United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
Ritual of Local Ladies’ Auxiliary Unions



Sisters, we are about to open this Auxiliary for the purpose of considering such measures as will tend to perpetuate our society, help, aid and assist our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons in their daily toil, elevate their trade, advance our interests, promote the sale of goods bearing the union label, and to individually and collectively help each other. All not members of the society will please retire.
Sister Conductor, you will communicate to me the current Semi-annual Password, after which you will examine all present and report to me the name of anyone who cannot give you the password.
Sister President, I have examined the sisters present and find them all qualified to remain.
Sister Warden, admit no one without the password and allow none to retire without the permission of the Vice-President. I now declare this Auxiliary duly organized for the transaction of such business as may regularly come before it.
The President will then take the constitution and conduct the meeting according to the rules contained therein.

Initiation Ceremony

Sister Conductor, you will ascertain if there are any candidates awaiting initiation.
Sister President, … is in the ante-room awaiting the pleasure of this society.
Sister Financial Secretary-Treasurer, has … been duly and regularly elected to become a member of this society?
Financial Secretary-Treasurer:
Sister President, … has been duly and regularly elected to become a member of this Society.
Sister Conductor, you will retire to the ante-room and present … for initiation.
Sister President, I announce our Sister Conductor with the candidate.
Admit them.
Sister President, permit me to introduce to you … who wishes to join our society.
President to Applicant:
In this society you will be required to take upon yourself an obligation such as we have all taken, but let me assure you there is nothing in that obligation that will in any manner, shape or form conflict with your religious belief, social duties or domestic relation. But at this time it is also my duty to inform you that the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America does not recognize the Communist Party as a political organization. With this assurance, are you willing to take the obligation?
Candidate answers.
You will now place your right hand over your heart and your left hand on this constitution, while I recite the obligation.

You, of your own free will and accord, in the presence of these members here assembled, do solemnly and sincerely promise that you will never reveal any of the business of this society unless authorized to do so, You further promise to abide by the constitution, laws and rules and acquiesce in the will of the society, and that you will use every honorable means to promote the use of the union label and help, aid and assist our fathers, husbands, brothers and sons to elevate the carpenter trade. You further pledge yourself to be obedient to authority, orderly and decorous in meetings, respectful in word and action and charitable in your judgment of your sister members.
And further, do you now affirm and declare that you are not now affiliated with any Revolutionary Organization, or any organization that tries to disrupt or cause dissention in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, or any Auxiliary thereof, nor will you at any time give aid and comfort to any such organization?
To all this you promise and pledge your honor to observe and abide by.
Do you thus promise?
I do.
Members, in Chorus:
We bear witness.
You have now assumed the duties and honors of a member of our society, and we bid you welcome. I will now give you the password …. To gain admission you must knock twice at the inside wicket. When the Warden opens the wicket you will give her the current Semi-annual Password, and you will then be admitted.
Sister Conductor, you will now conduct our newly initiated member to the desk of the Financial Secretary-Treasurer, where she will hand in her correct street address. She will then obtain her card of membership.
There being no further business before the Auxiliary, we will proceed to close.
President raps three times and members rise.
Sisters, you will all bear in mind your obligation. Help one another; strive to strengthen our society, promote the use of the union label, assist our husbands, fathers, brothers and sons to elevate their trade, and be careful not to divulge the business of our society to anyone. I now declare the meeting duly adjourned, unless specially called, until next … at … o’clock, when I hope to see you all present.