Grand United Order of Odd Fellows
Ritual of the Juvenile Society


Worthy vice, it is my desire that this Juvenile Society, No. …, of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, be now convened.
Worthy officers and juveniles, it is our president's desire, that this society be now convened for the transaction of all business that may come properly before us. All who are not entitled to remain in this meeting will please retire. Pause. Officers of the society, please take your stations and give our president your assistance in conducting the business of the society. All please regale. Guardian, please close the door, and allow no one to enter who is not entitled to the privileges of the society, nor to depart without the consent of the worthy president. Worthy supervisors, would you kindly inform me if all present are entitled to the hospitality of the juvenile society?
The supervisors will look about the room and answer according to the facts—"yes" or "no."
When all is satisfactory, the vice president arises in her stand, and addressing the president, says:
Worthy president, this society is now prepared to convene.
PRESIDENT, ***, all stand:
Worthy vice, officers, and juveniles. By the authority vested in me, I declare this society convened. Let us bow in prayer with one of our worthy supervisors.
All bow. Prayer. At the close all respond: Amen.
The president gives one rap—all are seated.
Worthy secretary, I would thank you to call the officers' roll and read the minutes of the last meeting of this society.
The secretary calls the roll and reads the minutes.
If there be no objections or corrections, the minutes will stand approved.
Worthy sick visitor, have you any report to make respecting the sick, disabled, or deceased juveniles?
The sick visitor and associates report. (Pause.)
The worthy recorder will please call the juvenile roll, and collect the dues, fines, and taxes.
Worthy recorder, have you any communications or bills upon your desk? If so, we will consider them.
Are there any applications for membership? Let them be read and referred to the worthy supervisors.
We will now have the reports of all committees.
Let us vote for the applicants for membership, if our worthy supervisors have any to recommend.
Is there any new business?
Admission Ceremony
Let the Juvenile enter the room accompanied by the worthy supervisor, and take position in the center, facing the worthy president, and salute both the worthy president and vice president.
The supervisor will then advance to the president with the Juvenile, and introduce her or him by name, relation, age, and residence, thus:
Worthy president, this is Mary Smith, daughter of Sister
Anna Smith. She is nine years old, and resides at 524 Cherry Street. She has been elected a member of this society, and I now present her to you for introduction to the juveniles.
Worthy Juvenile, I welcome you into our society, and trust you will be a useful member.
Worthy supervisor, please introduce the new Juvenile to all the members of this society.
The secretary will enroll the new member and furnish him with a badge and a copy of the Rules and Regulations.
No other ceremony should be permitted; especially hood-winking and obligating. Neither are signs nor tokens and gifts to be given to children.
The admission must be plain, simple, and devoid of any rough or frightful practices.

When all business has been completed, the president will give two raps, and say:
Worthy vice president, it is my desire that this Juvenile Society, No. …, of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, be dismissed.
Worthy officers and juveniles, it is our president's desire that this society be dismissed. Worthy supervisors, please instruct us in our juvenile duties, and give us your encouragement and advice.
One of the supervisors will rise and say:
My little ones, remember the words of the Holy Bible: Honor thy father and mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. Enter not into the paths of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil.
The cardinal principles of the juvenile department are:
1. He who would teach, must first learn.
2. He who would govern, must learn to be governed.
3. Learn to obey your parents, for some day you may regret having disobeyed, when it is too late.
4. Let your aim be always upward and let your conduct be too lofty to stoop to commit an unworthy act, or cause the blush of shame to your parents.
Before we close, let me impress upon your minds the importance of cultivating a kind, loving, and gentle disposition. Be obedient to your parents, respectful to your elders, kind to your playmates, and true to the juvenile societies of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows.
Worthy president, the juveniles await your pleasure to be dismissed.
Let us sing.
All juveniles, except officers, rise and join hands in a circle. Sing "Saviour more than life to me" (or any other appropriate song).
Most worthy supervisor, please give us the benediction.
While the benediction is being pronounced the juveniles will all bow with hands crossed over heart. At the conclusion of the benediction all respond:
For the Redeemer 's sake, Amen. Drop hands. Raise the head.
By the authority in me vested, I declare Juvenile Society No. …, of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows dismissed. *.
All respond: