Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
The Degree of Sublime Master or Jacob's Wrestle


Compiler's Note : Since historically, this short ceremony was a true Side Degree, conferred without benefit of tyled premises, regalia or format ritual, the manuscript versions tend to follow this style, for although there are officers and a short written ritual, there is still no format opening and closing and no reference to any form of regalia hos been found. The only knocks given are individual raps for the purposes of Lodge security. The officers are the Most Sublime Master, an Inner Guard, Outer Guard, Chaplain and a Conductor, in some rituals, referred to as the Guide.
Brother Inner Guard, secure the door against intrusion.
IG raps * and OG responds with the same.
MSM, all is well.
Brethren, it is my will and pleasure that this Lodge of Sublime Masters be opened and this I do by *.
Also by IG and OG.
Brethren the Lodge is now open * and you will take this as your Sign.
All give the Sign by placing the right hand behind the right thigh, palm of the hand on the thigh, and take their seats.
Brother Conductor, you will introduce to this Lodge our Brother in Masonry who awaits without. Let him hear the Scriptures before halting at the altar in the East.
Cond. gives the sign and retires. He enters with the Cand. without alarm and when he reaches the West, the Chaplain begins his reading which is Genesis Ch. XXXII, vs xxiv to xxxii inclusive. When the reading is over, the Cand. is placed at the west side of the altar. The MSM rises and approaches the east side when the Cond. says.:
MSM, I am pleased to present to you Brother , a Master Mason tried and proved, who desires at your hands, further advancement in Masonry, by receiving the Degree of a Sublime Master also known as the Wrestle.
My Brother, I am pleased to see that you evince such zeal in the prosecution of your Masonic studies. In this as in all other Masonic degrees it will be necessary that you take a Pledge to keep inviolate the Secrets of a Sublime Master.
Will you take that Pledge?
I Will.
Then place your hand upon the Book of Scripture which lies open at the reading you have heard, and repeat after me I, , do solemnly aver and promise that I will confer this degree upon no one without the authority of this Lodge of Sublime Masters and that I will speak the secrets thereof to none but those who are Brothers of this Degree and have come by it lawfully as I have done. All this I pledge under a penalty of having my thigh put out of Joint. You will now seal this Pledge by kissing the tips of the fingers of your right hand and placing them upon the Scriptures.
Cand. does so.
Having taken this Pledge of secrecy I will now entrust the Secrets of a Sublime Master to you and may your leg be ever crooked should you ever violate it. The sign is given by placing the flat of the right hand behind the right thigh which alludes to the injury suffered by Jacob as be wrestled. The Sign is given by placing the right hand around the other's neck as if wrestling. The Pass Word is Israel which is the name given to Jacob and the Grand Word is Penuel which was the name given by Jacob to the place where he wrestled. The lesson of this degree is that if you continue to persevere in your life, no matter the difficulties and trials placed in your path, then you will eventually reap your reward as did Jacob who overcame his opponent despite his crooked leg. Brother, be ever welcome in this Lodge and heed all summons to join us.
Candidate sits.
Brethren, it is now my will and pleasure that we close this Lodge of Sublime Masters and this I do by *.
Repeated by IG and OG.
The Lodge is closed.