Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests
Degree of the Knight of Patmos or Phillippi


Compiler's Notes: The body of Knights of Patmos, or alternatively, Knights of Philippi, meet in a Council where the members are styled Perfect Knights. The working members of the ceremonial number but six, the Commander, the Perfect Knights S&J Wardens, the Prelate, the Guardian and the Sentinel. The Perfect Knights wear a sash of white material from the left shoulder to the right hip, to the end of which is attached a sprig of greenery. No altar is used, and there is no formal Opening or Closing. Only a sword is necessary for use by the Commander.
Perfect Knights, it is my desire to open a Council of Knights of Patmos. Perfect Knight JW, is there any obstacle to prevent this?
Perfect Knight Commander, the Sentinel stands without, armed with his sword to guard against all impostors and profaners and he is ready to undertake that duty.
Perfect Knight JW, you ensure that he now mans his post.
Perfect Knight Guardian, you will ensure that the Sentinel mans his post. Guardian gives * *** * on the door which is returned by the Sentinel.
Perfect Knight JW, the Council is duly guarded.
Perfect Knight Commander, the Council is duly guarded.
Perfect Knight SW, have you ascertained that all present are entitled to be present?
l am so satisfied, either by personal knowledge or by the word of a Fellow Knight.
Perfect Knights, be pleased to rise all do so. I, by right of the powers held of my office, declare this Council of Knights of Patmos to be properly and regularly open, and this I confirm by, gives * *** * as does the Guardian and Sentinel. All sit.
Perfect Knights, is it your7will that we add to our number?
Aye, our will All clap their hands once.
Then Perfect Knight Guardian, you will admit the petitioner and conduct him before the altar, in the manner as is our custom.
Guardian opens the door and Candidate enters wearing the apron of a Royal Arch Mason. He is perambulated around the Council as the Perfect Knight Prelate reads from the Revelation of St. John Ch. I x and xi, Ch. II xi and Ch. XX iv to viii. When the readings are finished. The Knights may then sing an anthem and the Cand. should now stand before the altar. The Guardian salutes and returns to his place.
Brother .., do you Pledge yourself ever to keep the Secrets of the Degree of Knight of Patmos and never confer it on anyone unless by the authority of this Council. Do you further Pledge that you will ensure that as a Knight of Patmos, you will always reader assistance to a Brother Knight, if so called upon.
I do so Pledge myself
Then you will now kneel before this Council. All stand and Cand. kneels on both knees and is advised to cross his arms over his chest. In the name of God and before these Perfect Knights, l hereby dub you, Sir , a Knight of Patmos. Touches sword once on the Cand.'s right shoulder. Rise Sir . After the accolade all sit except the PKC and Cand.
I shall now entrust you with the Secrets of this Degree. The Pass Word is Alpha and Omega which must be answered with the response The First and Last. This Pass Word may be demanded of you before entry into a Council is permitted. The Grand Word is Gog and Magog and the Sign is given by placing the right hand behind the right ear as if listening carefully. The grip is given in this manner. Close the 3rd and 4th fingers of the right hand then place the 1st and 2nd fingers on the other's forehead, touching your own lips with the index finger of the left hand, thus.
The Commander will then give, or delegate another Knight to give, the Lecture.
This Degree was instituted to commemorate the Revelation of St. John, the Apostle of Brotherly Love of the new and heavenly Temple. St. John was banished from Rome by the Emperor. Titus Flavius Domitianus, to the Island of Patmos, which was used by the Romans as a place of exile for convicts. Its soil was very thin and sterile, lying upon rugged volcanic rock. A mile from the coast is a small chapel enclosing a cavern, which it is said, was occupied by St. John when writing the Book of Revelation. Here the Patron Saint of Masonry beheld the New Jerusalem and the Temple not made with hands.
He who lone on Patmos banished
Saw in the sun an angel stand,
And heard of great Babylon's doom
Pronounced, by Heav'ns command.
While our Patron lived his life in the Light of his beliefs, the Emperor Domitian was assassinated by his fellow Romans for cruel and despotic acts. It is said that the only thing that St. John wished for while held on that barren is land, was to behold a garden of living plants and thus do we wear this sprig of greenery is his memory.
The Cand. is now seated by the Perfect Knight Gdn. who then resumes his seat.
Perfect Knights, it is now my desire to close etc As at the opening.
NB: Where the correlation occurs between Patmos, an Island in the Dodecanese and Phillippi, the chief city of ancient Macedonia, is anyone's guess! Similarly, where the reference to Gog and Magog, the legendary giants of London, is relevant to this ritual, is beyond understanding. Unless the author, knowing of the legend, that they were the grandchildren of a Roman Emperor, mistakenly thought him to be Domitian (the Titus Flavius Domitianus referred to in the text) instead of the Emperor Diocletian, who is actually cited in the legend.