The Praetorians
Ritual of the Ladies' Degree


The Ladies' Degree must never be conferred on ladies.
Before conferring the Ladies' Degree the following obligation must be given to all (both ladies and gentlemen) who have not witnessed is:


I promise upon my word of honor that I will never reveal to any one the secrets of the Ladies' Degree, and that I will not assist in conferring said degree on any one unless he be a Praetorian in good standing, nor will I allow said degree to be conferred in my presence until the candidate has taken this pledge.
Immediately after the Praetorian Degree, the Praetorian Queen will instruct the First Centurion to escort the male candidates to the ante-room, until preparation is made for conferring the Ladies' Degree. When ready, the candidates will be conducted one by one by two lady attendants to the throne of the Queen.
First Cent. or Organizer: Praetorian , having taken the Praetorian degree, you are now entitled to have the Ladies' Degree conferred upon you, and you are brought before the Queen for that purpose.It is quite an honor to be introduced to a Queen. If the Queen will receive an introduction she will extend the Roman broadsword, which is the emblem of the Order, and in honor of the introduction you are to touch the sword with your lips and say, "Long live the Praetorian Queen." After this you will be instructed in the unwritten work.
Praetorian Queen, this is Praetorian .As she has extended the sword, you will place your hands on the altar, bend over and touch the sword with your lips, at the same time, say, "Long live our Praetorian Queen."
The-pass-word of this degree is , and the sign is made thus: .