see that strict silence is observed, and that the whole ceremony is performed in that spirit of reverential decorum which shall inspire the Neophyte with respect for our Venerable Order.
He shall report to the A.D. anything which may have tended to detract from the solemn character of the Ceremony.
He shall await the Candidate at the inside of the door of the Lodge and lead the procession throughout the Ceremony, and shall receive the newly-initiated Brother on his re-entry to the Lodge room to receive the Test Sign. He shall introduce the Brother to the A.D. after the Countersign has been given.
It shall be his duty to do all prompting that may be necessary.
The Outside Guardian shall retire from the Lodge Room immediately after the ballot and prepare the Candidate for initiation and remain outside during the Ceremony.
The Inside Guardian shall accompany the Candidate during the Ceremony and assist him in repeating the signs after the instructions of the Arch Druid.
SIGNS: The A.D. shall demonstrate each sign after he has concluded the instructions in each of them.
Gowns shall be worn during the Ceremony unless dispensed with by permission of the Board of Directors, the White Gowns by the Arch Druid, Vice-Arch and Bards; Scarlet Gown hy the J.P.A.; and Dark Blue Gown by the Inside Guardian, who may carry an Axe. Wands symbolic of the Sun, Moon and Acorns, respectively, may be carried by the A.D., V.A. and Bards.
A spirit lamp shall be placed in a convenient position in front of the A.D. before the Ceremony is commenced, and it shall be lit after the delivery of the Secretary’s charge.
FORMATION OF THE TABLEAU: The Officers shall group themselves as follows:—From left to right: V.A. Bard; A.D. Bard; VA., A.D.; J.P.A.; A.D. Bard; V.A. Bard.
The grip shall he demonstrated with the J.P.A.
The V.A. and his Bards shall take up their respective positions during the singing of the chorus—”See, See,” etc.
The Candidate for Initiation having been blindfolded and brought to the door of the Lodge by the Outside Guardian, that officer shall knock.
Guardian: Who knocks?
Outside Guardian: A stranger who is desirous of becoming a member of our Venerable Order.
Guardian to Arch Druid: A stranger is without who desires to become a member of this Lodge and our Order.
Arch Druid to Secretary: Has he (or she) been duly proposed, seconded, and accepted?
Secretary: Yes, Worthy Arch.
Arch Druid: Admit the candidate.
While the Candidate is being led round the Lodge Room, the whole of the Brethren will sing the following CHORUS—“Hark, Hark,” etc.
The Guardian shall then conduct the Candidate to the V.A., and address him (or her) thus: You are now within the Lodge Circle, attend well to the instructions you are about to receive.
Vice-Arch to the Candidate: You have necessarily been informed by your Proposer that the objects of this Society are entirely philanthropic, and that you will he required to contribute your fair proportion towards the resources by which that philanthropy is maintained, in order, should you ever need it, that you in return may be entitled to the assistance and sympathy of the Brotherhood. It is essential that this should be fully impressed upon your mind, because it is the basis and bond of Druidism; and your knowledge of it will prevent you from entertaining, now or hereafter, any misconception as to the character of the Society. The Order has adopted secret signs and symbols, simply because without the utmost precaution it would be liable, from its extensive diffusion, to great imposition and abuse; and because true philanthropy consists in doing good for its own sake in such a way that they who are benefited shall not afterwards be reminded of their obligations. What is required of you, therefore, previously to your Initiation, is a Declaration that you are desirous of becoming a Subscribing Brother of the Order, that you are willing to preserve its signs and secrets, to conform to all the Laws and Regulations now subsisting, or hereafter to be made for the proper governance and direction of the Society; and that, by your conduct, you will never seek to degrade or injure the Brotherhood. Are you willing to make such declaration?
Candidate: I am.
Vice-Arch to Guardian: Worthy Guardian, be pleased to conduct the Candidate to the Secretary, that, he (or she) may receive the Obligation.
The Guardian shall conduct the Candidate to the Secretary, and say:  Worthy Secretary, by direction of the Vice-Arch, I have conducted hither a Candidate to receive the Obligation.
Secretary’s Charge
Secretary to Candidate: Place your right hand on your left breast, and repeat after me the following solemn Obligation: “I pledge myself before the Brethren now assembled by my faith and honour and my hopes of credit and respect from the Order to which I have voluntarily sought an introduction that I will, at all times, pay due obedience to the Laws and Rules of the Society and that I will never disclose or be the means of making known the signs secrets or proceedings of the United Ancient Order of Druids which may now or hereafter be entrusted to me.”
During the Obligation the strictest silence must be observed, and at its close the whole of the Brethren will sing the chorus— “See, See,” etc.
Arch Druid: Unbind the Candidate’s eyes.
In remote ages there existed in Britain, and in other parts of the world, a ruling order of Priests, called Druids, who not only presided over the religious celebrations of the people, but were the judges, legislators, lawyers, philosophers, physicians, and instructors of youth. They believed in one God, and taught the sublime doctrine of the soul’s immortality, in a state of happiness or misery, proportioned to the conduct of individuals on earth. By their justice and benevolence they rendered themselves beloved by their countrymen, and this is the point of imitation which the United Ancient Order of Druids would impress upon its members. The love of knowledge and science, and the practice of truth, morality, and benevolence, will make you at once worthy of the Druidic name, and valuable members of society. The Laws by which the Order is governed will be put in your possession by the Secretary.
I will now instruct you in the Signs used in a Lodge of Druids. There are four of them— First—THE ENTER SIGN, WITH PASS WORD.
Fourth—THE GRIP.
The Enter Sign consists of an alarm at the door, which is made thus: The Brother seeking admission gives one light, distinct rap, which, if answered by two raps from an officer stationed inside, whom we style the Inside Guardian, thus, signifies that business is going on, and that the Brother has to wait for admission. (Raps to be made with knuckles, not gavel.)
The Counter Sign is made by making a slight bend of the head to the Arch Druid, signifying obedience, stretching forth the right arm, horizontally, at full length, then drawing it towards you and placing the open hand on the left breast.
A.D. to Candidate: Please repeat the Sign.
The Proving Sign is made by stroking the chin three times with the right hand, and then placing the index finger on the lips.
A.D. to Candidate: Please repeat the Sign. The first of these motions signifies reverence, the second silence.
The Grip is made by grasping with your right hand the right hand of the Brother, pressing firmly on the knuckle-joint of the second finger, and turning the Brother’s hand towards you, whilst he (or she) will turn yours towards himself (or herself)
A.D. to I.G.: Worthy Guardian, please demonstrate the Grip with the Candidate.
The mode in which we use these signs is as follows: Wishing to gain admission, you will give the Enter Sign. The Guardian will then open the wicket, and you will give your name, rank in the Order, and the name of the Lodge to which you belong. The Guardian will report you, and then return to the wicket, and you will give the Password, which will be given to you by the Secretary. You will then enter, and, having allowed time for the door to be closed, you will advance to the centre of the room and salute the Arch Druid with the Counter Sign. You may then take your seat. Should you wish to leave the Lodge, you will salute the Vice-Arch with the Counter Sign.
The Proving Sign is given during the ceremony of opening the Lodge.
The Grip is used when you desire to prove whether a stranger is a Brother.
To the information already given you, I should add that Reports are regularly issued by the Grand Lodge, in which is given the official accounts and transactions of the Society. You have now become a Brother of the United Order, and entitled to all the privileges conferred by your Initiation. By attending to the signs and instructions with which you have been furnished, you can obtain admission into any Lodge in the union; and in this, your parent Lodge, you are entitled to vote on all questions concerning its regulation or direction. Your future usefulness and distinction as a Druid must depend upon yourself; but to gain the esteem and confidence of the Brethren nothing more is required than that you should be zealous in your endeavours to maintain the reputation of the Order, to promote its welfare, and in your conduct through life, and at the social meetings of the Brothers, so to demean yourself that you may never be ashamed to meet your friends face to face, nor give them any occasion to blush for you.
Past Arch Brother (or Sister) ... will now address you.
Past Arch to Candidate: Confiding in your integrity and honour, we have admitted you a Member of this Order; and I trust your conduct will reflect credit on the Society and promote the prosperity of our ancient Institution. We seek to be irreproachable in our own demeanour, and we consider it our duty to guard against the admission of the unworthy and unprincipled We trust that, in adding your name to the roll of our members, we shall acquire accession to our strength and add lustre to our Venerable Order. You will be required to attend our appointed meetings, provided you can do so without interfering with the claims of your family or your business arrangements. In conclusion, I would impress upon you the necessity of ever keeping in view the cardinal principle of our Order— “BENEVOLENCE.” However secure we may feel in our social positions in life, we know from experience that adversity often overtakes the most fortunate. In view, then, of the assistance we owe to each other in the hour of need, and in support of those works of truth and benevolence which we have unitedly espoused, let us be careful to tender kind offices as cheerfully as we receive them, for we do not know how soon our own case may require fraternal sympathy. And may the Great Giver of all good direct and strengthen us in carrying our the obligations and duties which we have so solemnly professed.
You will please remain in your present situation while the Brothers greet you with a hearty welcome.
CHORUS—”You are Welcome,” etc.
Arch Druid to Master of Ceremonies: Worthy Master of Ceremonies, be good enough to conduct the Brother to the Secretary to receive the Pass Word.
Master of Ceremonies to Secretary: Worthy Secretary, by direction of the Arch Druid, I have conducted hither the newly-initiated Brother to receive the Pass Word.
Secretary to Brother: The Pass Word is ...
Arch Druid to Master of Ceremonies: Worthy Master of Ceremonies, you will now conduct the newly-initiated Brother outside, and instruct him (or her) how to enter the Lodge Room.
The newly-initiated Brother will then be conducted from the room. The Officers will unrobe and resume their places. The Brother will then re-enter in the usual way, give the Countersign and then be introduced to the Arch Druid.
The Chorus, Welcome, Thrice Welcome” will then be sung.
Arch Druid to Brother: I have now to instruct you in the use of one more sign, which we term the “TEST” Sign. It is used outside the Lodge Room when you wish to know if a Druid is present, and is made thus: Place the right hand Just above the right hip, and stretch forth the index finger and thumb in a horizontal line. Please repeat the sign. This signifies, “Are you a Druid?” A Brother, seeing this, will respond by placing his left hand in a similar way above the left hip. Please repeat the sign The Brother who made the first sign will then go up to the one who answered, and say, You are a Druid, I believe?” The other will reply, To be sure.” Both parties will then give the Grip, and shake hands. You will now be seared, and during my term of office it will be my duty and pleasure to afford you all the information in my power; and I have little doubt that the evenings you spend in this Lodge will be both harmonious and agreeable.
Arch Druid to Brothers: Our newly-initiated Brother.
Arch Druid to Brothers: Please be seated.
Closing the Lodge
Arch Druid: The hour for closing this Lodge having arrived, I will thank you, Worthy Vice-Arch, to inform me of the last care of an Arch Druid.
Vice-Arch: Your last care is to thank the Visitors, Officers, and Brothers, who have been present this evening, for their attention and kindness; to announce any meetings for Druidical purposes connected with this Lodge or its Members, which are to take place before the Lodge shall be re-opened, and then to declare the Lodge duly closed.
Arch Druid: Worthy Secretary, have the goodness to announce any Meetings or Committees which the Members or Officers of the Lodge may be required to attend prior to the next Lodge Meeting, and to read over the names of any Visitors who have favoured us with their attendance this evening.
The Secretary shall here make the necessary announcements of Visits, Committees, Grand Lodge, or other General Meetings, of which he (or she) may have notice, and read the names of the visiting Brethren.
Arch Druid: It only remains for me to cordially thank you all, collectively and individually (especially the Visitors named by our worthy Secretary), for your support of the objects and your obedience to the laws of the Order during the present meeting, and, as we commenced the business of the evening, so to close it in harmony.
CHORUS—”Now let your voices ring.”
Arch Druid: I declare this Lodge duly closed till the hour of opening on this night fortnight, in Unity, Peace, and Concord.