Organization of Triangles
Ritual of the Six Point Candle Degree


1st Candle, Charity: Moneybag
2nd Candle, Faith: Bible
3rd Candle, Leadership: Crown and Gavel
4th Candle, Self-Worth: Mirror
5th Candle, Patriotism: Flag
6th Candle, Sisterhood: Rose
The Girls enter the room to the song Power of the Dream by Celine Dion, they put there props on the table in the front and then exit the room again.
They then woke in and stand behind the table with there candles all un lit except for the 1st girls candle the beginning candle.
The girl saying the beginning part finishes and blows out her candle and walks away to the other side of the room.
Before each girl says her part she lights her candle the first with a lighter or match and then each one after her lights their candle from the girl next to them.
After the girl saying the ending part finishes the girl who said the beginning part comes back into the group and all the girls join together to light her candle (showing how all the parts when brought together form our organization).
Beginning Candle:
We live in Paradise fortunate to have been given our Mother Earth in which to live. Close your eyes and imagine; a sparkling, crystal clear ocean spread far out to the horizon, as the sun glistens on the waves, soft white sand under your feet. Behind you is a forest full of tall green trees, a stream, perhaps a pond or lake, and animals calling to one another. In the distance is a mountain, reaching high above the clouds into a bright blue sky.
Still, even in this seemingly perfect place we are plagued by misfortune. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and floods are a constant threat to the lives of many, and the cost of damage they cause rises into the millions. Poverty and homelessness, starvation, war and simple dishonesty and lies are all too common and too easily accepted in our world. We have the power to change all this, and yet it seems that hardly anything can be done, leaving us with a feeling of hopelessness and failure. Of all the problems in the world the worst comes within us.
1st Candle:
"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." This is the Golden Rule, and a rule that our organization holds dear.
This idea is one of the first instilled in the hearts of our members, one of many valuable lessons they will carry on throughout their lives.
We believe that there is no feeling which can compare to the knowledge that your aid, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may be, has helped to make the life of another human being better.
Through our fundraising and volunteer efforts the girls are given an opportunity to do what few others can, to positively affect the lives of those around them, to help change for the better the life of someone less fortunate.
And, after all our efforts, our girls ask nothing in return and are happy with the best reward one could ever receive, a smile.
2nd Candle:
In the world we live in today, youth is constantly presented with difficult and often frustrating obstacles, which we must overcome.
Often these problems seem too much for us, and we are left with a feeling of hopelessness, a feeling that no one understands or is able to help.
Our organization does not encourage ay one specific religion, simply that our members have faith in some Supreme Being of their own choice.
The bible on our altar is merely a symbol of all the books, and can be replaced with another if the girls wish it so.
It is a comfort in our difficult times to know that there is someone watching over you, someone who cares, who does understand and who is able to help.
3rd Candle:
There was a time when a woman's place was in the home. The woman stayed home with the children, cleaned the house all day, and had supper ready when her husband came home from work. She did not attend college, and held an inferior position to men.
Fortunately, that time has passed. We believe that the girls of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Our members, while having fun, learn memorization skills, public speaking, poise, confidence and many other valuable lessons, which they will need later in life.
We encourage these skills, as it expressed in our motto, "For a Finer American Womanhood."
4th Candle:
It's not easy growing up female in America. We are constantly presented by our media with images of how we are meant to be.
In every possible aspect we are given a picture of how we are "supposed" to look, a picture few of us will even see in the mirror.
The despair, which this can create in a woman’s heart, is perhaps the most pain she can ever know, and may destroy any confidence she has in herself.
Our organization gives it's members crucial tools which can help to restore that confidence such as poise, public speaking, social skills and sisterhood.
It is truly something special to watch a young, timid girl blossom and gain strength right before your eyes as we do.
When a girl leaves us she is no longer a girl but a woman, able to look into a mirror and find pride and confidence in the reflection she sees.
5th Candle:
The Flag of our country: a symbol of power and of pride, of dignity and of respect. This glorious symbol was painstakingly created by one of the most patriotic women this country has ever known. Patriotism is defied many ways, the emotional love for ones country, the willingness to do anything to support your country. The Flag symbolizes that love and undying support of patriotism. It is a symbol of strength for the weak, and compassion for the ill.
As the quote under the Statue of Liberty has emanated for over 100 years, "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free."
As members of Triangle, we are called to be patriotic, to love and honor our Flag and Nation, to show undying support for our country when asked to, and to symbolize that lave and respect by honoring the flag of our great nation. At every meeting we salute our flag, and pledge our allegiance in honor of those brave men and woman who have given their lives in it's name.
6th Candle:
Sisterhood is eternal. To be a sister carries with it an awesome responsibility towards not only your sister, but also yourself.
To be a true and good sister one must be able to both understand that petty differences and tiffs will and do occur, but also must put aside whatever differences you may have and work as one in times of trouble, need and sorrow. At the same time, by being a steadfast and faithful sister, you are able to revel in all joys and accomplishments that your sister achieves. In Triangle, we learn to respect the power of sisterhood, and that strength ties us together allowing us to accomplish more then we could have dreamed of.
Ending Candle:
Deep within our heart
There lies a magic spark
That lights the fire of our imagination
And since the dawn of man
The strength of just "I Can"
Has brought together people of all nations
On the table before you lie the symbols of our organization. The moneybag, symbolizing charity; the bible, symbolizing faith; the crown and gavel, symbolizing leadership; the mirror, symbolizing self-worth; the flag, symbolizing patriotism; and finally the rose, symbolizing sisterhood. When put together these lessons form the foundation of a healthy life. They create a spark within each of us, enabling us to challenge what is wrong in the world and change it. The power to shine a light for our generation, to devote ourselves to a higher level of understanding. They create a spark, capable of re-lighting the brightest flames.