Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
Degree of Knight of Eleusis


Compiler's Notes: There is no doubt that this degree was converted to a ceremony with a chivalric title from the older ceremony Priest of Eleusis, the title of the first part. In essence, the first part is based upon the ancient Eleusian Mysteries and the second part is a Christianised version of the same, having the Order of Knighthood appended.

Part one
Priest of Eleusis

In this Part, only four Officers are listed, the Hierophant or Chief Priest, Huperet the Conductor, Diachonos as Inner Guard and Cerberus as Tyler. The meeting is termed a Chapter and convenes at the declaration of the Hieraphant. The three within the Chapter wear white cassocks or smacks and the Hierophant wears upon his head a high cap, also of white. In the middle of the floor stands an altar covered in white on which stands a large white candle and a rolled scroll which, it is said, contains the story of the Eleusian Mysteries as is related in the ritual.



Hier., rises and gives *** with his wand:
Priests, I now declare this Chapter of Priests of Eleusis duly opened. Brother Huperet, attend our Sacred Altar, Brother Diachonos inform Brother Cerberus.
Huperet lights the candle on the altar and Diachonos informs Cerberus that the Chapter is opened. Hierophant gives * and all sit.


Cerberus opens the door and advises the Candidate to stand in the doorway, Huperet goes to him and both wait there.
Diac., rises but remains at his place:
What profaner is this who intrudes within these sacred precincts?
Hup., for Cand.:
l am no profaner, I am but a dweller on the threshold and am come humbly seeking Light in Eleusis.
If you be honest and sincere in your desire, enter, and partake in the Ceremony of Lustration, without which no further progress can be made, for without washing the dust and grime of profanity from your bands you cannot remove the vanities of the outer world. Thereafter speak the Declaration.
The Cand. washes his hands in a small basin which is set upon a table just within the door and then dries them on a towel which should also be provided.
Repeat after me, holding up yow· right hand thus. Right hand held up the fingers together, thumb held apart, palm outwards. I, …, do solemnly declare that in seeking advancement here I am actuated by no unworthy motive and sacredly pledge myself to keep inviolably secret from wife and child, friend or relation and from the whole world, the secrets of, or belonging to, this Order of Priesthood, should the Hierophant set fit to entrust me with the same, and may the Great Dispenser of Light and Life deal with me in the same manner as I keep this pledge. Cand. stops repeating.
And now, having conformed thus far to our Regulations, you will proceed to the Hierophant for further instruction.
Cand. is taken before the Hier. in the East where Huperet says:
Wise Hierophant, behold before you a dweller on the threshold who has washed his hands of the vanities of the Outer World and has pledged unalterable fidelity to our Order.
Approach, O dweller on the threshold. Cand. is advised to take jour long steps with his right foot and then three short with his left and then kneel. Hier. then advances to the Cand. and stretching out both arms, touches him on the ears, eyes and mouth and says: And thus I seal you that you may hear, see and speak concerning this Order, only that which may be as you are instructed. Do you renew again that pledge formerly made?
I do.
Hier., raising Cand. by the right hand, says:
Hup., takes Cand,'s left hand and says:
Hear, see and be silent touches Cand. as before concerning the Secrets of Eleusis, with which I will now entrust you.
The Grand Word is KNOX OMPAX meaning It is finished. The Pass Word is ELEUSIS. The Sign is given by stretching forth both arms and touching the other's ears, eyes and mouth as was demonstrated to you before. Finally, the token of a Priest of Eleusis is given by taking the other's hands in yours and moving your hands as if washing his.


The lecture may be given by the Hierophant, or another designated to do so.
My Brother Priest, on being raised in this Order of Priesthood you have symbolically represented one of the ancient candidates who sought to become an acolyte of the Eleusian Mysteries, and you should now be informed of the nature of that ceremony. Naturally we have but hinted briefly at the secrets in this very simple ceremony, which are more fully explained in that scroll. Points to scroll.
The central myth of the Mysteries was that Demeter, a daughter of Saturn and Cybele, gave birth to a daughter - Persephone - as the result of her union with Zeus. Due to her beauty and charm, Persephone was carried off to Sicily and placed in a secret dwelling, erected by the Cyclops, in the midst of an earthly paradise. However, despite the protection, Persephone and her handmaidens Rhodope, Calypso and others, when they were gathering wildflowers, were surprised by Pluto, God of the Underworld, who appeared in a golden chariot from an opening in the ground.
This resulted in the rape of Persephone who was borne away to the dark regions underground and became the Queen of Infernus.
Demeter travelled the world in search of her daughter and carne, fasting and praying to Eleusis, where she became nurse to Demorphon, son of Celeus. Zeus interceding for his mortal wife, promised to restore Persephone on the condition that she had eaten nothing in Hades. Unfortunately she had partaken of four pomegranate seeds and therefore Zeus could only partially bring his power to bear on Pluto who was able to withstand Zeus' might for some of the time. Therefore Persephone had to remain with Pluto for half of each year, while during the other half she could return to her family on the surface of the earth.
Demeter instituted the Mysteries at Eleusis in commemoration of these events. They were divided into two grades, the Greater and the Lesser. A candidate, on completing the Lesser Mysteries, was distinguished by the title of MYSTIS, while one who had completed the teachings of the Greater Mysteries was known as an EPOPT. There was an interval between these two grades of at least five years.
The lessons of the Mysteries were pertinent and represented the decay of vegetable matter and its return in a more beautiful form. Also, the descent into Hades came to represent the purging of the physical body from burden of earthiness of life and its preparation for a greater life to come. Two millennia after the Mysteries were established, the early Christians interpreted the legends in terms of the death and resurrection of the Christos, concerning which you will leam further in the second section of this initiation.
Knox Ompax - It is finished. Priests of Eleusis, be secret and silent. *. Huperet extinguishes the candle on the altar.
All now rise silently and prepare to enter the Second Chamber.


Part two
Knight of Eleusis

In this part, the presiding officer is the Knight High Priest, with a Knight Vice High Priest, a Knight Cleric, a Knight Conductor and a Knight Sentinel. Exactly how the older degree was converted into a chivalric body from a priesthood is not exactly clear from the rituals but it would appear to be on the basis that in the early Christian era, a Church of Eleusis was founded by St. John and that in defence of the Faith. The clerics of the Order became militaristic and thereby assumed the title of Knight(ly) Priest. The regalia was the same white cassock as used in the first part but with the addition of a short surplice which was placed over the head and hang in front, being of gold or yellow material on which is emblazoned a patriarchal cross in red.
While the original texts call for a Second Apartment, this is not thought to be necessary for exemplification as there is no great change in layout. However, the diagram of the Chapter shows the "dual apartment" layout. The altar is not employed in this part.
A piece of carpet should be laid upon the floor on which the candidate is made to lie before the Knight Priests assemble and he is covered with a veil or a sheet. When this is done, the Knight Priests enter and assume their positions.
There is no form of Opening whatsoever.
KHP, gives *:
What is the cause of our present assembly?
To learn for ourselves and to explain to a Priest of the Old Eleusis, the mysteries of the New Jerusalem Which is the new, and true, Eleusis.
Where is he that is to profit from the lesson?
He lies there points to Cand. dead in error but awaits the revivifying teachings of the New Law.
Let him be raised from the Grave of Error by the Power of the Word and the aid of the Three Points of Faith, Hope and Charity.
The Kt. Conductor advances to the Cand., draws back the sheet or veil and mises him with the right hand to right hand, covering the first three knuckles with the thumb, left hand to right shoulder and right foot to right foot, viz The Grip of Three Points, when the Cand. is erect the Word, CHRISTOS, is whispered to him.
Rise by the power of the Word from Deadly Error to the Living Truth.
K. Cleric rises and reads slowly, Revelations Ch. XXL. When the reading is complete the Kt, Cleric resumes his stall and the KVHP rises, proceeds to the Cand. and takes hold of his right arm and says:
Knights and Reverend High Priests, may I now present to you, a Priest of Eleusis who has been raised from the Death of Error to the Living Truth.
Companion …, I now welcome you to our New Mysteries and since you will also be a defender of our Faith, we now call you, not only Priest, but Knight Priest for not only will you spread the New Word you will also take up aims to defend its teachings. As such there are certain secrets which will now be made known to you.
When you were raised from the Grave of Error, this was done in a certain manner. The hand that gripped yours, covered the first three knuckles of your right hand and when you were fully raised by the Grip of Three Points, the three were, hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder and foot to foot. The covering of the three knuckles and the three points allude to the Trinity in Unity. The Word which was given to you was Christos, meaning in Greek, "the Anointed" and is the name of Jesus. If you wish to enter a Chapter you will be met by the Knight and Priest Sentinel, who will demand this word. When given by you, he will respond by saying See thou do it not. (Rev. xxii v.9). Should you ever demand the Word and it be correctly given, then you must make the same response. You will now listen to a further lesson from the Book of Divine Knowledge.
K. Cleric
rises and now reads Revelations Ch. XXII at the end of which KHP says:
This concludes your Induction to the New Mysteries and you may now assume your rightful place here in this sanctuary of the Lord. Kt. Priest Cond. takes him to a seat and then resumes his place.
KHP, gives *, all rise:
Knights and Holy Priests of the New Jerusalem, I say unto you now, The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.
Amen. The Chapter is closed.