Cootiette Club of the United States
Initiation Ritual


General Instructions
One rap of gavel-arise-attention.
Two raps of gavel-be seated.
Club room should have Officers' Stations as in diagram.
If a Club wishes, they may drape the Charter and have Memorial Service.
All Nits are expected to attend meetings in full uniform, which is an official tam, with the color tassel to designate their rank, official vest, white skirt, white blouse or white dress, (any length sleeve), red tie, accessories and shoes of white or red.
Crummy Chaser takes care of placing the paraphernalia, also the storage.
Officers and Nits should always say Cootiette-(name) speaking and give sign before addressing the Chief Grayback. In a Grand or Supreme also state club number and location.
The Chief Grayback stands while presiding.
Officers should memorize their work.
Ivory Louse should pay strict attention and play suitable music for the occasion.
Louse Hunter never leaves her position at the door while crawl is in session.
A Nit wishing to be admitted after the meeting has been called to order gives the customary knocks of 2 short and 1 long, gives the pass word and shows current due card to the Louse Hunter and, if correct, she will admit her, then advances to in front of the Lady Louse's station, giving her the proper salute.

Names of Officers
President ----------------------- Chief Gray back
Senior Vice -------------------- Lady Louse
Junior Vice ---------------------Baby Louse
Secretary ------------------------Scratcher
Treasurer ------------------------Shekel Keeper
Chaplain -------------------------Pious Louse
Conductress ---------------------Crummy Chaser
Guard -----------------------------Louse Hunter
Trustees --------------------------Tight Wads
Mistress of Ceremony ----------Rustling Louse
Degree Team --------------------2 or more Assistant Rustling Lice
Pianist -----------------------------Ivory Louse
Historian ------------------------- Ink Slinging Louse
Publicity --------------------------W-5 Chairman
Inspector --------------------------Snoopy Louse
Organizer -------------------------Must-Her-ln Louse
Page -------------------------------Trotter

Escort of Officers
l. Supreme Grayback
2. Past Supreme Grayback
3. Supreme Officers (elected)
4. Grand Grayback
5. Past Grand Grayback
6. Grand Officers (elected)
7. Chief Grayback (optional)
All other assistant supreme and grand officers and chairmen are to be introduced from the side lines.
The manner of escorting the officers or visitors into the room is entirely up to the Club's discretion.


Ritualistic Work
Opening of the Crawl

Chief Grayback:
Nits will take their seats and give attention to the business about to begin.
Chief Grayback:
Lady Louse and Baby Louse, you will proceed to my station and give me the password.
Lady Louse and Baby Louse will advance from their stations to the center of the room, then proceed in double file to Chief Grayback's station and give the password, then return to the center of the room, standing back to back.
Chief Grayback:
Nits, prove that you are entitled to stay in this crawl.
The Scratcher and Shekel Keeper will step to the right and left corners of the room, the members on the right and left will follow in line, meeting in front of the Chief Grayback's station, turn and proceed to the rear of the room in front of the Lady Louse station, giving the password and showing dues card to the respective officers as they go by and then return to their seats on the side lines.
Immediately the Lady Louse and Baby Louse will return by their respective stations, the Lady Louse securing the pass word from the Louse Hunter and Baby Louse from the Ivory Louse, and then return to their stations.
Lady Louse:
Baby Louse, how do you find the Nits?
Baby Louse:
I find all Nits Crawling.
Lady Louse:
Chief Grayback, we find all Nits ready to crawl.
If a Nit is present without the password or dues card, the Baby Louse or Lady Louse will report, then the Chief Gray will ask the Nit to proceed to the station of the Shekel Keeper to receive the pass word or have the dues card checked.
Chief Grayback:
Being satisfied that you have all kinds of Nits, I will declare this Crawl open for business and let each Nit do its duty.
Chief Grayback gives one rap of Gavel.
Chief Grayback:
Salute me! pledge to the flag (heart salute).
Chief Grayback:
We will sing our opening Ode.

Opening Ode

(tune of the ‘Stein Song’)

Drink to all the Cootiettes,
Shout till the rafters ring,
Stand and drink a toast once again,
Let loyal Cootiettes all sing.
Drink to all the happy hours,
Drink to the careless days,
Drink a toast to all the Veterans,
Our sweethearts and our pals always.
To the itch, to the bite, to the scratch we use
when in need of it,
To the tales, to the jokes, to the stories we
will tell when we gather here.
To the smiles, to the grins, to the giggles and
laughter for each of them.
To the joys found in life which we banded
together to seek.
Drink to all the Cootiettes,
Shout till the rafters ring,
Stand and drink a toast once again,
Let loyal Cootiettes all sing.
Drink to all the happy hours,
Drink to the careless days,
Drink a toast to all the Veterans,
Our sweethearts and our pals always.
God Bless America,
Land that I love;
Stand beside her and guide her,
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains,
To the prairies,
To the oceans white with foam,
God Bless America,
My Home Sweet Home.
Chief Grayback:
Pious Louse will now give the opening prayer.

Opening Prayer

For prayer, hands are placed in a comfortable position, hand over hand, in front, just
below the waist line.

Dear Lord and Savior of mankind; we come before Thee, inviting Thy Divine Presence with us during this meeting. Give us Courage and Faith to live up to the ideals for which we stand. Especially bless our men and women in all the Armed Forces, that they may feel Thy divine guidance and protection.
In God's Name we thank Thee. Amen.
Chief Grayback raps the gavel twice to seat members.

Order of Business

1. Roll Call of Officers.
2. Escort.
3. Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting.
4. Reading of Applications for Membership.
5. Report of Investigating Committee.
6. Balloting.
7. Initiation.
9. Communications and Bills.
9. Report. of Pious Louse and Committees, Standing and Special.
10. Unfinished Business.
11. New Business.
12. Report of Tightwads on Bills.
13. Good of the Crawl and Entertainment.
14. Report of Shekel Keeper.
15. Closing Ode.
16. Closing Ceremonies.


Chief Grayback:
Crummy Chaser, prepare the ballot box.
After Crummy Chaser prepares the ballot box, she places it on the Chief Grayback's station.
Chief Grayback:
We are about to ballot upon the name of … to become a member of this Club. Allow no personal prejudice to influence your ballot. Remember, white balls elect, black balls reject.
I now declare the ballot open. Do not use anything but marbles for voting.
Crummy Chaser takes ballot box, passes it to the Chief Grayback to ballot, then takes it to the Ivory Louse, Louse Hunter, then places it on either a chair or small table placed there for just the balloting in the center of room, casts her ballot then steps back 4 steps, facing the Lady Louse.
Chief Grayback:
Officers and Members on my right and left will ballot.
Officers and members on both sides of the room, Jed by the Scratcher and Shekel Keeper proceed to rear of room, meet in back of the Crummy Chaser then alternately one from the right and one from the left ballot until all have ballotted.
Chief Grayback:
Have all balloted? If so, I declare the ballot closed, and the Crummy Chaser will take the ballot box to the Lady Louse for examination then return it to my station.
Chief Grayback:
Lady Louse, how do you find the ballot?
Lady Louse:
Favorable (or unfavorable).
Chief Grayback:
As this Lady's name has been favorably received, the Scratcher will send her an invitation to join our Club.
The Chief Grayback, after destroying the ballot, then tells the Crummy Chaser the ballot is complete. The Crummy Chaser places the ballot box on the Scratcher's desk.


Chief Grayback:
Crummy Chaser, are there any candidates in waiting wishing to be initiated as a member of this creepy order?
Crummy Chaser:
Chief Grayback, there are … outside who are itching to partake of the pleasure of this creepy Order.
Chief Grayback:
Scratcher, have they been voted on and approved?
They have (have not).
Chief Grayback:
Shekel Keeper, have all the initiation fees and dues been paid?
Shekel Keeper:
They have (have not).
Chief Grayback:
Crummy Chaser, you will retire and assemble said candidates and bring them by way of the station of the Lady Louse, to the station of the Rustling Louse and place them in position in front of this station.
Crummy Chaser retires and when ready knocks on the door the usual signal.
Louse Hunter:
Who scratches on our portals?
Crummy Chaser:
Crummy Chaser, with … candidates who wish to prove that they are worthy to become Nits of this Club.
Louse Hunter:
Chief Grayback, the Crummy Chaser wishes admittance with candidates.
Lights are dimmed.
Louse Hunter:
Crummy Chaser, by order of the Chief Grayback you will advance candidates, assuming all responsibility for their conduct and see that none escapes among us until properly examined.
Crummy Chaser:
Forward march.
Crummy Chaser marches candidates around room once, then to the Lady Louse, and in order to Rustling Louse, and last to Chief Grayback's station.
Lady Louse:
Stop, that's far enough.
Crummy Chaser halts in position.

May all evil befall her who betrays her friends, ignores her duty to her country, home and Order, or who enters this Order with a waggy tongue, which speaks often and not well, eyes that see only evil and not good, ears that are open to scandal about her friends. Crummy Chaser, take them away.
Rustling Louse:
Halt, hold them there.
Crummy Chaser halts candidates in position.

She who cannot stand clean fun does not belong in our creepy Order. Those who can will be in line when I take charge; those who cannot, I hope will leave when given the opportunity presently to do so, and, take my warning, we expect silence, co-operation and truth. Crummy Chaser, on your way.
Candidates are seated on floor in front of Chief Grayback.
Crummy Chaser:
Chief Grayback, seated at your feet you will find victims ready for determining their worthiness for membership in this creepy Order.
Each club may use its own questions here.
Keep questions clean.


Chief Grayback:
Candidates, in order to become a Cootiette it is necessary for you to take an obligation of secrecy which I admonish you is not to be considered frivolous.
If you do not wish to assume such obligation you may step forward and be escorted from the room. All being satisfied, please raise your right hand, and repeat after me, using your name where I use mine: I, …, in the presence of the officers and members of this organization, - do sincerely promise upon my honor as a lady, - that I will keep to myself any - and all secret work (oral or written), - all business conducted in our meeting, - our Ritualistic work and our stunts in initiation - I promise this to the Cootiette Club a's a member, - or forever after if for any reason, - I should withdraw from this club - and if I fail to keep this promise, - I hope to be despised - among my friends and acquaintances - as a tongue-wagging tale tooter, - busy body, scandal-monger, - and a lying hypocrite forever after.
Chief Grayback:
Crummy Chaser, you will retire candidates to ante-room and prepare them for their initiation. Rustling Louse, you will assemble your working crew and accompany them.
Chief Grayback:
The crawl will be at ease until the sound of the gavel.
Rustling Louse knocks on door.
Louse Hunter:
Who scratches there?
Rustling Louse:
Candidates in custody of Rustling Louse, who are ready for whatever comes.
Louse Hunter:
Have they been informed of the perils that await them?
Rustling Louse:
No, that's for them to find out.
Louse Hunter:
Very good, drag them in and do your duty.
Rustling Louse, when candidates are ready:
My would-be playmates, your desire to become a member of this Cootiette Club is about to be granted. Before you can crawl among us, you must agree not to hold this Club or any of its officers liable in case of injury to yourself. Pause. If any have a faint heart, let them step forward or forever hold their peace. Pause. Hearing none, we will proceed. This is said to candidates in meeting room.
They are stopped at the station of the Lady Louse.
Lady Louse:
You inordained, I have the pleasure to inform you that we will do our best to make you as ridiculous as we can for the benefit of amusing those assembled.
However, it is all in fun and your turn will come as we initiate in the future. You are expected to take the events tonight in the spirit of fun as it is given.
Rustling Louse, conduct the candidates to the Chief Grayback for further instructions.
Rustling Louse:
Chief Grayback, I present these candidates for further instructions.
Chief Grayback:
Rustling Louse, you will proceed with your initiation. Keep yourself
and working crew well out of danger, but let none of the unlucky stray from the dangers.
The stunts are now put on.
Rustling Louse:
Chief Grayback, I now present these miserable specimens who have traveled through the perils put before them. None has fallen by the wayside, proving themselves worthy of our friendship.
Chief Grayback:
Rustling Louse, I now instruct you to place the sign of the Cootiette Club upon each and every one of them and give them the password.
The Cootiette stamp is placed on them.
Chief Grayback:
Rustling Louse, you will bring the candidates to my station.
Chief Grayback:
Candidates you have withstood the hardships placed before you tonight and have made a solemn promise to keep secret all of the events that have, and may in the future, transpire at any of our meetings. I now extend the hand of good fellowship to each of you, hoping our Order may be of benefit to you and make you more funloving and less given to sorrow.
We also hope to benefit by your membership.
By the power invested in me by the members of the Cootiette Club of the United States, I now proclaim you, each, and everyone, a Cootiette of Club and with my best wishes for success I turn you over to the Cootiette of this Club who will bid you welcome.


Chief Grayback:
Is there any further the Nits would like to Crawl? Have the Nits all done their duty and enjoyed themselves?
Chief Grayback:
Pious Louse, have you any message to give the Nits?
Pious Louse, rising:
I bring this crawl to a close typifying the friendship that exists between the Nits, help to make that friendship closer and more binding and tongues more tied.
Chief Grayback:
I now declare this Crawl closed to re-open ….
Closing Ode
(Tune Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag)

We are the jolly, peppy Cootiettes,
We're here to stay.
We will always stand behind the good old Vets,
and drive their blues away.
We will always love them
And cheer them day by day;
We're the jolly. peppy Cootiettes,
We are here to stay,