Pioneers of Alaska
Initiation Ritual


Opening Ceremony

The President call Igloo to order by one rap of gavel.
Officers will please take their stations. Sergeant-at-Arms, are all officers present?
Give me the Current password.

See if all present have the password and are entitled to sit at this session.
Sergeant-at-Arms takes up password and reports to President at his station, saying:
Mr. President, I find all present entitled to remain.
Pioneers, let us arise while our Chaplain invokes Infinite aid.
President calls up Igloo by two raps.
Oh Thou Infinite God of the Universe, we ask Thee to regard with favor this brotherhood of Alaskan Pioneers; promote a love of virtue and truth, not only in OUR Hearts, but in the hearts of all brothers everywhere: Help us to rejoice in, and labor for, the welfare of this beloved land of our adoption; and lend Thine aid that we may meet with courage all the hardships; conquer with energy all its difficulties; and may it be our chief aim, not always to gain in worldly wealth, but to give in love and kindness to our fellowmen, in every walk of life. AMEN.
President then seats Igloo with one rap and proceeds as follows:
Brothers, an Igloo of the Pioneers of Alaska is now in session. Let, us not inject into our discussions and deliberations political, religious, personal or sectional differences. Let us conduct ourselves so that fraternity, love and unity will forever abide with us.
We will now proceed with the regular order of business.

Sergeant-at-Arms, retire to the ante-room, ascertain if there are any candidates for initiation; return, and report the names of any who may be in waiting.
Mr. President, and are waiting to be initiated.
Retire, and intro duce them.
As Sergeant-at-Arms re-enters, with Candidates, President calls up the Igloo, and Candidates are marched around the hall halting at the station of the Historian.
Fellow Pioneer(s), the word 'Pioneer' was originally used to designate those soldiers who went ahead of the main army, to prepare the road. It is our privilege to prepare the way for the peaceful armies of civilization.
Beginning in the 'Far East', the 'Cradlie of man,' pioneers have ever traveled westward, blazing the way across the lands, and sailing over seas, until they reached our continent. Still the pioneers pushed westward; finally reaching our own Alaska. With the passing of the Pioneers of Alaska, this hardy class of freemen who have 'Prepared the road' for the advancing armies of civilization for thousands of years, will be no more. Alaska is the last great frontier.
Sergeant-at-Arms you will conduct the Candidate(s) to the First Vice President, for further instruction.

Fellow Pioneer(s), it is desirable that all good citizens be united in fraternal bonds, to work for Alaska's welfare. Let us pledge ourselves, to gather the relics and early history of Alaska, and preserve them for the benefit of the future State; to deliberate earnestly, and work unselfishly, for the betterment of social, political and economical conditions; and to so conduct ourselves that our Button shall be recognized as a badge of honor, and our counsels be respected, throughout the land.
Sergeant-at-Arms, conduct the Candidate(s) to the Chaplain, where they will take the obligation

Before you are received into full fellowship with us; it is necessary that you take a simple obligation, which. will in no way conflict with your civil, religious, or political beliefs. Are you willing to take this obligation?
Candidates make suitable response.

Raise your right hand and, using your name where I use mine, repeat after me this obligation:
I, , do solemnly promise, in the presence of the members of this Igloo, that I will abide by the Constitution and laws of the Grand Igloo, Pioneers of Alaska, and this Igloo, and will do all in my power to promote the best interests of this order and of its members.
Sergeant-at-Arms, conduct the Candidate(s) to the President, for final instruction.

PRESIDENT, addressing candidates:
Fellow pioneers, there is no walk of life in which you can become distinguished for excellence of character or lofty achievement, except by patient and persistent industry. Alaska is a land where men, by honest toil, grow hardy, both in mind and body; it is no place for the indolent or unambitious. The natural difficulties of life here are greater than in many other lands. Persistency and tireless energy are here especially essential to success. Our Territory is one of the fairest and most alluring under the sun and it is entirely by the persistent, patient and persevering labor of our true men that Alaska is now emerging from obscurity to the sunlight of rugged greatness. The hopeful worker is the true optimist, and because of the sturdy strength and happy industry of her pioneers, Alaska, with prophetic soul looks beyond the summit of her lofty hills with abiding faith in the great future.
Remember in your travels in Alaska you have no doubt observed that there are sometimes those who refuse assistance and do not care whether or not you suffer or perish, while there are still others who are indifferent about the matter. But the true Pioneer, however inconvenient it may be for him to furnish you relief and safety, may always be depended upon to tome to your assistance.
I wish to impress upon your mind, that it is necessary for you to always attend the meetings of this or any other Igloo, whenever you can, thus taking an interest in the organization; and help to defray the expenses in order to render assistance to a Pioneer in time of need.
The secret work, in which I shall now instruct you, is simple. When you wish to enter an Igloo in session, give any alarm at the entrance door and you will be admitted by the doorkeeper to whom you will at once give the annual password which is .
You will then advance to the Center of the hall and salute the President or presiding officer with a wave of the hand, just as one traveler salutes another on, the trail. When recognized, you may be seated. Should you wish to retire during a session of the Igloo you will make the same salutation from the, same place. When recognized you may retire.
If the President is engaged, you may salute the Vice President.
You may now face the Igloo as a member of this Igloo.
Brother Pioneers, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you brother(s) , who have been duly initiated into our Order and are now entitled to all the rights, privileges and protection of Igloo No. Pioneers of Alaska. Let us extend them a hearty welcome.
The Igloo will be at ease.
Closing Ceremony

If there is no further business to come before the Igloo, we will proceed to close.
Continuing after a pause.

Brother Pioneers, we are about to close our Igloo. Remember our principles of courage, industry and kindness. Let us go forth to practice them. Forget all differences that may have arisen during the meeting, and seek to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood that should unite all mankind.
Our Chaplain will give the closing prayer:

Oh Thou who art called the Gracious Father of all mankind we ask Thee to be with us as we depart to again to take up the duties of pioneer life. Aid us ever to gain in mental and moral worth; fill our hearts with love and charity towards all our fellowmen; and help us to become nearer like our highest conception of Thee. AMEN.
Sergeant-at-Arms, you will collect the Rituals.
After which: PRESIDENT:
I now declare Igloo No. closed until our next regular meeting, unless called earlier as the By-Laws provide.