Independent Order of Good Samaritans and Daughters of Samaria
Ritual for Juvenile Lodge


The lodge is called to order by the Worthy Teacher or any authorized member by the sound of the gavel.
Worthy Teacher:
Worthy Assistant Teacher, for what purpose are we here assembled?
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
To open a lodge of Juvenile Samaritans, transact all legal business that may come before us, and introduce those who wish to become members.
Are all the officers at their respective stations?
Assistant Teacher:
They are.
Worthy Conductors, you will please collect the Password from the Members present, and report those that are not qualified to remain.
The Conductors go around the room, receive the Password from each member present and report as follows:
Worthy Conductors:
Worthy Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Officers and Members, here the Conductors give the sign, we have examined all the members present, and to our knowledge there are only a few members that are qualified to remain.
Worthy Teacher:
Worthy Assistant Teacher, in accordance with Rules IV and V you will see that those members without the Password receive it, (provided they are financial.) If not, make themselves so, otherwise they will retire to the ante-room.
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
Worthy Teacher, all present are qualified to remain.
Worthy Teacher:
Worthy Assistant Teacher, Officers and Members, it is my desire that we proceed to open this lodge, but I cannot do so without your assistance.
Worthy Assistant Teacher and Members:
Worthy Teacher, we will assist you.
The Worthy Teacher gives three taps with the gavel when all rise and sing the Opening Ode.

1. Admitted where thy truths are taught,
While pious hearts adore ;
Father in heaven! my spirit ought
Thy blessing to implore.
2. Instruct my ignorance, I pray,
My wayward passions tame;
From every folly guard my way,
From every sin reclaim.
After singing, the Worthy Teacher, Assistant Teacher and every member shall place the open palm of both hands upon the breast, and unite in repeating the Lord's prayer.
Worthy Teacher:
The members will now assist in opening the lodge by giving the signs in two motions:
1st: Place the palm of both hands on your breast.
2d: Let them fall to your side.
Worthy Teacher:
I declare this Juvenile Lodge, No. … duly opened, and request the members to pay attention to the teachings of the Order. Call down.
Order of Business
1. Opening of the lodge with singing and prayer.
2. Minutes of the last meeting read and approved.
3. Calling of the roll of Teachers and Officers.
4. Teachers, Officers and Members absent at the last meeting-call to explain the cause of their absence.
5. Calling of the financial roll, collection of dues, fines and taxes.
6. Good and welfare of the lodge.
7. Communications in regard to the sick and distressed of the lodge.
8. Petitions for membership.
9. Initiation and introduction of candidates.
10. Report of Teacher on the sick.
11. Lecture by the Teacher.
12. Receipts of the evening and closing of lodge.

Worthy Teacher:
Brothers and Sisters, we have met again to strengthen and encourage each other in the principles and practice of Temperance. We are small, and our hands are weak, but we are stronger than all who are against us, because we are in the right, for with God, anything which is right is stronger than everything which is wrong. We wish to carry the Temperance pledge and Temperance principles everywhere, to the young and to the old. We wish to secure the blessings of Temperance to ourselves when we shall be men and women, and we pledge ourselves to this cause now in our youth, because we know that if we
"Train up a child in the way he should go"
Assistant Teacher and Members:
When he is old he will not depart from it.
Worthy Teacher:
We know that wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging.
Assistant Teacher and Members:
And whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.
Worthy Teacher:
He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man.
Assistant Teacher and Members:
He that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.
Worthy Teacher:
Hear thou, my son, and be wise, and guide thine heart in the way.
Assistant Teacher and Members:
Be not among wine bibbers, among riotous eaters of the fresh.
Worthy Teacher:
For the drunkard and glutton shall come to poverty.
Assistant Teacher and Members:
And drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags.
Worthy Teacher:
Who hath woe?
Assistant Teacher and Members:
They that tarry long at the wine.
Worthy Teacher:
Who hath sorrow?
Assistant Teacher and Members:
The wife and children of the drunkard.
Worthy Teacher:
Who hath contentions?
Assistant Teacher and Members:
They that seek strong drink.
Worthy Teacher:
Who hath babbling? Who hath redness of eyes?
Assistant Teacher and Members:
They that frequent the dram shop.
Worthy Teacher:
Look not thou upon the wine when it is red: when it giveth his color in the cup.
Assistant Teacher and Members:
At the last it biteth like a serpent and stingeth like an adder.
Worthy Teacher:
But he is safe from its woes, its sorrows, its contentions and its deadly sting, who faithfully keeps the Oath and Obligation which we have taken, and which we now renew. Call up.
Oath and Obligation
I, … , do on my honor, before our Creator, and the members of this lodge, sincerely promise, that I will keep secret all the transactions of this lodge, and will be obedient to its Laws, Rules and Regulations so far as lies in my power ; I furthermore pledge myself to abstain from the use of all spirituous and malt liquors, wine, or cider, as a beverage ; from the use of tobacco, in every form, and from all profanity, and in violation of this, my obligation, I will be under the penalty of being held in contempt by the members of this lodge and Order.
Call down.

The Worthy Teacher, having been made acquainted with the facts, that there is one or more Candidates in waiting, directs the Assistant Teacher and Conductors to proceed to the Ante-room, and question the Candidates as follows :
1. What is your name?
2. What is your age?
3. Where do you reside?
4. Are you in good health?
5. Are you sound in body and mind?
6. Have your parents consented that you should become a member of this lodge?
7. Are vou willing to take the Total Abstinence Pledge?
8. Upon these declarations, are you willing to be governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Lodge, and the General Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Order?
At the conclusion of the foregoing interrogations, the Worthy Assistant Teacher leaves the candidates in charge of the conductors, returns to the Lodge Room, gives the sign, and reports as follows:
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
Worthy Teacher, I find in the Ante-room the following named persons names given they have answered all the questions satisfactory, and now await your orders.
Worthy Teacher:
Worthy Assistant Teacher, you will instruct the Conductors, to prepare the Candidates and give the usual alarm.
The alarm having been given by the Conductor.
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
Who comes there?
Worthy Conductor:
Candidate who wishes to become member of our lodge, that he (she) may learn to tread the paths of virtue in obedience to the command of his (her) great Creator.
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
Is he (she) duly qualified by age to receive such instructions as may be given him (her) in this lodge?
Worthy Conductor:
He (she) is.
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
Worthy Teacher, a Candidate desires to unite himself (herself) with our lodge.
Worthy Teacher:
Is he (she) duly qualified?
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
He (she) is.
Worthy Teacher:
Let him (her) enter.
The Candidate enters veiled, and is lead by the Conductor three times around the room, while the lodge stands in silence, and the following passages of Scriptures are being read by the Teacher, Assistant Teacher and Conductor.
Worthy Teacher:
"Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Worthy Assistant Teacher:
Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them.
Conductor: Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
Worthy Teacher:
My young friend, you have heard the instructions of my associates. May you ever walk in the light of God. Before you proceed any further, it is proper that you should take the Oath and Obligation which all the members of this lodge have taken.
The members all form a circle around the "Sacred Alter/' join hands, while the candidate raises his (her) right hand, and the Worthy Teacher administers the Oath and Obligations follows :
Worthy Teacher:
My young friend, you will please repeat your name and say after me:
I, …, do on my honor, before our Creator, and the members of this lodge, sincerely promise that I will keep secret all the transactions of this lodge, and will be obedient to its Laws, Rules and Regulations, so far as lies in my power. I furthermore pledge myself to abstain from the use of all spirituous and malt liquors, wine or cider, as a beverage; from the use of tobacco in every form, and from all profanity, and in violation of this, my Obligation, I will be under the penalty of being held in contempt by the members of this lodge and Order.
Members response: We are witnesses to the same.
Worthy Teacher:
My young friend, what do you now desire?
Answer, Light.
Worthy Teacher:
And God said u Let there be Light," and there was Light.
The members all standing around the "Sacred Altar," the candidate in the centre, clap their hands three times; the veil is removed, and the candidate is brought to light.

Welcoming Ode
Welcome to join our Band,
Welcome with us to stand,
In this pure cause.
Welcome the oath to take,
Welcome these vows to make,
And for sweet Temperance' sake.
To keep her laws.
As pledged in youth you stand,
Angels, a heavenly band,
Take up the song;
Welcome, young souls, to be,
In vows of purity,
From dark temptation free,
In virtue strong.
After singing, the W. Teacher gives one tap with the gavel; the members take their seats, leaving the Conductor and candidate standing, while the Worthy Teacher delivers the address of Welcome.
Worthy Teacher:
My young friend, this Society was organized to lead and encourage the young to make and adhere to the pledge of total abstinence. It is its mission to unite the youth of our land in the pledge to abstain from the use of intoxicating drinks, from the use of tobacco, and from all profanity, and thus to shield them from the most perilous of the many temptations which assail the young in their path from youth to matured life, and secure them from those evil habits, which so often strew with the wrecks of youthful promise the shores of & blasted manhood. We hope that young as you are, you will realize something of the dangers against which we would guard you and the importance of the work in which we are engaged.
It is a beautiful sight when, in the sweet innocence of childhood or the freshness and vigor of youth, the young come forward to speak the vows of temperance and purity, a sight which all good men love and Heaven smiles upon. We welcome you to take the beautiful and solemn promise of our pledge, and trust that, being faithfully kept, it may be to you as a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, to guide you safely through every wilderness of temptation, to the sure rewards of a temperate, virtuous and honorable life.
Temperance has only good gifts for her children, and may you learn of her that "her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
Lodge sings:
Welcome! we bend in love,
From the bright heaven above,
And bid you come.
Our love, with tireless wing,
Shall strength and blessing bring,
Until in heaven we sing,
Your welcome home.
Worthy Teacher:
My young brother, (sister,) there is to this degree a Countersign, Sign of Recognition, Grip and Word.
When you wish to enter the lodge, you will rap twice on the outer door; the Inside Sentinel will answer by one rap. You will then give the Password; upon giving this, you will be admitted. You will proceed to the centre of the lodge, in front of the Sacred Altar and give the Countersign, thus :
1st. Place the palm of both hands on your breast.
2d. Let them fall to your side.
You will turn around and give the same sign to the Worthy Assistant Teacher, who sits at the other end of the lodge-room ; after doing this, you will take your seat.
The Sign of Recognition is to enable you to become acquainted with members of this or any other Juvenile Lodge of the Order, outside the lodge-room, and it is given thus: Place the index finger of the right hand underneath the right eye, thus. Any person wishing to recognize you will answer by raising the right hand with the index finger pointing toward Heaven.
The Grip is given by pressing the second joint of the index finger of either hand.
The Password you will receive quarterly from the Worthy Teacher, and it is to be used only on entering the lodge.
The lodge is called up; the members form a circle around the " Sacred Altar' and candidate, all join hands and sing:

Welcome to our band,
And with us, hand in hand,
Welcome to go;
To give our cause success,
And with the Pledge to bless,
Bring health and happiness,
And banish woe.
Lodge seated, and the Worthy Teacher reads the following

My young friend, you are now initiated as a member of … Lodge. No …, Juvenile, of the … of …. Here you will receive good and wholesome instructions. Be attentive and treasure up the great moral principles here inculcated, and with this great Book, taking hold of the Bible, for your guide, you will be prepared for more active service in the cause of God and humanity. I further present you the badge of ''Purity" a white collor, which is to be worn around the neck at the meetings of the lodge, and welcome you as a young soldier in the Temperance army, an army whose forces strike but to heal and wound, but to bless. We hope that you will be faithful to the pledge that you have taken, and that you may go as youthful missionaries of temperance principles into the home, the school, the playground, and wherever else duty or pleasure may lead you. Never forget the sacredness of your promise, nor the importance of its observance to your own welfare.
Never suffer yourself to think that your small efforts will be counted as nothing, or that you can do nothing to advance the cause of temperance. If each little drop should cling dispairing to the summer cloud, the copious and refreshing shower would never descend to bless the waiting earth. The soft touch of the infant's hand has restrained, where the strong man's grasp could not hold back ; and when from out of the depths of their degradation, all else it is powerless to win the victims of the destroyer's power, it may be that back again to temperance, and joy, and peace, "a little child shall lead them." You will now be greeted by your young brothers and sisters of the lodge.
Worthy Assistant Teacher and Members, response:
May you so live that when God shall call you from earth, angels shall greet you and bid you welcome to the paradise of our Heavenly Father. Worthy Teacher: The Secretary will now register your name on the roll of the lodge.
Welcome to joy and peace, To virtue's sure increase.
And wisdom's ways ;
And may we ever be
From the destroyer free.
To sing our victory,
In love and praise.


Worthy Teacher:
The time has come for us to part and go out cheerfully to the duties and pleasures of our daily paths. I trust that the lessons of the pleasant interview of harmony and good fellowship which we have held to-day may strengthen in us all the love of our Noble Cause, and increase our faithfulness to the principles which we profess, and as we go out from this place of meeting and part in kindly feeling, what lesson should we carry with us, till we meet again to find encouragement and counsel in the way of duty?
Assistant Teacher and Members:
We must be faithful to our Oath and Obligation, obedient to our parents, loyal to our Teachers, kind to our associates, diligent in our duties, innocent in our pleasures, and in all things careful of our conduct.
Worthy Teacher:
Heed this lesson, and be always mindful of its teachings. Thus shall your youth be filled with promise, which your after life will redeem with the rewards of honor, influence, happiness and peace. Three raps. The members form a circle around the Sacred Altar, join hands and sing:
Come christian brethern, ere we part,
Join every voice and every heart,
One solemn hymn to God we raise,
One final song of grateful praise.
Teachers, we here may meet no more,
But there is yet a happier shore :
And there released from toil and pain,
Dear brethern, we'll meet again.
Worthy Teacher:
The members will now assist in closing the lodge, by giving the signs and repeating the Lords Prayer, and the Worthy Teacher declares the lodge closed until the next regular meeting at … o’clock, P. M. One rap.
Assistant Teacher and Members:
So mote it be.