United Order of True Reformers
Initiation Ritual


Opening Ceremony

At the hour for opening: the W. M. F. will take the chair and call to order.
W.M.F., *:
The hour has arrived to open the Fountain. All not entitled to remain will retire. The officers and members will clothe themselves in regalia, and take their proper stations. The Worthy Secretary will call the roll of Officers, to see if all are present.
The officers present rise and report as their names are called; the Secretary reports the absentees. The W.M.F. will fill the vacancies for the evening.
The Guide and Assistant Guide will report to me the watchword and countersign for the current term, and then examine those present, and report to the Chair those without it.
The Guide and Assistant Guide will examine all present, and report each one without the watchword and countersign. If any should be present who are not entitled to remain, the W.M.F. will direct them to retire; but if entitled, the W.M.F. will give the watchword and countersign. When the examination is completed, the Guide and Assistant Guide resume their stations, and the Guide says:
W.M., the Fountain is purified on your left.
A.G.: W.M., the Fountain is purified on your right.
Officers who make response will rise and remain standing.
W.Mrs. of the Fountain, what is your duty?
W.Mrs.F.: To support your authority; keep faithful watch over the gate of the Fountain, and see that none enter or retire during the opening, closing, or initiatory services, unless so commanded by you; to preserve order in the ante-room by promptly suppressing all noise therein, and give permission to any to retire.
W.M.F.: Worthy Secretary, what is your duty?
W.S.: To keep true minutes of the proceedings of the Fountain; to receive all moneys due, and pay them over to the Treasurer, and take receipt for the same.
W.M.F.: Worthy Treasurer, what is your duty?
W.T.: To receive the moneys from the Secretary; provide for their safe-keeping, and to pay the orders of the Fountain, when properly made out by the Secretary, and signed by the Worthy Master.
W.M.F.: Worthy Guide, what is your duty?
W.G.: To see that the Fountain is purified; to have care of the regalia; conduct candidates, and wait on worthy visitors.
W.M.F.: Worthy Chaplain, it is your duty to invoke the blessing of Almighty God, for which let
us pray.
Worthy Chaplain offers the following prayer, or, if he prefers, an ex tempore one:
* * *.


W.C.: Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, we would not undertake any duty without recognizing Thy righteous authority, and asking Thy blessing. It has pleased Thee to spare us to meet again at this Fountain of purity, and to drink of the waters of temperance. Forgive our past unfaithfulness, and direct us in our future efforts to serve Thee in the promotion of the great cause to which we have sacredly-pledged our lives. May the fatal tempter have no power over us, but may we remain forever free from the foul stain of drunkenness. Bless us in our efforts to reclaim the erring, support the weak, and deliver the tempted from the snares of this great destroyer. Hasten the day when all intoxicating drinks shall be banished from our land and the dark clouds that hang over so many, homes and hearts, shall be dispelled by the shining, of the Sun of Temperance. Guide us in our thoughts and plans this evening; be our pillar of fire by night, and our sheltering cloud by day during the remainder of life's pilgrimage, and when our feet shall dip in the chill waters of the Jordan of Death, be present with Thy rod and staff to measure the waters, and give us comfort, and lead us to Thy everlasting rest, we ask in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord. Amen.
Worthy officers and members, we are met together in a noble cause. All good men approve it. Our Heavenly Father will smile upon it. Let us conduct ourselves with propriety, and with a full sense that in this great work we are co-laborers with God.
Please sing our opening Ode.


O Lord, in mercy bless,
Wisdom to us impart,
Cruwn every meeting with success,
And rule in every heart.

Here may we all be found
Each Fountain meeting night,
And may our love and zeal abound
In deeds of truth and right.
W.M.F.: The Fountain is now open for business.
W.M.F., *: Worthy Sentinel, you will please notify the members in the ante-room that the Fountain is open, and request them to enter.
W.Sen.: Worthy Master, the duty is performed.

Initiatory Ceremony

The Past Master will proceed to the ante-room and make the preliminary examination.
The Assistant Guide will prepare the room for initiation; fill the glasses with water, and supply the Supporters with regalia for the candidate.
W.P.M to the Candidate:
My friend, I understand that you are in waiting to enter into fellowship with us in this great cause of suffering humanity; but before you drink of the waters of our Fountain, you will please answer the following questions:
1st. Will you be obedient to all our laws, rules and usages, with the assurance on our part that they will not conflict with yonr duties to your God, your family, or your country?
Ans.: I will.
2d. Will you take, without mental reservation, a sacred obligation, as binding as life itself, not to wrong, or suffer to be wronged, any of the members of this institution, and that you will always be governed by the laws, rules and regulations of this Fountain and the Grand Fountain?
Ans.: I will.
Do you believe in the existence of Almighty God, the Ruler of Heaven and earth, and the Giver of every good gift?
Ans.: I do.
The P.M.F. returns and reports to the W.M. the result of his examination.
Worthy Master, I am satisfied with the answers of the candidate.
W.M.F.: The Guides will now introduce the candidate.
The Guides on returning will give two distinct raps.
W.Sent., opening the wicket:
Who gives that strange alarm?
W.G.: A thirsty traveler, seeking to drink at the Fountain of Purity.
W.Sent., to W.M.F.:
A thirsty traveler knocks for admission to drink at our Fountain of Purity.
W.M.F.: To all such the waters of our Fountain flow freely. Admit him (her.)
The Guide will march the candidate slowly around the room once while singing the following ode. Halt, facing the W.M.F.


Welcome, stranger, to our Fountain,
To its waters now advance,
Standing firmly as the mountain,
Pledged for right and temperance.

Welcome, stranger, still we're singing,
Hearts united cheer you on—
To its waters ever clinging,
Health and honor will be won.
W.G.: Worthy Master of the Fountain, I have in my charge a thirsty traveler. He asks your permission to drink at the Fountain of Purity.
* * *.
We rise to do you honor. You have come from the outer world, which is full of temptations, to seek this pure retreat of the Fountain. The welcome we give you is from the heart, and as we now stand around you, we promise ever to support you in your virtuous resolve to fly the tempters, and unite with us in our efforts to raise the fallen and make happy the homes of the suffering.
You will now accompany our Guide to Worthy Chaplain, and receive his counsel.
Worthy Chaplain, our friend awaits your instructions.
W.C.: Who hath sorrows?
All respond: The disobedient.
W.C.: Who hath woe?
All: The sluggard.
W.C.: Who hath suffering?
All: The neglected.
W.C.: Who hath redness of eyes?
All: The drunkard.
W.C.: These lessons, my friend, were taught by Solomon before the coming of Christ, and are by him sanctioned. It is right that we should accept and adhere to them. Be obedient to God and to your obligations. Be ever watchful for the good you may do your fellow-man, remembering that, if we desire the assistance of others, we must assist them. Rebuke backbiters and slanderers wherever you find them, for they are thieves who attack when there are none to defend, like the thief that cometh by night. They are dangerous enemies to society and to the peace and dignity of our common brotherhood. They have always been instruments in the hands of our enemies to prevent our progress. In exchange for these I would advise you to take love, truth, and mercy as companions in the future journey of life. And now may the God of all truth keep you steadfast and make you useful.
You will accompany our Guide to the Worthy Mistress of the Fountain and receive her instructions.
W.G., stopping in front of the W.Mrs.: Worthy Mistress of the Fountain, our friend would learn more of the beauties of our Order.
W.Mrs.F.: My friend, we welcome you to our midst. We are banded together here to suppress intemperance and to assist suffering humanity. What has intemperance done? It has caused blight to fall upon helpless infancy; dug pitfalls along the pathway of youth; brought proud manhood to shame and degradation, and plundered countless hearts and homes of all their happiness. This monster has defied parental restraint; been unmoved by the pleadings of infant's tears; has mocked at the sanctity of religion, and trampled upon the authority of civil law. It has invaded the family circle, and shattered its peace; it has invaded the church, and distracted those of a common faith; it has invaded the halls of legislation, and trifled with the public good; it has invaded the army, and stained the warrior with his brother's innocent blood. It is to suppress these evils that we would unite your efforts with ours to drive intemperance from the land.
You will now be conducted to the Pastet Master of Fountain, who will further advise you.
W.G., stopping in front of P.M.F.: Past Mastter of the Fountain, by direction of the Worthy Mistress of the Fountain, I present this friend to you for further instruction.
P.M.F.: My friend, need I remind you that intemperance is a ruthless demon? At its approach, the bridal attire turns to rags, smiles to frowns, laughter to lamentation, and the star of hope sinks behind the blackened cloud to rise no more. Against this remorseless enemy of the human family, we are waging an exterminating war. If you are ready to engage with us in this holy fight, and to swear eternal vengeance against this enemy of God and man. You may now advance with the Guide to our Fountain of Purity, and drink, with the Worthy Master, of its sparkling waters. The candidate is now brought to light.
The W.M.F. and his Supporters will advance to the Fountain; the Supporters will hand to the Master, Guide, and candidate each a glass of water, retaining a glass for themselves.
You have now arrived at our Fountain, and we welcome you to its cooling and health-preserving waters. In the glass in your hand is the only liquor that God brews for his children—pure cold water. No poisonous bubbles are on its brink; its foam brings not madness and murder; no blood stains its liquid glass; pale widows and starving orphans weep not burning tears in its depths; no drunkard's shrieking ghost from the grave curses it in words of eternal despair. Speak out, True Reformers; would you exchange the waters of this Fountain for the demon's drink?
All respond: No.
W.M.F.: Then let us pledge ourselves, in this pure gift of God, to a life of virtue and temperance.
Officers and candidate drink. The following ode is then sung:


There is a fountain filled with blood,
Drawn from Emanuel's veins,
And sinners plunged beneath that flood.
Lose all their guilty stains.

The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in his day,
And there may I though vile as hp,
Wash all my sins away.

Ere since by faith I saw the stream,
Thy flowing wound supply,
Redeeming love has been my theme,
And shall be till I die.
The W.M.F., Supporters, Guide and candidate remain standing around the Fountain.
The Arab of the desert, having eaten salt with a traveler who has sought the shelter of his tent, will never injure him thereafter.
W.Mrs.F.: The wild Indian, having once smoked the pipe of peace with an enemy, will never break the faith he pledged in this covenant act.
P.M.F.: And you, if your honor is equal to the Arab and the Indian, having pledged with us, in pure, sparkling water, will never prove false to your vow.
W.M.F.: You have allowed us to place a curtain before the windows of your body, and substitute strange Guides to your feet in the strange and unknown wilderness through which you have come. After all you may have heard, it shows us your abiding confidence in this Fountain. Even as the world was created in darkness, so have you suffered yourself to become a member of this Fountain in darkness. When suffering and afflictions shall assail you we shall be to you what we were in your helpless condition in the journey through which you have just passed. God covenanted with the rainbow; the Arab covenanted with salt; the Indian with a pipe of tobacco; you have covenanted with us with water to be a friend and a brother (or sister.) So long as you see water will you remember your covenant.
W.M.F.: The Guide will place you in a position to assume the solemn and life-long obligation of this brotherhood.
While the following ode is being sung the Worthy Master and Supporters will return to their places. The Guide will conduct the candidate to the altar.


1. All hail the power of Jesus name,
Let angels prostrate fall.
Bring forth the royal diadem.
And crown him Lord of all.

2. Let every kindred, every tribe,
On this terrestrial ball,
To him all majesty ascribe,
And crown him Lord of all.
W.Mrs.F.: You will place your left hand on the Bible, your right hand on your heart, and kneel while you receive the obligation.
* * *.
In the faith and fear of God, before whom the secrets of all hearts are known, in devotion to a principle accepted by you as sacred and dear, do you give your solemn and unqualified word of honor that you will live in Peace, Love and Union with the brotherhood; that you will not use liquors to the injury of vourself, your family, or this brotherhood; that you will obey the laws, rules and regulations of this Fountain and the Grand Fountain. You also pledge that you will not violate the Ceremonial Works ol this Order, or disclose the private transactions of the Fountain Room, and in every respect be governed by the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Usages of this
Fountain. You furthermore promise to deal honorably with all connected with this Order, and not suffer them to be wronged when in your power to prevent it. You also promise to use your influence to promote the interests of this Order. If so, you will answer, " I do," and rise to your feet.
W.M.F.: The Recording Angel has written your vow in the Book of Heaven, and we are the living witnesses to this most sacred pledge. To keep it unbroken, you will need the aid of Divine Grace, which our Chaplain will now invoke.


O! Almighty God, keep our … from temptations, and enable him to keep his obligations. Strengthen his resolution, and make him a courageous friend of this brotherhood. May he prove a blessing to us, and we to him; and unitedly may we so labor in this effort to build up humanity, to strengthen the weak and afflicted, to protect the widows, orphans and uncorrupted youth, as to meet Thy fatherly approbation, and be received of Thee at last in Heaven, we ask in Thy great name. Amen.
W.Mrs.F.: Worthy Guide, you will now conduct our friend to the Worthy Master of the Fountain for the closing instructions.
The Guide will conduct the candidate to the W.M.F., during the singing of the following ode:


Now bound by honor's sacred laws,
Be faithful to our sacred cause;
Let truth preserve each member's fame,
Nor curses blight our Fountain's name.
W.G.: Worthy Master of the Fountain, our friend has travelled the circuit of our Fountain-room, drank of its pure waters, and taken our pledge; I now present him (her) to you for the closing instructions.
W.M.F.: You have to-night pledged fidelity to a principle which, if steadfastly observed, will assist you in obtaining a respectable living, in securing for yourself honor, and in protecting your friends and kindred from painful solicitude, if not heart-rending sorrow.
It only remains for me to instruct you in the signs, grips and passwords of our Order.
The W.M.F. will here give instructions.
If you wish to ascertain whether any person is a True Reformer, you will give this sign …. If the party you have thus signalled be a True Reformer, it will be responded to in this manner … to which you will answer thus …. In addition to these signals of recognition, we have a word for use in the dark, or where there is a doubt as to the person challenged be a True Reformer. The word is …. Should you desire to employ this word, you will give the … of the word without pronouncing thus …. If the person is a True Reformer, he will give you the … of the word, …. The watchword and countersign is changed semi-annually, and is used to gain admittance to the Fountain-room. The presiding officer alone is entitled to impart it, and then only in a low whisper to one qualified to receive it. It must not, under any circumstances, be given by one member to another. For this term, the watchword and countersign is … the W.M.F. gives it to the candidate in a low whisper. In coming into a Fountain, you will give the alarm at the door, thus … and to the Picket Guard you give the watchword. He will permit you to enter the ante-room, when you will put on your regalia, and at the inner door, give the alarm thus … and to the Sentinel, give the countersign, thus …. He will permit you to enter, when you will proceed to the middle of the room, and facing the W.M.F., salute him thus …. He will answer thus … which is recognition of your right to a seat. Should you visit any Fountain of the Order other than that to which you belong, you will give the Sentinel your name, and the name and number of the Fountain of which you are a member. This is … Fountain, No. …. Should you wish to retire during the session of the Fountain, you will go to the middle of the room, and facing the Worthy Mistress of the Fountain, who sits opposite the Worthy Master, give the salutation as upon entering, who, if she thinks proper for you to retire, will give the answering salutation, thus … when you will pass out. Should she think proper to withhold her permission, she will call you to her chair, and explain the reason.
The voting sign is given thus ….
The Guide will now give you the grip.
One rap of the gavel * calls to order, or seats the members; two raps * * call up the officers, and three raps * * * call up all the members.
W.M.F.: You see before you the last visitor to our Fountain. Having given us his solemn pledge, he is now bound by every tie that binds you. Bid him welcome to the support of your true hearts and strong hands.
While the following ode is being sung, the members being all up, the line of march will be formed around the hall, the Left Supporter bringing up the rear of the column. The W.M.F. gives the right hand of fellowship to the candidate, followed by the R.H.S., Secretary, and the members in regular order, back to their respective stations.


1. I've reached the land of corn and wine,
And all its riches freely mine;
Here shines nndimmed one blissful day,
For all ray night has passed away.

Cho.: O, Beulah land, sweet Boulah land,
As on thy highest mount I stand,
I look away across the sea,
Where mansions are prepared for me,
And view the shining glory shore,
My heaven, my home for evermore.

2. The Saviour comes and walks with me,
And sweet communion here have we;
He gently leads me with his hand,
For this is Heaven's border land.
W.M.F.: Having received the hand of our fellowship, you are now invested with all the rights, privileges and duties of the Order. My Supporters will now clothe you with regalia. By this symbol you are known as a member, and are entitled to all the benefits of the United Order of True Reformers. May you wear it with honor to yourself, and profit to the cause; regarding it as a mark of distinction among your fellows, to be guarded with as much courage and care as the Knight Templar of the age of chivalry regarded his decorations.
The Temple will now have a short recess for congratulations.
Recess should not be longer than ten or fifteen minutes.
W.M.F., *:
The Temple will come to order.

Closing Ceremony

W.M.F.: Worthy Sentinel, inform the Picket Guard that I am about to close the Fountain, and invite all the members in the ante-room to come in, and then permit none to enter or retire during the ceremony.
W.Sen.: Worthy Master of the Fountain, the duty is performed, and the members are all in.
W.M.F.: Worthy Secretary, how much money has been paid this evening for dues, or on other account?
W.S. announces the amount, and by whom and on what account paid.
Have you obtained the Treasurer's receipts therefor?
W.Sec.: I have.
W.M.F., * * *: True Reformers, we have concluded the business for which we met, and are now about to leave this pure retreat of virtue, to encounter the temptations and trials of the outer world. Here we breathe an atmosphere of purity, and the voice of the tempter is not heard. We feel strong to resist evil; but when we pass out the demons of darkness will assail us, and we shall need Divine grace to aid us to keep steadfastly our solemn pledge. Worthy Chaplain, beseech the strength of God for us.
Worthy Chaplain offers the following prayer.


O Lord! our sufficiency is of Thee; without Thee we can do no good thing. Be Thou, then, our strength and helper. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Forgive whatever Thy pure eye has seen amiss in us this evening;; go with us to our several homes; go with us in our work of love, and finally give us to drink of the waters of the river of life.
The following ode is then sung, or if the W.M.F. elects, he may omit it.


Blest, be the tie that binds
Our hearts in truth and love;
The fellowship of kindred minds
Is like to that above.

When we asunder part,
It gives us inward pain;
But we shall still be joined in heart.
And hope to meet again.
W.M.F.: The Fountain is closed.