Improved Order of Red Men
Degree of Pocahontas
Initiation Ritual


Kindling the Council Fire
When the run for kindling the council fire has arrived, the Pocahontas assumes her station, calls the Council to order by giving one rap with the tomahawk. If any of the stations are vacant she will appoint some member to fill it temporarily. She then says:
Chiefs and members, invest yourselves with the regalia of your rank and comply with the rules of decorum. Chiefs, assume your stations. Guards, secure the wickets and remain in the tepee until further instructed. Scouts, examine all in the tepee, receiving from each the Degree password, and the password and explanation of the present term, reporting all who cannot give such, and direct them to approach my station for examination and instruction.
The Scouts examine those present, advance to the council brand, give the sign of respect and report as follows to the Pocahontas:
First Scout:
Pocahontas, I have examined all on the right of the tepee and find them qualified to remain.
Second Scout:
I have examined all on the left and find them entitled to a seat.
Scouts, retire to your stations.
The Scouts retire to their stations.
Guards, advance to the council brand.
The Guards will advance to the council brand and give the sign of respect, remaining at the council brand until the Pocahontas concludes her charge to them.
Guard of the Forest, you have charge of the outer wicket, and must not permit any one to pass it unless giving the proper signal and the password of the present term.
Guard of the Tepee, you will see that the entrance to the tepee is properly guarded, permitting no one to enter without the proper signal, the explanation of the current password, and the Degree password. If a member should be reported without either of the passwords you will announce the name to the Wenonah, who will give you proper instructions. You will permit no one to enter or retire during the ceremonies of kindling or quenching the council fire, nor when conferring the Degree.
Guards, return to your stations.
The Guards will salute the Pocahontas with the sign of respect and return to their stations.
Wenonah Wenonah rises, your duty is to assist me in preserving order and decorum, assume my station in my absence, and have charge of the wickets, permitting no one to retire without having given the proper salutation sign to the Pocahontas.
Wenonah remains standing.
Sisters and Brothers, by the will of the Great Spirit we are permitted to assemble in our tepee, and it is proper for us to ask His blessings upon the labors of the sleep. You will therefore arise while the Prophetess invokes the Great Master of Life in our behalf.
The Pocahontas calls up the Council with the usual raps.
The Prophetess advances to the place of the Council Brand
, facing the Powhatar, and repeats the following invocation:
Oh, Kishe Manitou, whose power is displayed upon every side, we thank Thee for Thy mercies during the past; inspire us with wisdom and love; grant us Thy blessings and power to advance the interests of this branch of the Improved Order of Red Men; give us peace, prosperity, health and contentment; grant that our coming together on this sleep may increase our faith in the precepts of True Friendship and Love, and in all our deliberations may Peace and Harmony be our guide.
Oh, Thou Great Spirit, hear us!
The members all respond:

Oh, Thou Great Spirit, hear us!
The Prophetess returns to her station, when the Opening Ode is sung.

Opening Ode
My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the Pilgrims' pride,
From every mountain side
Let freedom ring
At the close of the singing the Pocahontas says:
It is my duty to preside over the deliberations of this Council, and the members must remember that it is their duty to keep in view the precepts inculcated in our ceremonies, and to make the same more effective, each should exercise one toward the other that "Charity which suffereth long and is kind." In the labors of the sleep, each member has a particular part to perform, and in executing it a spirit of true friendship should at all times be our guide.
First Warrior, you will light the Council brand.
The First Warrior rises, gives the sign of respect, advances to the council brand and lights same, and then returns to station.
The council brand is now lighted. Guard of the Tepee, yon will notify the Guard of the Forest so that the members in waiting can be admitted.
Wenonah gives two raps with the tomahawk.
Before transacting any business, it is proper that we should pay homage to the Flag of Liberty. Therefore, you will join me in saluting our National emblem.
The Pocahontas takes the flag from her stump with her left hand, holds it aloft, and says:
Attention! Salute!
The Pocahontas with her right hand gives the military salute, together with the members. She then replaces the flag at her stump, and continues:
Such is my will and pleasure. The council fire is kindled in … form.
Pocahontas gives one rap, which seats the Council.
The Guard of the Tepee will notify the Guard of the Forest, so that those in waiting can be admitted.
NOTE: The council fire is said to be kindled in "ample form" when all the stations are filled, either by the regularly elected or appointed Chiefs, or by temporary appointment by the Pocahontas; otherwise the council fire is said to be kindled in "due form."
Proper record shall be made to that effect by the Keeper of Records.
When the Wenonah is notified by the Guard of the Tepee that a member of the Council, desiring admission, is not in possession of the passwords, she will refer the matter to the Pocahontas, who, if satisfied that the member is otherwise qualified, will direct that she (or he) be admitted. Members of other Councils desiring admission must prove themselves entitled thereto.
As soon as all in waiting are admitted the Pocahontas shall proceed as follows:

Adoption Ceremony
Arrangement of Tepee
At the left of Pocahontas' station place a sketch on a large curtain or frame, representing a natural scene of mountains, valleys, lake, and clouds, through which the moon is breaking, and stars.
In front of this and near it erect an irregular-shaped wooden frame, covered with green cloth, to represent a grass-covered mound.
At the left oblique of the Pocahontas' station place a tree to which the Pocahontas is later to be bound.
Place a tent for the Pocahontas at the right of her station, and at the right of the Prophetess' station a tent for the Powhatan.
Place the Wenonah's tent at her station, and the tent of the Prophetess at her station.
Have a wire or cord starting from the end of the tepee, passing to a rod on the mound and continuing past the same to a place concealed by the sketch; the cord or wire to slant toward the mound. This is intended for a white dove to descend toward the Prophetess and afterward from her out of view. The rod on the mound is to stop the dove in its descent. The wire or cord should be fastened to the dove, which should be so arranged by weights as to run smoothly down the cord or wire and retain its equilibrium.
Place a stump in front of the tent of the Prophetess covered with a green cloth, and on it a lighted brand.
As much natural scenery may be used as is possible, so as to represent a forest. Colored lights can be freely used during the ceremony.
NOTE: No council brand should be burning until the end of the prologue.

A paleface being in waiting, the Pocahontas directs the Keeper of Records to retire and propound the requisite question; the said Chief retires and makes the necessary record, collects the fee, and returns and reports to the Pocahontas. After the Keeper of Records has made report, the team retires to the paraphernalia room in an orderly march.
The sister filling the Pocahontas' station shall direct a member to conduct the paleface into the tepee and seat her (or him) near the wicket, from which position a good view of the preliminary scene can be had.
Previous to the admission of the candidate the tepee should be somewhat darkened.
Four Warriors, armed with clubs, now enter, and silently scout the forest; they hear the light sound of approaching footsteps and conceal themselves; the Pocahontas then enters, armed with bow and arrow; she scouts, and after passing once around the tepee approaches the green mound; as she does so the Warriors stealthily come out behind her from their hiding place, seize and run her to a tree, to which they bind her; they then search for fagots, gathering a few at a time and piling them around her feet; while they are doing this she sings (or recites) as follows:

Must I stand here unprotected
While the moments swiftly fly?
Is there none who'll dare protect me.
None to rescue ere I die?
During this scene a member of the Council, acting as a paleface, enters and witnesses the binding to the stake and preparations for the torture, while himself concealed; as he hastens through the underbrush he comes into the view of Pocahontas, cuts the thongs which bind her and escapes with her into the forest. The Warriors returning behold Pocahontas and her rescuer fleeing, and rush with yells after the disappearing pair, after which all for a moment is still.
During this scene red fire may be burning. The team (except the Pocahontas) re-enter the tepee and repair to their stations, with the exception of the Warriors; the others having reclined at their stations (no chairs are to be used in the ceremony), the Warriors continue to trail, and as they face the wicket the attention of all is attracted to the Pocahontas, who is slowly entering the wicket; by her side is the paleface who is her rescuer, when all sing:

Look you yorder toward the forest,
Pocahontas coming clown the trail;
By a paleface she's attended;
Pocahontas, tell your tale.
The Pocahontas enters, and as she approaches (the paleface here disappears) responds by singing (or reciting) in the same tune:

While I wandered all unheeding,
I was taken captive, too;
But a paleface rushed and saved me;
A brave man, good and true.
Pocahontas having reached the group, all stand together until the ode is ended. All then go toward the tent of Pocahontas and sing, facing tent of Prophetess:

Oh, Prophetess, we bid you go
To the knoll by yonder lake;
There to converse with Manito,
And to Him our message take;
That He our feet will lead aright,
Teach us ways that we should learn;
May His White Dove on thee alight
Ere to Him it wings return.
Repeat last two lines.
During the singing of the ode the Prophetess leaves her tent and seats herself upon the Mound, and the team then trails toward the Mound.
At the conclusion of the singing the Dove sails slowly down to the Prophetess, during which a colored light may be burned.
The Prophetess, with the Dove in hand, invokes the Great Spirit, all kneeling around her.

Oh, Kishe Manitou, we thank Thee for all Thy mercies; we thank Thee for Thy watchful care over our Pocahontas, and over us all. Inspire us with wisdom and love; give us peace and plenty; give us Thy blessing at all times; help us to make this Degree a source of good to all Thy children. Hear us, O Great Spirit!
All arise. The Prophetess releases the Dove, and, as it slowly disappears, says:
The Great Spirit has spoken and the whirlwind is still.
All then march in order, dropping out at their several stations, singing the following Ode:

We are wandering down life's shady path,
We are slowly, slowly wandering down.
We are wandering down life's rugged path,
We are wandering slowly down.
Refrain—We are wandering down,
We are wandering down,
Slowly, slowly we are wandering down.
We are wandering down,
We are wandering down,
Slowly wandering down: (Repeat.)
At the conclusion of the Ode the candidate is escorted out of the tepee, the council brand is placed in position and lit; the Warriors then stand around the council brand.

Part Second
The Scouts will retire and introduce the candidate.
The Scouts retire, and returning with the candidate give an alarm at the wicket by rapping four times.
The Pocahontas then enters her tent.
Guard of Tepee:
Who disturbs our Council?
First Scout:
The Scouts with a stranger who has permission to learn our mysteries.
Guard of Tepee:
Wenonah, the Scouts have returned with a stranger who seeks to learn our mysteries.
Admit them.
Guard of Tepee, opening the wicket:
By permission of our Wenonah you are admitted.
The Scouts, with the paleface between them, enter the tepee; the wicket is closed, and while standing near the wicket the First Scout says:
First Scout:
Our trail leads through the forest to the tent of our Chieftain. We will on our journey pass our Warriors, who are lighting the fire, around which they are to rest from the labors of the chase. But mark, when you stand before our Chief, see that your courage fails not, for through an ordeal you must pass, ere all our mysteries can be revealed. Come!
The Scouts conduct the paleface three times around the tepee. As they are passing around the third time, the Councilors stealthily leave their stations at the tent of Powhatan and inform the Warriors that a paleface is in their midst. The Councilors and Warriors trail after the paleface, and as the Scouts and paleface near the tent of Powhatan the Scouts suddenly leave and run to the tent of Pocahontas. Powhatan rushes from his tent and exclaims:
Ugh! What means this intrusion! A paleface to enter the mystery tepee of the Degree of Pocahontas! Warriors, behold one of our hated foes!
The Councilors and Warriors having drawn near exclaim:
Death! Death! Torture and death to the paleface!
What! Do I hear aright? Is this your decree? Consider well. Councilors, assemble and decide the fate of the captive.
The First Warrior seizes the captive; Powhatan, other Warriors and Councilors seat themselves in council, when Wenonah and her Runners approach and Powhatan arises.
Chief, this captive belongs to that hated nation who have ever been enemies of our race. When they came across the great waters in their big canoes, we received them with open arms; we held back nothing by which we could show our friendship for them; we administered to their every want those seated in the council exclaim, "True!"; we gave them corn and venison to keep them from starving and shared with them our lands. What has been our reward? Our lodges destroyed, our forest and grain devastated, our Warriors and Braves slain, and those of us who remain are being driven from the hunting grounds of our fathers. Let the captive die.
All arise and exclaim, flourishing their war clubs:
Death! Death to the paleface!
It shall be so. Captive, the Councilors have decided that you must die. Turning toward the Warriors: Warriors, let the captive suffer the penalty.
The Third and Fourth Warriors seize the captive. Great care must be taken not to wound the feelings of the candidate. The Powhatan then says:
Warriors, with your weightiest war clubs highly raised, let the captive suffer the penalty. Prepare!
During this scene red fire may be used. The Warriors raise their war clubs as if in the act of staking. Hearing the command of Powhatan, Pocahontas rushes from her tent, forces back the Warriors, and, facing Powhatan, pleadingly says:
Hold! father, hold! Spare this captive. Have you forgotten that I was once taken captive by my enemies and doomed to death? I was bound to a tree. For a moment I was left alone, while my captors were hunting for fagots with which to carry out their vengeance. A paleface hastened through the underbrush, cut the thongs that bound me and rescued me; and for that kindness I ask that you have mercy upon this captive.
It shall be so. Warriors, release the captive.
Addressing the captive: We hate our enemies; we forget not our friends. Captive, your life is spared; and the wrong that we would have done we ask you to remember no more. What is ours is henceforth yours.
Addressing the team:
My children, you have heard.
It is good.
All except the Scouts retire to their stations. The Scouts, with the captive, march once around the tepee and thence to Pocahontas' tent.
First Scout:
Pocahontas, this captive, whose life you have caused to be spared, should remain with us; live our life, and learn the mystic language of our Degree.
My paleface friend, would you remain with us and live our life?
The Candidate promptly answers:
Captive, before your desire is gratified, our Prophetess will take your pledge of honor. A promise among our people is as sacred as the fire our medicine men lighted in their offerings to the Great Spirit: Promise to be true to us, and we will be true to you. We have proof that your heart is right. Follow the Scouts, and to me return.
The Scouts conduct the candidate to the station of the Prophetess.
First Scout:
Prophetess, I present this candidate, whom the Pocahontas has sent to you to receive our pledge of honor.
Pocahontas calls up those who have taken part in the ceremony, who form a circle, hand in hand, around the candidate and Prophetess.
Whom the Pocahontas has sent is welcome. As you pledge yourself to us, so are we pledged to you. Henceforth you will be our friend and we will be yours. True friendship is the sweetest tie that the Great Spirit has given to His children to make pleasant the hunting grounds of earth.
Place your extended right hand, fingers and thumb slightly separated, over the heart, and repeat after me the following
Pledge of Faith
In consideration of the action of this Council in imparting to me a knowledge of the rites and mysteries of this Degree, I hereby pledge my sacred honor never to reveal the same except when legally authorized so lo do, I further promise to observe and obey the rules, regulations and customs of this Council, and of the Great Council of the State and of the United States, having jurisdiction over the same. I also promise to do all I can to extend the power increase the usefulness, maintain the harmony, and fulfil the highest intent of this Degree, and of the Improved Order of Red Men. May the Great Spirit make and keep me steadfast.
The candidate resumes natural position.
Your pledge of honor has been given. Forget not the lessons you have learned. Through life always strive to do for others as you would have them do for you. Be brave, be just, be generous. Let not base cupidity prevent the bliss that ever springs from a good deed. Scouts, conduct the candidate to the Pocahontas.
While the following ode is being sung, the Chiefs, with the candidate, march around the tepee.

Adoption Ode
With warm and kindly
We gladly welcome you;
Each heart responsive heating,
In friendship kind and true.

A high and noble purpose
Moves every heart and hand;
We work for those whose valor
Has shared with us their land.
At the conclusion of the ode the Chiefs form a circle around the council brand, and seat themselves.
First Scout:
Pocahontas, your commands have been obeyed, and we return with our friend, so that you may impart to her (or him) the mystic language of the Degree.
It is well. I will now instruct you in our mystic language, so that you can work your way into and out of the tepee, and be able to make yourself known to the members of this Degree, as you trail through the forest of life.
Desiring to enter the tepee, after the council fire has been kindled, you will approach the outer wicket and give … raps; this will attract the attention of the Guard of the Forest, to whom you will communicate the password of the current term, which is …. This password is changed every six moons. The password being correct, the wicket will be opened and you will be permitted to enter; you will clothe yourself in proper regalia. You will then advance to the inner wicket and give … raps, which will attract the attention of the Guard of the Tepees, to whom you will communicate your name and the name and number of the Council of which you are a member, which is … Council, No. …. The Guard will report the same to the Wenonah, who, if there be no objection, will direct that you be admitted if correct. The Council shall be the judge as to the validity of any objection. You will then communicate to the Guard of the Tepee the explanation of the password of the current term and the password of the Degree, as follows: when you will be permitted to enter. If you are not in possession of the Passwords, when your name is reported to the Wenonah, she will refer the matter to the Pocahontas, who, if satisfied that you are otherwise qualified, will direct that you be admitted. You will approach the place of the council brand and salute the Pocahontas thus …, she will answer thus …. You are then at liberty to take your seat.
If you desire to retire before the council fire is quenched, you will take your station at the council brand and salute the Pocahontas with the same sign as you did on entering, and, if recognized, you are permitted to pass out.
We have a recognition sign, to be used in the walks of life, to make ourselves known to other members of the Degree; it is made thus …. A member seeing this sign will answer thus ….
This sign is also used as a sign of recognition between members of this Degree and the Chiefs' Degree members of the Tribes.
If in your trails you desire assistance, you may use the following sign: …; but if so situated that the sign cannot be seen, you may use the words, …. It is the duty of all members to respond to either the sign or words of distress. We have a grasp of Friendship which is given thus ….
The voting sign is made thus …. It is also used as a sign of respect to the Pocahontas when rising to speak or crossing the tepee, and en retiring on business of the Council.
Pocahontas then gives two raps, which call up the team alone. The members of the team having arisen, the Scouts take charge of the candidate; the team takes up the line of march, trails once around the tepee, halting in front of their respective stations, and the Scouts seat the candidate in front of the place where the council brand is located, and then assume a position alongside the Pocahontas; one rap is given and all are seated, the team forming a circle around the candidate, the Pocahontas standing; she then takes a step toward the candidate and says:
I will now impart to you the symbolism of the Degree. Upon your entrance into the tepee you, under the guidance of our Scouts, trailed three times around the council brand where you saw our Warriors reclining. The light from the brand typifies the ancient fire around which the Chiefs and old men sat deliberating for the best interest of their tribe and nation. At the end of your journey you were halted by Powhatan. Upon beholding you he supposed that you were a spy, and by his direction you were seized by the Warriors, and after a consultation by the Chiefs you were condemned to death. While preparations were being made for your execution and you were in danger, one who had been befriended by your people raised her voice, and it was sufficient to arrest the uplifted clubs of the Warriors and secure for you mercy. This symbolizes the value of true friendship, and that an act of kindness, no matter how small, will in the end return an hundred fold.
The Green Mound represents nature in all its beauty; when the waters of heaven had fallen, the grass sprouted and spread its beautiful mantle over the earth, the flowers peeped forth from among the green blades, showing that it was the design of the Great Spirit to make the earth beautiful as our dwelling place. While the soil produces food for our wants, the flowers delight our senses by their fragrance and beauty. The light at the Prophetess' station represents the grave light, and the dove a beautiful and touching practice among the primitive Red men of allowing a bird to escape over the grave of a departed friend, believing that it would bear his spirit to the Land of Ponemah, beyond the skies. Here the struggle and battle of life ceases. "The Great Spirit had spoken and the whirlwind was still."
The Prophetess is a representation of woman in her love for her departed ones. She gazes from her tepee when the sun in all its splendor has disappeared beyond the mountains, and beholds in the distance the grassy knoll; behind it the placid waters of the lake, calm in all its beauty; beyond that the majestic mountains, whose high peaks appear to touch the skies; around and about them the clouds, through which the moon is breaking, as if the voice of the Great Spirit had spoken. The clouds disappear and she sees innumerablc golden lamps of heaven throwing their rays over the shadows of night.
Thrilled with these beauties of nature, she wanders away from the tepees of her people, and, sitting upon the grassy knoll, holds communion with the still spirit of the universe, to learn the will of the Kishe Manitou concerning her Tribe and people.
The Pocahontas then seats herself within the circle, and the members sing the following ode:

Praised in song and famed in story,
Lustrous deeds can never fade,
Sing tonight the endless glory
Of the peerless Indian maid;
Highest impulse, danger scorning,
Crowned her with undying fame,
Brighter far than gems adorning,
Sing we Pocahontas' name.
Woman's strength can ne'er he measured
In the cause of truth and right;
Loving words as weapons treasured,
Fly life arrows glancing bright;
Let us ever high aims cherish,
Purest love is friendship's guide:
Bid each thought unworthy perish,
Let true friendship e'er abide.
At the conclusion of the ode the Scouts advance to the candidate to assist her (or him) in arising, and Pocahontas arises and says:
Thus we have, step by step, shown you some of the customs of the aborigines; and, in doing so, we do not wish you to forget the precepts of our Order.
May Freedom, Friendship, Charity and Truth so temper your actions that hatred, malice and enmity will find no lodgment in your heart; and when you have crossed the stream that flows at the foot of the hill of life, from which no spirit returns, may you forever dwell in endless bliss. I now have done.
The Pocahontas gives two raps, the Chiefs will arise, and with the Scouts in the lead, will trail once around the tepee, form two lines leading to the inner wicket diagonally across, and the candidate, in charge of a member not in costume, is conducted between the lines quietly out of the tepee. When the wicket is closed the Chiefs will trail around the tepee to the paraphernalia room and divest themselves of their costumes. After the tepee has been restored to its usual appearance, the Chiefs will trail in and resume their stations in the same manner as on retiring. The Pocahontas will give one rap and say:
Guard of the Tepee, you will notify the sister (or brother) to enter.
The member in charge of the candidate will invest her (or him) with suitable regalia, instinct her (or him) to give the proper alarm at the wickets and to enter the tepee, then follow.
They make the usual salutation to the Pocahontas, when the member accompanying the candidate will say:
Pocahontas, our sister (or brother) now awaits your pleasure.
I now present you with a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Council, which you will carefully study.
I will also instruct you in the signs of honor that are given when the Great Chiefs or a Council make an official visitation.
When the Great Chiefs are admitted, the Pocahontas calls up the Council and the members extend the open right hand to the front, palm to the left, as if about to grasp the hand of another individual. This signifies we welcome you as friends.
This tomahawk is the emblem of authority in the Council. One rap gives it seats the members when standing or calls them to order. Two raps gives them call up the elective and appointed Chiefs. Four raps, one slow, two quick, then one gives them, call up the entire Council.
Pocahontas advances to the newly adopted member, extends the hand of friendship and says:
I now greet you as a member of … Council, No. …, Degree of Pocahontas, and trust that your future conduct will be such as to reflect credit upon our Order and the Council of which you have this sleep become a member. Our First Scout will now introduce you to the Council and then conduct you to a seat.
First Scout:
By direction of the Pocahontas, I have the pleasure of introducing …, who, having been instructed in our mysteries, will more fully understand the true principle of friendship by having extended to her (or him) the hand of welcome.
The members advance and greet the newly adopted member.
After a sufficient length of time is allowed for congratulations, the Pocahontas calls the Council to order and the usual order of business is resumed.


Quenching of the Council Fire
The Order of Business having been attended to, the Pocahontas will rise, give one rap with the tomahawk, and say:
We are now about to quench our council fire and return to our families and friends. Let it be our aim to so conduct ourselves in the outer world that we may receive the approbation of the paleface nation. Let our deeds we worthy of our Degree, and out of respect to Him who doeth all things well, the Prophetess will invoke the Great Spirit, asking His guidance in our wanderings along the trail of life daring the coming suns.
The Pocahontas calls up the Council; the Prophetess advances to the council brand, facing the Powhatan, and repeats the following:

Oh, Kishe Manitou, we thank Thee for the good fellowship that has manifested itself during this sleep, and as we separate, to journey upward our own homes, we ask Thee to have a watchful care over us.
May the efforts put forth by us for the betterment of mankind meet with Thy approval; and when we come to pass the dark river that flows at the foot of the hill of life, may we have Thy arm to sustain and support us.
Hear us, O Kishe Manitou.
The members all respond:
Hear us, O Kishe Manitou!
The closing ode may then be sung.
Closing Ode
Oh, Great Spirit, we beseech Thee
Grant Thy blessing ere we part;
Take us to Thy care and keeping,
Guard from evil every heart.

Bless the words we here have spoken,
Offered prayer and cheerful strain.
If Thy will, Great Spirit, we pray Thee,
Grant that we may meet again.
The business of this council is now finished.
Before we go to our several homes, let us again pay respect, and renew our allegiance to our Country, by saluting this emblem of Liberty and Freedom, for which our forefathers fought and died.
Attention! Salute!
The Pocahontas takes the flag from. her stump with her left hand, and holds it aloft, and while at salute, says with the members repeating:
Pocahontas and Members:
Long may it wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
The Pocahontas replaces the flag at her slump, and continues:
First Warrior, collect the books and odes, and extinguish the council brand.
The First Warrior rises at station, gives the sign of respect, collects the books and odes, extinguishes the council brand and returns to station.
At this time the Pocahontas shall sec that all rituals and odes are returned to her, and so report.
Wenonah, you will now declare the council fire quenched.
By direction of the Pocahontas, I now declare this council fire quenched, to be rekindled on the sleep of the … sun, … moon, at the … run.
Wenonah gives two raps with the tomahawk.
Such is my will and pleasure. Guards, you will now open your wickets and permit the members to retire.
Pocahontas gives one rap with the tomahawk.
The Guards then open their wickets and the members retire.