Great Southern Fraternal Union
Ritual of the Fourth Degree


This degree is given by N. G. M. only.
Preparation for sealed or National Grand Lodge Degree.
N. G. M. or P. N. G. M. Sons and Daughterswe are assembled to celebrate the full age of your youngest Son or Daughter and to seal him or her to the Court. The N. G. M. A. or V. N. G. M. A. will please retire and prepare the candidate.

He or she is blindfolded and seated in a chair and secwred to it. The G. O. G. then gives notice to the N. Grand Sons and Daughters that the candidate is ready.
The G. I G. carries him or her into and aroud the hal three times slowly.
Then they seat him or her in front of the altar of the National Grand Sons and Daughters. This is done during the most profound silencenot a word being spoken.
N. G. M. A.:
Here we are at the guarded door of "the sealed Sons and Daughters". Let us knock for we have a right to enter.
He or she gives four loud raps.
N. G. I. G. (speaking from behind the door):
Who are you that seek admission to the secret assembly of the sealed Sons and Daughters of the National Grand Court of the G. S. F. U.?
N. G. M. A.:
We are of the family of the children of God and learned the lesson taught by our Father.
N. G. I. G.:
Thou hast done well in coming thus far on your pilgrimage but you can not pass this entrance unless you take a solemn obligation which will be given you by the NG. M. If you are willing you may pass and continue your journey.
N. G. M.:
Now that you are willing to take this obligation lay your right hand on this Bible and repeat after me:
I (repeat name) do most solemnly promise and swear that I will keep the secrets of a sealed Son or Daughter of the National Grand Court of the G. S. F. U. and those of an indivdual when imparted to me. I further promise and swear thar that I will defend and maintain the good name. Charm, honor and virtue of a worthy sealed Son or Daughter whenever and wherever assailed. Should I forfeit or fail to keep any and every part of this vow may I be cast out in disgrace.
All members:
Amen! Amen! Amen!
N. G. M.:
Son or Daughter, thy journey is almost ended. You are at the sealed door. You have represented in this journey the travel of a Son or Daughter through this world. These sealed Sons or Daughters will accompany you through the journey of life and comfort you in distress defend you when in danger and minister to you in sickness but when death's doors are open they can go no further with you. May you when you come to the sealed doors of heaven be in full possession of love; friendship, faith and harmony. Members be loyal to each other.
The Test
N. G. M.:
Why are yon satisfied?
Becanse you touch me with the seal.
N. G. M.:
Are you a sealed Daughter or Son in National Grand Court?
I have advanced and was ready against the third day.
This degree can be given only by N. G. M./ P. N. G. M.or by his request.

Distress Signs
Stretch your right han
d or laying it on the top of your head. Answer by catching the chin with the left hand. Any member seeing this go at the risk of their life. This teaches us to be loyal to each other.