Great Southern Fraternal Union
Ritual of the Third or Junior Degree


This degree carries the members of the G. S. F. U. from the Grand Court to the State Grand Court, and is to be conferred by the N. or P. N. G M. and State Grand Master, or at their request only.


He or she is blindfolded with their hands tied securely and in the custody of S. G. M. A. approaches the inner door.
when S. G. M. A. then gives three raps which is answered by three raps of the inside by the S. G. I. G. when the door is opened the N. G. M. A. gives the S. G. I. G. the password and is admitted.
The candidates are conducted directly to the station of the N. G. M.
N. G. M.:
Who cometh here ?
N. G. M. A.:
Poor blind candidate or (candidates) who is (or are) anxious to pass from darkness to light and receive a part of the rights, privileges and benefits of the State Grand Lodge.
N. G. M.:
Who are you?
Cand. (promptly by N. G. M. A.):
We are the children of the great family of adoption , who journeyed on to the advanced station in life then still being satisfied, decided to knock at the Junior door for further instructions.
S. G. M.:
In as much as you have been adopted advanced and as yet are satisfied it will be good for you to pass through the Junior door and received further instructions for your journey until you reach your final destination which is the sealed door.
I am satisfied!, I am satisfied! I am satisfied!
All join their little fingers forming a perfect circle with the N. G. M. in the center.
N. G. M.:
You are now before the S. G. C. for the first time standing uncovered, and in a circle You will please extend your right hand and lay it upon the Holy Bible and repeat after me this, your solemn obligation:
I (repeat name ) do earnestly solemnly and most sincerely promise and swear that I will keep the secrets of the Grand Court, State Grand Court and any other secrets of the G. S. F. U. that have or hereafter may be imparted to me. I further promise and swear that I will defend the good name character and reputation of my Son and Daughter of the G. S. F. U. whenever and wherever assailed. Should I falter or fail to keep any and every part of this vow, I am willing for my body to be burned, and for my soul to be tormented.
N. I. G.:
Son or Daughter you have about reached the end of your Junior journey. You have traveled well, having been adopted, journeyed or to the advanced station in life, and at the same time satisfied to continue until you will have reached and admitted inside the Junior door.
The Junior Sons and Daughters will accompany you as you travel on to the sealed door; they will comfort you in distress, defend you when in danger, minister unto you during your illness, and stand by you even until death. May you, when coming to the portals of glory, be in possession of the password of eternity.


S. G. M.:
I was invested with the test to the advanced degree. Will you give me the test?
I will with your assistance.
The grip is given.
N. G. M.:
Grand Lodge.
State Grand Lodge. This is the Junior degree password.
N. G. M.:
Are you satisfied?
Cand.: I am truly satisfied.
N. G. M.:
Why are you satisfied?
Because I have passed through the Junior door.
N. G. M.:
Are you a Junior Son or Daughter of the G. C. of G. S. F. U.
I knocked at the Junior door and was ready against the second day and I am now prepared for the sealed door.
Distress Signs
Gently touch your left cheek three time's with the right hand.
Answer: Lay your left hand on your right shoulder. Any member seeing this must go at the risk of their life as that means distress.
If it is dark and you can not be seen, then give three loud clapsówith the palm of the hand slowly.
Answer: The Son or Daughter who hears this sound answers by one loud clap and (a pause) then two loud claps in rapid succession. This means a distressed Son or Daughter, and you must proceed at once to them at the hazard of your life. This is the duty of a true Great Southerner.