Native Daughters of the Golden West
Initiation Ritual


Decoration of Room
Decoration of the meeting room is left optional with Parlor.
The banners of the officers are as follows:
President, "The Flag"; First Vice-President, "California"; Second Vice-President, "Great Seal of California"; Third Vice-President, "California Poppy"; Past President, "Pioneers"; Marshal, "The Bear Flag."
The banners should be prepared as follows: "California ," a photograph or painting of some good topographical map of the State, in colors if fancied, and attached or pasted to or painted on a gold banner, indicative of the State.
"Great Seal of State," a picture or painting, or a bronze papier mache bas-relief of the Great Seal attached to a royal purple velvet banner, indicative of sovereignty.
"California Poppy," a painting of the State Flower on a white banner, indicative of purity.
"Pioneers," a picture of pioneers; the well-known painting by Voegtlin entitled "Emigrant Train, '49," showing the first prairie schooner drawn by yoked oxen, the Pioneer Mother peering out of the canvas covering, the Pioneer Father traveling alongside, the mounted Indian pointing the way, being preferred, and attached to or painted on a scarlet banner, indicative of courage.
"The Flag," large American flag.
The Flag and banners should be placed at the right hand and to the front of the chair of the appropriate officer, except the banner of the Third Vice-President, which is placed to the left of that officer. Altar Cloth may be used.
The Marshal has sole charge of the paraphernalia of the Parlor, and it is her duty to prepare the room before the meeting by arranging the Altar, banners, regalia, etc.
Opening March
Opening March of Officers should be held at all times. The Parlor is called to order by a Chairman appointed by the President.
Chairman: The officers will retire and prepare for formal entrance.
Officers proceed to ante-room and form ranks. Right line, Inside Sentinel, Past President, Senior Past President, Junior Past President, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Third Vice-President, Marshal. Left line, Outside Sentinel, First Vice-President, Trustee, Trustee, Trustee, Recording Secretary, Second Vice-President, President. (The retiring Past President becomes the Junior Past President, and when her term as Junior Past President expires, she becomes a Senior Past President.) When the officers are in order the Chairman calls up the Parlor and Organist plays a march. Officers march in, and when the Sentinels reach a point three feet from the Altar, all pause, facing front of room, and the Marshal escorts the President between the lines to her chair. The President passes to the left side of the Altar and the Marshal to the right. Marshal offers left arm to President. As the President and Marshal approach the President's station, the President passes to the left and ascends the platform; the Marshal passes to the right. Chairman presents gavel to President, then steps to the side of the Marshal who offers her left arm and escorts Chairman to her seat in front of the station of the Financial Secretary. Marshal returns to a position in front of and to the left of the President, after which the remaining officers march toward front of the room, and then to their respective stations.
This prevents the crowding of the President Chairman and Marshal at the right of the President's station and allows the Chairman to courteously present the gavel to the President.
When candidates are to be initiated upon the occasion of the official visit of the Grand President, Grand Officers may be escorted to seats of honor preceding the formal opening of Parlor.
Candidates may remain in the meeting hall to witness the escort, but shall be conducted to the anteroom before the formal opening, there to await initiation.
Opening Ceremonies
President: Sisters, we are about to open this Parlor. You will each assume the regalia of your rank or office. Seats Parlor.
Worthy Outside Sentinel, give attention to the outer door, and, before retiring, confer with our Worthy First Vice-President that you may not err as to the Pass-words.
The Outside Sentinel approaches the chair of the First Vice-President, gives the Pass-words and retires. The Inside Sentinel then closes the inner door.
President: Worthy Inside Sentinel, you will permit no one to enter or leave the room during the Opening Ceremonies. The opening ceremonies shall be considered to end with the seating of the Parlor by the President after the Grand President is escorted to her seat of honor.
President: Worthy Marshal, kindly ascertain if all present are members of our Order.
Marshal examines those present and ascertains if all have both Pass-words, in the following manner: Going first to President, she gives the President both Pass-words and, if correct, the President indicates by a nod or other affirmative movement.
If erroneous, President imparts correct word or words. Marshal then proceeds along right side of room from the President to First Vice-President, thence up left side of room to President's chair and then going to Altar and facing President, opens the Bible. The right side of the room is always at the right hand of President. The Passwords should be communicated to the Marshal in a whisper—so that the same may not be overheard.
When the Marshal approaches to receive the Pass-word, the member should STAND, communicate the Pass-word, and immediately be seated. If the Marshal finds that a member is without the Pass-word or words she so reports at once as follows: "Sister without the Password (or Pass-words, as the case may be.)" If in good standing, the President requests the Sister to approach her chair to receive same. A visitor in responding to the demand for the Pass-words should also give her name, the name and number of her Parlor and her rank. When Assistant Marshals are needed to take up Pass-word, they should assemble back of altar. Marshal should proceed to President to verify Pass-word, then return to altar and take Pass-word from assistants. All then proceed to take Pass-word from membership. Any visitor without Pass-words or order for the same should be politely requested by the Marshal to retire, as prescribed by Grand Parlor regulations.
After the Pass-word has been taken up, the Marshal and Assistant Marshals assemble back of altar. Assistant Marshals report to Marshal in a whisper.
After the Pass-word has been taken up, the Marshal opens the Bible WITH REVERENCE, (the Marshal shall use both hands to open the Bible and the thumbs shall be used to divide the pages evenly) steps back and reports.
Marshal: Worthy President, I find all present entitled to sit with us.
Marshal then resumes her station.
President raps up Parlor.
President:Worthy Marshal, lead us in the salute and pledge to our Flag.
The right hand shall be placed over the heart when the United States Flag is escorted in and out of meeting halls, and the members shall follow the example of the Presiding Offier in raising and dropping the hand.
The head of the Eagle on flag standards shall be faced toward the rear of the room, as stated in the Flag Code.
Marshal advances one step, says: Salute.
Members should stand at attention—left hand empty and at side. FLAG SALUTE.
Sing "Star-Spangled Banner."
President: Then, dear Sisters, let me remind you, as true Native Daughters, that without harmony we cannot attain our aims as an Order. May the spirit of true fraternity mark every thought and word. Thus shall we promote the interests of our beloved California .
Let us join in singing our Opening Ode.
Opening Ode is then sung.
President: We will bow in reverent devotion to Almighty God.
Past President, at Altar, facing President. Past President makes no sign before or after prayers: Benign Father! Grant us Thy favor that we may direct our thoughts to Thee. Humbly do we invoke Thy grace upon this Parlor and all our Sisters. We pray Thee to protect and guide us in all things. Give us inspiration that we may cleave to Truth. Teach us the beauties of Loyalty and Patriotism and lead us, Thy daughters, to eternal happiness. Amen.
Parlor responds: Amen.
The Past President then returns to her station.
President: Dear Sisters: We must not fail to realize that our mission is pure and unselfish. We are bound by the golden cord of affection and our sympathies should be rich and beneficent as our noble State. I now declare this Parlor open.
Seats Parlor.
Escort Work
President: Worthy Marshal, you will escort our … to the Altar.
Marshal proceeds to the place where this officer is seated and escorts her to the rear of the room, square corners and proceeds to Altar from the First Vice-President's station. Marshal then takes one step backward.
President: Members (and guests) of … Parlor, it is with great pleasure that I present to you …, our ….
The Parlor is to be rapped up for the Grand President as she ascends the platform to her seat of honor. As soon as the Grand President receives the gavel from the Parlor President, the Marshal returns to her position at the Altar for further escort duty. When the Marshal reaches the Altar, the President seats the members.
Marshal escorts Grand Officer to seat of honor.
All Grand Officers are to be escorted in this manner.
Parlor to be rapped up only for Grand President, or in her absence for the Deputy Grand President. Order of Escort for Grand Officers: Grand President, Past Grand President, Grand Vice-President, Grand Secretary, Grand Treasurer, Grand Marshal, Grand Trustees, Grand Inside Sentinel, Grand Outside Sentinel, Grand Organist, Past Grand Presidents, Past Grand Secretaries, Permanent Members, Supervising District Deputy, Deputy Grand President. Past Grand President holding office of Supervising Deputy should be escorted as Supervising District Deputy only and introduced with both titles.
President: We shall now proceed to the transaction of our regular business.
The draping of the Charter in memory of a deceased Sister immediately follows the opening
The regular order of business is then proceeded with. During the progress of the opening, closing or initiatory ceremonies no one is permitted to enter or leave the Parlor room except by direction of the President or the First Vice-President, and then only upon business connected with such ceremonies. If the Parlor is in session when a Sister arrives, she will, after gaining admission to the ante-room, give the proper signal at the inner door, whereupon the Inside Sentinel will open the wicket. The Sister seeking admission will then give in a whisper the Current Password and, if a visitor, her name and the name and number of her Parlor. The Inside Sentinel will report to the First Vice-President in a low tone of voice as follows: "Worthy Vice-President, Sister … of … Parlor desires admission." If the Sister is entitled to admission the Vice-President will respond: "Admit her." If the Sister desiring admission is unable to give the Pass-word or words, the Inside Sentinel will report as follows: "Sister … of … Parlor desires admission but is without the Pass-word (or words)." The First Vice-President will answer as her judgment dictates. If the Sister is admitted she shall, after proceeding to the Altar and giving the Sign of the Order, go at once to the President and obtain the Pass-word or words. If a member of the Parlor is unable to give the Pass-word required at the outer door, the Outside Sentinel shall so report to the Inside Sentinel who, in turn, shall communicate the fact to the First Vice-President. If satisfactory, the First Vice-President shall direct that the Sister be admitted. Members must never cross the room except between the Altar and First Vice-President, unless during the initiatory ceremonies the Ritual otherwise requires. The outer door must be locked during all recesses.
Initiatory Ceremonies
The Marshal in conducting candidate always remains at her right, and always makes military corners, that is, turns at a sharp right angle, always pursues a straight course, and whenever practicable goes to corners of room, or as near same as possible. All officers and members are also required to pursue straight lines and turn at sharp angles when upon the floor. The course of the candidate is always forward and in accordance with the diagrams printed herewith. After the Marshal has presented candidate for lecture or instruction she should step backward two or three paces from candidate and so remain until conclusion. While Marshal is conducting candidate from one chair to another appropriate music should be played.
President: Worthy Inside Sentinel, kindly ascertain if there are members in the ante-room who desire to enter at this time. You will permit no one to enter or leave the room during the ceremonies of initiation.
President: Worthy Marshal, kindly ascertain if any friends are awaiting admission to our Order.
Marshal marches to Altar, to First Vice-President, and then to ante-room. Re-entering roonr she stands in front of closed door at Inside Sentinel's station. Sign of Order should not be given by Marshal and Assistants when directed to "ascertain if any friends are awaiting admission to our Order," or by Marshal upon her return to report.
Marshal: Worthy President, I find in waiting … who desires to be numbered among California's faithful daughters.
When more than one, use plural number Hereafter, language will presuppose but one candidate.
President: Sisters, unless there be objection to the reception of our friend, we will proceed with our ceremonies. If, for any reason, the candidate should not be received, kindly state your objection. Pause. There being no objection, Worthy Marshal, retire to the ante-room and introduce our friend.
The Marshal retires and instructs the candidate to enter without hat or gloves and without articles held in the hand. The candidate is admonished of the solemnity of the ceremonies and she is also given instruction regarding the procedure she is to observe during initiation. The Marshal places herself on right side of candidate offers her left arm, approaches inner door and gives signal requisite to secure admission.
President raps up Parlor.
Inside Sentinel opens WIDE the door.
Marshal: Worthy Inside Sentinel, I come with a friend (or friends) who seek affiliation with the Daughters of California.
Inside Sentinel: We greet you, dear friend, and bid you hearty welcome.
The Marshal and candidate enter and proceed around the room once. As they enter, all sing Initiation Ode. Marshal and candidate should reach Altar as Ode is concluded.
President: Our noble Order is founded for the purpose of more closely uniting those of us fortunate to be the children of a happily favored State. Our principles are love of Home, devotion to our Flag, veneration of the Pioneers, and an abiding faith in the existence of God. Do you believe in all these?
Candidate: I do.
President: Confiding in your reply, we will impart to you our secrets; but before doing so, it will be necessary for you to be obligated. You will, therefore, be addressed by the Worthy Past President.
Past President leaves her station on the left, going to Altar between same and President. She faces the Candidate from a position slightly to the left. The Past President then will not stand with her back directly to the President.
Past President: The primal object of our Order is to perpetuate in memory the glorious deeds of our Pioneer Fathers and Mothers. We exact from you no pledge which conflicts with the broadest civil and religious liberty. We demand of you only that which is for the benefit of our State and Order. Are you satisfied to be bound to us by such a tie?
Candidate: I am.
Past President: Being thus assured of your sincerity, I shall be pleased to consecrate you a Sister of our Order, binding you in the presence of this Good Book resting upon our Altar, whose light leads us to eternal salvation. You will place your open right hand upon your heart, your left upon your right and repeat aloud after me, using your name where I use mine: Past President illustrates and Marshal assists candidate.
"I, candidate pronounces her name do here declare—that I am a native of the State of California—that I am animated by a desire—to perpetuate and revere the memories of the Pioneers—and to be of service—to my State and Country. I solemnly promise to obey the laws—of the Order of the Native Daughters of the Golden West—promote its interests—uphold its principles—and to allow neither envy, nor creed—to influence my slightest act. I also declare that I will at all times—be ready to serve my country—and to make any sacrifice necessary—to uphold the honor and dignity of our Flag.
To all of which I solemnly pledge my sacred honor.
This obligation is dedicated to the memory of Past Grand President Victory A. Derrick.
President: We bear testimony to your vow.
President seats Parlor. Past President then returns to her station.
President, from her station: By the vow just taken your life and labors are dedicated to the exaltation of our Order, State and country. Fail not in your faith nor cease in your love forCalifornia , the brightest star in theUnion .
President:. It now becomes my duty to instruct you in our secret work.
We have an Annual Pass-word, a Current Password, a Sign and an Answering Sign. None of these must be unlawfully revealed or committed to writing. The Annual Pass-word is … and it is used at the outer door. The Current Password is changed every six months and is used at the inner door, and both Pass-words are given in the Parlor. The Current Pass-word for this term is ….
The Sign of the Order is made …. It signifies …. This Sign is used for salutation in the Parlor when entering and retiring.
To gain admission to a Parlor while in session, make an alarm at the outer door sufficient to attract the attention of the Outside Sentinel, and then in a whisper give her the Annual Pass-word. When admitted to the ante-room, give … raps upon the inner door, pausing slightly between … thus …. When the wicket is opened give the Current Pass-word and if a visitor, your name and the name and number of your Parlor. When admitted, advance to the Altar and salute the President with the Sign of the Order. She will recognize you with the Answering Sign, which is made …. This Sign signifies …. You will then be seated.
The Sign of the Order is given before retiring, to the First Vice-President, who will signify her assent with the Answering Sign.
The voting sign of the Order is made by …. Illustrate.
The meetings of this Parlor are held on …. In order to derive the full value of your membership in the Order, you should attend these meetings regularly. We shall be glad to welcome you at every meeting.
The colors of our Order are Red, White, and Yellow. Red signifles …, White …, Yellow ….
In closing all correspondence emanating from the Parlor only, the letters P. D. F. A. signify ….
President: The Financial Secretary will explain the financial obligations of membership.
Financial Secretary: The dues of this Parlor are a month, payable in advance. The Death Benefit Assessment of 50c is payable upon the night of initiation and as levied by Grand Parlor. The frequency of its payment is determined by the number of deaths in the Order.
Other financial obligations of each particular Parlor should also be explained.
President: The Parlor is under the immediate direction of the President, who acts in accordance with laws adopted by the Grand Parlor and bylaws framed by our own members. She calls the Parlor to order or seats the members when standing, with two raps of the gavel, and all arise when one rap is given. It is essential to the orderly conduct of affairs that due deference be paid to the acts of the President, but she is not authorized to depart from our laws or regulations.
You will now be conducted to the desk of the Recording Secretary, where you will sign our membership roll, which will constitute you a member of our Parlor. After signing, you -will be conducted to the First Vice-President.
Marshal conducts candidate to Recording Secretary's desk where she signs roll. During the march of candidate to Recording Secretary's desk, and while signing, the members sing "Native Land," or some other patriotic song. It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to have beneficiary blanks signed during recess or at the close of the meeting. On the occasion of the official visit of the Grand President the signing of beneficiary cards, etc., and the roll book to be done preceding the meeting.
Marshal conducts candidate to First Vice-President.
In the event that a class of candidates exceeding ten in number is to be initiated, the candidates may be escorted to the Altar where they may remain during the delivery of the charges of the various officers. The Marshal (with her assistants) shall instruct the candidates to face the proper officer.
First Vice-President rises as Marshal and candidate approach.
Marshal: Worthy First Vice-President, recount to our friend the glories of our State.
First Vice-President: Resolute hearts and daring souls tempted the wind and wave and sought these fair shores long before the Pilgrim trod the bleak and barren sands of Plymouth Bay . The old world adventurer seeking conquest and fortune, pierced our peaceful main and blazed his way through wood and wild and, viewing, realized his fondest dream. Thence came the friar whose assuring words spake of sweet peace and life eternal and gathered round about him the children of the forest and the plain. Anon, rose the protecting mission, its bells pealing in langorous tones anthems to the newfound God. Then came the ardent militant waging battle with valorous foe, and, conquering, gained for native land this matchless soil.
Scarcely had a measure of peace descended upon the new Empire than a fiercer struggle for material gain ensued. Marshall 's discovery of gold brought a transformation unparalleled in history. As though within the night, the story of our golden wealth sped apace, and from every clime came eager hands and bravest hearts, in mad tumult, seeking the fabulous riches their strong souls craved. Here mingled every class and creed, the mighty and the weak, the good man and the bad, and chaos reigned supreme.
But lo! Our mothers came and order ruled. Memories of the trials and dangers of the journey to this Western land and the desire to soon return to distant homes quickly vanished under the influence of woman's guidance, and here, on the Pacific shore, the gleaners of gold—our sires—aided and cheered by the kindly Indian Truckee and the gentle Sutter, builded anew their hopes and homes, planted the arts of peace, and hewed an empire without compare.
Soon these sturdy adventurers awakened to the realization that the great wealth of California
is not confined to El Dorado's gold alone. Yellow grains and ripening fruits of laden tree and vine added to the material wealth of this sun-lit land. The mountain and the forest, the valley and the plain, busy with the hum of human toil, resounded the turmoil of the marts of trade. On every hand was life and toil, making for God a monument and for Nature's rugged beauties, fame.
What's great privilege is ours in having glorious California as the land of our birth.
Our Worthy Second Vice-President will explain the Great Seal of State.
Second Vice-President rises. Marshal conducts candidate to position in front of the station of the President midway between station of Second and Third Vice-Presidents and First Vice-President resumes her seat.
Marshal: Worthy Second Vice-President, I present this friend to be instructed in the significance of California 's Seal.
Second Vice-President, standing at her chair: Minerva, the chosen goddess of our State, is peculiarly emblematic of California and happily selected as the type of woman whom we exalt. This deity of the ancients was endowed with thought, action and power, and, hence, was believed to be the guardian of science and handicraft, art and invention.
At her feet is the monarch of the forest, the grizzly bear, fit complement of the sturdy heathen priestess, crystallizing the sentiment of heroic strength.
The grapes and sheaves of wheat unite to signalize the fruitful products of California . The distant miner with uplifted pick toils to gather the rock-bound treasure, picturing industry and the golden wealth of this sun-lit land; the white-winged messengers of trade, sailing over the rippling waters, point to the situation of the State with respect to the sea and its commercial greatness.
The snow-capped Sierras, reaching to heaven, emphasize the purity, the strength and the nobility that should characterize the true children of California . In the surmounting firmament of stars, each of which symbolizes a sovereign commonwealth, the zenith star, of great brilliancy, represents our own beloved California .
"Eureka," the motto of our State, attests the supernal wisdom and fidelity of our Fathers, who poured the gold from these Western shores upon the altar of our country during the great civil conflict, thus assuring the continuance of an undividedUnion, freed from tyranny and bondage, and establishing the priceless heritage of human liberty.
From the lessons taught by our Pioneer Fathers and Mothers, we, as children of this great State, should be tolerant in our dealings with all mankind.
The Worthy Third Vice-President will speak of California 's flower.
Third Vice-President rises.
Marshal: Worthy Third Vice-President, this friend seeks knowledge and inspiration from the California Poppy.
Third Vice-President, standing at her chair: The California Poppy—the State flower—is fittingly appropriate as the first floral emblem of our Sisterhood. It is essentially a native blossom, having characteristics not elsewhere found in the species. It finds its greatest perfection in the Golden State, where it raises and tosses its blushing head and dazzling bloom—untrammeled and unrepressed—on every field and hillside, catching the growing tints of the sun-lit heaven, painting every vista with a raiment of flaming hue and blessing the earth with the warmth of its radiant color. In a pretty legend the birth of this imperial child of our fields is ascribed to a compact of the sun and stars and the golden ore whence she was to supplant Auroraand be goddess of the morn.
"So, by day and night
Of golden light
They made the golden weather;
Sun and stars did sow
Down in the fields below.
Up the gold did burn,
And, in its turn
Matched earth's with heaven's glory.
Thus the story
Of our poppy's told, 
Our blossom of the gold."
Resplendent in its beauty, gorgeous in its dignity and bewildering in its delicacy—it traces in every petal the imagery of God and bids us approach nearer that Great Throne where golden truth and fervid love abide forever.
Worthy Marshal, conduct our friend to the Past President.
The Marshal conducts candidate to Past President and Third Vice-President resumes her seat.
Marshal: Worthy Past President, I present this friend for information respecting the Pioneers.
Past President, rising and standing at her chair: The debt which the world owes the Pioneers of California cannot be measured in words, however laudatory. In the pastoral period they came as traders and explorers, and at a later time overran the land as conquerors; then again, when the shout of Marshall and his men went echoing throughout the world, they rushed from every quarter of the earth—the best, the bravest, the strongest of our own and every other land. Though they came impelled by motives of gain, they were energetic and enterprising and possessed high attributes and capacities, and soon established a commonwealth peerless beyond compare.
And in all those stirring years, our Pioneer Mothers, not less courageous than father, husband and son, and stimulated by purest affection, labored by the side of their loved ones. Those noble women toiled earnestly and effectively; and, in the midst of all their trials ministered to every want in the merciful spirit of angelic charity. It was due to their presence and active influence that a sound government was so soon established here. Let us not forget that we are indebted to the Pioneer Mother for her heroism, her devotion to duty and her undying loyalty to country; and that she shares equally with the Pioneer Father in the glories of the building of a golden State.
But they are all passing away—these Argonauts of a later day—and will shortly live only in memory. Let us all strive to make their remaining years happily contented and full of honors; and in the days when they shall be laid upon the bosom of their beloved State, they shall enter into eternal slumber in the sanctifying glory of those whose work endureth resplendent through all the cycles of eternity.
Worthy Marshal, present our friend to the Worthy President.
Marshal conducts candidate to altar and Past President resumes her seat.
Marshal: Worthy President, I present our friend for further instruction.
President, rising and rapping up Parlor: One of the most sublime sentiments that can animate the human heart is love of country. This exalted passion lifts us above every sordid consideration and every selfish motive, and is the mysterious cord that binds us all together for the common good. It is the incarnation of that supreme devotion we owe our mother country for her protection and aid, and finds its universal symbol in the Flag. Points to Flag. That Flag, dear friend, is the inspiring emblem of our native land. In it we see typified the majesty of government. In it are embodied the hopes and the aspirations of an enlightened nation. About it cluster the dearest memories of the past, and to it we cling as the bright harbinger of future joys to all mankind. That beloved ensign which floats on every sea, which flutters proudly in every breeze, is a significant and potent standard that typifies freedom of conscience and action throughout the globe. To it the race owes the toleration, the enlightenment and the progress that now envelop mankind.
Everywhere and always that stately banner has carried terror to the evil heart and has ever been a shield of protection and defense to the innocent, the persecuted and the wronged.
That noble Flag upon which defeat has never sat, is a cherished heritage from our Fathers. It is the living, speaking, overwhelming voice of our great nation. In thunder tones it proclaims equality and justice; and by its might compels the recognition, the awe and respect of every people.
Respect and love that grandly glorious Flag; cherish in your inmost soul a devotion hallowed by all you hold most sacred; revere and honor it for its magnificent achievements, and let it be enshrined as the great beacon that is to light the way to further glories for mankind. In its behalf be ever ready lo make instant sacrifice to uphold its dignity and lo defend its honor.
Worthy Marshal, lead us in the salute and pledge to our Flag.
The first verse of the "Star-Spangled Banner" is sung. Members should stand at attention with both hands empty and at sides.
You will now be conducted to the Junior Past President who will render the congratulatory charge and present you with copies of the Constitution and By-Laws.
Marshal conducts candidate to Junior Past President.
The Congratulatory Charge shall be given by the Junior or any Senior Past President and, in the absence of the Junior and all Senior Past Presidents and in newly-chartered Parlors, should be given by the President. All remain standing until conclusion of charge, when they advance to candidate, after announcement by President, to congratulate candidate. If President delivers the Congratulatory Charge she makes no announcement that the candidate be conducted to the Junior Past President.
Junior or Senior Past President or President: My Sister—for such I am now privileged to regard you—I congratulate you upon your advent into our Order and extend to you the sincere welcome of the Parlor. We trust that your membership will prove both pleasurable to yourself and advantageous to the fraternity.
Fail not in your veneration of the Pioneers—those honored builders of our wondrous State—whose unselfish labors, now ended, carved for their posterity the illustrious heritage of California , under whose benign skies it is our blessing to have been reared and prospered.
We earnestly hope that your life shall be as broad, generous and beautiful as our own glorious GoldenState.
President:  I now declare a recess for congratulation.
When recess is declared for congratulation, President should step to side of candidate and introduce her to members as they advance for congratulation. Marshal should assist in introductions.
Closing Ceremonies
President: Having concluded our labors for this occasion, we shall now proceed to close the Parlor. Worthy Financial Secretary, you will report the receipts of the meeting.
Financial Secretary makes report, reading names of payers, amounts of payments and purpose or character of same and lastly gives aggregate amount of money received, all of which Recording Secretary should note in the minutes.
President: Worthy Treasurer, have you received and receipted for the same?
Treasurer: Worthy President, I have.
President, rapping up Parlor: We shall sing our Closing Ode.
Closing Ode is then sung.
President: The Worthy Past President will invoke the Divine blessing.
Past President, at Altar as at Opening Prayer: Great Sovereign of the Universe. We reverently thank Thee for this association of Thy Daughters and humbly ask Thee to continue Thy benign countenance and protection that we may be more fully impressed with the duties of an exalted and patriotic womanhood. Imprint in our hearts due veneration for the Pioneers and give us power to emulate their surpassing work. Direct us by Thy light into the ways of charity and justice that we may be of service to all mankind. Amen.
Parlor responds: Amen.
Past President closes Bible REVERENTLY using both hands, and then returns to her station.
President: Dear Sisters: As we part let me remind you that the bond which unites us is as strong and sacred without as within the Parlor; and that the value of our membership lies in the sincerity of our conduct at all times, May God bless you always and may we all meet again.
President: The officers will form the Regalia March.
Officers remove regalia as Organist sounds chords. Marshal proceeds to station of President for her regalia, then to Organist, after which she marches to position in front of First Vice-President. Officers proceed as in balloting march and surrender their regalia to the Marshal. Regalia shall be carried with both hands, the right hand holding the loop end in an easy position slightly above the waist-line, the emblem end resting on the fingers of the left hand, slightly below the waist-line. Marshal shall extend both hands to receive the regalia. Officers in the right line shall place their regalia on the left hand of the Marshal and those in the left line shall place their regalia on her right hand. They then return to their stations as in balloting march. The Marshal shall not remove her regalia until her duties are ended. She shall follow the last officer and proceed to her place in regular order.
President: I now declare this Parlor to be duly closed.
Sounds gavel once.