Military Order of the Serpent
Ritual of the Degree of Khatapunan



When the lair is ready to convene, the entire degree team retires to hall. At a signal from the Depraved Pangula, the team enters the room in a trot, travelling in a serpentine course, following the Fangula. Two or three of the team carry newly-severed human heads and all carry spears or bolos. After making a complete circuit of the room, the Pangula gives a signal (usually a whistle) and all the team fall on their faces, spears or bolos held perpendicularly in front of them. Then the Gu Gu Grandississimo enters on a dignified walk, followed by the Dog Robber, who holds a sun shade over him. On the entrance of the Gu Gu, the members of the lair heretofore seated, fall on their knees and bow their heads.
Upon reaching his station, the Gu Gu says:
The Companions will array themselves in proper form and the priests will assume their stations.
At a signal from the Pangula all rise to their feet, and salaam. The salaam is made by raising the hands high over the head, palms front, bending forward at the waist line and at the same time bringing the hands down and forward with a sweeping motion. After salaaming, the degree team makes one complete circle of the room in a serpentine manner, following the Pangula, and, on signal by the Pangula, break to their stations. In the meantime the other members of the lair, after salaaming with the degree team, busy themselves, by assuming the proper ophidian dress, i.e., placing their shirts outside their trousers. As the members of the degree team reach their stations, all are seated.
Gu Gu Grandississimo assumes the Orient on an elevated dias or throne, while the priests indicated group themselves in the second hasik or triangle indicated in the plan of the lair, Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu and Lord High Keeper of the Sacred Amphora being seated in chairs at a lower level than Gu Gu Grandississimo, with Insidious Thumper of the Sanctified Sheephide, Dog Robber to the Unhallowed Loat and Depraved Pangula squatting on the floor.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Thrice Dulcet Yawler of the Jungle, see that our passes are duly guarded and the Companions notified that we are about to commune with the Great Serpent.
Thrice Dulcet Yawler of the Jungle proceeds to the center of the room by a serpentine course, salaams, and sounds a blast on his fish horn to each of the four cardinal points of the compass, with one long blast toward the ceiling, and retires.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Ungodly Villain, see that all present are Companions of the Military Order of the Serpent.
Ungodly Villain collects the password from everybody in the room and anteroom except the candidates, returns, salaams before Gu Gu Grandississimo and reports:
Most Excellent, all are Companions of the Serpent
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Let the Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu read the proclamation.
Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu rises and reads while all except Gu Gu Grandississimo prostrate themselves on their knees, heads bowed, while the Most Highest Datto, the Most Higher Datto and the Most High Datto come forward and form a second mystic hasik about the altar, lying prone on the floor.
Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu:
Unto those silting in the darkness, hear ye—These be the mandates of the Great, Powerful and Puissant Gu Gu Grandississimo, Sovereign of his people, Lord High Keeper of the Sacred Beno, Defender of the Faith, Lord High Justiciar of Luzon, Lord High Custodian of the Sacred Bull Cart, Indulgent Slave Driver, Generous Master, High Priest of Khatee Puna, Great Conservator of the Exhilarating Virus, Shining Light of Pago Pago Zamboango, and Great Interpreter of the Ram Shakul of Dhawalagh Ghaggar. The Great Snake broods in awful majesty in the dark green shades of the jungle and the ghosts raise their horrid yowle around the bloody and foul Skull. Wherefore, attend ye his pleasure and follow the path of the Loat Adios!
At the conclusion of the reading all rise, while the Most Highest Datto, the Most Higher Datto and the Most High Datto salaam toward the Orient and return by a serpentine course to their stations, when all resume their seats.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
The Thrice Infamous will read the minutes of the previous crawl.
At this point, if so desired, a motion may be made to suspend the regular order of business and proceed with the initiation.
After the reading of the minutes, the following normal order of business can be taken up: Correspondence, Reception of Petitions, Reports of Committees, New Business, Good of the Order, and Initiation.
In the initiation it MUST be remembered that the degree team have entire charge of the work, are supposed to be trained in the work, and that interference from other members, no matter if the member thinks he will be helpful, hinders the degree team.


First Section

Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Ungodly Villain, I am told that a band of Americanos are attempting to invade our sacred precincts. Call your warriors together and attack them.
The Ungodly Villain signals to the team and all rush to the anteroom where the candidates are waiting. All but one are seized, bound together with a long rope, or taken in hand by the members of the team and rushed into the room and seated ON THE FLOOR along one side of the room. One member of the team remains in the ante-room with the candidate who bas been left behind, and prepares him for the strenuous work of the initiation. He is arrayed in khaki uniform, with campaign hat, his shoes are removed and his arms firmly bound behind him.
This candidate is the one who bas been decided upon beforehand to be the coat. After the team has rushed in and seated their prisoners, they all hurry to their stations and the Ungodly Villain steps to the center of the room as though to report;—
As he salaams he is interrupted by Gu Gu Grandississimo, who raises his hand and says:

Gu Gu Grandississimo: Ungodly Villain, what report have you to make of your attack upon the Americanos?
Ungodly Villain:
Most Excellent, the Americanos were cowardly dogs, who would not fight, but threw down their arms and begged for mercy. So, Most Excellent, we drove them before us into the jungle, even unto the lair, where we captured them. Son of the Morning, these are the names of the Americanos, who will answer as I read them. Dogs, answer. He has previously been given a list of the names of the candidates present and of the one left in the ante-room. When the missing one fails to answer to his name, all the members of the team rise to their feet and look
threateningly at Ungodly Villain.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Ungodly Villain, I find one Americano missing. So—is it thus you, who claim to be a priest of Khatee Puna, carry out the orders of the Gu Gu Grandississimo? At this point Ungodly Villain begins to look thoroughly frightened, glances around, as though seeking a way to escape, but can see no way through the cordon of team members, who have all moved up to within about ten feet of him and threaten him with their spears and bolos.
Gu Gu Grandississimo continues in a terrible voice:
Well! What say you? Know you not the penalty meted out to traitors and to those who fail to do their duty?
Ungodly Villain:
O, Thou Holy Descendant of the Bahut Matwallah, the Americano was with us a short while ago. He must have secreted himself in the jungle. I will find him or will surrender myself to your priests for the torture.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
It is well that you return not if you fail to find the Americano. His Majesty, the Serpent, will not tolerate failure. Away from my sight, Dog.
The Ungodly Villain calls the team around him and they all disappear in the jungle (ante-room). Sounds of search and much chattering and shouting in the jungle, followed by the reappearance of the team, dragging tied prisoner. He is rushed to the center of the lodge room and forced to his knees on a mat while the team let out whoops of joy. Ungodly Villain rushes up to the prisoner, knocks off his hat and tramples on it and addresses him with dramatic fury.
Ungodly Villain:
Aha-a-a! Aha-a-a! Thou base and perjured mucker! Thou lying covenant breaker!!! At last I have you in my power!! O-o-o-o! but this is joy!!! And you—you pale-faced pig! Did I not receive thee with open arms, kiss thee upon thy cheek, make thee welcome with my women and allow thee to sit at the feet of the great and powerful Gu Gu Grandississimo?
And didst thou not tell many tales and make many promises, calling upon thy God to witness the truth of thy statements? Didst thou not promise to teach our young men to sabe the Americano, to mix the festive cocktail, to play the Americano game of stud poker, and our women to make goo-goo eyes? And behold! there is not one of these promises that thou hast not broken!!! Even with these vows fresh upon thy lips, thou didst drink our beno and glance with the eyes of wink at our maidens!!! Vile worm, make your peace, for you stand in the presence of your own death! Dog Robber to the Unhallowed Loat, begin the execution!!!
In the meantime the Dog Robber to the Unhallowed Loast, who has been seated where the prisoner can see him, begins to sharpen his bolo. He then rushes forward with upraised bolo to behead the prisoner, when the Chief Ladrone rushes in between the Dog Robber and the prisoner and cries:
Chief Ladrone:
Hold! In the name of the Serpent, listen to the law! When he appears the faces of the others express anger, but as he reads, the expressions change to surprise and gradually to gratification. Then he reads in a drawing monotone from a long scroll fastened to his spear, which he unfolds as he reads.
Chief Ladrone:
Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! To all faithful followers of Khatee Puna, Greeting: Whereas, it has come to the knowledge of His Sublime Majesty, the Great and Powerful Gu Gu Grandississimo, that Americans are not Christians, but Communists, who do not attend Mass on Sunday, but play with a pigskin ball on the plaza, and whereas, no good can come to us in the great hereafter by killing any save Christians, be it therefore ordained—that the lives of all Americano prisoners be spared on condition that they swear allegiance to the Great Gu Gu Grandississimo and become servants of Khatee Puna. Signed and sealed in the presence of the
Great Snake.
When Chief Ladrone has concluded the reading, the others gather about the prisoners with gutteral exclamations of Bueno! Bueno! Muy Bueno!
Ungodly Villain:
Thou have heard the proclamation! Do you consent?
I do.
Ungodly Villain:
Then drag him to the outer confines of the jungle, where broods the Great Serpent!
The Lord Higher Compellor of the Sacred Bull Cart and the Dog Robber seize the corners of the rug and drag him out into the jungle.
At Grand and Supreme Lair convocations, where there is a large class of candidates to be initiated, a parade may be held at this point through the streets of the city, or the parade may be held before proceeding with any of the other work. If parade is held at this time, after it is over it will be necessary to re-form the lair as in opening, but this time in the presence of all the candidates except the goat, who is being prepared for Initiation.


Second Section

The candidate is hoodwinked, loaded with chains, and the white garb of a Filipino native put on him, having a board in the back to protect his flesh, and the water-cure attachments adjusted.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Ungodly Villain, satisfy yourself that all present are Companions of the Military Order of the Serpent.
Ungodly Villain reports as before.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Chief Ladrone, proceed to the borders of the jungle and escort the infidel dog, hailing him hither with due ceremony.
Chief Ladrone advances toward the Orient in prescribed manner, salaams and goes out to prisoner, who is in the custody of the Lord Higher Compellor, the Dog Robber and the Depraved Pangula.
Chief Ladrone:
Vile and despicable dog of an Americano! Having signified your desire to penetrate the awful mysteries of Khatee Funa, we are here to act as your guides. Know that you are safe from harm should you strictly follow our instructions, but beware how you leave the shelter of our protection ere the Gu Gu has set the ineffaceable seal of our Order upon you. Are you prepared to follow us?
I am.
Chief Ladrone makes the regular alarm at the door.
Ungodly Villain:
Who is without?
Chief Ladrone:
An Americano who seeks to know the mystery and awful joy of serving Khatee Funa.
Ungodly Villain:
Is this his own volition?
Chief Ladrone:
It is.
Ungodly Villain salaams and reports:
Most Excellent, an Americano waits without who craves audience with thee.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Admit him to our presence.
Ungodly Villain opens the door and Chief Ladrone enters, leading the prisoner by a rope around his neck, Lord Higher Compellor and Dog Robber holding him by the arms and moving at a trot. The Depraved Pangula belabors the back of the prisoner with a goad, while Insidious Thumper marks the time with beats upon a tom-tom. Go once around the lodge, and stop at Most High Datto as one loud blast on the horn and a loud thump on the tom-tom are given.
Most High Datto:
Who comes here?
Chief Ladrone:
An Americano, Most High Datto.
Most High Datto:
What seeks he?
Chief Ladrone:
To penetrate the mysteries.
Most High Datto:
Americano, have you considered well this step and are you ready to kiss the Skull?
I am.
Most High Datto:
Then drag him to the Most Higher Datto.
Continues as before, twice around, with two blasts and two thumps, halting at Most Higher Datto.
Most Higher Datto:
Whom have you here?
Chief Ladrone:
An Americano, Most Higher Datto, who would embrace the rights and privileges of a Son of the Jungle.
Most Higher Datto:
Has he kissed the Skull?
Chief Ladrone:
He has not, but he will.
Most Higher Datto:
Americano, have you considered well this step and will you kiss the Skull, the Bloody Bolo, the Cord, and follow the Law of the Ram Shakkul of Dhawalagh Ghaggar, which the Holy Bahut Matwallah taught the sons of Khatee Funa in the days of old?
I will.
Most Higher Datto:
Then drag him to the Most Highest Datto.
Continuing as before, three times around to Most Highest Datto, with three blasts and three thumps.
Most Highest Datto:
What have you here?
Chief Ladrone:
An Americano, Most Highest Datto, who would renounce his allegiance to our hated foe and become a servant of Khatee Puna.
Most Highest Datto:
Americano, you are about to pass the threshold where lurk the hidden mysteries of Khatee Puna. The step you are about to take means much to you, for once within our priestly circle there is no leaving it. The safeguards about you are insurmountable. On the west is the Skull, on the south is the Bloody Bolo, on the east is the Law, the ever-to-be-revered Ram Shakkul of Dhawalagh Ghaggar, while the ghosts of our own slaughtered tribesmen guard our northern passes. The Cord connects all these. Over all, a-a-a-ah!!! over all is THE SNAKE!! Companions groan in sephulchral tones, The Sna-a-ake, The Sna-a-ake. Beyond the Cord no man may pass alive who proves traitor to his brethren. You are about to endure awful tests of your courage, but let your heart fell you not lest the sign of weakness arouse the wrath of your master, the Snake, and he take you to his cold and slimy embrace. Are you ready to proceed?
I am.
Most Highest Datto:
Then drag the Americano to the presence of the High Priest of Khatee Puna, the Great Gu Gu Grandississimo.
Continue four times around the Orient, where all prostrate themselves, elbows and knees upon the floor, and four blasts and four thumps are given by horn and tom-tom.
Chief Ladrone:
M-o-o-o-st Excellent, Mo-o-o-st Reverend! Mo-o-o-st Exalted High Priest of Khatee Puna, Sovereign Lord of the Sacred Beno, Great and Illustrious Gu Gu Grandississimo, Counsellor of thy people, Generous Master and Indulgent Slave Driver, Conservator of the Exhilerating Virus and Warden of the Snake, we have here an Americano who prostrates himself before thee, Sun of the Morning, and beseeches the shadow of thine indulgence.
A short pause and Gu Gu Grandississimo speaks slowly and impressively:
Has he kissed the Skull, the Bloody Bolo, the Law and the Cord?
Chief Ladrone:
He has not, Exalted Gu Gu, but he has signified his willingness to do so.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Wretched dog of an Americano! Know you what means the privilege you seek? Know you that the influence of our Order is wellnigh omnipotent?—that it's influence reaches even to the uttermost recesses of the earth?
Thrice Infamous half raises himself, extends his arms heavenwards and groans out:
A-a-a-a-aye! Even unto Egbazdahoot and Shilhoolidum!
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Let not the shadow of a traitorous thought enter your mind lest the Great Snake take you for its own. The Great Snake can see and read the innermost of your thoughts and the penalty you will pay for disloyalty will be transition from the abode of man to that habitat of lost souls upon whose yawning and cavernous depths you may shortly gaze.
Ponder well these thoughts, and if your heart fail you, it is not yet too late to retrace your steps. Are you prepared to go further?
I am.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Then lead the cursed Americano into the presence of the Snake!!!
Lead the prisoner slowly around and stop in front of the altar, where he is made to kneel upon the insurgent flag.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Now let the den of the Great Snake be opened, that the Americano may gaze on the beauties of his master, the Serpent.
Then den is opened and lighted and the hoodwink opened so that the candidate may peer into the den. The Thrice Infamous approaches and lifts the Snake from the den and coils it around the prisoner's neck; the hoodwink is closed and the Companions groan.
The Sn-a-a-a-ke! The Sn-a-a-a-ke!!
Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu approaches to front of altar, raises his arms upward and invokes as follows:
O dread and awful Spirit, whose delight it is
To reveal in the groans of the tortured and the slain!
Companions groan sephulchrally.

O gh-o-o-o-st; sprung from the loins of Hell!
O gh-o-o-o-o-o-o-st!
O thou Serpent, who didst ever from aforetime guard
The sons of Khatee Puna—Look!, LOOK, with thine hydra eyes
Upon this groveling wretch and SEARCH HIS SOUL!
Entire lair yell in ghastly wail:
Search his soul, O Serpent!
If there be one taint of treason,
One canker spot of disloyalty to be found
Within this unworthy thing,
Purge with the Sword, the Cord and the Flame thine altar
And bear thence to everlasting night
His perjured soul!!!!
Lifts Snake from prisoner's neck.

Dost thou find within him without guile, O Snake?
After listening for a low hiss from the Snake, he turns to the Gu Gu.
Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu:
Most Excellent, the Great Snake finds that the Americano is without guile. Returns Snake to den and closes it.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Then let the test of the Americano's courage be the sign of good or evil to our cause within him. Americano, ponder well the scenes which now shall greet thine eyes. Be humble! Hope shall have left thee when thou falters AWAY WITH HIM!!!
The prisoner is dragged roughly towards the rear of the room and Thrice Dulcet Yawler of the Jungle, who has previously quietly withdrawn from the room with a companion selected to represent the dead man, rushes in without ceremony and cries:
Thrice Dulcet Yawler of the Jungle:
Most Excellent, the body of our companion slain in the last battle with the cursed Americanos has been discovered and is even now being brought for us to view. Send help that we may honor our dead.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Companions, our hour of sorrow has arrived. Proceed to the jungle and bring hither, with due honor, the body of our slain brother.
The members of the team all rise and proceed to the ante-room.
Four are selected to carry the stretcher on which the dead man lies, with the lower half of his body covered with the Filipino flag. The lights are turned out, while candles are lit and the procession slowly enters the room with tomtom beater in front. The hoodwink is opened that the
prisoner may see what is going on.



Ba-hai, bo-hu, ca-hut mon-ti.
A-la mang dung, sa-ri, sa-ri;
O-put ka-la-ba-sa con-dol, a pat-o-le,
Ce-tau, pa-tau, pa-tau-ti.
After the mourning is over, the prisoner is dragged over, facing the dead body, while Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu approaches with a spear, held in a menacing manner.
Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu:
O vile and abhorrent dog of an Americano! O scum of the earth! Canst thou, indeed, look upon this scene and remain alive?
Shouldst not Khatee Puna himself strike thee dead as thou beholdest the work of thine hated countrymen? And yet thou livest! A-a-a-a-a-ye!! thou livest—but to endure torments undreamed of even by thy Presbyterian Satan!!! Assuredly shall the priests of Khatee Puna avenge the bursted bowels of the slain warrior, and through thy bowels shall course the Virus of the Snake with devastating effect!!! In the awful moments of torture, reflect upon the dread powers of our priesthood who have power to turn thee, while yet alive, into a walking perdition!! Companions,
haste and apply the torture even as he tortured our brothers! AWAY WITH THE DOG, LEST I SLAY HIM!!!
Close the hoodwink. Yank the prisoner back to where the bull cart is waiting. Place him in it and give him a rough ride around the room, and, after three or more rounds, dump him out in the center of the floor for the water cure. Water cure apparatus is brought up and Companions express their joy by cries of Agua! Mucho Agua! While someone says in English: We'll give him the water cure first and then give the others a taste.
After the water cure is given, seize all the candidates, thus making them think each one is to get it. Place them on their hands and knees and force them to crawl to the front of the altar, where they are formed in a semi-circle before it, with elbows and forearms on floor and heads bowed. On the altar is the Skull, its jaws crunching a Snake; a Bloody Bolo, the Law and the Cord. The hoodwink is entirely removed from the candidate having taken the water cure. The altar is black and the room is darkened. The Gu Gu approaches the altar.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Wretched dogs of Americanos, having thus far witnessed our sacred rites, you cannot be permitted to go forth alive unless you comply with the will of the Great Serpent and accept our vow. Are you ready to proceed?
Candidates reply:
We are.
Gu Gu Grandississimo
: Then first receive the final test. Kiss with thy lips the SNAKE each object as named is to be presented by some of the team to each candidate to be kissed as mentioned, the Skull, the Bloody Bolo, the Cord and the Law. All this is said slowly to give each candidate plenty of time for the kissing. Now beware, lest Hell be thy portion, and thy bones rot within thee if there be aught of treason to the Great Snake, who sees all and who knows thy thought.
Now touch your foreheads to the floor and repeat after me the vow. It is advisable that some of the team see that they keep their heads down in a proper attitude of humility.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Hear my howl, O Serpent,
Give ear unto my cry!
For my bones are as water within me.
And my footsteps take hold upon Hell.
Incline thine ear, O Snake,
And hear thy servant … give name,
In the name of the living and the dead;
In the name of the slaughtered
Whose ghosts haunt the mountain:
In thy name, O Serpent, I vow,
Sacred forever to me shall be
The rites of Khatee Puna!
Never shall its mysteries pass my Ups
Outside the holy circle.
Never shall I refuse to receive thee or thy Virus
When thou comest into our midst;
And this vow, O Snake, swear I
By the Sword, the Cord and the Flame.
If ever in thought, word or deed
I am false to Khatee Puna,
May my death be lingering and wretched;
May my soul be of the pale company
Of horrid wraiths who haunt the mountain;
And may my bowels be ripped out
And cast into the flames of destruction.
Gu Gu Grandississimo, continues without pause:
Now let the Diabolical Keeper of the sacred Thudbang affix the seal of our pleasure upon the south end of the candidate going north.
As he utters the word North, hits prisoner on the rear elevation with the thudbang, discharging blank cartridge. Be careful that no one is in line of fire, as sometimes small pieces of the blank may fly out and do some possible damage. At the same time the thudbang is applied to one of the candidates. It is well to have slap sticks to touch upon a few of the others. When the racket has subsided, remarks are continued.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
By this mark ever be reminded that thou shouldst make no false report behind a Companion's back, and, by further sign of our pleasure, be reminded that the signs of our Sacred Order shall remain with thee sleeping or waking whilst thou are faithful. Now let the Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu affix the Holy Sign of Khatee Puna.
Prisoners are laid on backs, abdomens are exposed, the branding iron is heated in sight of all, while remarks are made about getting it hot enough, etc., and, as the brand is applied, all give a fiendish howl. Be sure to touch up the others with a piece of ice or cold, wet cloth. Sometimes a triangle is drawn on the belly with an indelible pencil.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Let the Companion be raised and borne to the dals and let the Dog Robber to the Unhallowed Loat perform the ceremony of anointment.
Dog Robber to the Unhallowed Lost:
In accordance with the ancient custom of the jungle dwellers, I have brought from the Sacred Mountain the perfume of the houris and have mingled it with the sweetness of the ilang ilang flowers and anoint thee herewith as a priest of Khata Puna. From henceforth thou art a sacred Companion of this grade, bound to service to the altars of Khatee Puna and entitled to all the rights and privileges of a true Snake. Rise and hiss like a Snake. The anointment may be made with any harmless, stinking compound, such as carbon dioxide, asafoetida, etc.
Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu advances to new Companion, hisses, and, while Companions hiss in return, Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu takes him by right hand, shaking it, says:

Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu: Hail brother and Companion of my soul! The Companions of the Military Order of the Serpent salute thee and accept thee into full fellowship of … Lair, Number … and in token of that love and fellowship let the Lord High Keeper of the Sacred Amphora approach with the sacred vessel which it is the custom of all true Snakes to drain even to the dregs, as we have vowed.
Lord High Keeper of the Sacred Amphora approaches with amphora containing virus—see description further on—and addresses new Companion.
Lord High Keeper of the Sacred Amphora:
Hail to thee, brother and son of the holy Bharata, even Khatee Puna, our sovereign! Bravely hast thou passed through many trials before it was permitted thee to gaze on the five awful wardens of the chosen race. Thou hast felt the bitter pang of the Sacred Caresser upon thy back and hast been burned upon thy fair b-o-o-o-o-o-zim with the sacred triangle embracing the likeness of Khatee Puna, and at last received precious ointment of a sweet smelling savour upon thy manly brows. It is after such ordeals as this that one communes with his soul and saith unto himself, 'What more in life is there left to wish for?' Thou hast seen the beauties of the Snake and shouldst, indeed, be satisfied, yet I, who am an expounder of the law of the Ram Shakkul of Dhawalagh Ohaggar, ask thee: 'Is there anything more that thou desirest in life?' Stand you silent, my Companion? Know, then, that in his benevolence, the bowels of Khatee Puna have been moved with compassion toward his servants and he has given them of his Virus that they may be moved even as he is moved and with like compassion toward the Companions of the Serpent. Whereupon, I have brought unto thee from its secluded grotto, the sacred VAHS, which was cast from heaven in the days of old by Khatee Puna, that thou mayest follow the mandate of his law and Imbibe the Virus. Quaff, my brother, and behold the light.
Insist that he drink deeply, then remove the hoodwink.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Companion, as the official head of this lair, it becomes my duty to instruct you in the secret signs and symbols used by the Order.
Wishing to enter a lair of this grade, you will make an ordinary alarm at the outer door, where a Snake will present himself at the wicket, to whom you will give the sign of this grade, which is …. On admission you will proceed to the inner door and, when the wicket is opened, you will raise your right forearm, advancing in a sinuous manner, like a snake, running the tongue rapidly in and out and giving vent to a low, hissing sound. The alarm at the door is … which signifies … and then ….
If you are a visitor you will announce the name and number of your lair, after which you may be tested by the Chief Ladrone, who acts as investigator. Both visitor and Chief Ladrone will seat themselves on their heels, facing each other, knees touching, and the following colloquy takes place:
Who is your master?
The Snake.
Where do you serve him?
Everywhere, but more especially in the councils of Khatee Puna.
What do you bring with you?
The grip of a brother.
How will you give it?
Unseen by human eyes.
At this, both turn around without arising and each grasps the other's hand behind his back, and the grip and appropriate words are exchanged same words previously symbolized at the door.
The visitor then gives the secret word of this grade, which is ….
As a free Companion of the Filipino people you are now entitled to wear your shirt outside your trousers at any time or place you desire, but more especially within the precincts of the lair. You will accordingly assume that style at once.
The sign or signal of distress, Companion, is one of the principal and most sacred signs of our Order. Be careful when, how and where you give it. Only actual distress or an overplus of Virus in the system will justify its use. From time immemorial the priests of Khatee Puna, when in distress, have selected a spot in the public camino or calle, whereon the waw of the common carabao or pasture bish did most thickly lie and spread its odorous verdancy, and have lain therein prone on the belly, running the tongue in and out, hissing, and, at the same time, wriggling forward like a snake.
The Companions will form the Sacred Hasik. All officers and Companions join hands and form a triangle with bands crossed.
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Shake, Companions! A general shaking of hands ensues, and on its completion, the Gu Gu says to the new Companion:
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Seat yourself among the Companions.


Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Companion Thrice Infamous, on what rests the hope of the Filipino people?
Thrice Infamous Inferior Gu Gu:
Upon the Khatipunan, Most Excellent
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
What is the cardinal virtue of this band. Most Highest Datto?
Most Highest Datto:
Secrecy. Most Excellent
Gu Gu Grandississimo:
Then let the Companions disperse throughout the barrio, ever hearing in mind the injunctions here imposed on them by their oaths. The lair is adjourned.