Order of Tyrian Knights
Rank of Neophyte

This ritual dates from approximately 1900.

ARCHON, standing: *.
MARESCHAL : Sir Knights, salute the Archon. **   *.
ARCHON, *: Sir Knight Mareschal, Mareschal salutes Clear the Outer Court, secure the barrier and post the Sentry.
MARESCHAL : The mandate of the Archon has been obeyed.
ARCHON: Vice Archon, inform the Warder that this Camp is about to convene in sennit-mote and direct him to permit none to enter.
VICE ARCHON: Sir Knight Warder, the Archon is about to convene this Camp in sennit-mote. It is his will that none pass the inner gate until the Camp is duly opened.
WARDER: The will of the Archon shall be obeyed.
ARCHON, *: Sir Knight Mareschal. Assure yourself that there is no intruder among us. *   **.
MARESCHAL, after examination : All within our gates are true and loyal Knights.
Place: A temporary abode of Clitus in Scythia
Archon as Clitus
Candidate representing Anacharsis, a seeker after knowledge.
CLITUS, *: Guide, prepare the hall for the Rite of Commendation
GUIDE: All is prepared, Illustrious Clitus.
CLITUS: My attendants will assume their positions.
I now declare this hall in readiness for the reception of a candidate.
 Anacharsis in Outer Court raps loudly with his staff.
GUIDE: Who comes here?
ANACHARSIS: Anacharsis, who begs an audience with the Grecian Clitus.
GUIDE: Illustrious Clitus, the Scythian, Anacharsis, seeks admission.
CLITUS: A worthy man. A ray of light amid this Northern gloom admit him. Guide admits and advances with candidate to center of room, facing Clitus.
CLITUS: Scythian, what do you seek?
ANACHARSIS: Knowledge.
CLITUS: Do you desire assistance?
CLITUS: Guide, name the chief hindrance to the seeker after knowledge.
GUIDE: Darkness, Illustrious Clitus.
CLITUS: What will dispel the darkness?
GUIDE: The Tyrian torch
CLITUS: Where may this torch be lighted?
GUIDE: In a camp of Tyrian Mystics.
CLITUS: What admits a stranger to a Tyrian Camp?
GUIDE: The commendation and the secret word.
CLITUS: Scythian, do you desire this light?
CLITUS: Come forward. Place your hand on mine and repeat with me the Declaration of Sincerity and Pledge of Secrecy.
*   **.
I, ..., in the character or Anacharsis and in my own true character do solemnly declare my sincere wish to become a faithful member of this order; my earnest intention to conform to all its rules and usages and my most sincere determination to inculcate by every proper means in every community in which I may reside, the eternal principles upon which the Order is founded. I solemnly and sincerely promise in the presence of these witnesses that I will not divulge to any person not legally entitled to know the same, any part of the secret work of this order.
I here take upon myself without mental reservation the obligation of Apuleius: “By no peril will I ever be compelled to disclose to the uninitiated the things that I have had entrusted to me on condition of silence”
**   *.
Keep this pledge in mind. Tyrian Votaries are sworn to punish traitors for upon the maintenance of perfect secrecy depends the very existence of our Mystic Brotherhood.
I will now communicate to you the one word which admits the commended stranger to a Tyrian Camp.
Clitus is interrupted before the conclusion of this last sentence by a disturbance in the preparation room. Cries of “spy,” eavesdropper,” etc. Disguised member rushes into hall, followed by attendants, and endeavours to escape by the inner door. He is intercepted and overpowered, thrown down, bound and gagged. Attendants meanwhile charging the candidate with having admitted a spy. This must be made as realistic as possible.
CLITUS: Candidate, you aye charged with having admitted an eavesdropper into our hall. What have you to say for yourself?
After candidate has been duly impressed with seriousness of his offence he is again led before Clitus.
CLITUS, *: Attendants, release our brother.
Candidate, this brother, whom you now recognize has taken the spy’s part in a little scene which is intended to impress upon you the importance of ever guarding our halls against spies and intruders. Receive now from me the letter of commendation and the secret word which admits to our Mystic Brotherhood.
Hands candidate parchments and gives word.
The Camp will be at ease.
ARCHON, *: We are about to close this sennit-mote. What are the receipts of this session?
CLERK states amount received.
ARCHON: Has the Treasurer received and receipted for these funds in due form?
ARCHON: Sir Knights, I thank you for the marked respect shown to our Order and its officers during this session. May your fealty be ever as hearty and as active as now. Let us listen to a word of counsel.
VICE ARCHON, steps down on Altar; and holds up Torch: Again I hold aloft the golden Torch. Again I admonish you, Knights, to shield and protect this sacred flame of Reason. Guard it from the rude blasts of ignorance and the poisonous vapor of superstition. Defend it with your lives, and hand it down to those who come after you as the most precious legacy in your gift. Sir Knights, I thank you.
VENERABLE SAGE, steps down on Altar and holds up Cup: From a cup brimming with the waters of knowledge I offer you, Knights, this grateful draught.
Reads from ancient authors.