Patrons of Industry of North America
Initiation Ritual


Opening Ceremony

We are now about to open this Association. If there are any present not members of the order they will please retire.
The officers will repair to their stations, assume their respective badges and prepare to assist me in opening the Association.
It is the duty of the Sentinel to see that the Officers’ Badges are at their several stations and the rooms in readiness for the meeting.

The Guide will close the inner gate and allow no one to pass or repass that station during the opening ceremony without my permission.
The Secretary will now call the roll of officers and note the absentees.
Here the President appoints officers pro tem.
Sisters and Brothers, the hour for labor has arrived and the work of another day demands our attention.
The Sentinel will come forward and receive the password.
The Sentinel advances to the President who communicates the P.W.
All officers give salutation when addressing other officers.
Brother Sentinel, you will receive the Guide at the inner gate and request him to advance to in front of my station.
Sentinel takes charge of the inner gate, the Guide advances to in front of the President, giving the salutation of the Order.
The President advances to the Altar and says:

Brother Guide, what do you require in order that you may proceed with your duties?
The proper word by which I can distinguish a true Patron.
On the grip of a Patron receive it.
President gives the Guide the P.W.
You will now ascertain if all present are in possession of that word and report all failures to me.
As the Guide examines those present in the current P.W. he will report all failures to the President who will call them forward and give them the P.W. if entitled to it. Should the Guide entertain a doubt in regard to any person he will require them to produce a proper certificate of membership or if deemed necessary by the President submit to an examination by a committee of three appointed by the President for that purpose.
Guide advances to within front of the President’s station, salutes the President and says:
Brother President, I am satisfied that all present are members in good standing.
Brother Chaplain, let us look to God for His blessing.
The Chaplain then steps forward and says:
Almighty Father, the Creator of the Universe, and the Maker of every good and perfect gift. We thank Thee that Thy protecting care has ever been over us and ours; and that we are again permitted to meet each other here for work in this our fraternal Association. Wilt Thou give us wisdom in our Counsels and deliberations here that our work may be well done; and that the kindly spirit of harmony and fraternity may prevail among us. Prosper every worthy effort to benefit the honest tillers of the soil, and to raise them to a higher and nobler manhood and womanhood.
We beseech Thee to bless the officers and members of this Association and all the active workers in our order everywhere, and grant them prosperity. We ask all in Thy Holy Name. Amen.
Sisters and Brothers, with joy we hail the return of another meeting night, and although we forego the joys of the Domestic Hearth for a season, always remember that here we meet around a common altar.
Should there be visitors present he will add: Visiting Patrons, we gladly welcome you to our fraternal circle, and trust that you bring us cheerful tidings and words of counsel that will make us stronger in the faith and better Patrons.
* *.

We will join in singing our opening song.
Music at the selection of the Association.
Brother Guide, you will now relieve the Sentinel at the inner gate and request him to take charge of the Ante-Room.
I now declare this Association open for the transaction of business. *.
Initiatory Ceremony
When the Association is ready for initiation, the candidate will be placed outside the inner door under the care of the Sentinel, who will make a confused alarm (not the regular signal), at the outer door, the Guide who has charge of the inner door, salutes the President and reports as follows:
Mr. President, there is an alarm at the door.
Attend to that alarm and see what is wanting.
Guide opens the inner door and says:
Sentinel, why is this alarm at the door?
Here are friends wishing to be admitted.
Are they of proper age, well qualified and duly prepared?
They are.
Mr. President, some friends wish to be initiated into our Association.
Are they of proper age, duly prepared and well qualified?
They are.
Let them enter.
The Guide takes charge of the candidate at this time and the President brings the Association to their feet by two raps of the gavel and all join in the

Initiatory Ode
Welcome, stranger, to our order:
We shall need your help and care,
In the harvest and and thye vintage
You shall have a rightful share.
Welcome, Welcome,
Welcome, Welcome,
Heaven bless, is our prayer.
The Guide, during this time will conduct the candidate around the room, so as to be in the act of passing in front of the President at the close of the ode, the President will seat the Association with one rap of the gavel, at the same time saying in a sharp tone:
Halt! Who dares to attempt to pass my station is so careless and heedless a manner! Who are you, and where do you come from?
From our occupation.
You are laborers, I presume?
We are.
By what right do you claim the privilege of passing my station?
I am a Guide conducting a candidate in search of knowledge, wisdom and justice.
By what I have learned you are entitled to pass to the station of Minerva.
I will now present you to Minerva, who represents the arts and sciences.
He now leads the applicant in front of Minerva and says:
Minerva, I have the privilege of introducing to you this friend who seeks admission to our ranks.
My dear friend! We are about to enter into a mutual agreement to labor together for the promotion of the interests of farmers and employes and the good of the nation of which we are a part. The purpose of our Order is to cultivate to the highest possible degree all those attributes and faculties with which the Creator has so generously endowed each and every one. There certainly can be no nobler object than for one to labor for the improvement and elevation of his fellow man.
Our prosperity, as a people, is not so much to be attributed to soil and climate, as to the untiring industry of the toiling masses and the elevating influence of christian education upon youthful minds and society in general. These facts teach us to honor God’s word, and to dignify that most honourable condition of man, free labor upon a free soil, making the cunning artificer and equal with the eloquent orator, exalting the head that has humbly bent for many a weary day over the bench of industry, to preside with the dignity which commands united reverence upon the bench of judgment, and leading the feet that have followed through many a weary furrow in the field, to stand on a level with statesmen in the councils of the nation. To bring about this result, we ask your influence by precept and example.
You will now introduce our friend to Sister Demeter.
We will now call upon Demeter, the representative of ancient and modern agricultural industry.
Now leads the candidate in front of Demeter and says: Demeter, I have the pleasure of presenting to you this friend, who seeks to become one of our members.
Dear friend. Human talent, industry, wisdom and skill, under the favoring blessing of heaven, must now go forth to sow and gather in the harvest of the earth. It is the province of the Association to build, not palaces, but men; to exalt not titled stations, but general humanity; to dignify, not idle repose, but assiduous industry; to elevate not the few, but the many. It is to this work we ask your assistance.
You will now conduct our friend to the center of the room, to receive further instructions by the President.
Mr. President, this friend wishing to unite with us and having passed the stations of Minerva and Demeter, I bring him (or her) to you for further instructions.
My dear friend. It becomes my duty, as President of this Association, to inform you that it will be expected of you as a member of this Association, that you will labor to bring within the fold of organization, all agriculturists and laborers not generally included in trades unions, and similar organizations, making knowledge a standpoint for action and industrial moral worth, not wealth, the true standard of individual and national greatness; to use your influence to secure the toilers a proper share of the wealth that they create; more of the leisure that rightfully belongs to them; more society advantages, more of the benefits, privileges and emoluments of the world; in a word, all these rights and privileges necessary to make them capable of enjoying, appreciating, defending and perpetuating the blessings of good government; to do what you can as a citizen, for the reserving of the public lands−the heritage of the people, for the actual settler; not another acre for railroads or corporations. Are you satisfied thus far, and do you still wish to become a member of our Association?
Candidate will say:
I do.
You will not be required to take any frightful oath, but it is necessary that you give us an honest pledge of secrecy and fidelity to our order.
* *.
Silence should prevail when the Chaplain will say:
Our Father, who are in Heaven. We now implore Thy blessing upon this friend, who is about to assume a high and responsible obligation. May he duly appreciate the importance of the duties to be assumed, and have the strength and the ability for their faithful performance. Be pleased to bless us in this addition to our numbers and influence, and may our Union prove a blessing to us and many others, and an honor to Thy great name; to whom be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.
You will repeat after me: I, … giving name, do solemnly promise upon my honor as a citizen, in the presence of these witnesses, that I will observe the constitution and by-laws of the Subordinate, Grand and Supreme Associations, and I do further promise that I will not reveal in any shape or form nor by any manner or means, wholly or in part any of the secrets or unwritten work of this or any other Association, in or out of the Order, which may be received by me as such. Furthermore that should I be expelled or dismissed from the Association, I will faithfully keep this obligation as sacred out of the Order as when a member.
President: I will now give you the

Unwritten Work

Use of the gavel: two raps call the members to their feet. One seats the Association.
On entering an Association if called to order, you will give four distinct raps on the outer door, which will be answered by the Sentinel giving three raps on the inside of the outer door and opens it, and upon giving the Sentinel the Pass Word or producing a proper certificate of membership (or both if requested), you will be admitted to a seat in the Association. Provided, that the President after due examination shall be the judge in all cases as to whether or not, a member is eligible to a seat in his or her Association.
The next, which I shall give you, is the salutation sign and voting sign of the Order, which is given thus: raise the right hand with the palm extended, the thumb pointing to the ear. It is under this sign that you come to order that you may assist the President in opening the Association. It is also under this sign that you vote. And in raising to address the President this sign is also used, and should you presume to address the President without first using this sign he should not recognize you.
The next sign I will give you is the hailing sign, which is given thus: bring the index finger of the right hand in close proximity of the ear with a slight motion of the hand forward, then letting it drop to its natural position by your side. Its token is ‘are you a Patron?’
The next is the sign of recognition, which is given thus: place the right hand upon the breast with the thumb extended upward. Its token is "I am."
The next is the grip, which is given thus: a full clasp of the right hand, placing the index finger firmly on the pulse.
The next I will give you is the recognition words, ‘Patrons of Industry’, and are used in connection with the grip as a proof, and is given thus: I give you the first, you give me the second, and I give you the third. As you are uninstructed, the Guide will prompt you.
The next is the final test word, which is given thus: hand to hand, accompanied by the grip, mouth to ear in a low breath. It is given and received same as above. The words are: "protection to labor."
The next is the warning signal, which is given thus: place the index finger of the right hand vertically across the lips. Use these letters when the sign cannot be given: x, z, x, z. Its answer z, x, z, x. A Brother or Sister seeing this sign given or hearing its token should repair, at once, to a place of safety with the member giving the sign or token where the reasons for using the same should be fully explained.
The Quarterly Pass Word. This can only be given by the President of your Association and then only in a low breath. The Pass-Word must not be given to one member by another (except to the Guide or Sentinel while in discharge of their duties) under any circumstances whatever. This word changes every quarter and can only be received from the President for the quarter in which dues have been paid in full.
The quarterly Trade or Recognition Word. This word is given to all members in good standing by the President, Vice-President or Secretary, when the membership certificate is issued. This word should be written upon the upper left hand corner of all letters passing between members of the Order. Never use it except you are reasonably sure that the person to whom you are writing is a patron in good standing. The word should be written and not the characters used.
I present you with a copy of the Supreme constitution and by-laws.
You have pledged us your word on the honor of a citizen before these witnesses that you would be faithfully conceal these points within your own breast, and under no circumstances reveal them, except at a proper time.
As we have freely and fully confined to your keeping the secrets of the Order, may the integrity with which you regard them and keep this promise, be your glory and your shield.
Guide, you will conduct the candidate to the desk of the Secretary, where he will sign the Constitution and By-Laws and receive a certificate of membership, after which you will introduce him to our worthy Vice-President for further lecture.
All Associations must furnish each newly initiated member with a copy of the Constitution, both Supreme and State, in order that he or she may intelligently promise obedience to our laws.
Brother Vice-President, as directed by our worthy President, it is with pleasure I introduce to you our friend, in order that you may pass him on his way made stronger in the faith by your wise counsels.
Brother Guide, before I can permit you to proceed further, you must inform me what course you have taken to educate this friend in the principles of our noble Order.
Brother! You are aware that this not the first station that must be passed by those who would become Patrons, from whence came this friend, and what has he learned by the way?
Brother Vice-President, during our deliberations this evening, the quiet of our council chamber was broken by a confused alarm at our portals. I informed our worthy President by whose order I repaired to the inner gate where I found this friend clamouring for admission. I led him to our President, by whose direction I conducted him around our fraternal circle, and as we passed their stations Minerva explained the objects of our Order, Demeter taught our friend his duty as a Patron, and our President, and our President instructed him in what would be expected of him as a citizen. At the desk of the Secretary his name was placed on the roll, and we now await your permission to proceed.
My friend, you are enrolled as a member of this Order and with pleasure I invest you with this Badge. In wearing it, ever remember the motto inscribed thereon, encircling the sheaf of grain; it teaches us, that our strength should ever encircle and protect the husbandman, on whose labours may the blessings of Him rest who giveth us our daily bread.
The emblem of our Order which you are now duly entitled to wear, is the ‘Bee Hive,’ an emblem of Industry. You should imitate the example of the toiling bee during the sunny hours of your life, and with diligence prepare for the winter of old age−by thus putting our beloved principle in practice, we will profit by your example, and ever hold in sacred memory the vows which we as tillers of the soil or wielders of the hammer have voluntarily assumed. Guide, you will conduct the candidate through the remainder of his journey to the principal chair.
Brothers and Sisters arise and join in singing our song of fellowship.
While the members are singing the song of fellowship, the Guide, accompanied by the candidate, will make a complete circle of the room, giving the salutation of the Order as they pass each station, timing their progress so as to approach the President’s chair at the close of the song. Each officer will respond to the salutations of the Guide as he passes their station.

Song of Fellowship
Hail we now our new made member.
Linked with us in friendship’s chain;
Kind and faithful to each other,
Love will soothe our woes and pain.

Thus progressing
Blessing follow in our train,
Thus progressing
Blessing follow in our train,
The President seats the Association.
Worthy President, this friend has passed every station in our fraternal circle. Has fully complied with all our requirements, and promised a cheerful obedience to our laws and now awaits your final instructions.
My friend, I congratulate you on your return to this station, and hope the lessons you have learned, by the way, will never be forgotten, and may the seven principles of our Order which every true Patron should faithfully practice, be written on your memory in characters of living light.
1st. That you will set a good example in your deportment towards others, and include all good citizens to associate with us.
2nd. That you will not allow personal prejudice or partially to influence your action on the application of any person for membership.
3rd. That you will not be present or assist in initiating a person or persons of unsound mind, or incompetent to transact ordinary business.
4th. That you will strive to propagate fraternal feelings among the masses, and teach the laborers that by harmonious action they will become a power in organic society.
5th. That you will not reveal the terms or conditions of any cotract we make, or the price we pay for goods.
6th. That you will aid all needy Brothers and Sisters, if you can do so without injury to yourself or family.
7th. That you will stand by, defend and protect all worthy Brothers and Sisters, in everything that is right.
Thus you will live for a good and noble purpose, enjoy the reward of a well spent life, and leave behind you a pleasant memory.
The President calls upon the Association and makes the following proclamation:
Officers and fellow Patrons, as President of this Association and by the authority conferred upon us by our charter, I proclaim … give name a member of the Patrons of Industry of North America, and declare him to be entitled to all the privileges and protection guaranteed by our laws and usage.
Ten minutes for congratulations, during which the Guide or some other competent member will take the new member under charge, and introduce him to those present.

Closing Ceremony
Each Officer arises as the President announces his office.
Officers and members, we are now about to close this meeting; have we further duties to perform?
Brother Secretary, what are the receipts since last announcement?
Secretary reports.
Has the Treasurer the same?
Treasurer reports.
Brother Vice-President: we will listen to your parting council.
Sisters and Brothers, we are now about to separate and mingle again with the vicissitudes and temptations of life; let the lessons taught here ever remain impressed upon each mind, and as we pursue our respective callings , let the justice demands here by our associated efforts be practiced in every individual enterprise; as our precepts teach true principles, our practice should be honest dealing.
My Sisters and Brothers, as we repair to our different places of abode, let us carry with us every pleasant recollection, and lay among memories choicest treasures the happy feelings engendered here, if anything has been said or done by which a member feels aggrieved, always remember, that ‘to err is human, to forgive divine.’ Study well the teachings of the Association during your hours of reverie, when you have leisure, meditate on our principles, formulate plans for future action and come to our next meeting, prepared to contribute to the pleasure and profit of our institution, thus will we become stronger in the faith as Patrons and better fitted for the duties of life.
* *.

Hail with Heart and Hand.
We will now join in singing our Closing Song.

Gentle friends all your duties performed,
From the toils and cares of the week.
And from life’s changing sunshine and storm,
The sweet quiet home let us seek

Chorus: To our homes now we go,
By the sweet silvery moon’s mellow light,
And the stars softly glow,
While we bid you a pleasant good-night.

With our Brothers and Sisters to meet,
In the halls of the Patrons we love,
All the friends of the Order to greet,
But the hour bids us home ward to move.
Sister Minerva, caution our members.
Brothers and Sisters, in your intercourse with the world, shun the way of evil doers.
Sister Demeter, advise our members.
Brothers and Sisters, exhibit by your usefulness and industry that you are true Patrons.
Brother Guide, before you open the inner gate give us your parting precept.
Let it be impressed upon every heart that secrecy is the cement that binds us together.
Yes, Sisters and Brothers, remember the sacred adage, a tale bearer revealeth secrets; but he who is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter.
The Chaplain will now offer our closing prayer.
Our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the privileges of this meeting, and for whatever of good we may have been able to accomplish. Strengthen the friendly ties that bind us in fraternity; make fruitful all efforts to benefit each other and prosper every work for the elevation of humanity. Guide us by Thy counsels while we live, and when our earthly work is done may we enter that home not made with hands eternal in the Heavens. For Thine is the kingdom and power, and the glory, forever. Amen
This Association is now closed until … gives day and date unless sooner specially convened, of which timely notice will be given.
The Guide will take charge of all badges, song books, and other property of the Association not specially under the care of another officer.