Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Auxiliary
Initiation Ritual


General Instructions

All Officers must familiarize themselves with General Instructions.
These general instructions and Ritual are authorized by and are in conformity with the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Order, and must be obeyed and fulfilled in every particular; any deviation therefrom may be cause for discipline.
1. The Officers and Staff are required to make themselves familiar with all the details of this Ritual. They are to commit to memory all of their respective parts, and the use of the book during services should be wholly dispensed with.
2. At all regular or special meetings the Officers and Staff shall wear the regulation Officers' ribbon attached to the regulation badge of the Order; all other members shall wear the tri-color ribbon.
3. Officers and members addressing the presiding officer will always rise, give the proper salute, and say "Sister President."
4. The Rituals are under the sole control and charge of the President, who is responsible for their safety. Officer are not allowed to keep the Ritual in their possession, except by permission of the President. The President must have all Rituals at her station on the evening of inspection and installation. A set of Rituals is five.
5. The altar must be placed in the center of the room. It should be covered with the American Flag, upon which will be placed the open Bible.
6. During the opening, initiating or closing ceremonies no one shall be permitted to enter or leave the room except by authority of the President; but Sisters and Brothers in good standing, shall at all times be admitted to the ante-room by the Outside Guard.
7. When a new password is promulgated, the President will, under the order of New Business, instruct Sisters of the Auxiliary to advance to her station and receive the same, using congratulation march led by the Treasurer.
8. The President will be careful to notice and acknowledge all salutes given her by returning the same with the gavel or hand, and she will carefully prepare and issue all the necessary instructions for carrying out details of the Ritual
9. In case of Instituting a new Auxiliary, when the Officers have not already been elected, the Instituting and Installing Officer will cause an election to be held, over which she (or he) will preside, and cause the election of all Officers provided for in the Constitution of the Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and also a Past President, as provided for by this Ritual. The Officers of a new Auxiliary may be elected at a previous meeting of the Committee of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and charter applicants, over which the Chairman of said Committee shall preside when such action is taken.
10. At National, Department Encampments or other large gatherings, the Color Guards will assist the Guides in taking the password. Color Guards will take one step inside of their stations and march down on either side of altar. Catch step with the Guides who are waiting, and four abreast march to President. Color Guards return outside Guides' chairs to rear for password. When completed Guides and Color Guards meet in front of Vice President. All march to altar, salute, report. Color Guards report to Guides, and all return to their stations in regular way.
11 No Sister shall enter the meeting while in session or advance to the altar with her hat on.
12. The Flags shall always be carried in the right hand, and must never be dipped. It is advisable, when carrying the Flag to have lower corner of blue field on a line with the eyes.
13. The voting sign shall be the uplifted right hand, palm out.
14. When the President gives the command, "Parade Rest," members will take the following position: Carry the right foot six inches straight to the rear, left knee slightly bent; clasp the hands lightly in front of the center of the body, fingers joined, left hand uppermost; left thumb clasped by thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Preserve silence and steadiness of position.
15. The Outside Guard will retire to the ante-room after defining her duties if there are candidates or members waiting admission.
16. If the ballot box is to be used, the Guide must, before the meeting, see that it is in the room and placed on the platform beside the pedestal of the President.
17. Whereas circumstances may exist or arise in certain localities that from an inability to retain or secure a regular place of meeting, the meetings may be held at the residence of some of the Sisters or the Brothers of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, who will kindly extend an invitation for the use of the same, and the President will be warranted in such a limited modification of all proceedings heretofore defined as will adapt the Auxiliary to the necessities of the case. The Charter must be in hall or room where meeting is held.
18. The official march when escorting guests or candidates is "Marching Through Georgia."
19. Floor members do not salute the flags, but all Officers shall rise and salute when they pass them during initiation.
20. The floor work is clone outside the colors except when receiving passwords from the President, or preparing for ballot as Ritual requires.
21. In doing escort duty, the Guide or escort offers her right arm to guest. Guest salutes.
22. Arranging the altar, taking the passwords, prayer, Flag Salute and the American Creed must not be omitted in opening exercises. The closing exercises must include prayer and attending altar.
23. The flag is carried at "attention" at all times, except at Parade Rest, when the Guides and Color Guards shall take the following position: At command "Parade Rest," the flags are held in center of body clasped by both hands (left hand uppermost) staff near the toe of left foot.
24. On being known to the President or being duly vouched for, guests from the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War will, unless objections are offered and sustained, be promptly admitted; it being, however, distinctly understood that each Auxiliary is clearly and fully the judge of the qualifications of those to be admitted to its meetings.
25. The salute to be used by the Brothers of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, is that used in their respective Orders, and will be returned by that of the Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans.

Description of Hand Salute

Raise the right hand smartly until the tip of the forefinger touches the lower part of the forehead above the right eye, thumb and forefinger extended and joined, palm to the left, forearm inclined at about forty-five degrees, hand and wrist straight. Then drop the arm quickly to the side.
The above described salute to be used whenever rising to your feet in the Auxiliary.
The salute to the Flag is the placing of the right hand over the heart.


Opening Ceremonies

The hour of meeting having arrived, the President, satisfied that the room is properly prepared for the transaction of business will say:
President, one rap:
The Auxiliary will come to order.
President will note all vacancies and appoint sisters to fill same for the evening. When there are not members enough present to fill the officer's chairs, there must be a President, Chaplain, Guide. Secretary and Outside Guard. The Past President" s chair shall always he filled by a Past President whenever possible. Five will constitute a quorum.
I will appoint Sister … to act as ….

Officers March

President will give two raps, when all Officers will rise and salute. After giving the command, President will leave her station on the right (Patriotic Instructor will stand on right and hold flag at "Attention" in right hand) turn to right in rear of Guide's chair and march two paces beyond, turn to left and march forward to opposite end of room, followed by the Secretary and Treasurer (each on their respective sides) and Guides. The Past President and Chaplain will step in front of Secretary and Treasurer.
Color Guards will step in line in rear of Guides. Inside and Outside Guard (who nearly always sit on same side of room) will be ready and step in behind Color Guards. (All will follow President and keep moving.) President, arriving at the opposite end of room, will turn when one pace beyond Color Guards' chairs and march to Vice-President's station.
Vice-President will join President there and proceed to altar, salute Flag held by Patriotic Instructor, turn toward Vice-President's station and march back two by two. Care should be taken to allow space between lines for two to pass, turning to right or left, whichever side the ante-room may be on, and retire.
Officers enter the room two by two; President on left of line and Vice-President on right of line, Past President and Chaplain, Secretary and Treasurer, Guide and Assistant Guide, the two Color Guards, Inside and Outside Guard, bringing up the rear. Each officer marches in on the side her station is on. March to the altar in rear of Color Guards' chairs, two by two, each two as they reach the altar, salute the Flag and turn back to back; President going towards Past President's chair; Vice-President towards Chaplain's chair, other officers following in single line, turning square corners, meet again in front of President' s station in rear of Guides' chairs, march two by two to altar, allowing room between lines to pass back two abreast. President and Vice-President turn, march together, others following, to President's station, leaving President, separate there and march single line down each side of the room to corner on line with Vice-President's station. Vice-President marches alone and leads to the altar, others meet in front of Vice-President's station, follow m same manner, two by two, to altar, allow room between lines to pass, salute President, passing back to Vice-President's station. Chaplain will turn to her left and Past President to her right, march until each one reaches her station. Color Guards will go around their chairs and approach them from the outside.
President, two raps:
Officers will please retire.
When officers are about to return, Patriotic Instructor will give three raps. All members will respond by rising to their feet. When all officers have returned to their stations the President will say:
Sister Chaplain, you will proceed to the altar, open the Bible and ask Divine Blessing.
Parade Rest.
At words "Parade Rest," assume position as described in General Instructions.
As her name is called, the Chaplain will salute, advance to the altar, passing in rear of Color Guard’s chair, salute and open the Bible slowly as the Musician plays a strain of some suitable hymn; repeat Prayer, and return to her station.
Our Father in Heaven, we humbly implore Thy blessings on our labors; guide and direct us in our deliberations and grant that everything we do may he in accordance with Thy will. Help us to more fully realize and appreciate the many blessings which we enjoy as a free people. Enable us to follow the lofty examples of pure patriotism shown by those whose privilege it was to hallow the close of our Nation's century, as well as those who sanctified its dawn. Help each of us to feel that we are engaged in a just and holy work, and when our mission is ended here, may we dwell with Thee. We ask it in our Savior's name. Amen.
Attention. Gives one rap.
Sister Guides, you will make the rounds of the Auxiliary and report if all present are entitled to remain, also see that the doors are properly guarded and the Guards in possession of the proper Password.
Guides will rise, salute, turn face to face and march forward, turn and advance to President, receive from her in a whisper, the Passwords. As the Guides approach the sisters, each one will rise and whisper the Passwords. After receiving the Passwords from the Patriotic Instructor, they will proceed to Secretary and Treasurer, then down the hall, meeting in front of the Vice-President. After one of them, depending on which side the doors are guarded, gets Passwords from Guards, they will then proceed toward the altar; when on a line with the Color Guards, halt, receive from them the Passwords and continue to altar, salute and say: (Assistant Guide reports to the Guide.)
Sister President, We find all entitled to remain, and the Guards in possession of the Password and familiar with their duties.
Guides will then proceed to stations. Should the Guides find any sister without the proper Passwords, they will halt, salute and say:
Sister President, I 1find sister … without the proper Passwords.
If they are entitled to it, the President will say:
Sister Guide, you will instruct the sister in the Passwords.
President, three raps:
Sister Guides and Color Guards, you will take position for singing and
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Attention.
Guides will take two steps to the right and left of their stations, at the same time Patriotic Instructor takes her position between Guides' chairs, and when Patriotic Instructor is in line with the Guides, the three will march forward leaving Patriotic Instructor standing five paces in rear of altar.
Guides proceed and when on a line with Color Guards, the Guards will catch step with Guides and proceed two abreast to Vice President's station, turn toward the President and proceed four abreast to the altar, and stand at Attention.
All members will stand at Attention, during singing of "Star Spangled Banner" and "America."
We will sing one verse of the "Star Spangled Banner."
At close of the singing, leaving Guides at the altar, Color Guards advance to the opposite corners of the altar and face Guides, thus forming a square, with the Patriotic Instructor two paces in rear of Color Guards.
Patriotic Instructor:
Gives command – PRESENT FLAGS!
Guides, Color Guards and Patriotic Instructor will grasp the staff of Flag with both hands, the left above the right, and hold the Flag directly in front of the body, and at the command of the Patriotic Instructor, all members will repeat the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Repeat in unison:
I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, under 1 God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.
Guides and Color Guards return Flags to their right hands.
We will now sing the first verse of "America."
After singing "America," guides will immediately face Vice President, and when Color Guards are in line with them, they will return to their station and at the same time Patriotic Instructor will right about face and catch step with the Guides as they pass, and return to her station. All holding their Flags until after the American Creed is given.
Let us recite in unison the American Creed.

The American Creed

I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a democracy in a republic; a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect Union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Humanity upon which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.
I therefore believe it is my duty to my country, to love it; to support its Constitution; to obey its laws; to respect its Flag; and to defend it against all enemies.
President, one rap:
Officers and Sisters, we have met here for the transaction of such business as may be necessary and for the best interests of our Auxiliary.
Sister Inside Guard, you will now admit all persons in waiting who are entitled to enter.
Inside Guard will open the wicket. If there are any late members they will advance and whisper inside Password to Guard. If correct they will be admitted and after saluting at the altar they may be seated.
If a sister is without the Password, Guard will report her to the President, giving her name and if entitled to it, President will instruct Guard to communicate same.

Roll Call of Officers and Duties

President, two raps:
Sister Secretary, you will call the roll of officers who will define their duties.
At two raps, all officers will rise, salute, remain standing during roll call, and respond to their name.
My duties are to preside over all meetings of the Auxiliary. Instruct candidates in the principles of Loyalty and perform all necessary duties pertaining to my office.
Vice President:
My duties are to assist the President and in her absence perform her duties; and to instruct candidates in the principles of Charity.
Past President:
My duties are to visit the sick, to instruct candidates in Fraternity, and perform such other duties as the President may direct.
My duties are to notify each sister in arrears for dues, pay all bills when the requisitions are presented, report the receipts of the evening and make out required reports for the Department Headquarters.
My duties are to keep a record of the minutes of the Auxiliary, draw all requisitions for bills approved by the Auxiliary and make all required repeats to Department Headquarters.
Patriotic Instructor:
My duties are to assist in the promotion of patriotism by the sacred observance of National holidays. To set an example of loyalty to my Country and Flag, and to do all in my power to keep alive the memory of the Union Veterans of the Civil War.
My duties are to conduct devotions of the Auxiliary, also at the funeral of sisters; make out report for Department Headquarters and assist in draping the Chapter.
My duties are to assist in the opening and closing of the Auxiliary meetings; to instruct candidates in the unwritten work and perform such other duties as the President may direct.
Guide and Assistant Guide turn and face President when defining their duties.
Assistant Guide:
My duties are to assist the Guide, and in her absence perform her work.
Color Guards No. 1 and 2, in unison:
Our duties are to· take part in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and at initiation ceremonies.
Inside Guard:
My duties are to guard the inner door and allow no one to enter the room without the proper Password, except by order of the President.
Outside Guard:
My duties are to guard the outer door and admit no one unless entitled to admittance or by order of the President.
Press Correspondent:
My duties are to prepare items for the local press and endeavor to keep before the public the work of the Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
My duties are to have charge of the musical part of the Auxiliary work.
President, one rap:
Sister Secretary, you will read the minutes of the last meeting.
Are there any corrections to be made?
If not I declare the minutes approved. One rap.
Sister Guides; you will take up the collection.
Collection from Color Guards will be taken from the side.
After taking collection, the Guides will meet in front of the Vice President's station, and after Guide gives her collection to the Assistant Guide, they will salute the President and Assistant Guide takes collection to the Treasurer, returning back to stations in rear of Color Guard's chairs.
Sister Secretary, have you any applications for membership?
This includes Transfer as well as new application. A Transfer candidate must fill out a regular application, enclosing Transfer card. An application for a Transfer candidate must be acted upon the same as an application of a new candidate.
I have … (or I have not).
If there are applications the Secretary will read them, and the Guide will hand them to the President. The President will then appoint a committee of three, for each application, and the Guide will take them to chairman of committee, who will report at the next regular meeting.
Sister Secretary, have you the reports of any investigating Committee?
(I have not) or, I find the application of Miss or Mrs. … returned approved by
the Committee.
The Secretary will read report on the back of the application which must be dated and signed by at least two of the committee.
Sister Inside Guard, are there any transfer candidates in waiting?
Inside Guard:
Sister President, there is (or is not).
Sister Secretary, have you the application of any duly elected candidate who has not yet presented herself for initiation?
Sister President, I have the application of … (or I have none).

Initiation Ceremony

Sister Guide, you will take this (or these) applications, proceed to the ante-room and ascertain if the candidate is present and ready for initiation.
The Guide will rise, salute, take application from Secretary's table and proceed to ante-room. If she finds in waiting persons not members of the Order, she will ascertain if they are the candidates for admission. She will direct the candidate to hold herself in readiness for initiation, return to room, advance to altar and report, tl1en place application at President's station.
Sister President, I find Miss (or Mrs.) … in waiting and ready for initiation (or I find
no one in waiting).
Sister Treasurer, has the candidate paid the required fee?
Sister President, she has (or has not).
If the affirmative, President will proceed; if in negative, President will instruct Guide to collect fee, which must be paid before candidate can be initiated.
Sister Guides and Color Guards, you will retire to the ante-room and escort the candidate to the altar.
At the call of their names, they will rise, salute, retire to ante-room. When ready to return Guide will give three raps. Inside Guard will say:
Inside Guard:
Sister President, Guides and Color Guards with candidate.
President, three raps:
You will admit them.
The Guides will lead, followed by candidate, the Color Guards in rear. Arriving at altar the candidate will be placed one pace in rear of altar, on a line with Guides, Color Guards in rear of Guides.
Sister President.
Sister Guide?
I have the pleasure to present Miss … (or Mrs.) who has been duly elected to become a member of this Auxiliary.
Miss … (or Mrs.), we extend to you a cordial welcome, believing you are interested in the Union Soldier and the principles for which he fought.
The Chaplain will approach the President's station, in rear of Assistant Guide' s chair, meet the President, who is standing in front of her station, and they will advance to within three paces of altar.
Realizing the objects of our Order and what will be required of you as a member, are you willing to take the obligation, which will not interfere with any duty you owe your God, your Country or yourself?
I am.
Parade Rest. You will raise your right hand and repeat after me the obligation, using your name after I.
I, …, of my own free will and accord do solemnly and sincerely promise and declare that I will ever bear true allegiance to the Government of the United States of America, that I will firmly adhere to and sustain the principles and objects of this Order, that I will faithfully assist in promoting the interest of this Auxiliary and the Sons of Uni on Veterans of the Civil War; that I will earnestly strive to keep alive the memory of the heroic deeds of the Union Veterans of the Civil War; that I will, to the best of my ability aid a sister of the Order; and I furthermore promise and declare that I will never reveal any of the secret work of this Order, its passwords, or grip; that I will faithfully uphold and obey the Constitution and By-laws of this Auxiliary and all legal orders coming from the proper authority. To all this, I pledge myself, and pray God to keep me true to this sacred obligation.
President to candidate:
You will please drop your hand.
Sister Chaplain, you will ask Divine blessing.
Our Father in Heaven, we ask Thy blessing to be with this Sister. Keep her ever mindful of the solemn obligation she has just taken at this altar. Grant that she may long remain with us, and may become an honor and a credit to our Order.
Watch over, protect, and guide her, we ask for our Redeemer's sake. Amen.
President and Chaplain will return to their stations.
President, one rap:
Sister Guide, you will communicate to our new Sister the passwords and instruct her in the unwritten work of our Order.
Guide and Assistant Guide will return and face candidate, with backs to President, after giving their Flags to the Color Guards. Color Guards will stand with flags at attention in rear. Guide steps in front of candidate, giving password; Assistant Guide passes back of candidate, following Guide, taking password from candidate.
I am directed by the President to instruct you in the unwritten work of the Order. You are bound by the solemn obligation you have just taken, never to make known to any person not entitled to it any part of the same. To gain admission to the Auxiliary while in session, when you arrive at the outer door, you will ring the bell or knock, to attract the attention of the Outside Guard, who will open the wicket and receive from you, in a whisper, the outside
password, which is …. If correct, she will admit you to the ante-room. You will then approach the inner door and give three raps thereon, when the Inside Guard will open the wicket and receive from you the Inside password, which is …. If correct you will be admitted to the Auxiliary. You will advance to within one pace of rear of the altar and give the salute, which is made thus; (Guide will exemplify the Salute). When saluting, look toward the person or Flag saluted.
Upon return of this salute by the President, you will be permitted to take your seat. The passwords are never to be given by one member to another, but always by the President, except as required by the Ritual.
When you are addressed by the President, you will rise and salute. When you desire to speak in the Auxiliary, you will rise, salute, and say: Sister President.
No one is permitted to speak until she has been recognized by the President. Whenever you pass in the rear of the altar (and no one is allowed to pass between the altar and the President, except as required by the Ritual services), you will always halt, face toward the President, and salute. Should the President be engaged and fail to notice you, turn to the Vice President, who sits in the opposite end of the room. Upon receiving the return of the salute from her, you will be permitted to pass on.
In visiting an Auxiliary where you are not known, and cannot be vouched for, you will, before the meeting opens, make yourself known to the President, giving her your name, rank, if you hold one, the name, number and location of the Auxiliary of which you are a member, and in a whisper the passwords. You will then give her the grip, which is given thus …. (Guide will give the candidate the grip). It is our sign of recognition and should always be given when greeting a member of our Order. The voting sign of the Auxiliary is the uplifted right hand.
Whenever the President gives the command "Parade Rest," you will take the following position: (Guide will exemplify "Parade Rest").
The Gavel is the emblem of authority and you are bound to obey it implicitly. Two raps call up the officers and staff. Three raps call up the entire Auxiliary.
One rap calls to order or seats the Auxiliary when standing. Whenever you rise to your feet in the Auxiliary, salute the President. (President demonstrates raps.)
The Guide and Assistant Guide will take their Flags from the Color Guards, take their position at side of candidate, and Guide will say:
Sister President.
Sister Guide?
Our Sister has been instructed in our unwritten work and I await your further orders.
President, two raps:
Sister Guides and Color Guards, you will conduct the candidate to the Past President for instructions and advice.
The Past President, Vice-President, Chaplain and Patriotic Instructor will rise and remain standing during rest of service.
When Guides conduct candidate to Past President, Guide will lead, escorted by Right Color Guard, candidate following, Assistant Guide and Left Color Guard in rear. Turn toward Past President, march to within one pace of Past President, turn toward Vice-President, march forward just one pace beyond Color Guards' stations, turn toward Chaplain and march in rear of Color Guards' stations, until one pace beyond Left Color Guard. Turn toward President, march up the hall until one pace beyond rear of Guides' chairs, turn toward Vice-President and proceed to Past President.
Halt in front of Past President, who salutes the Guide. Candidate will stand between Guides, Color Guards in rear; the same position will be taken at Vice-President's station.
Sister Past President.
Past President:
Sister Guide?
By direction of the President I present to you our new Sister for advice and instruction in the duties of Fraternity.
Past President:
It is my duty to call your attention to the vital importance of cherishing and cultivating the tie of sisterly love, which should exist between yourself and this loyal band of workers with whom you today take your place. We are Brothers and Sisters, co-heirs in the grand inheritance our fore fathers won in a baptism of fire and blood and to us are entrusted their interests. See that you proudly guard the charge and preserve the love and esteem of the fraternal family to which you have been admitted. You will now be conducted to the Vice-President, who will instruct you in the duties of Charity.
The Guide will then turn toward Vice-President and proceed, same as when leaving altar for Past President, halt in front of Vice-President, who salutes the Guide, and take same positions as at Past President.
Sister Vice-President.
Sister Guide?
Our Sister has been instructed in the duties of Fraternity and is referred to you for further instruction and counsel in the principles of our Order.
My Sister, it is my duty to ask you to give thoughtful consideration to your duties as a member of our Order. You are called upon to be ready to offer aid and sympathy to those in need, even though it should require a personal sacrifice. Grasp any opportunity to cheer those who have suffered through the misfortunes of war and keep in mind that sweet and true Charity is our highest purpose.
You will now be conducted to the President.
Guides and Color Guards will proceed to President, continuing on from Vice-President same as in going to Past President, and halt in front of President. President salutes the Guide.
Sister President.
Sister Guide?
Our Sister, having been instructed in the principles of Fraternity and Charity, is referred to you.
My sisters have instructed you in the importance of Fraternity and Charity in this work to which you have pledged your sacred word, therefore, it is left for me to instruct you in the grand principles of Loyalty. Loyalty is the force which underlies all urging us on to be faithful to our ideals, bringing comfort and aid in times of stress. Love of Country is a fire which God has placed in every heart. Sometimes it slumbers, but a breath rekindles it, when it flames and burns as long as life remains. Loyalty is the base of Fraternity and the rock upon which patriotism is founded. It has inspired men to sacrifice even life itself in defense of home and loved ones and made martyrs of our heroic dead. May you prove loyal to the principles you have pledged at our altar, and add new glory to the Order of the Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.
Sister Patriotic Instructor, what are the principles of Patriotism?
Patriotic Instructor will step forward, take hold of fold of flag, and address candidate.
Patriotic Instructor:
My Sister, as a member of the Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War you will be required to assist in the promotion of Patriotism. Set an example to others by your loyalty to the flag. Honor our living heroes, and revere our Soldier dead by sacred observance of Memorial Day, thus combining our principles of Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty with Patriotism.
In commemoration of the patriotism of the Veterans of the Civil War, the founders of our Order have adopted this badge to be worn by its members during our meetings. It is an emblem of which to be justly proud, and, as President of this Auxiliary, and in behalf of its members, I now present it to you, to wear during your membership in our Order. W ear it over a heart so brave and true as to make disloyalty impossible now and forever.
President will step from her station, down from the right side, pin on badge, and step back on left side. The Guide will face the Sister toward the Auxiliary, when the initiation ode will be sung. Color Guards will stand in back of guides as in Transfer.
Sisters, I have the pleasure to present to you this Sister, who has been duly initiated into our Auxiliary; you will give her the right hand of fellowship. (Three raps.)
Ode to be sung while members are marching and welcoming new members. Tune: "Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing."
Sisters on the right will face toward Vice-President, those on the left toward the President. All will march. The Treasurer is the first to welcome the new Sister and give her the grip. When all the Sisters have congratulated the new Sister, they will return to their stations and the President will give one rap and all will he seated, except the Guide and new Sister, Assistant Guide and Color Guards.

Initiation Ode

Welcome, Sister, welcome ever,
To this social, friendly band,
Nothing can the bonds dissever,
Which unites us heart and hand;
Here we greet thee, here we greet thee,
With united heart and hand.
Sister Guide, you will now conduct the Sister to the Secretary's desk, that she may sign the Constitution and By-laws, after which you will escort her to a seat.
When the Guide conducts the sister to the Secretary's desk, the Assistant Guide will step in front of her station, Color Guards will step in front of Guides' chairs, approaching the chairs from the outside, and march direct to their stations and remain standing until Guide returns to her station.
I now declare an intermission and anyone wishing to pay dues may do so at this time.
Call to Order.
Does any sister know of sickness or distress in the family of a Son of a Union Veteran of the Civil War, or a sister of the Order?
All cases should be reported at this time, all visits to the sick will also be reported and deaths, if any.
The ceremony of Draping the Charter, comes at the time the President asks:
Does any sister know of sickness or distress etc.
The Chaplain will say: Sister President, sister … has passed away since our last meeting.
We will now drape the Charter.
(Three raps)
At this time the Chaplain,. Guides and Color Guards will follow directions as given in the diagram. Guides and Color Guards have their Flags at "Parade Rest" and the Musician should play softly, "Nearer My God to Thee," while the Chaplain drapes the Charter.
While draping the Charter the Chaplain will say:
I drape this Charter in memory of Sister or Sisters … who passed away …. (Chaplain mentions names and dates.)
Are there any committees to report?
President will call for report of each standing committee and special committee, separately.
Chairman of each committee will read report. Report will be accepted and recommendations referred to New Business. When the Secretary's, Treasurer's, Trustees' or Patriotic Instructor' s reports re due, they will be read now. Members having reports to make will rise, salute and say:
Sister President, I have a quarterly report (or whatever the report may be).
After all committees have reported the Guides will collect reports on their respective sides, meet in front of Vice President.
Assistant Guide will hand those she has collected to Guide, both will salute the President, and return, in rear of Color Guard's chairs to their stations. Guide will hand reports to President.
Sister Secretary, is there any unfinished business on the records?
There is (or there is none).
If in the affirmative, a motion must be made that the matter be taken from the table and acted upon.

New Business

Sister Secretary, are there any General Orders, notices, bills or communications, etc?
All new business is to be brought before members at this time. All bills will be referred to the Trustees who will advance to the Secretary's desk to examine and sign them.
Special items of the General Orders must be brought to the attention of members by the President, and then placed on file, after taking action, if needed. Chairman of Trustees will report:
The Trustees have examined the bills, find them correct (if they do) and recommend they be paid.
Motion is then in order that the report of the Trustees be accepted and recommendation adopted.


Closing Ceremonies

Sister Treasurer, what are the receipts of the evening?
Treasurer will read her report, Guide and Assistant Guide will rise. Assistant Guide will procure the report from Treasurer; both will meet in front of Vice President. Assistant Guide will hand the report to Guide, both salute the President and return to their stations passing in rear of Color Guard's chairs, Guide placing report on desk of Secretary.
Has anyone anything to offer for the Good of the Order?
Any guest present may be invited to speak.
There being no further business to come before the Auxiliary, we will proceed to close.
Sister Chaplain, you will attend the Altar and ask the blessing of God to be with us before we part. (Three raps). Parade Rest.
Musician will softly play. Chaplain will follow same procedure as in opening ceremonies.
Our Father in Heaven, as we are about to depart for our homes, we ask Thee to go with us. Keep us ever mindful of our duties and help to faithfully and impartially perform them. We ask it all for our Redeemer's sake. Amen. (Close Bible slowly.)
Attention. We will sing the closing Ode.
(Tune: Auld Lang Syne)

Here we have met, here we now part
And each his share must do
To keep on high our noble cause
And to the Flag be true.
One Flag, one land, one heart, one hand
One Nation evermore
In Loyalty we'll faithful be
Until this life is o' er.
Sister Guides, you will collect the Rituals and Ode cards.
Guides will collect all Auxiliary property. In front of Vice President, Guide will hand the Assistant Guide what she has collected. Bath salute and return to stations. Assistant Guide will hand Rituals to the President, other articles will be deposited on desk of Treasurer.
Sisters, as we have completed our business and are about to depart to our homes, let us remember our duty to each other and our Order and conduct ourselves in such a manner that our objects may be seen and appreciated by all persons.
The meeting is now closed. (one rap).