Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
The Degree of Knight of the White Cross


Compiler's Notes: A Chapel of Knights of the White Cross is held under the presidency of the Most Wise Master who is assisted by a Right Wise Deputy Master, a Very Wise Senior Warden and a Wise Junior Warden. The other Officers are: Prelate, Conductor and Inner and Outer Guards. The regalia of the Order is a Green Cap on which is a white or silver cross and a sash of the same colour on which is embroidered a white passion cross with and A and W in red under each of the cross arms.
The MWM, the RWDM, the VWSW and the WJW occupy central positions in the East, West, South and North respectively so that their places would form the extremities of a cross.



Sir Knights, I am about to open this Chapel and therefore ask that silence and attention be rigidly observed and practiced. Right Wise Deputy Master, what is our first care?
To see the Chapel close guarded, Most Wise Master.
You will direct that duty to be performed.
Knight Inner Guard, you will inform the Knight Outer Guard that the Most Wise Master is about to open our Chapel. You will direct him to take due notice and set his guard accordingly. KIG raps ** **** ** which is answered by the KOG.
Right Wise Deputy Master, the Chapel is duly guarded.
Most Wise Master, the Chapel is duly guarded, and all is well.
Very Wise Senior Warden, what is our second care when about to open this Chapel?
To see that all present are Knights of the White Cross.
You will therefore, prove the Chapel.
VWSW gives * and all rise. The RWDM leaves his station and whispers the word to the next Knight to his right, who then does the same. When the last in attendance has received the Word, he approaches the MWM and whispers the same to him, thereafter he resumes his place.
VWSW, the Word has reached me undefiled and perfect
Then Most Wise Master, all present are Knights of the White Cross.
Wise Junior Warden, what is the third care when about to open this Chapel?
To offer our prayers at the foot of the Throne of Mercy.
Even so. Knight Prelate, offer a prayer for the Knights.
O Redeemer of men, hear now our prayer and grant, we beseech Thee, Thy blessing upon those here in Thy Holy Name and upon the work to be undertaken hereafter.
Amen & Amen.
MWM, *:
RWDM, **:
VWSW, ***:
VWSW, ****:
In this Sign, conquer. All present make the Sign of the Cross.
I now deciare this Chapel of Knights of the White Cross duly opened and ready to transact such business as may regularly come before it. Knight Conductor, attend at the White Altar, Knight Inner Guard, inform the Knight Outer Guard. Gives *. The K. Cond. advances to the altar which is covered by a white cloth and has upon it a white passion cross and a green branch and opens the Holy Bible at Revelations Ch. XXII. The KIG informs the KOG by giving * on the door.


The Candidate wears a plain white cap and the sash of a Knight of Bethany. At the given time, the Conductor is advised to retire and introduce the Candidate. He is permitted to enter on one knock, by the Inner Guard, and while the Conductor escorts him around the Chapel, the Prelate reads Zechariah Ch. VI vs xii and xiii, Revelations Ch. XXII vs xii to xiv and Acts Ch. I vs ix to xi. The Conductor should attempt to time the perambulations so that as the Prelate comes to the end of the reading, the Cand. is approaching the S. side of the JWs pedestal, where he is made to hall facing the WJW.
My Friend, whence carne you?
Jerusalem. The Cond. and Cand. then approach the VWSW.)
My Friend, to which place wilt you joumey?
Nazareth. Move on to RWDM.
What was the miracle?
Resurrection. Move on to MWM.
Who was the greatest of the Prophets?
MWM to Cand.:
Collect the initials of these words which you have heard. In the first, use the Greek or modem style rather than the Hebrew.
It is the same as was on the Cross, and which the profane know as Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. It is the Word which we recognise as the True Word of our Order, Elect and Precious. The Truth of the Cross is no longer an enigma and you have been made free. Are you now prepared to assume the Knightly Vow of a Knight of the White Cross?
I am.
MWM, gives *** and all rise:
Then kneel at the White Altar and place both hands upon the Divine Truth of God's Message to man. You will repeat after me. I, Sir , of my own accord and in the presence of the Truth Incarnate, with these fellow Christian Knights as my living witnesses here, do now pledge my Honour as a True and Trusty Soldier of the Cross of Christ, that I will ever True remain, never falsely Profane and always, if Sane, keep this my Vow. I do further vow, that I will ever a friend be, to those who are such as me, and never will I see, a Friend dishonoured. I further vow, as I now do, that ever will I remain true, as to me, so to you, for I shall be Knightly ever.
To this I vow, so all hear me now, and say not how, for I shall break it never. For if to my vow, I am untrue, may every single man of you, hold forever my ignominious name, in perfidious infamy and deserved shame. So help me, the Holy Trinity.
Knight of the White Cross, we congratulate you on your admission into this Christian Order. I shall now instruct you in our Mysteries. The Pass Word is Alpha and Omega, to which the response is The First and the Last. The Great Word is The Branch, which was the name of the Lord foretold to Zechariah in his vi ion, in which remembrance, we place a branch of green upon our Altar. The Sign is given by crossing the legs, right over left and raising the hands as if imploring the Ascending God. The grip is given by the first holding bis right hand out flat, palm upwards while the other grasps the hand across the palm and grips it three times alluding to the Trinity.
You will now turn to the West. A painting or transparency of the Ascension of the Lord is now revealed. My Knight, you now behold a representation of the Ascension of the Saviour. Permit me to remind you of the Scriptural lesson which you heard on your entry into this Chapel; as He arose, so will He return. Let us then, as intelligent and appreciative creatures, prepare for His return, that He may behold us bearing the White Cross. You may now take your place amongst us.
Cond. places Cand. in a vacant seat and takes up his own.



MWM, gives ***:
Knights, a Chapel of Knights of the White Cross never closes but remains open for the reception of the Lord when next He comes. However, we shall now declare this session adjourned and the Chapel in abeyance, until next we deem it expedient to labour. Gives *. The Conductor closes the Holy Bible and the Knight Inner Guard so informs the Knight Outer Guard and labour ceases.