Scandinavian Fraternity of America
Initiation Ritual


Opening Ceremony

We are now ready to open this meeting. All who are not members of this Fraternity will please retire.
The members will come to order, and the officers will assume their respective stations.
Marshals, satisfy yourselves that all present are members of our Fraternity and entitled to remain.
The Marshals will give the President the current term password, then they will proceed to take up the password from the officers and members of the Fraternity on each side of the room. Should anyone not be in possession of the password, they may receive it from the President, providing such member is in good standing in the Lodge, Having examined all present, the Marshals will advance to the altar, give the sign of the Fraternity and report.
President, I find all on this side in possession of the correct password.
Assistant Marshal:
President, all on this side are in possession of the correct password.
Inside Guard, you will see that the doors to our Lodge are secure and inform the Outside Guard that we are about to open this meeting and direct him to permit no interruption during the ceremony.
The Inside Guard having first closed all other doors advances to the Outside Guard's door.
Inside Guard:
Outside Guard, we are about to open our Lodge and you are directed to permit no interruption during the opening ceremony.
Outside Guard:
There wil1 be no interruption.
The Inside Guard closes the door, gives three raps, to which the Outside Guard responds in like manner.
Inside Guard:
President, the doors are secure.
We are now ready to proceed with our work.
* *.
Officers, what are your respective duties?
Past President:
It is my duty to assist you in preserving order and in performance of the ceremonies.
Vice President:
It is my duty, with the assistance of the Guards, to protect the lodge-room against intrusion of non-members, in order that our proceedings may not be disturbed.
If the Bible is not used, the Chaplain will remain at his station and read the following.
It is my duty to call the attention of those here assembled to the importance of the work before us.
* * *.

Brothers and Sisters of our Fraternity, again we are assembled in the interest of our benevolent organization. May the sun of knowledge throw its light upon us and guide us in our deliberations, so that they may result in honor and respect to the Brothers and Sisters of this Fraternity. May our behavior be such, that the true spirit of fraternal love shall dominate our actions. May we always be ready to assist the needy, help the sick, follow the departed to the grave, and to be kind and courteous one to the other. May we remember always to do unto others, as we would like to have others do unto us.
If the Bible is used the President will order the Marshal to attend at the altar.
Marshal, you will now attend at the altar.
The Marshal advances to the altar, opens the Bible and returns to his post. The Chaplain then proceeds to the altar and reads the fol1owing.
It is my duty to lead the devotional exercises of the Lodge.
Almighty and Eternal God, our Father. We thank Thee for the privilege of being permitted again to assemble, as members of our Fraternity, to study its principles. Grant us, Oh Lord, that disposition which we need, in order that our deliberations may be guided by the spirit of forbearance and love. Lead our thoughts and our minds, so that what we do may be done in harmony, and our labor be crowned with blessings for ourselves as well as for others. Guide us by Thy wisdom to attain that Light and that Knowledge, which broadens the mind and cleanses the heart. This we ask for the sake of Thy Son, our Redeemer. Amen.
All repeat:
Song if desired.
I now declare this lodge duly opened for the transaction of such business as pertains to the Work of our Fraternity. Inside Guard, you will so inform the Outside Guard.
Inside Guard:
Outside Guard, the lodge is now duly opened far the transaction of business.
Inside Guard:
President, your order has been obeyed.
Officers and members, give the Sign of our Fraternity.
Music should be furnished during the ceremony. Singing is also in order and should come after the prayer of the Chaplain.

Initiation Ceremony

Marshal, you will retire and ascertain if there are any candidates in waiting for the initiation.
The Marshal will give the Sign of the Fraternity from his station and proceed to the ante-room, without giving the password to the Inside Guard. Returning to the Lodge Room, the Marshal will give the signal on the inner door, enter, advance to his station, give the Sign and report.
President, Candidates reading their names are waiting and wish to be initiated into our Fraternity.
Recording Secretary, have they been duly elected to membership in this Lodge?
Recording Secretary:
President, the candidates have been elected to membership in this Lodge.
Financial Secretary, have the candidates paid the stipulated initiation fee?
Financial Secretary:
President, they have paid their initiation fee in full.
If fees are not paid in full Financial Secretary will retire and collect any balance.
Marshal, you win retire to the waiting room and prepare the candidates for the initiation.
Brothers and Sisters of our Fraternity, I wish to impress upon you the importance of maintaining strict order and silence during the initiation ceremony, remembering that the first impression conveyed to a candidate is the one that win last the longest.
Inside Guard, inform the Marshal that the Lodge is ready for the initiation.
Inside Guard:
Vice President, the Marshal wishes to enter with candidates seeking membership in our Fraternity.
Vice President:
Bid them enter the Lodge Room.
* * *.
Lodges with Degree Teams have the privilege to adopt such order of marching as they may deem most suitable.
The Marshal enters at the head of the candidates in single file. If the door is to the right of the
Vice President, the route of march leads past the Vice President, turns squarely to the right up by the Past President's station and forms in a half circle before the President.
President, allow me to present these candidates who are seeking membership in our Lodge.
Are they well recommended?
President, they come well recommended.
Then, my friends, I bid you welcome. You are now surrounded by members of the Scandinavian Fraternity of America who have pledged themselves to assist a member of this Fraternity in every honorable way. Let me admonish you, when you sha11 become one of us, to let Fraternal love govern all your dealings with fellow members, thereby manifesting the cardinal principle of this Fraternity.
Marshal, escort the candidates to the Vice President for instructions.
Vice President, by command of the President, I present these candidates for instructions.
Vice President:
Friends, the great object in life is to do good to humanity and in this work, it is the duty of every individual to unite in the advancing of fraternal principles, and thereby gain the respect and confidence of our fellow men.
We must, whether in private or public life, demonstrate to our fellow citizens that we are benefited by our membership in the Scandinavian Fraternity of America.
Courage, Firmness, Determination, Honesty, and Hospitality are qualities we have inherited from our great ancestors.
It, therefore, devolves upon us, not only to maintain, but a1so to promote these qualities so that the members of this Fraternity may be looked upon as the best class of citizens.
Marshal, you will escort the candidates to the Past President.
Past President, by direction of the Vice President, I present these candidates.
Past President:
Friends, I desire to call your attention to the object of our Fraternity and to some of the requirements for membership therein.
The real object of the Scandinavian Fraternity of America is to unite fraternally all persons of Scandinavian birth or descent; also wives and husbands of members of this Fraternity regardless of nationality; to give moral and material aid to its members and those dependent upon them; to encourage science and literature and by social gatherings and entertainments promote friendship and good citizenship.
This Fraternity is like a partnership: all have equal rights and equal responsibilities.
As citizens we endeavor to inculcate a love for country and devotion to its institutions.
Let us therefore he loyal to the flag of this country and may patriotism ever find an abiding place in our hearts.
May we ever he devoted to its progress and ready to answer its call, and thus fulfill the highest obligation of citizenship.
Marshal, you will escort the candidates to the altar.
President, by direction of the Past President I present these candidates who await further instructions.
Friends, it will be necessary for you to assume the obligation which we have all taken.
I can assure you this obligation will in no way conflict with your religious belief, or your duties to your country, your family or to yourself.
Are you willing in the presence of the members here assembled to assume such an obligation?
I am.
* * *.
The Chaplain proceeds to the altar, facing the candidates.
Friends, raise your right hand and repeat after me:
Of my own free will I promise truly and sincerely to be a true and faithful member of the Scandinavian Fraternity of America. That I will maintain and support its laws, rules and regulations and that I will not reveal any of its password, ceremonies, or private work. That I will to the best of my ability do all in my power to promote the welfare of this Fraternity.
That I will be true and loyal to this country and its institutions, that I will be temperate in my habits and upright in my conduct so as to command the respect of all. That I will not knowingly speak evil of a member or commit any act of injustice to them.
That I will always consider this obligation as binding upon me, even though my membership in the Fraternity may cease.
To the fulfillment of this promise I pledge my sacred word of honor.
Marshal, escort the candidates to the Vice President for further instructions.
Marshal: Vice President, the obligation has been conferred on the candidates.
Vice President: Friends, you have given the promise that entitles you to membership in the Scandinavian Fraternity of America.
Let me remind you of one principle of our great ancestors, that a promise once given must be carried out unconditionally. And now, in the name of our Fraternity we accept the promise you have given us.
Marshal, proceed with the candidates.
Past President, the candidates await your further instructions.
Past President: Friends, I will now give you a practical illustration of the benefits of united effort in order that we may have the strength and firmness necessary for our welfare and success as a Fraternity.
For this purpose we use a bundle of sticks, which you will observe, are tied together with four colored ribbons.
YELLOW is for charity: unselfishness in living,
Never fail to help some one in need by giving.
BLUE is for truth; noble and grand,
One of our principles in working hand in hand.
The WHITE is for purity; let it always linger near,
Inspiring you to high ideals, year by year.
RED is for love; warm, steadfast and true,
It is the loving tie that binds our hearts to you.
Charity, Truth, Purity, and Love,
United they will always stand,
Let us believe in all their aims,
and united WE will stand.
Alone, and as individuals, we may be compared to one single stick, draws one stick from bundle, which may easily be broken, but though you may exert all your strength, you win find it impossible to break the sticks tied together.
This, therefore, illustrates that "In union there is strength. "
These ribbons, holding the sticks together, also symbolize the American and the Scandinavian colors and should remind us to be true and loyal to this country, and at the same time, hold in affectionate regard the land of our ancestors.
Marshal, escort the candidates to the President for final instructions.
Lodges who so desire may require each candidate to sign the constitution, and this shall take place immediately before the final instructions are imparted by the President, and while the candidates are standing in a half circle before the President.
President, the candidates are now entitled to your final instructions.
In summing up the charges given you during these ceremonies I wish to impress upon you in particular that this Fraternity seeks to inspire a love for all that is beautiful, good and true in life, and, as members, it becomes our duty to guard and maintain the principles to which we have subscribed and thus fulfill our obligations of membership in the Fraternity.
The instructions I am now going to impart to you are necessary in carrying out our work as a Fraternity.
Please remember that the passwords, signs, and grip used in your Lodge are the same in all Lodges of the Scandinavian Fraternity of America and apply only to this Fraternity.
The permanent password of the Fraternity is "Loyalty". This password you will use only when arriving late and wish to enter the Lodge room after the Lodge is opened.
By giving this password to the Outside Guard you will be admitted to the ante-room. You will then give three raps on the inner door and when the Inside Guard opens the wicket you will whisper the current term password.
Here the Marshal escorts the candidates one by one to the President and he will whisper to them the current term password.

This password is changed semi-annually and all members in good standing will receive it from the President.
If the correct password is given to the Inner Guard, you will be admitted to the Lodge Room, whereupon you proceed in a straight line to the Past President's station, or the Chaplain, depending upon which side the entrance door is located, turn right or left and advance to the altar; face the President and when he recognizes you, salute him, with the Sign of our Fraternity illustrates. He will answer with the same sign, after which you will assume your seat and take part in the meeting.
Should you wish to retire before the meeting is closed, you will proceed from your place to the station of the Past President or Chaplain, turn and advance to the altar. Give the sign of the Fraternity to the President and when he returns the sign, turn and advance to the side on which the door is located, turn and proceed to the Inner Guard.
Except during the initiation of candidates and installation of officers, no one is allowed to pass across the room between the President and the altar.
Our Voting Sign is given in this manner, illustrating, and is used both for and against.
Should you desire to satisfy yourself regarding a person claiming membership in our Fraternity, you may do so by our Grip which our Marshal will demonstrate to you.
The Marshal will illustrate the grip.

Our Motto is "Loyalty and Fraternity." The initial letters "L" and "F" may be used in signing official communications, or in correspondence between members.
The Gavel in the hands of the President is an emblem of authority. One rap * of the gavel calls the lodge to order or seats it if standing. Two raps * * calls up the officers of the Lodge, and three raps * * * calls up the entire Lodge.
Now, by authority vested in me as President of this Lodge, I hereby declare you to be members of Lodge, No. of the Scandinavian Fraternity of America in accordance with its laws, rules and regulations, and confer upon you all the rights and privileges of membership in this Fraternity.
The Marshal will invest the new members with regalia or emblem if such are used.

The Marshal will now present you with a copy of the Constitution, of this Fraternity, and a copy of the By-Laws of this Lodge, which is known as the Lodge, No .... In these By-Laws you will find your rights as well as your obligations. It is your duty to be informed therein, therefore, study them carefully.
The Marshal will distribute the constitution and by-laws.

Marshal, have our new members face the Lodge.
* * *.

Brothers and Sisters of the Scandinavian Fraternity of America, allow me to present to you our new members. I trust that you will always treat, them with kindness and courtesy, so that they in this Lodge may recognize the true Spirit of Fraternal Love.
Marshal, conduct our new members to seats in the Lodge.
Closing Ceremony
There being no other business before the Lodge, we will proceed to close. We hope that the transactions of this Lodge have been for the good of our cause. May we continue, with interest and faithfulness, to take part in the work for which we are united. We desire your
presence at our next meeting.
Inside Guard, you win inform the Outside Guard that we are about to close the Lodge and direct him to permit no interruption during the ceremony.
Inside Guard:
Outside Guard, we are about to close the Lodge and you are directed to permit no interruption during the ceremony.
Inside Guard:
President, your order has been obeyed.
Let us now give attention to our Chaplain. * * *.
Form 1
Brothers and Sisters of our Fraternity, as we are about to depart from this meeting, may we feel that our actions have been of benefit to ourselves, our Fraternity and our Lodge. May we remain true to our promises; and as we now separate may we carry with us and endeavor to live in accordance with the high principles of our grand and noble Fraternity.
Song, if such is used as part of the ceremony.
Officers and members, give the sign of the Fraternity.
The Marshal will please collect the Rituals and bring them to me.
This meeting is now closed. The Guards may leave their posts.
If the Bible is used, the Chaplain proceeds to the altar in the same manner as at the opening ceremony.

Form 2
Lord, our God and Father! We thank Thee for Thy kindness to us, in permitting our gathering, and for whatever we may have accomplished, in furthering the work of our Fraternity, to the benefit of ourselves and our fellow-man. Forgive us whatever may have been unbecoming in our conduct, and help us, as we are about to leave this meeting, always to remember the guiding principles of our Fraternity. Help, we beseech Thee, all who are sick and afflicted; cheer the hearts of all who are in sorrow, and protect those who are in danger of temptation. Lord, be with all the brothers and sisters of our Fraternity, and give Thy blessing to our cause wherever it is being established. Keep us in Thy protecting care through life, and finally receive us in Thy kingdom. This we ask in the name of Thy Son, our Redeemer. Amen.
The Chaplain steps back and remains there until the Lodge is closed.
Marshal, you will attend at the altar.
The Marshal approaches the altar, gives the Sign of the Fraternity, closes the Bible slowly, makes a slight bow and returns to his station.
Officers and members, give the sign of the Fraternity.
The Marshals will please collect the rituals and return them to me.
This meeting is now closed and the Guards may leave their posts.