Order of Calanthe
Ritual of the Second Degree or Degree of Harmony

No date


W. C.:
Sister Escort, you will please drape the altar in green.
W. E., after draping the altar:
Most Worthy Counsellor, your order has been obeyed.
W. C.:
Sister Escort, and Sister Conductress, you will please take up the pass-word of the second degree.
After taking up the pass-word the Escort and Conductress will come before the altar, salute the W. C. with the second degree and report.
W. E.:
Most Worthy Counsellor, I find all on the right of the altar correct, except those standing.
Most Worthy Counsellor, I find all on the left of the altar correct; except those standing.
W. C.:
Sister Escort, communicate the password to those found worthy.
W. E.:
Most Worthy Counsellor, your order has been obeyed.
W. C.:
I thank you. Please take your stations.
W. C., * * * *:
We will all give the sign of Recognition and the answer; the sign of Caution; Courtesy; the sign of distress and now the grip. * *.
W. C.:
Sister Escort, you will take such assistance as you need, to the ante-room, and prepare such candidate as you may find in waiting to receive the second degree or degrees of Harmony.
She goes to the ante-room, puts a green robe or veil on the candidate, and leads him (or her) hoodwinked to the door and gives * * *..
HERALD, * * * and in a loud voice says:
Who dares to intrude upon us while engaged in the work of the Degree of Harmony?
A stranger who has been duly initiated in the manifold blessings of Fidelity, with proper recommendations, now comes seeking further advancement in our Court.
How are we to know she (or he) is worthy?
She (or he) wears the green veil, that color being the emblem of caution.
Wait for the decision of our Worthy Counsellor.
Worthy Counsellor, a stranger knocks at the gates of our Court, who has been initiated in the manifold blessings of Fidelity, and now seeks further advancement.
W. C.:
Is she (or he) of good report, and well recommended?
Worthy Counsellor, she (or he) wears the green veil.
W. C.:
Admit her (or him) without further delay.
Escort enters with candidate, who is conducted around the room twice and presented to the Worthy Inspectrix, who examines the candidate in the first degree.
W. INX.:
Sister Escort, I find the candidate proficient You will please conduct the sister (or brother) to the altar and inform the Orator.
Worthy Orator, by direction of our Worthy Inspectrix I present to you this candidate for obligation in the manifold blessings of Harmony.
Worthy Orator proceeds to the altar and Escort places in Position to receive obligation, kneeling on both knees, and hands en the Bible.
Worthy Orator, the candidate is in a Position to take the obligation.
Sister Escort, as the candidate is in proper position, it is but right that he (or she) should be in full posession of his (or her) mental faculties; therefore, you will remove the hoodwink, that he (or she) may be enabled to see as well as hear.
to the candidate: You will repeat your name and say after me "I", , in the presence of the Almighty God and the witnesses around me, do most solemnly declare that I will under no circumstances whatever, communicate by word, syllable or sign, any of the secrets of this degree to any person in the known world outside of this court.
I further declare upon my former obligation to respect all officers in their respective positions and to do all in my power to promote the peace and harmony of this Court, and that I will not misrepresent or slander a member of our Beloved Order, and will aid a sister or brother to the extent of my ability without injury to myself or my family. All of which I solemnly promise, so help me God."
W. O.:
You will now remove our hands and kiss the Holy Bible, our Book of Lessons. The
candidate will rise.
W. O.:
Sister Escort, you will please conduct our sister (or brother) to our Worthy Counsellor for further instruction.
W. E.:
Most Worthy Counsellor, by the direction of the Orator, I present to you sister (or brother) who has been duly obligated in the Degree of Harmony.
W. C.:
Sister (or brother) it is indeed a great pleasure to welcome you to this Degree, and I congratulate you upon the advancement you are making in our Court. May the solemn obligation you have taken bind you to us forever.
In obligating you into the beauties of this Degree of Harmony I would point you to the Harmony of Nature and the wonderful things about us. How glorious is the Harmony of all Creation.
The sun, moon, stars and all the heavenly bodies silently display Harmony in their ever constant and mysterious circuit through space.
The earth and all its myriads and inhabitants are ever in Harmony. The seasons come and go. Vegetation coming and going is an ever mindful sentinel to us of the Harmony there is in Nature. The beautiful rainbow in the skies is a voice of Power to teach the fidelity of God in the harmony of His promise and His pledge to man.
Sister Escort, you will please conduct the candidate to the Worthy Inspectrix, who will instruct her (or him) in the grip, Signs and pass-word.
W. E.:
Most Worthy Inspector, I present to you Sister (or Brother) , for adoption in the Degree of Harmony.
I will now instruct you in the grip, signs and pass-word of this Degree.
In coming to the outer door, you will knock in any way to attract the Protector, who will raise the wicket. You will then whisper in his ear the one-half of the pass-word, which is HER. He will then whisper to you the other half, which is mione, and will admit you.
You will then put on the regalia or insignia of this Degree, which is a green collar. You will then apply at the inner door and give * * * raps, which will be answered from within by * * * raps, by the Herald. You will then give your name, the name and number of your Court, and the whole password which is Hermione. You will be reported to the Worthy Counsellor, who will order you to be admitted.
You will advance to the center of the Court, before the altar, and give the sign of Courtesy and Harmony, which are two fingers of right hand on right cheek.
The answer will be the same with left hand on left cheek.
You will then be seated.
The sign of Recognition and answer: The right fore-finger under right eye. Answer is the same with left fore finger under left eye.
The sign of caution and the sign of distress are the same in all degrees.
The pass-word is Hermione.
The gavel is used as authority in the same manner in all degrees of Subordinate Courts. My dear Sister (or brother), may you prove yourself to be a worthy member of our Order, always punctual in attendance and prompt in the execution of duties. Sister Escort, you will now conduct the Sister (or brother) before the altar.
Worthy Counsellor, I present Sister (or Brother) , who has been instructed in the Degree of Harmony.
W. C., * * * *:
Sisters and Brothers, I now introduce you to Sister (or Brother) as a member of the Second Degree of our Court.
All shake hands, giving grip, which is middle finger hooked.
* *, all seated.

Interrogation on Grip
What is that?
It is a link.
What does it connect?
Fidelity and Harmony.
We are one.
While shaking band with the newly made Sister or Brother, the following will be sung:

I love Thy Kingdom, Lord,
The house of Thine abode,
The Church our Blessed Redeemer saved
With His own precious blood.
I love Thy Court, O God;
Her Walls before Thee stand
Dear as the apple of Thine eye,
And graven on Thy hand.
At the close of the song, the candidate is conducted to the ante-room.
W. C.:
Sister Escort, you will remove the green and drape the altar in white, and we will proceed with the business of the evening.