Organization of Triangles
Ritual of the Rose Degree


Officers will not retire, but instead will remove their sashes at their stations. Officers do not move from their stations. Flower colors will be as follows: Sr. Lady, Red; Jr. Lady, Pink; Guardian, Yellow; Chaplain, White. Queen will call upon the marshals to assemble any Past State Directors west of the Altar and escort them to the east. Special guests will assemble in the east in the following order: Past State Director, State Director, Queen, Deputy State Director, and Past State Director/PBQ.
Beloved Queen/PBQ:
Throughout the course of history, roses have had a very special place in the existence of the human spirit. To people everywhere, they have represented many things, depending on their color, occasion, and sentiment. Songs have been written about them, poetry has been recited with the Rose as the main attraction, and husbands have given their wives a dozen or so when they have done something wrong. There is no other flower that quite compares to the rose, and it is for this reason that Triangle Girls identify with it.
To Triangle Girls, the rose is a distinct reference to our founder, Mrs. Rose E. Scherer, and more intrinsically, it has become a symbol of sisterhood for all of our members. The unique relationship that it has left is a relationship between the State Directors and the Triangle Girls across the state. The positions of State Director and Deputy State Director are very important in giving Triangle its leadership and strength to continue to build "A Finer American Womanhood." This Rose Degree is not only in memory of the woman who originated the role, but also the women who have and who will follow in her footsteps.
Senior Lady:
In the Spring, the rose blooms full and vibrant. As each morning dawns, a dewy mist will cover the roseís soft and velvety petals. If you put the rose to your nose, you will inhale one of the gentlest scents you will ever know. If you prick yourself on one of its thorny branches, the overall beauty of the rose is enough to give a moment of pleasure.
Junior Lady:
The rose in the summertime begins to wilt and fade away with the harshness of the sun. The source of life that has nourished it a few months ago has taken its toll on this flower we have come to cherish today and yet its sweet simplicity still remains. It can still bring a smile to the lips of those in despair and it lends hope for the future.
In the fall, there is nothing left of the rose. It has wilted away to stems and thorns. This time if one touches a thorn, there is no beauty to numb the pain. There is, however, a reflective thought that it wonít be too much longer before it returns so that we may enjoy itís beautiful treasures again.
In the winter, the rose bushes are covered by soft blankets of snow. No one can tell that nearly a year ago, the Queen of the garden made her home here. No one knows of the beautiful wonders that lie beneath, and no on will know until spring comes and the cycle of the seasons begins again.
After all officers recite their parts, they all advance to the alter as they would for a prayer to the music "The Rose" with the remaining members of the Triangle performing motion choir along the sides of the room. Officers stand silently at the altar with their heads bowed. At the conclusion of the song, officers hand Queen their roses. Then, all with the exception of the Queen, will take three steps back and return to their seats, no one sitting. Queen addresses the audience.
Beloved Queen/PBQ:
Normally, the red rose would be placed on the altar in memory of Rose E. Scherer. But now, we are going to place a white rose on the altar, not because she is no longer with us, but because it represents her memories and experiences as State Director. We know that wherever she is today, her memories are still with her in her heart. The Triangle Girls of today never had the opportunity to meet her, but we still owe her a debt of gratitude for creating our beautiful organization.
After white rose has been left beside or near the Founderís Day red one, she takes her three steps back and then turns to join the guests in the east. She then turns to the Past State Directors.

We give any past State Directors pink roses because they experienced what Rose. E. Scherer experienced as State Director. They have a special connection and bond with hundreds of Triangle Girls. The love they received has never gone away, but because it is in the past, it is not as strong and vibrant as it once was. Those memories and the love they experienced has also begun to fade, even though they will still remain, perhaps vague, deep in their mind and heart.
Turns to DSD.

To our Deputy State Director, we give the yellow rose, symbolizing the spirit of peace and friendship. You are walking in the footsteps of the State Director so that someday, you may lead this organization. The harmony you share with her lends a special ambiance to the continuity of our order. Yellow is also a symbol of hope. You have much to look forward to in your capacity as Deputy State Director, and we hope that you will be inspired to higher ambitions through the years.
Finally turns to SD.

And to our State Director, we now give you the Red Rose, symbolic of everything Rose E. Scherer has left behind. It can be assumed that she is present in your thoughts, in everything you do. Your magic and experiences are at its peak because you are our current State Director. The Red rose also means love. Triangle Girls of the past loved and admired Mrs. Scherer, just as the Triangle Girls of today love and admire you.
These roses are filled with love from the Organization of Triangles, Inc. May they touch your heart as well as Mrs. Shererís.
Marshals return the past State Directors to their seats, and the east is seated. And then, Queen raps to seat the members.