Organization of Triangles
Ritual of the Degree of the Hexagon


A humorous degree conferred upon DeMolay guests by their hostesses – Triangle girls
Beloved Queen:
Dear Junior-Lady-in-Waiting, are there any candidates for the Degree of the Hexagon present this evening?
Jr. Lady-in-Waiting:
Yes, Beloved Queen, there are. I will escort them to the West. Assembles DeMolay in West assisted by Marshals. Jr. Lady then returns to her station.
Beloved Queen:
Before becoming full-fledged members in the Order of the Hexagon, it is necessary that we hear your pledge of loyalty before those here present. Please repeat after me:
As a candidate for the Degree of the Hexagon
I give my faithful pledge
That I will respect and honor
The company of … Triangle girls
That I will uphold the ideals of this order
And constantly seek to protect
A Triangle girl from harm
That I will advise her and help her
And if need be, be her escort
For an evening’s entertainment and fun
That I will devote myself
To the full cooperation
Of the Triangle functions
And forever exemplify
The finest and best in American manhood.
Dear Marshals, please give your charge and then escort our male candidates to the Guardian for further instruction in the Degree of the Hexagon.
You have not been selected because of your eyes, your hair, or your good looks, but because of your enthusiastic interest in Triangle and your apparent desire to be our true friends. As you travel on our pathway, keep in mind your purpose here this evening. We, your guides, will take you by the arm, so, like all boys, you will not stray away. Remove all problems from your minds. Think no thoughts which might turn you to despair. For once, stand up straight and show us that combination of wicked and friendly smile, and anticipate with pleasure the coming of events.
Remembers here point one of the Hexagon: "Be prepared for any emergency with Triangle girls."
Assistant Marshal:
The first characteristic you should display to prove a positive theory is an independent manner of speaking. This is essential in a gentleman’s demeanor. Speak up, always do not be afraid, be happy and cheerful, never moody even though we notice that is sometimes difficult. We know you can do it and we have faith in you, but keep in mind that your tongue can get you into trouble too, and probably in some way or another, it already has.
So best remember here point two of the Hexagon: "Be responsive to Triangle girls."
Although we never expect you to be angels, your respect for us is overwhelming and we know you love us dearly. As we have progressed in age we notice your courtesies have become more natural. We no longer have doors slammed in our faces, nor do we walk on the outside of the street. You have acquired Sir Walter Raleigh mannerisms and the feminine ear appreciates your service and bended knee.
Remember here point three of the Hexagon: "Be gallant to Triangle girls."
God has said, "Love one another," so don’t shun us, be grateful for the friendship or Triangle girls. Think back and try to remember if there have been times when you have neglected us to be so. Have you dated us sufficiently? Treated us to cokes, or found it in your hearts to dig down for bus fare? You do have a conscience and because of that you should be kind to us.
Remember here point four of the Hexagon: "Be good to Triangle girls."
Jr. Lady-in-Waiting:
There are times when you really are demons, but then, jokes and pranks among boys are commonplace. You have tried to dance, but somehow never got too far. At each meeting our refreshment supply decreases, you certainly can eat, and as for tales, they are unlimited, for you have a good story every time and a wonderful imagination. But after all, boys will be boys.
Remember here point five of the Hexagon: "Use your sparkling personality of Triangle girls."
Sr. Lady-in-Waiting:
Never have we met boys who can compare with you. We find it fascinating how you can eat so many pizzas and flirt with so many girls. The things in your pockets are countless except for money. And nothing can top your Mr. Esquire selection of clothes. When you are not silent you certainly can bring out the charm. All in all, we think you are pretty good.
So remember here point six of the Hexagon: "Keep on trying to improve yourself for Triangle girls."
Beloved Queen:
We hope you have learned the lessons well and have taken heed of the six points of the Hexagon.
Point One: Be prepared for any emergency with Triangle girls
Point Two: Be Responsive to Triangle girls
Point Three: Be Gallant to Triangle girls
Point Four: Be good to Triangle girls
Point Five: Use your sparkling personality on Triangle girls
Point Six: Keep on trying to improve yourself for Triangle girls
At this moment I can tell by your smiles that you graciously accept this initiation and that its lessons humor you. We willingly favor your membership and your pledge to uphold the ideals of this order. You have proven yourself worthy of its cause and we are assured that you will be an inspiration to those who follow. So stay with us, be not perplexed. Be not dismayed that you are hexed, by Triangle girls. Dear Marshals, escort our new members of the Order of the Hexagon to the Secretary where they will inscribe their immortal signatures on the rolls.