Sons and Daughters of King Solomon of South Carolina


Arrangement of the Lodge Room

Every Lodge room shall be arranged according to Convenience. The Counsellor shall be seated on an elevated platform in one end of the building with the female supported on the right hand side. The Vice Counsellor shall be seated at the other with the female supporter at the right. The secretaries shall be seated as follows: Recording Secretary in front of female assistant to Counsellor, and Financial Secretary in front of the Counsellor, both being near enough, however, to receive any communications from the Counsellor. The Conductor shall be seated near to and in front of the Vice Counsellor, the Inner Guards shall sit one within the door and the other without the door, according to election.
The members shall then be seated in the remaining space, forming themselves as nearly as possible into a hollow space.

Opening the Lodge
When the Counsellor of any Lodge desires to open the same, having taken his seat, he shall give one rap of the gavel as a warning calling the Lodge to order and the officers to fill their respective stations and the members to their seats. The Counsellor gives second rap which means silence and says:
Brother Vice Counsellor, will you have the Conductor to take up the password and see if all present are S. & D. of Solomon members. The Conductor now proceeds to take up the password and report the same to the Vice President, who at once informs Counsellor.
The Counsellor gives three raps when the Conductor reports:
Your orders are obeyed, Brother Vice Counsellor says: Thank you Brother.
The Counsellor now rising, gives three raps, when all of the officers and members will rise. The Counsellor then says:
Brothers and Sisters, let us forge the chain around our common anvil all gathering around the anvil and the tie is now formed.
The Counsellor says:
Will someone inform me what our sign represents.
Anyone or all may answer:
An unbroken chain.
Thank you, let us all repeat three times: Our links of chain shall never sever,
As long as we shall pull together.
Lodge will rise and the Counsellor shall say:
Dear Brothers and Sisters, God has permitted us to assemble ourselves together once more.
We are thankful for this and while we are desirous of having a businesslike as well as pleasant time in our deliberations, yet we would not feel safe in further proceedings without invoking the blessing of the Supreme Architect and Ruler of the Universe upon us in our assemblage here and upon all members of this Order everywhere, I therefore, call upon every one present to join with us in our Devotional Exercises. Let us sing Hymn to 7ís.
Lord we come before Thee now,
At Thy feet we humbly bow;
Oh, do not our sult disdain,
Shall we seek the Lord in vain?
Lord on Thee our souls depend,
In compassion now descend;
Fill each heart with Thy rich grace
Tune our lips to sing Thy praise.
Counselor continues:
Let us now be led in prayer: Brother Chaplain, you will please perform your duty. Chaplain now offers prayer extempore, at the conclusion all repeat: Amen, Amen, Amen; and with the right hand salutation is shown by all and then the Counsellor says: I declare this Lodge open in due form for the transaction of all business which may lawfully come before it. Secretary, you will please proceed to call the roll.
Order of Business
1st. Calling Roll.
2nd. Arranging of Absentees.
3rd. Reading the Minutes of previous session.
4th. Reports of committee on sickness and distress.
5th. Unfinished Business.
6th. Miscellaneous, considering of applications for membership for good and welfare of Order,
7th. Report of Financial Secretary and calling of Financial Roll.
8th. Report as to collections and disbursements of the evening.
Initiation Of Members
The Counsellor having pronounced the Lodge ready for business, the outside Guard shall take charge of the candidates if they are young, blindfold them and alarm the door by giving two raps. The blindfold shall be kept on until they appear before the Counsellor.
Counsellor, * *:
Brother Guard, I hear an alarm at the door. You will give the usual sign and ascertain the cause.
Inside Guard proceeds to the door, * *:
Who comes there? Who comes there?
Outside Guard answers:
A poor wayfaring stranger.
Inside Guard:
What is he seeking?
Outside Guard:
Inside Guard:
You will please tarry here a moment until I shall make known your petition to the Worthy Counsellor and members of the Order.
Inside Guard, in front of the anvil, * *:
Worthy Counsellor, I have attended alarm at door and find the cause to be a candidate seeking refuge.
Thank you Brother Guard, you may resume your station.
Brothers and Sisters, you have heard the report of the Guard, is there any room among us for a poor stranger who is seeking refuge?
Worthy Counsellor, before the brothers and sisters respond, let me ask are they qualified?
Brother Chaplain, your question is in order. I shall therefore ask who instructed them to come here for refuge.
Deputy rises:
Worthy Counsellor, and members of the Sons and Daughters of Solomon, I, your humble servant, pointed them hither and shall vouch for their qualifications, Brother Deputy? Deputy answers: They are possessed of good moral character, are sound in body and mind, are Industrious in habit and have been elected to membership by ballots of this Lodge.
Thank you. To Chaplain: Are you now satisfied with the answers that have been given to your inquiries?
Most Worthy Counsellor, I am satisfied.
Then I shall ask the members again, Brothers and Sisters, is there any room among us for this stranger?
Members (all):
Room, room and yet there is room.
Brother Deputy or Conductor, since they are duly qualified and the Chaplain and members of our Order have been satisfied at to the same, you will now permit them to enter.
The Deputy then makes the proper signal at the door; the candidate is admitted; he is now conducted by the Deputy in front of the Counsellor's stand, where the Deputy shall say:
Worthy Counsellor, here is the stranger who is seeking refuge among us.
Brother Deputy, is he duly qualified, sound in body and in mind, and industrious in habit?
He is, Most Worthy Counsellor.
Counsellor, rising, * * *, calling the entire Lodge to order, and says to Candidate:
Well, stranger, you have come seeking refuge among us; thus for you have run well, but before you advance further on your journey, let me read you a few verses from the Word of God;
Matthew 11, 28 and 30 says: Come unto Me all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and yet shall find rest into your soul for My yoke is easy and burden is light.
You will now be conducted around the anvil twice while the Lodge will join with you in singing S.M.
A charge to keep I have,
A God to glorify;
A never dying soul to save,
And fit it for the sky.
Help me to watch and pray,
And on Thyself rely,
Assured if I my trust betray,
Is halt forever die.
To serve this present age,
My calling to fulfill,
O may it all my power engage,
To do my master's will.
Thank you, Brother Deputy, you will now introduce the candidate to the Chaplain of the Order, who will now see that he takes upon himself the proper obligation of the Sons and Daughters of Solomon members.
Deputy now conducts the candidate in front of Chaplain, and after giving two raps (to be answered by Chaplain) says:
Worthy Counsellor, I now present to you Ö, a poor stranger. He has been examined by our noble Counsellor, and He has sent him to you that, he may take on himself the solemn vow of this Order.
Thank you, Brother Deputy, and you will now cause the candidate to give his attention while I read to them Psalm 133:
Behold how good and pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like a precious ointment upon the head, that ran down the beard, even Aaron's beard, that went down to the skins of his garments; as the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore. You have heard the reading of the word; let it ever be your guide through life. You are now about to take upon yourselves a very solemn obligation, and I appeal to each of you that you call upon your Heavenly Father in prayer to give you strength and wisdom to maintain the same as long as your lives shall last, let us pray.
Chaplain offers a short prayer, then says:
You will now place your right hand upon the book and calling your own Christian name, repeat after me:
I solemnly affirm that I will not become a member or support in any way any society or lodge of the same name unless the same is a part of the Grand Lodge of the S. & D. of Solomon, and subordinate thereto and recognized by the said Grand Lodge in good standing. I further promise that I will not reveal secret works to any person or persons not known to me to be members of this Order in good standing, and I will not permit the same to be done in my presence, if in my power to prevent same, so help me God.
What is your name?
What is your age?
Are you married, if so, what is your wifeís or husband's name?
How many children have you?
What are their names?
What is your occupation?
Where do you live?
When the above questions have been properly answered and oath taken, the Lodge wilt join in singing:

My soul be on thy guard,
Ten thousand foes arise;
And hosts of sins are pressing hard,
To draw Thee from the skies.
I shall turn you over to the Deputy, who will give the grip and password, and as you receive them you will give them to me. The Deputy now communicates the grip and password and the newly made member give the same to the Chaplain, who responds to him by saying: Correct, my Brother (or Sister).
Afterward the Chaplain says:
Since I perceive that you are in possession of the grip and password, you will now be introduced to the Worthy Counsellor. While you march the Lodge will join with you in singing 7ís.
Lord, we come before Thee now,
At Thy feet we humbly bow;
Oh, do not our suit disdain.
Shall we seek the Lord in vain?
Lord on Thee our souls depend,
In compassion row descend;
Fill each heart, with Thy rich grace,
Tune our lips to sing Thy praise.
Halting in front of the Counsellor, he shall examine candidate and then say:
I find you to be possessed of the grip and password; I shall therefore ask the members concerning your further reception.
The Counsellor now gives three raps, when all shall stand and say:
Brothers and Sisters, this candidate has given me full satisfaction that he has been initiated, and further, he is in possession of the grip and password of the Order, Is he welcome?
Members all respond with two claps of the hands:
Welcome! Welcome!
Counsellor taking the newly made member by the hand, shall say:
In the name of our Order, I bid you welcome, and may you ever remain faithful.
All the officers and members:
We bid you welcome.
You will take your seat among the members.
Form of Closing
When the hour of adjournment shall arrive the Counsellor shall signify his intention to close Lodge by giving one rap and saying:
Brother Vice, I am about to close this Lodge and I call upon you and your worthy supporters to lend me your assistance.
Vice Counsellor now gives one rap and says:
Attention all! The Most Worthy Counsellor of this Lodge of the S. and D. of Solomon, Brethren and Sisters, who have been engaged in the transactions of their, usual business now desires to close the same. You will please notify the Inside Guard that he may notify the outside Guard.
Conductor reports:
Your orders obeyed.
The Counsellor now rising gives three raps when all of the officers and members will rise. The Counsellor then says:
Brothers and Sisters, let us forge the chain around our common anvil all gather around the anvil and the tie is now formed.
The Counsellor says:
Will some one inform me what our sign represents?
Anyone or all may answer:
An unbroken chain.
Thank you, let us repeat three times: Our links of chain shall never sever.
As long as we shall pull together.
Brother Chaplain, will you give us the tenet of Our Order?
Chaplain answers:
With pleasure, Most Worthy Counsellor, the tenet of our Order and all other Orders founded upon Christianity is expressed in these four words, "In God We Trust." Counsellor: I thank you, Brother Chaplain, and since this is the Tenet of our Order, I will thank the members to repeat tenet three times.
We will sing our closing hymn in C.M.
We meet, O Jesus, in Thy name,
And in Thy name we part;
We part in body, not in mind,
Our minds continue one.
Together let us sweetly live,
Together let us die;
And each a starry crown receive,
And reign above the sky.
Brother Chaplain, you will please pronounce the benediction.
May the blessings of the Almighty God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and of the Holy Ghost be with us and all of the members of this Order and with His true children everywhere, both now and forever, Amen!
Lodge responds:
Amen, Amen, Amen!
Counsellor giving one rap says:
I now declare this Lodge closed in due form and to stay closed until our next regular meeting, unless for some unforeseen cause we shall be sooner called together. Take due notice and be governed accordingly, Brother Conductor, inform the Guard.
The Lodge shall respond with salutation sign:
So it is! So it is! So it is!