Loyal Order of Moose
Ritual of the Degree of Progress


General Opening
Particular Instructions
1. Nature of Ceremony. This ceremony invariably commences all Lodge sessions, and is the same irrespective of what ritual or business may follow. It does not commence non-sessional rites (e.g., Memorial Ceremony and other services).
2. Apparelling. The Guiding Moose, prior to the opening of Lodge, shall have the Station Covers folded and placed on each of the stations, together with the appropriate collar. The Altar Cloth and Bible shall be placed on the Altar, Cloth folded and Bible closed, with the three ribands correctly placed in it, viz.:—
White .. Psalm 19, verses 8, 9, 10, 11.
Gold .. Psalm 72, verse 12.
Blue .. Psalm 119, verses 104, 105.
If there is to be an Intromission Ceremony (Initiation, Advancement, or Preferment), the Guiding Moose shall ensure also that the necessary equipment is ready—see Particular Instructions for those ceremonies and for Introgression.
N.B.—It is recommended that the three quotations be neatly underlined in the Bible for the assistance of the Guiding Moose in reading them.
3. Marshalling. The Officers, as shown on plan, Past Governors, Regional Grand Lodge Officers (past and present), Grand Lodge Officers (past and present), shall assemble in the ante-room. The Organist, Outer Guard, Inner Guard and Assistant Guiding Moose, shall be at their posts. All remaining Officers and Brothers take their seats in the Lodge Room, having donned their collars before entering. The Guiding Moose is responsible for seeing that all Brothers are in readiness before the scheduled time for Opening. All Candidates will be seated in the front row, so as to be inside the Defending and Extending Circles, if a small number in the Quadrant of Aid; if a large number (such as an Authorised Mass Preferment) equally in the Quadrants of Purity and Aid.
4. Movements. In this as in all other rituals, unless otherwise explicitly directed, all turns shall be right about and all movements into and out of stations shall be clockwise.

Officers' Entry: Announcement of Visitors: Report
Inner Guard (from his post):
Brothers, arise and receive your Officers.
Members rise and remain silent. Guiding Moose returns to ante-room. Officers, except Governor and Guiding Moose, enter Lodge Room in two files, one to left of Vice-Governor's Station led by Past Governor, one to right of Vice-Governor's Station led by Previous Past Governor. They form a semi-circle around Altar and face Governor's Station. After a suitable interval the Governor, escorted by the Guiding Moose, enters and proceeds to his station, passing on the WISDOM side of Altar.
Guiding Moose moves to position.
Governor (standing):
In the name of the Supreme Lodge of the World, Grand Lodge of Great Britain, Loyal Order of Moose, … Lodge, Number ..., will come to order. Officers will assume their stations. (Pause, while they bow to Governor and do so.) The Inner Door will be closed. (Pause.) The Guiding Moose will ascertain whether or not all present are Loyal Moose in good standing.
(Guiding Moose bows, turns about and moves to Inner Guard from whom he receives his report. If any visitors are present, the Vice-Governor will say:)
Vice-Governor (without sign):
Brother Governor, I have the pleasure to announce that the following visiting Brothers are with us tonight.
(Vice-Governor reads list of names, giving rank of any Officers, and name and number of Lodge to which each visiting Brother belongs. The Governor will extend a welcome, and invite any visiting Officers to occupy any special seats near his station.)
Guiding Moose (moves to position and gives Sign of Courtesy):
Brother Governor, I find that all present are entitled to remain.
(Guiding Moose remains at Altar. Governor gives one rap.)

Brother Guiding Moose, prepare the Altar and Stations.
Guiding Moose (unfolds Cloth.):
With this cloth I drape the Altar, before which we assumed our obligation. (Holds up Bible, closed). This is the Holy Bible, our inspiration and Our guide. (Places Bible on Altar and opens it at page marked by white riband, then holds up Bible again.) Here, marked by the white riband of Purity, are written these words:
Guiding Moose (reading from Bible):
The Statutes of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart: the Commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea than much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.
Moreover by them is Thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward.
Guiding Moose places open Bible on Altar and bows to Governor.

Procedure for Apparelling Station Officers
1. Guiding Moose proceeds to each Station in turn, beginning with the Prelate's.
2. Guiding Moose drapes the Station and declares it.
3. The Station Officer then rises.
4. The Station Officer receives Collar from Guiding Moose, apparels himself, makes his response, and remains standing.
5. Guiding Moose remains standing at the Station till the response is complete.
6. Guiding Moose bows to Station Officer, who returns the bow.
Guiding Moose:
This is the Station of Purity.
We bind ourselves to keep the heart pure, the mind chaste, and the body clean; to learn to love, and to love to learn, that which is good.
Guiding Moose:
This is the Station of Aid.
We are bound together in a common brotherhood, and we labour for the common good—"One for all, and all for one".
Guiding Moose:
This is the Station of Wisdom.
Past Governor:
"Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not . . . Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."
Guiding Moose:
This is the Station of Progress.
Forward in the good; onward in the right.
Guiding Moose returns to his post, passing Station of Purity, and remains standing.
The apparelling will now be completed.
On this command the remaining Officers will rise together and apparel themselves, taking their time from the Guiding Moose, and will remain standing.

God: Country: Order
Governor (gives two raps to raise remainder of Lodge):
Brother Prelate.
All fold arms and bow heads during prayer.
God of the Universe, in Whom we live and move and have our being, Source of all created things, and Father of all the sons of men in all lands, everywhere—we acknowledge Thy supremacy, Thy majesty, Thy glory.
Look Thou with favour upon our brotherhood. Prosper it. Give it peace, harmony and progress. Grant us to be just and fraternal in all our dealings ; and into the discord of material strife breathe the soft, sweet harmony of the Golden Rule, and teach us that man's greatest good is to be found in service to his fellow man. Grant, too, that the Defending Circle may grow ever wider, until it shall link mankind into a universal brotherhood. Amen.
All remain standing. Guiding Moose proceeds with Union Jack to position, facing Governor, where he presents it, holding it upright, unfurled, the foot of the pole off the floor.
Guiding Moose:
I present the flag of our country, the symbol of unity, the emblem of liberty, justice and brotherhood.
Brothers, salute the flag.
Guiding Moose retains flag motionless. Remaining Brothers salute, and then sing first verse of National Anthem. Guiding Moose then proceeds with flag to rear of Governor's Station and places it in its stand, after which he steps back, salutes flag, and returns to his post.
Governor (in an undertone):
Brothers, let us now say together, "It is our duty . . .".
Governor and Brothers (in an undertone together):
"It is our duty—to keep inviolate our obligations—to strengthen and maintain the Defending Circle—and in our daily lives and conduct—to exemplify Purity, Aid, and Progress."
Legend of Locked Horns
Brothers, with the left hand on the heart in token of sincerity, and the right hand on the left shoulder of the Brother to your right in token of friendship, form the Defending Circle.
(On the word "Circle ": (i) those in front circle do as directed in two distinct motions, taking their time from Guiding Moose; (ii) remaining brothers place left hand on heart, and only rest right hand on next Brother's shoulder if this can be easily done without noise and change of position; (iii) a lone Brother—for example, Inner Guard, Organist, etc.—will simply place his left hand on his heart. The Circle of Brothers nearest Altar must be continuous, but all Brothers behind shall be deemed to be symbolically a part of that circle though there is no actual contact.
As the Governor advances to position the Circle is closed by the Brothers on either side of him.)
Governor (from position):
And now listen to the legend of the Locked Horns.
In the primeval wilds of the northland two noble moose, leaders of their herds, met in deadly combat. Today their locked antlers, mute evidence of the futility of antagonism and strife, lie bleaching on the plains. We are met tonight as Brothers united in a common cause. Let the spirit of harmony and fraternal regard temper and guide our deliberations, lest we be blinded to the lesson of the Locked Horns.
While Organist plays introductory bars of Opening Ode the Circle is dissolved by each Officer returning to his Station or post and each Brother to his place.

Opening Ode
Father of all men, in this hour
Show forth in us Thy love and power:
May we in harmony be found,
And may our Lodge be hallowed ground.
So may our work, begun in Thee
In peace and concord, ever be
Performed in true sincerity,
And prosper this fraternity.
Enlarge our circle here below;
Thine aid upon our Lodge bestow;
Thy wisdom through Thy truth reveal,
And help us in the common weal.
God of Peace, all humble pray'r attending,
Prosper Thou our work begun;
Grant our circle, more and more defending,
Over all the earth to run
Never ending,
Still extending
One for all and all for one,
One for all and all for one.
North and South our joyful message sending,
East and West to set of sun,
May we all, with mighty strides ascending,
Rest not till our goal be won
Yet contending,
Till unending
Peace shall crown our labours done,
Peace shall crown our labours done.
Declaration of Primary State
Brothers, I bid you welcome, and now declare … Lodge, Number ..., Grand Lodge of Great Britain, Loyal Order of Moose, duly opened. The Inner Guard will admit all those who are qualified to enter.
Governor gives one rap to seat Lodge.
At this point all Lodge business will be proceeded with and completed.

This should be taken at the end of primary business, immediately before Initiation.
Brothers, remembering that no one is charged to give more than the circumstances of his home or other obligations allow, yet at all times remembering that the wealth of our gifts is measured by our self-sacrifice, give from your heart as the Guiding Moose waits upon you to receive your offering. This will be devoted to ….
Organist plays until next words are spoken.
Guiding Moose takes offertory from Quadrants of PROGRESS and PURITY, and Assistant Guiding Moose from Quadrants of WISDOM and AID. They place offertory bags on Governor's Station, bow to the Governor, and return to their posts by the way they came.
Brother Warden.
Warden rises, gives Sign of Courtesy, and takes up position before Governor's Station.
Place these, the offerings of our Brothers upon the Altar.
Warden does so, bows, and returns to his seat.

Introgression to Progress
Particular Instructions
1. Nature of Ceremony. The Ceremonies of Introgression to Aid and to Progress take the place of separate Opening Ceremonies before Advancement and Preferment respectively. There are three possible Introgressions, identical in structure and almost identical in form:
(1) Introgression to Aid, for use before Advancement;
(2) Separate Introgression to Progress, for use between Advancement and Preferment;
(3) Combined Introgression to Progress, for bringing the Lodge direct from primary to tertiary state in readiness for the Preferment Ceremony.
2. Separate Introgressions. Only when an Advancement and Preferment are to be conferred on the same occasion will it be necessary to perform the two separate Introgressions in full. This must be avoided except in very urgent necessity.
3. Combined Introgression to Progress. This is the normal Introgression before a Preferment, when there has been no Advancement on the same evening. It will immediately follow any primary ritual and business. The inclusion of the Quotation of Aid before the Quotation of Progress enables the Lodge to intrpgress through Aid to Progress, i.e., direct from primary to
tertiary state.
4. Ribands. Before the General Opening the Guiding Moose must ensure that the three ribands are correctly placed in the Bible:
White .. Psalm 19, verses 8,9, 10, 11;
Gold . . Psalm 72, verse 12 ;
Blue .. Psalm 119, verses 104, 105.

Ceremony of Introgression
Withdrawal of Brothers not Entitled to Remain
Governor (gives one rap):
Brothers, it is my intention to conduct a Lodge of Progress. All Brothers not entitled to remain will rise.
Pause while they do so.

Brothers. As your Names are called you will be seated. Brother Secretary. The Secretary will name all in turn except the Chief Candidate, who will remain standing.
You must perforce retire until the time of your preferment. If that be now, you will await the Previous Past Governor in the ante-room. If not, I fraternally bid you good-night. We shall be happy to meet you later when these ceremonies are concluded.
Brother Guiding Moose. Guiding Moose and Assistant Guiding Moose rise together.
Assistant Guiding Moose stands immediately in front of Station of Wisdom. Guiding Moose marshals retiring Brothers in an arc before Altar. Large numbers will be marshalled in successive parties. The Guiding Moose then stands immediately in front of Station of Purity. Meanwhile Organist plays voluntary.
Guiding Moose:
Brothers, taking your time from me, salute our Governor with the countersign. Pause, while they do so. Governor bows without rising. And now salute
the flag. Pause, while they do so. Brothers, follow me.
Guiding Moose leads them to Inner Door, where he remains till all have passed through and Inner Door is closed. Guiding Moose and Assistant Guiding Moose then return to their posts and resume seats.
When applicable.
Brother Previous Past Governor. Will you please administer the Obligation of Secrecy to our Brother Candidate(s) in the Lodge Room.
Brother Previous Past Governor Moves to position.
Brother Candidate(s) you will rise. Gives Obligation of Secrecy.
At close:
Brother Candidate(s) you will be seated. Previous Past Governor returns to post and is seated.

Testing of Those Remaining: Password of Progress
Governor (gives two raps, but himself remains seated):
Brother Guiding Moose, see that all present are entitled to remain.
Guiding Moose and Assistant Guiding Moose advance together past the PURITY and WISDOM sides respectively of Altar, and commence by testing the Brothers on Governor's left and right respectively. The Governor himself is not tested. Guiding Moose tests Quadrants of Progress and Purity, and Assistant Guiding Moose tests Quadrants of Wisdom and Aid. As each Brother is tested he resumes his seat. Assistant Guiding Moose faces Guiding Moose in front of Station of Aid, reports to him and remains standing. Guiding Moose advances to position. Music during testing.
Guiding Moose (gives Sign of Courtesy):
Brother Governor, I find that all present are entitled to remain.
Remains at position.

Apparelling of Lodge Room for Progress
Brother Guiding Moose, see that this Lodge be properly apparelled unto Progress.
Guiding Moose bows, and returns to Assistant Guiding Moose. Together they make the necessary preparations. When these are complete, they stand facing each other in front of Station of Aid and bow to each other. Assistant Guiding Moose resumes seat, and Guiding Moose advances to position and gives the Sign of Courtesy. Music optional.

Turning of Pages: Quotations of Aid and Progress
Brother Guiding Moose, whence do we seek our inspiration?
Guiding Moose:
In the Holy Bible, which lies open before me, marked by the white riband of Purity.
We have listened with humble reverence to that message. Turn you yet another page, that we may be further inspired.
Guiding Moose (turns to gold riband):
Brother Governor, I have turned the page. Lifts Bible. Here, marked by the gold riband of Aid, are written these words: Reads. "HE SHALL DELIVER THE NEEDY WHEN HE CRIETH ; THE POOR ALSO, AND HIM THAT HATH NO HELPER."
Guiding Moose replaces Bible on Altar. Electrician lights Mooseheart Lamp.
Guiding Moose (turns to blue riband and lifts Bible):
And here, marked by the blue riband of Progress, are written these words: Reads: "THROUGH THY PRECEPTS I GET UNDERSTANDING: THEREFORE I HATE EVERY FALSE WAY. THY WORD IS A LAMP UNTO MY FEET, AND A LIGHT UNTO MY PATH."
Guiding Moose replaces Bible on Altar and lights Torch. Simultaneously Electrician extinguishes Mooseheart Lamp. Guiding Moose then bows to Governor from position, returns to his post and resumes seat.

Declaration of Tertiary State
Brothers, the page is turned. Therefore do I declare that … Lodge, No …, Grand Lodge of Great Britain, Loyal Order of Moose, is in due state and properly apparelled unto Progress.
Governor gives one rap.

Particular Instructions
1. Equipment. The following will be in readiness in a convenient place in the Lodge Room before the General Opening Ceremony:
*(1) Preferment Ode-cards j
*(2) Book of Progress, with blue, purple, and red markers already inserted in the pages that the Governor intends to show to the Candidate (Stage 4, Episode 2), and with a clean sheet of blue blotting-paper in the page to be signed.
* Items marked with an asterisk are standard equipment to be obtained from the Supplies Department.
(3) Inkstand (about half filled) and blue penholder;
(4) Torch of authorized design;
(5) Reserve battery for Torch.
N.B.—The Electrician must ensure that there is no possibility of the light's failing during the ceremony.
2. Apparelling of Lodge for Progress. At the appropriate point in Part C of the Introgression to Progress the Guiding Moose and Assistant Guiding Moose will:—
(1) Place Torch in position at corner of Altar nearest Quadrant of Progress;
(2) Place upon the Governor's Table:
Book of Progress (closed);
Pen and Inkstand (closed);
(3) Distribute Tertiary Ode-cards, but not to Candidate(s).
The Torch is lit by the Guiding Moose at the end of Part D of Introgression to Progress.
3. Commender. This part should be taken, if possible, by the Candidate's original proposer or seconder. When this is not possible, it is recommended that an experienced Brother take the part, preferably a Past Governor.
4. Book of Progress. In good time before the completion of a Lodge's Book of Progress another should be procured. The symbolic tearing of the page will have been done before issue to Lodges. Each book will be carefully kept by the Lodge Secretary.
Upon the death of any Brother preferred, a neat circle of black (about a quarter of an inch thick) will be placed around the blue circle over which he had signed, and will be left broken so as not to obscure any part of the signature. Until there is such a death, that part of the ritual will not be omitted, but will be taken symbolically.
No page shall be torn out except upon the authority of the Grand Council.
5. Number of Candidates. The nature of this ceremony precludes the preferment of more than five candidates at a time. The only exception to this rule is outlined in the next paragraph.
6. Mass Preferment. At the first Preferment Ceremony in the history of each Lodge (but on no other occasion except by special dispensation from the Grand Council) a mass preferment of those qualified is permitted. The modified procedure is as follows:—
(1) One selected candidate will be preferred according to the ritual.
(2) The remaining candidates will be obligated to secrecy in the Lodge Room by the Previous Past Governor (in the form of words laid down in PRELIMINARY, Part 3a) immediately after Part A of the Introgression to Progress. They will not be tested in Part B, but will be seated.
(3) They will then remain present throughout, and will stand and take the Obligation together with the Chief Candidate (Stage 3, Episodes 1 and 3).
(4) Therefore in Stage 3, Episode 1, after "place both hands clasped upon the Holy Bible,"the following will be inserted:—". . . The other candidates will place both hands over the heart, thus. You will all repeat after me, using your names where I use mine "etc.
(5) After the First Preferment Ode and the following sentence ("Brother Candidate, you will rise") the Governor, on resuming his seat, will add "The remaining candidates will be seated with the Lodge "before giving the ONE RAP.
(6) (a) Mass Preferment. Each Regional Grand Lodge is permitted One such preferment in a Lodge prior to endorsement of its Charter.
(b) Each Lodge whose Charter is endorsed may at its first meeting prefer more than four Candidates if that number of Brothers-in-Aid are duly qualified.
(c) A Lodge authorised to operate the Degree of Progress is limited to five Candidates in all at each Lodge of Preferment. A Group of Lodges upon the authority of a Regional Grand Council may conduct a ceremony with a limitation of five Candidates at each preferment.
(d) The Regional Grand Council shall be responsible for the preferment of a Brother (or Brothers) to the Degree of Progress in case of necessity, either in his own Lodge or any other Lodge.
7. Offertory. This will be taken when the Lodge is in primary state; i. c. before Introgression.
8. Nine O'Clock Ceremony. This will be taken after Preferment and before General Closing.

Ceremony of Preferment
Candidate in Ante-Room
Part 1—Inquiry
Governor (gives one rap):
Brother Secretary, are there any Brothers in Aid who await preferment?
Secretary (rising and giving Sign of Progress):
Brother Governor, one Brother (or gives numbers... Brothers) awaits your pleasure. He is (they are) . . . (reads names in full). He is (they are) described as a Loyal Moose (as Loyal Moose) and a Brother (Brothers) in Aid Secretary resumes his seat.
Part 2—Commendation
Who will commend this Brother (these Brothers) for preferment to this Degree?
Commender (rising and giving Sign of Progress):
Brother Governor, I, in furtherance of my pledge to Progress, declare that Brother … (names Chief Candidate) (and each Brother named) is loyal to his Lodge, pure in his purpose, and untiring in the cause of aid.
Commender resumes seat.
Brother Secretary Secretary rises,, can you state that this (each) Brother has complied with the particular requirements of this degree?
Brother Governor, I can.
Secretary resumes seat.
Brother Previous Past Governor Previous Past Governor rises, you will please retire and administer the Obligation of Secrecy to our Brother in waiting.
Previous Past Governor moves to position, gives Sign of Progress and retires without escort.

Part 3a—Obligation of Secrecy (In Ante-Room)
Previous Past Governor:
Brother, do you now await preferment to the Degree of Progress? If so, you will answer "I do ".
I do.
Previous Past Governor:
Are you prepared to take the Obligation of Secrecy pertaining to that degree? If so, you will answer "I am ".
I am.
Previous Past Governor:
You will rise, place both hands on your heart thus, and repeat after me, using your name where I use mine.
"I, …, do promise for all time on my honour as a Loyal Moose to retain within the membership of the Degree of Progress all I shall see and hear therein."
Part 3b—Avouchment (In Lodge Room)
This follows immediately after the Previous Past Governor's withdrawal.
Brother Commender Commender rises, you have satisfied us that Brother … names Candidate has proved himself loyal to his Lodge, pure in his purpose and untiring in the cause of aid. Do you now vouch that he earnestly desires preferment?
Brother Governor, I do.
Brother Commender, present our Brother Candidate at the altar.
Commender moves to position, gives Sign of Progress and retires. After he has retired. Previous Past Governor re-enters and assumes position.

Part 4—Report
Previous Past Governor:
Brother Governor gives Sign of Progress, as you commanded, I have administered the Obligation of Secrecy.
Brother Previous Past Governor, I thank you.
Previous Past Governor returns to his place and resumes seat.
Organist plays prescribed music as a cue for Inner Guard to give one rap on Inner Door.

Intramural (Candidate in Lodge Room)
Stage 1
At Altar—Introduction
Episode 1—Presentation of Candidate
Inner Guard gives rap on door and opens it to admit Commender and Candidate. Candidate is led to position by Commender, who stands on his right.
Brother Governor, I present Brother … names Candidate. When there is more than one Candidate Commender will add: who has been selected to represent his Brother Candidates.
Brother … names Candidate, on behalf of this Lodge of Progress I welcome you.
Commender bows and resumes seat.

Episode 2—Tertiary Story of the Moose
Governor: Brother … names Candidate, at your initiation you learnt much of our purpose; at your advancement that knowledge was enlarged, but in progress only will you find the full realization of our ideals.
Addressing Appointed Past Governor:
Brother Past Governor … names him, you will further direct our Brother's progress.
Appointed Past Governor rises, moves to position, bows to Governor and turns to face Altar.
Appointed Past Governor:
Brother, in previous degrees you heard the story of the moose:—how, grazing, he kneels, thus demonstrating your attitude to your Creator, and, in his choice of food, your duty to your fellow man;—how, in his summer haunts beside the rivers, he symbolizes purity, and, hi his whiter habitations, aid;—how, finally, he teaches progress, because continually he seeks the heights.
But, Brother, to reach great heights, demands a steady pace and an enduring effort. Learn, therefore, another lesson from the habits of the moose. While he maintains the long swinging gait that constitutes his natural pace in rapid motion, none can overtake him. But, forced beyond that pace, he soon becomes exhausted, and his progress falters.
Upon this simple truth are based the special knock and password of this degree. These you may not learn until the appointed moment, but their meaning I am now free to reveal. They signify ...... gives explanation slowly and deliberately. Forget it not, my Brother. Let your
efforts in the cause of progress be ever governed by .... gives explanation sustained, and not spasmodic.
So finally will you not only seek, but reach, the heights. And from those heights your eyes will view — beyond the confines of our Defending Circle — the wider world of opportunity, that great uncharted expanse where men have yet to learn the happiness of brotherhood.
Episode 3 — The Extending Circle
Appointed Past Governor:
Brothers, you will rise.
Form the Extending Circle.
(They do so. Appointed Past Governor remains at position, and continues:
In this degree our circle has a wider significance: it is for ever looking outwards. The kindly eyes of our Brothers encompass all men. They search for those who know not the joys of our fraternity.
Across the gulf that separates, and yet does not divide, we now extend the hand of welcome, of fellowship and goodwill.
Brothers, you will be seated.
All are seated except the four Station Officers, who remain looking outwards, and the Appointed Past Governor and Candidate, who remain at their positions.

Episode 4 — The Four Welcomes
Pause. Appointed Past Governor moves to right of candidate. Organist strikes Gong.
From this my station of Purity, and on behalf of these my brothers, to all true men in all lands everywhere, I extend my arms in welcome. He extends his arms.
And I from this my station of Aid.
He extends his arms.
Past Governor:
And I from this my station of Wisdom. He extends his arms.
And I from this my station of Progress.
He extends his arms.
Pause. Organist strikes Gong. All lower arms together and move out clockwise till each is standing in front of, and facing, his station.

Stage 2
First Circuit—The Four Visions
Episode 1—The Prelate's Vision
Appointed Past Governor:
Brother Candidate, proceed to the Station of Purity.
Organist plays a few bars. Candidate, unassisted, proceeds accordingly. Prelate turns clockwise and, as Candidate reaches him, takes his left arm and draws him round till both face Prelate's Station—Candidate on Prelate's right. Appointed Past Governor quietly takes up position behind them. Prelate retains hold of Candidate's arm.
Appointed Past Governor:
Where do you look Brother Prelate?
I look across the ages that are gone.
Appointed Past Governor:
See you anything of special import?
I see a world without form, and void, and the light which is Day divides the darkness which is Night. I see the firmament above the earth: the sun to rule the day, and the moon to govern the night, and the stars also. Great untroubled waters encompass with kindly touch the green fertility of a fair land. There are trees yielding fruit; there are verdant grasses and healing herbs. Moving creatures are in and under the waters, and on the earth, and above the mountains that are upon the earth. I see man in the image of his Creator, and woman out of man and of his flesh, and they are living souls.
The spirit of God is upon the face of the earth, and upon the waters thereof, and in the hearts of all created things. Prelate releases Candidate's arm. Pause.
This was the first beginning.
Episode 2—The Vice-Governor's Vision
Appointed Past Governor:
Brother Candidate, proceed to the Station of Aid.
Organist plays a few bars. Candidate, unassisted, proceeds accordingly. Prelate resumes seat. Vice-Governor turns clockwise and, as Candidate reaches him, takes his left arm and draws him round till both face Vice-Governor's Station—Candidate on Vice-Governor's right. Appointed Past Governor quietly takes up position behind them. Vice-Governor retains hold of Candidate's arm.
Appointed Past Governor:
Where do you look, Brother Vice-Governor?
Vice-Governor:I look across the ages that are gone.
Appointed Past Governor:What do you see?
Vice-Governor:I see the vision of an ever-changing world. Man, who knew not evil, has eaten of the fruit of his desire, and he and his seed have corrupted the uncorrupted. Upon God's creation have descended the darkness of evil, the storms of passion and the fogs of misunderstanding.
Blind, groping beings stumble hither and thither, not knowing whither they go. Men are at war with men, and there is no love in their hearts. The flood-gates are opened and the mighty waters move to destroy both man and beast, both bird and creeping thing. Vice-Governor releases Candidate's arm. Slight pause.
"And the waters prevailed upon the earth a hundred and fifty days". Pause. Vice-Governor takes Candidate's arm again.
But now I see a vision of hope. The windows of heaven are closed, the rain is restrained, and the dark waters are receding. Green fields and pastures are uncovered, great mountains stand proudly above the valleys that are below, and sturdy trees and plants gain life anew from the warmth of a sun-drenched earth.
In the mouth of the messenger is the olive branch of peace, and all flesh is again upon the face of the earth.
The spirit of evil is abated, and God's promise is bowed see in coloured splendour 'cross the sky. Vice-Governor again releases Candidate's arm. Pause.
This was the second beginning.
Episode 3—The Past Governor's Vision
Appointed Past Governor:
rother Candidate, proceed to the Station of Wisdom.
Organist plays a few bars. Candidate, unassisted, proceeds accordingly. Vice-Governor resumes seat. Past Governor turns clockwise and, as Candidate reaches him, takes his left arm and draws him round till both face Past Governor's Station—Candidate on Past Governor's right. Appointed Past Governor quietly takes up position behind them. Past Governor retains hold of Candidate's arm.
Appointed Past Governor:
Where do you look, Brother Past Governor?
Past Governor:
I look across the ages that are gone.
Appointed Past Governor:
What do you see?
Past Governor:
I see a world where man doth dominate the beast; the seeds of man do multiply a thousandfold. His riches and his crops increase; his laden tables groan with wines and savoury foods. His halls are rilled with slaves and evil splendour. Slight Pause.
I see the temple of man's mind peopled with self-created deities, the mighty works of the Creator clouded by the thick pall of man's self-sufficiency. Slight Pause.
I see a mighty tower, builded of burnt clay, rear itself in battlemented arrogance—even unto heaven itself. The people cry and speak as one; the voice of flaunting insolence prevails. Slight Pause.
I look again. The tower is crumbling on the plains of Babylon. The wrath of God is come upon the land. The people are at variance, they speak divers tongues, and all lack wisdom. Pause.
So do I reflect that this is the station of WISDOM, and therefore must I go forth to bring back the radiant light of understanding to a darkened and perplexed world.
Episode 4—Prayer: Mission of the Torch
No music is played here. Past Governor releases Candidate's arm, turns left, proceeds to position 5, kneels, places both hands clasped on the Holy Bible, and bows his head in silent prayer. As Past Governor moves, Appointed Past Governor turns Candidate to face Altar and stands on his right. Considerable pause.
Appointed Past Governor:
Brothers, you will rise.
Pause, while they do so.
Brother Prelate.
Appointed Past Governor folds arms as a signal for the Lodge to do likewise. Past Governor remains kneeling.
Prelate, advancing to position and folding arms:
O God, Celestial Light of Lights, Who, by banishing the darkness of the Universe, didst begin Thy great miracle of Creation, let now the radiance of Thy Wisdom go forth with this our brother, to be a lamp unto his path and to bring to all that dwell in darkness the permeant light of perfect understanding. Amen.
Prelate, raising Past Governor and placing left hand on Past Governor's right shoulder:
Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest.
No music is played here. There must be perfect silence while Prelate with right hand takes Torch from Altar and places it in Past Governor's left hand, then lowers his own. Past Governor bears it in his left hand from Lodge Room. Prelate watches his departure, then returns to his station.
Appointed Past Governor:
Brothers, be seated.
All are seated except Appointed Past Governor, Candidate, and Governor, who remains looking outwards.

Episode 5.—The Governor's Vision
Appointed Past Governor:
Brother Candidate, proceed to the Station of Progress.
Organist plays a few bars. Candidate, unassisted, proceeds accordingly. Governor turns clockwise and, as Candidate reaches him, takes his left arm and draws him round till both face Governor's Station—Candidate on Governor's right. Appointed Past Governor quietly takes up position behind them. Governor retains hold of Candidate's arm.
Appointed Past Governor:
Where do you look, Brother Governor?
I look toward the ages yet to come.
Appointed Past Governor:
What do you see?
I see beyond the vision of my brother the Past Governor, and, though my sorrow was great, yet in this temple does my faith return.
I look for the third beginning, for that shall be the end. For, as a complete circle has neither beginning nor end, but its beginning is both the end and the beginning, so shall our circle of universal brotherhood be complete.
I see, Brother, a firm bright light set as upon a high mountain. Within the compass of that light men will speak but one tongue—the universal language of brotherhood.
Organist plays a few bars. Governor releases Candidate's arm and resumes seat. Appointed Past Governor steps forward to Candidate's right and conducts him to position 5. He then returns to his seat.

Stage 3
At Altar—Obligation & Symbolism of Torch
Episode 1—Arrested Obligation: Return of Torch
Governor, gives two raps and moves to position:
Brother Candidate, in ancient and more barbarous times the Altar was the place whereon birds and beasts and human beings were sacrificed to appease the tribal gods. In these more civilized days the mind of man has made such progress that we revolt from those unseemly practices. The Altar, however, still remains for us a symbol of spiritual selfsacrifice, whereon we place the Holy Bible, our inspiration and our guide.
Brother, are you prepared to take upon this Altar yet another obligation? If so, you will answer "I am ".
I am
You will kneel, Pause, while Candidate kneels, place both hands clasped upon the Holy Bible, and repeat after me, using your name where I use mine.
I, ... before this Altar—etc. ...
At this point the Governor must in no way reveal that he is expecting an interruption to ensue. He must be ready to continue naturally with the opening words of the Obligation in case the interruption is a second or two late. Simultaneously with the word "I "the Inner Guard gives the cue for the Past Governor's entry by a loud single rap on the Inner Door, and opens it. Past Governor enters with Torch in left hand, advances to position.
Brother Past Governor, is not your entry strangely timed?
Past Governor:
Brother Governor, I crave your attention, for I bring you a message it is meet our Brother Candidate should hear.
Brother Past Governor, we realize you would not idly demand our attention at so solemn a moment.
Speak, that all may hear. Addressing Candidate: Brother Candidate, make no move: your preferment is halted.
Give heed to the words of our Brother.
Governor returns to his Station, resumes seat, and gives one rap.

Episode 2—Past Governor's Message
Past Governor moves to position, bows to Governor, and turns to Altar. Candidate is left kneeling.
Past Governor, still holding Torch:
Brothers, urged by a high sense of my responsibilities, I left this peaceful temple. Comforted by prayer, and trusting in the fervour of my devotion, I confidently bore this torch into a world of darkness and despair. I return dispirited, yet I am not dismayed, for within the circle of its radiance I did achieve some part of my purpose. Brothers, the light that one man can steadfastly hold aloft has but a limited compass.
Lights are turned out. Past Governor holds Torch aloft.
Past Governor, continuing:
See, it barely shelters within its symbolic circle the Brothers here assembled. Each one of these must now go forth, bearing the Torch of Progress to those without the orbit of its light; and as the torch passes from willing hand to willing hand, so will our progress be marked by an ever widening series of circles.
Yet these circles shall be but one circle in brotherhood, love and goodwill.
Past Governor places Torch on Altar, turns and bows to Governor, returns to his station, and resumes seat. Lights are restored.

Episode 3—Completed Obligation: Prayer: First Ode
Governor gives two raps and advances to position.
Governor: Brother Candidate, you have heard the Past Governor's message. Pause, and consider its import, for to you in particular this day will be given the sacred charge of this torch. Pause. Are you prepared to bear it? If so, you will answer "I am ".
I am.
Here, in the presence of your Brothers, you have accepted the charge of Progress. Take now its obligation.
I, …,—before this Altar—and in my Brothers' presence—do here renew—the vows that I have made—within this Loyal Order;—and of my own free will—do I now add thereto—my sacred vow of Progress.
I will be fixed of purpose—to keep this torch alight,—to grow in knowledge of its symbolism—and spread abroad its message of goodwill.
By its pure flame—I will ever seek—to learn the purity of love fraternal,—by its warm glow—to realize the warmth of Brothers' aid,—and by its radiant light—to grasp the wisdom—of perfect understanding between man and man.
I will look inward—to keep intact our membership.—I will look outward—to widen our Extending Circle.
I will be vigilant—that no man enter this Order—unless he be equal—to its fraternal, moral and material obligations.
I will fulfil my faith in fellowship—and will not spare myself—in service and in sacrifice.
And may God, the Perfecter of Progress,—keep me true to this my vow.—Amen.
Governor folds arms as a signal to the Lodge to do likewise.
Prelate, with folded arms, and without leaving Station:
Almighty and Everlasting Father, vouchsafe unto this our Brother the pure, shining glow of Thine Eternal Light, to hearten, guide and keep him steadfast. May every vow here made be worthily performed, that the attainment of worldwide brotherhood be hastened, and Thy Fatherhood be magnified throughout the great family of humankind. Amen.
Organist plays introductory bars of First Preferment Ode as Governor returns to his station and remains standing.

First Preferment Ode
Around this sacred Altar
In the Almighty name
We pray no step may falter
Lit by the torch's flame;
May Purity, bright burning,
And Aid their radiance shed
While you, new service learning,
The path of Progress tread.
Brother Candidate, you will rise.
Candidate rises. Governor resumes seat and gives one rap. Pause, while Lodge is seated.

Episode 4—General Symbolism of the Torch
Brother Orator.
Orator rises and moves to position, bows to Governor and turns to face Lodge.
"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness". . .
"And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years."
Orator advances to position. All lights are extinguished except Torch.
Orator, continuing:
Brother, this, the Torch of Progress, represents the infinite universe. Its ever bright centre typifies the sun—lighting the blue firmament of the heavens, bathing in glorious beauty the daytime of our ever passing lives. And round that sun the moving planets, with their kindly moons, permeate with silvery radiance the darkness of the night.
By these signs celestial and terrestrial we are reminded that those ideals for which we stand are both of heaven and of earth, and that our life terrestrial shall be the measure of our life celestial; for these signs are not only for days, nor for years, but for all eternity.
Orator remains at position.

Episode 5—Particular Symbolism: The Four Citations
Prelate, rising, without leaving station:
Gaze, Brother, at that symbolic sun, and heed its lesson. The clear white intensity of its flame betokens Purity. Its brightness calls us to keep our lives unsullied.
He that bears this torch must be a shining flame of pure intent, of clear resolve and upright act.
For the Great Book doth say . . . .
Orator, placing right hand on Bible without looking down at it:
Orator removes hand. Prelate resumes seat.
Vice-Governor, rising, without leaving Station:
Now learn another lesson from that sun. In so far as it gives light does it give heat, and thus betokens Aid. Its kindly beams bring warmth to germinate the seed and aid all growing things.
He that bears this torch must be a glowing fire of hope for the distressed, strength for the frail and comfort for the afflicted.
For the Great Book doth say . . .
Orator, placing right hand on Bible without looking down at it:
Orator removes hand. Vice-Governor resumes seat.
Past Governor, rising, without leaving Station:
Now hearken to its third significance. Upon primeval chaos came the light. Herein is Wisdom, dispelling darkness and stablishing the order of the universe.
He that bears this torch must be a radiant beacon of guidance to the erring, wisdom to the foolish and understanding to the blind of heart. For the Great Book doth say . . .
Orator, placing right hand on Bible without looking down at it:
Orator removes hand. Past Governor resumes seat. Orator moves to position, still facing Altar.
Governor, rising, without leaving Station:
Brother, the white flame of Purity, the warmth of Aid, and the light of Understanding, begetting Wisdom, make in the whole—Progress. Be ever looking outwards, that from the purity of your motives you may bring the willing hand of aid to those in outer darkness who have not wisdom.
He that bears this torch in the cause of universal brotherhood must progress even unto the farthest corners of the earth and, over the centre of another altar, raise again the torch fraternal, that more and more may rejoice in the radiance of its light.
Orator moves back to position.

For the Great Book doth say ...
Orator, placing right hand on Bible without looking down at it:
Orator removes hand. Governor resumes seat. Lights are restored. Orator turns, bows to Governor and resumes seat.

Stage 4
Second Circuit—Procession and Book of Progress
Episode 1—Procession: Second Ode
Brother Commender.
Commender rises, moves to Altar and takes up position right of Candidate. Governor gives two raps, leaves his station, takes Torch from Altar and, passing by way of 4 behind Candidate and to his left, addresses him.
Brother, follow me.
A procession is formed in the following order: Governor, Candidate, Commender. Organist plays introductory bars of Ode as they proceed in file towards Governor's Station. When the Candidate reaches it, they halt. Governor turns to face Candidate and presents him with Torch.
Governor, to Candidate:
Brother, bear this Torch and follow me, as we in triumph raise our voices in the cause of Progress.
Governor turns about. Organist then starts Second Preferment Ode (Processional) without further introductory bars. Simultaneously Governor steps off at required pace—previously ascertained by repeated careful rehearsal with Organist—and the procession of three makes a complete circuit of the stations, moving clockwise.
At the start of the second, third and fourth stanzas the Candidate should be passing exactly before each station respectively, with Governor just in front of him and Commender just behind. At the last note the Candidate should have exactly reached the Governor's Station. There should be no halt; but, if unavoidable, halts will be made when Candidate reaches any or each of the stations, in order that the four stanzas may synchronize with the four quadrants of the circuit.
It is the Organist's responsibility to ensure a uniform tempo with no rallentando and no pause between stanzas—and the Governor's to judge and regulate the pace according to the music.

Second Preferment Ode
Brother, in our high endeavour
Bear the torch, display its light;
Keeping faith, go forward ever—
Onward in the good and right.
Like the beams from sun's clear splendour,
Mind be chaste and heart be pure;
Like sun's glow—how strong, how tender!—
So may loving Aid endure.
By the light of understanding
Walk in Wisdom's winning way,
Still the torch to Brothers handing
In our Progress to the day
When fulfilled shall be our dreaming
In true Brotherhood of Men,
And in the eternal gleaming
All shall sing the glad 'Amen '!
At the moment Candidate reaches the Governor's Station the procession halts. Governor turns and faces Candidate, takes Torch in his right hand and with his left seats Candidate in Governor's Chair, returning to the front of his station. Commender moves to immediate right and Orator to immediate left of seated Candidate. All three Officers are facing Candidate. Governor places Torch in Orator's right hand.
Brother … addresses Candidate by name, it is not without design that for a moment you are placed in the seat of honour at the head of this Lodge, for this is the Station of Progress.
Vice-Governor gives one rap. All are seated except Governor, Orator and Commender.

Episode 2—Book of Progress: Signature and Declamation
Organist softly plays last two bars of Second Preferment Ode while Governor places before Candidate the Book of Progress and opens it. Orator holds up Torch to light the Book.
This is a treasured volume. Each page bears the same pledge to Progress, signed by each Brother with his own hand.
Here turns over pages to blue marker are the present members of our Extending Circle. Each in his turn upon his path of progress has rested in this chair, as now you rest. These are to you an example.
Here turns to page with purple marker, signed by a Brother since deceased those happy Brothers whose path of life is ended, whose earthly progress is complete. These are to you an inspiration.
Now read in silence this pledge, before you sign.
The Pledge
NOTE.—The words of this pledge are on no account to be read aloud unless the Candidate be blind, in which case they shall be read aloud slowly and impressively by the Orator, and the preceding sentence shall read: Now attend, while the Orator reads to you this pledge, before you sign.

I have received the Triple Torch of Progress;
If I show not forth its light, my Purity is empty;
If I give not forth its warmth. my Aid is vain;
If I shed not forth its radiance, my Wisdom is of no avail
Therefore do I pledge my heart, my hand, my mind unto the Progress of this Order and the furtherance of the Brotherhood of Man.
Herein if I do fail (unless it be through sickness, destiny or bounden duty) I am no more worthy to be called a Loyal Brother in Progress, nor to have preserved within this treasured volume the name that here I sign.
Governor allows a sufficient pause for Candidate to read the pledge, then opens inkstand and hands him the pen. As Candidate is about to sign, Governor gently restrains his hand.
Wait, Brother, ere you inscribe your name, for this ink is indelible. He turns to red marker, where the page has been roughly torn out.
See! Here formerly was the name of a Brother who once filled a place in our Extending Circle, as now shall you; who once was cautioned, as now I caution you. Pause. That Circle he deserted. Pause. 'Twas not through sickness or destiny, nor yet through bounden duty.
In sorrow we tore from this azure Book of Progress the pledge that he had signed—its rent and broken edge more eloquent than voiced reproach. Pause.
This is to you a solemn warning. Pause.
Now, Brother, write, if so you are truly minded.
Orator, declaims the following while Candidate is signing:
"The moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it."
Orator moves to Altar, places Torch on Altar and resumes his seat. Commender takes up position behind Governor. Governor takes Candidate's right hand and exchanges places with him, both moving clockwise. Governor resumes seat, inspects the signed page, blots it if necessary, then quietly closes Book, replaces pen and closes lid of inkstand.
Brother Commender, conduct our Brother to the Altar.
Commender conducts Candidate position.
At the same time the Guiding Moose and the Assistant Guiding Moose marshal the other Candidates to form a semi-circle behind the Chief Candidate at position.
Governor, opens Book of Progress at page after last signature:
Brother Candidates, before me lies the Book of Progress. You have heard the charge delivered to Brother … names Chief Candidate before he signed. You, too, must rest for a moment in this Chair of Progress. Now
attend, while the Orator reads to you this pledge, before you sign.
Orator rises, moves to front of Governor's Station, receives from him the Book of Progress, and turns to face Altar. Slowly and impressively he reads aloud the Pledge, pauses, turns about, and hands Book to Governor, who sets it down open before him. Orator bows to Governor, returns to his post, and remains standing.
Governor, still seated:
Brothers, you will each in turn, under the direction of the Commender, approach this Station, be seated in this chair, and inscribe your name within this book.
Commender will conduct each Candidate to Governor's Station via Station of Wisdom, remain standing whilst he signs and then conduct him to his place before the Altar via Station of Purity. On completion he returns to his seat.

Stage 5
At Altar—Completion
Episode 1—Creation
Governor, gives two raps, advances to position, and raises both hands:
By virtue of the power vested in me as Governor of this Lodge, I declare you (and each of you) lawfully preferred and hereby create you (a) Brother(s) of the Degree of Progress.
Governor lowers hands.

Episode 2—The Tertiary Secrets and Emblem
The knock of this degree consists of …. The password is … pronounces, spells, then pronounces again. Write it within your memory, and in no place else.
As you have learnt, the knock and password signify … gives explanation—sustained, and not
Brothers, join me in greeting our newly preferred Brother(s) with the Sign of Progress.
Brothers do so, taking their time from Governor. Governor returns to his Station and gives one rap.
Brother Past Governor, you will invest our Brother(s) with the Emblem of Progress.
Past Governor bows, leaves his Station, and moves to Candidate(s) from whose collar he removes the Pendant of Aid, places on cushion held by Guiding Moose, and replaces with Pendant of Progress taken from cushion.
Past Governor:
Brother, this emblem, with its triple circle enclosing the moose head, symbolizes your progress into our Extending Circle. The small circle within shows the path of progress along which the steady pace of advance must be sustained, until the perfect Day of Universal Brotherhood. Let this emblem be to you, my Brother(s), a continuing inspiration for the extension of the Order and its ideals.
Past Governor turns, bows to Governor, returns to his Station, and sits.

Episode 3—Peroration: Third Ode: Epiphonema
Governor, standing in his Station and addressing Candidate:
This is the end, my Brother(s)—and this is the beginning. The days of preparation are over—the years of service and endeavour are scarce begun. Rejoice, my Brother(s), that while you live your progress cannot know perfection: rejoice, for there is ever a path of hope to travel, a hill of faith to climb, a highway of endeavour to pursue.
But "ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established". Be not in haste to carry forth the Torch until its light be truly shed within this temple. Seek first the harmony of this brotherhood, for kindness to a stranger is oft-times easier than forbearance to a Brother.
Then may you dream your dreams of universal brotherhood—then may you look outward and go forward—then realize your vision of a world at peace.
Where Peace is lost, my Brother(s), there Progress halts and turns in sorrow upon her tracks. To keep the good must we pass it along. Be this your solemn charge—courageously to run your race, to bear aloft the torch fraternal, to keep alive the flame of Peace.
Organist plays introductory bars of Third Preferment Ode as signal for remainder to rise.

Third Preferment Ode
Now from every voice be heard
Song of faith unbroken;
Pledged is every solemn word,
Sealed each sign and token.
By the shining of the light
And the threefold story,
Strive we e'er to banish Night—
Brotherhood our glory.
At the close of the Ode. The Commender moves to Candidate's right,
conducts him to his place and bows to him. He then bows to Governor and returns to his own seat. Governor waits till all motion has ceased. At same time Guiding Moose and Assistant Guiding Moose conduct the other Candidates to Quadrant of Aid and if necessary to Quadrant of Purity.
This is the end my Brother(s) and this is the beginning—one rap.
End of Preferment Ceremony
Nine O'Clock Ceremony
Particular Instructions

1. Occasion. This ceremony is independent—i.e., neither exclusively sessional nor non-sessional. It is normally performed at 9 p.m. during any session or any meeting (e.g., Lodge of Preparation; business or committee meeting, etc.) where only Loyal Moose are "gathered in the name of the Order."
2. Variation of Time. Whenever convenient (e.g., during business) it shall be taken at exactly 9 p.m., but this hour is symbolical, and there is nothing to prevent the ceremony's being held before or after 9 p.m. It shall not interrupt any other ritual ceremony unless specific provision is made in the Instructions or Rubrics thereof.
3. Omission of Ode. The Ode should always be included when the Lodge is in session, but it may be omitted at non-sessional meetings.
4. Officiating Brother. The Warden normally officiates, but the Governor may direct any Brother to conduct the ceremony, or may elect to do so himself. If so, the necessary substitution of "Brother (names Brother)" or "I" will be made in the first sentence, WHICH MOST IN ANY CASE BE SPOKEN BY THE GOVERNOR OR CHAIRMAN.

Brother Warden will now conduct the Nine O'Clock Ceremony.
If Lodge is seated. Governor gives two raps. Lights are turned low. Mooseheart Lamp is lighted. The Warden, or other Officiating Brother, moves to position.
It is now the hour of nine. Nine strokes on Chimes. At that hour our children at Mooseheart kneel at their bedsides, offering their prayers to the Father of all.
Let us turn towards Mooseheart and, with folded arms and bowed heads, join them in silent prayer.
All fold arms and bow heads. Pause, for silent prayer.
Brothers, you will say with me—.
Warden and Brothers:
"Suffer little children—to come unto me—and forbid them not:—for of such is the kingdom of heaven."—God bless Mooseheart.
Warden, or other Officiating Brother, returns to his place. At this point either of the following Odes will be sung, or any other appropriate hymn may be chosen.

Nine O'Clock Ode
God Who hath made the daisies
And every lovely thing—
He will accept their praises
And hearken while they sing:
He says, though they are simple,
Though ignorant they be,
"Then suffer little children
And let them come to me."
After the Ode the lights will be turned on and the Mooseheart Lamp extinguished. Governor gives one rap.

General Closing
Particular Instructions

1. Nature of Ceremony. This ceremony ends all Lodge sessions, of whatever state, and is substantially the same irrespective of what degree has preceded it. It does not end non-sessional rites (e.g., Memorial Ceremony and other services).
2. Disapparelling. Immediately after the General Closing (unless there be a Post-Initiation, or Post-Advancement, the Guiding Moose and Assistant Guiding Moose, together with such other Brothers as shall be appointed, will see that all equipment is put away and that the Lodge Room is left in the same condition as it was in prior to its apparelling before the General Opening.

Part A—End of Business
Has any matter of importance been neglected or overlooked? Pause. Brother Vice-Governor, have you any reports of sickness or distress to make?
Vice-Governor rises and gives Sign of Courtesy, Aid, or Progress—according as the Lodge is in primary, secondary, or tertiary state respectively. He then makes his report and sits.
We will now proceed to close.
Part B—God: Country: Order
Governor, gives two raps:
Brother Prelate.
All fold arms and bow heads during prayer.
Divine Father of men, guide us, guard and keep us as we go our several ways. Bless Thou the good we have done, and forgive us the evil. Hold Thou Mooseheart and Moosehaven in the hollow of Thy hand, and let Thy blessings rest upon the children and the aged of our Brotherhood. We pray Thee, Father, to remember in Thy mercy those of our Brothers who this night have not shared with us the joy of fellowship. Watch by the sick, and comfort those who are bowed down by the cares of this world. Be Thou with us all in our homes, and protect us and all our loved ones. Give us wisdom and understanding, and to Thee be the Power and the Glory for ever and ever.
Guiding Moose moves to flag and salutes it. He then removes it from its stand and presents it at position, holding it upright, unfurled, the foot of the pole off the floor.
Brothers, salute the flag.
Guiding Moose retains flag motionless. Remaining Brothers salute. Guiding Moose then proceeds to deposit flag and return to his post.
Governor, in an undertone:
Brothers we will say together. "It is the duty. . ."
Governor and Brothers, in an undertone together:
It is the duty of every member of this Order—to refrain from discussing—the business of this Order—outside the Circle of our Fraternity.
Part C—Defending Circle: Exhortation
Brothers, form the Defending Circle.
The Defending Circle is formed as detailed in the rubric in Part D of General Opening.
Governor, right arm upraised:
That which is done is done. Closes Bible with right hand, front cover upwards, steps back. The future will determine whether it be for good or evil.
Let none depart from this Altar with anger in his heart. Let all go forth with good thoughts, good words, and good deeds for all mankind. Lowers right arm.
Part D—Closing Ode: Valediction: Officers' Exit
While Organist plays introductory bars of Closing Ode, Governor returns to his station and Officers form semi-circle around Altar and face Governor's Station, as in Part A of General
Opening. Remaining Brothers return to their places. If a Grip is given, it shall be the Grip of the Order, and shall be given ONLY during the last line of the first of the Odes printed hereunder.

Closing Ode
Father, let Thy peace and blessing
Rest upon us as we part;
May we, Brothers' love possessing,
Ever friendly aid impart.
Pure be purpose, high endeavour,
Till true brotherhood be won.
Naught our friendship true shall sever;
Clasp of hand shall seal us one.
Governor, waits till music has ceased:
Brothers, I fraternally bid you good night.
Good night.
Guiding Moose advances to Governor, bows, and escorts him from Lodge Room. Distinguished Officers and Lodge Officers follow, the latter surrendering their collars to the Inner Guard within the entrance. The order of exit shall be:—
Guiding Moose;
Grand Lodge Officers (if present);
Regional Grand Lodge Officers (if present)
Past Governor;
Past Governors in order of seniority;
Remaining Lodge Officers.
Guiding Moose and Assistant Guiding Moose then collect insignia and equipment.