National Protective Legion of Waverly N.Y.
Initiation Ritual


Opening Exercises
This Legion is now about to come to order; all who are not entitled to remain will please retire. The officers and members will assume their appropriate places. The Vice-President will see that the doors are closed and guarded, and that the Guard and Sentinel are in possession of the proper passwords and signals.
Worthy President, the doors are guarded and the Guard and Sentinel are in possession of the proper passwords and signals.
Conductor, advance and give me the password for the present term.
Conductor gives the President the password in whisper.

The password is correct. This you will obtain from the members and satisfy yourself that all present are entitled to remain. * * *.
The Conductor beginning at the left of the President, will receive the password from each member and will report any failure to the President. When the examination has been completed the Conductor will step before the Altar, facing the President, and after saluting, report as follows:
Worthy President; I am satisfied that all present are entitled to remain.
With this assurance from our Conductor, we may safely proceed. *.
Conductor retires to his official station.
The Secretary will call the roll of officers and record absentees.
The Conductor will stand and answer as the roll is called.
The Conductor will prepare the altar.
The Conductor advances to the altar and salutes the Vice-President who holding the American flag in his hand, says:
Our Country’s flag, its colors, red, white and blue, are the colors of our order. The red stands for our benefits, which are obtained through self sacrifice, the white signifies the purity of our purposes, and the blue is emblematic of our principles which are as enduring as the heavens.
The pianist plays "The Star Spangled Banner." *** All members arise and remain standing to the conclusion of these ceremonies. The Conductor keeping step to the music advances to the Vice-President from whom she obtains the flag, with which she drapes the altar
Conductor turns to right face and salutes the Chaplain, who holding the Bible in her hand reads the first two verses and the last verse of the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians.
Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge ; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.
And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
The pianist plays "Rock of Ages" while the Conductor advances slowly to the Chaplain from whom she obtains the Bible which she places upon the altar, open at the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians.
The Conductor turns to left face and salutes the Past President, who holding the star of the Legion in his hand says:
Behold the star of our Legion, the five pointed emblem of hope and promise, all who follow this emblem in the faithful discharge of every duty fail not to reap an abundant reward.
While the pianist plays the "March of the Legion," the Conductor advances slowly to the Past President from whom she receives the star which she places upon the open Bible.
The Conductor salutes the President, who holding the constitution in his hand says:
This is the constitution of our order, we accept at as the result of wise deliberations. By its provisions we are protected in justice and equality of rights. Conductor place this also at the shrine of our obligations
While the pianist plays the "March of the Legion" (Constitution), the Conductor advances to the President from whom she obtains the constitution which she places upon the open Bible.
Brothers and Sisters advance the sign of the order.
The Conductor retires to her station.
Let us sing our opening ode.
Opening Ode
Let friendship’s happy band,
Unite us heart and hand
Strength us more;
Let peace and harmony
At all times with us be,
Truth and sincerely
We will adore.
Our Father’s God to Thee
Our prayers shall ever be
For this our band.
Give us prosperity,
Love and fidelity
May all united be
With heart and hand
We will listen to our Chaplain.
To Thee, Oh Lord, we would render grateful thanks that we are again permitted to meet as a fraternity. We praise Thee for all Thy mercies since we last met in fellowship.
Thou has provided the necessities of life. Thou hast watched over us in darkness as in the day. Our homes have been protected by Thy guardian angels.
We implore Thy blessing upon our labors in the interest of humanity. The Lord visit the sick and suffering, the widow and fatherless in their affliction, and may we ever remember that our obligations teach us that the good Samaritan is the true type of a neighbour and that to do good should be our aim through life.
Give us purity of purpose and largeness of charity in all our acts. Bless our fellowship together on earth and finally receive us into that great legion above in the halls of Thine eternal temple and the glory shall be Thine evermore: Amen.
All members respond.
Before we enter upon the business of the evening it gives me pleasure to welcome the officers and members to this meeting, trusting that we may unite in plans for the upbuilding of the order to the end that its benefits may the better protect our loved ones and ourselves. For this noble object we are assembled.
Let us so combine wise counsel and harmonious action that our association together may be mutually pleasant and the lofty purpose of our order advanced.
As presiding officer of this Legion I desire that each member present should exercise the fullest personal liberty guaranteed unto him by an impartial recognition from the chair.
I now declare this Legion duly opened for the transaction of business. *.
Initiatory Ceremonies
The Conductor will retire and ascertain whether there are in waiting any candidates for initiation and report to me. The Secretary will also retire to collect the fees.
The Conductor and Secretary retire without form. During their absence the President should instruct the members in the details of the initiatory ceremonies. In some cases it would be well to practice the "Welcome Ode." The Conductor and Secretary re-enter, advance to the altar and giving the sign of the order report.
Worthy President, I find at the outer door … give names awaiting initiation.
The required fees have been paid.
Conductor, retire and present the candidates for initiation.
Conductor retires without form.
Worthy Vice-President, there is an alarm at the door.
Inquire the cause.
The Guard raises the wicket, or partially opens the door, and says:
Who comes here?
Your Conductor, guiding candidates into the realm of hope and promise.
Worthy Vice-President, the alarm was given by our Conductor in company with candidates for initiation.
Admit them.
* * *.
The Conductor and candidates enter while he members sing, they march directly up the left side of the hall toward the President’s desk, turning to the right they continue around the hall till in front of the Chaplain they column right and halt in front of the altar, facing the President.

Welcome Ode
Welcome to our guarded Legion
Linked by friendship’s golden chain
Here you’ll find a home fraternal,
True in deed, as well as name.
Come then, stand before our Altar,
Pledge your faith and join our band
Firm to stand and never falter,
Join in heart, as well as hand
Worthy President, in accordance with your command I present these candidates for initiation.
My friends, it is well that you should understand at its threshold, the purposes and designs of the organization you seek to join. You have doubtless learned, or if not, the lesson will sooner or later come, that the charities of this world are cold and sordid and dispensed with a reluctant hand; and that he who relies upon them for relief in the hour of adversity, places his dependence upon a broken reed.
It was in consideration of this fact that the National Protective Legion was founded; that we, in the day of misfortune may be assured of relief, and that our loved ones may be protected from want, without turning to the charities of the world.
That we may successfully pursue this purpose, all who enter our fraternity, are solemnly pledged to one another to maintain a system of mutual protection, in whose benefits all may participate, to guard the principles of the Order against all unfriendly influences, and keep sacred and inviolate its secrets.
With the assurance that such an obligation will in no wise affect your civil or religious liberty, will you at this shrine tare upon yourselves the vows of fidelity?
I will.
Brothers and Sisters, having heard this declaration will you now receive these candidates into fraternal fellowship?
We will.
Then we will proceed.
Worthy Past President, you will administer the obligation.
My friends, before you is the open Bible, the guide book of life. From its pages we glean the loftiest conceptions of human virtue Faith, Hope and Charity are inseparably linked with our noblest thought. That these Christian Graces may be forever enshrined in our work and fellowship, we place above them the Star of our Legion, the five pointed emblem of hope and promise, while on the opposite page of this sacred volume rests the Constitution of our Order.
If you are now ready to assume the obligations of membership, you will place your right hand over your heart. Pay strict attention to the following inquiry, to which you may give your answer as each question is asked.
Do you, in the presence of these witnesses, sincerely promise to faithfully and fully observe and be governed by the Constitution and Laws of the National Protective Legion, as they now exist or may be hereafter enacted?
Do you promise to cherish a charitable and fraternal spirit toward every member of this Order, and that you will never willingly injure a fellow member in person or estate?
Do you pledge your sacred honor that you will present no claim or claims for disability benefits to this Order that are not just, and that do not totally disable you from following your usual vocation?
Do you further promise that von will not enter into any legal proceedings against the Order, until you have first exhausted all remedies of appeal, as prescribed by our laws?
Do you solemnly promise that you will never reveal any of the secret work or private workings of this Order to any one not entitled to know the same?
Finally, with every interest of the Legion at heart and a desire to see its membership increase, do you solemnly promise that you will keep these, your obligations, to the best of your ability?
I do.
We are witnesses of your vows.
Let us pray. Father of the Universe, we implore Thy blessing upon the candidates who have just assumed a deep and responsible obligation. Give them not only a thoughtful consideration of the solemn promises made, but also strength to keep them.
Enable us day by day to discharge the duties incumbent upon us as co-laborers with Thee. Amen.
Immediately after the close of prayer the pianist will play, and all sing:

Devotion Ode
Life’s morn soon flies a way.
E’er long we reach the noon.
Then let us labor while it’s day
For night is coming on.
In faith and hope and love
We seek man kind to bless
May God our earnest work approve
And crown it with success.
Officers retire to their stations.
Conductor, you will present the candidates to the worthy Vice-President.
Pianist plays a march while the Conductor with the candidates marches around the hall to the right and halts in front of the Vice President.
Worthy Vice-President, I am directed by the Worthy President to present to you these candidates.
My friends, our mystic words are economy, protection and prosperity. Economy is the experience, example or forethought that enables a person to expend what he has to the best possible advantage.
By a nominal deposit each month our Order offers to the wage-earners of our land an opportunity to share in the accumulation of profits, at the same time, in the event of sickness or death, it encircles our homes and the loved ones dependent upon our care with a degree of material protection. In the practice of economy, and systematic self-denial, wisely directed, will be found the secret of prosperity.
We accept your aid in defense of these cardinal principles, being well assured that our united efforts will bring ample reward to one and all.
Conductor, you will present the candidates to the Worthy Chaplain.
Pianist plays while the conductor with the candidates marches around the hall to the right and halts in front of the Chaplain.
Worthy Chaplain, I am instructed by our Worthy Vice-President to present to you these candidates for further advancement.
I congratulate you, my friends, upon the wisdom you have displayed in the step you have taken.
The work of our noble Order and of its individual members is likened unto that of the Good Samaritan, who, finding a stranger by the wayside who had been robbed by thieves, and neglected by mankind, dressed his wounds, fed and sheltered him.
We form a fraternity, united by sacred ties and firmly bound by our covenant to each other. In union there is strength, and we bid defiance to obstacles that to us in our individual capacity would be insurmountable.
Be faithful in your attendance upon the meetings of this Legion, familiarize yourself with its laws, aim to honorably fill its offices, be true to your Order, be true to yourself, and above all be true to God, and success will follow you in all your undertakings through life.
Conductor, you will present the candidates to our Worthy President for final instruction.
Pianist plays a march while the Conductor with the candidates marches around the hall to the right halting in front of the President.
Worthy President, I present to you these candidates for final instruction.
My friends, you have thus far complied with all our requirements, you have listened to the teachings of our Order from other officers, and it now becomes my duty to instruct you in the secret work.
We do not have long ceremonies and many mysteries, yet we do have certain signs, grips and passwords. These will now be given you for your own benefit and protection. Wishing to enter the hall of your own or any other Legion, you will give any ordinary alarm at the outer door. The Sentinel will open the door and you will give him in a whisper the annual password which the Conductor will now give you …. This password can only be obtained by you from the President or by his direction, if your dues and monthly payments are paid and your membership is in full force, and is never to be given in any other manner than you have just received it in a low whisper. It should never be given by you to any other person than the Sentinel in gaining admittance or to the Conductor in obtaining the password by direction of the President. This password will, admit you to the inner door where you will make four distinct raps in this manner. The Guard will raise the wicket or open the door slightly to whom you will give your name and the name and number of the legion to which you belong. The name of this Legion is … and the number is …. Your presence will be reported to the Vice-President; if there is no objection, the Guard will again open the wicket, or door, slightly, and you will communicate to him in a whisper the permanent password which the Conductor will now give you. This password is never to be given by you at any other place than the inner door of the lodge room and then only in a whisper.
If the password is correctly given you will be admitted to the hall. You will then proceed to the altar, face the President, and advance the sign of the Order in this manner …. These signs are explained as follows: ….
The President will answer you by the first and second part of the sign, thus: …. You will then take your seat. When you arise to address the President, or to pass the altar in crossing the hall, you will make the first and second parts of the sign.
Never cross the room between the altar and the President’s chair, while the Legion is in session, except during the initiatory ceremony and at the installation of officers.
Should you wish to withdraw from the hall while the Legion is in session, advance to a position midway between the altar and the Vice-President’s chair, salute the Worthy Vice-President with the sign of the Order and ask to be excused. If in order, the Vice-President will accede to your request, after which you will retire as quietly as possible.
This Order has a recognition sign which you may use to show that you are a member or to ascertain whether some other person is a member of the Order.
It is made thus: …. The answer is made in the same manner. The grip of the Order is made by clasping a brother or sister by the right hand in this manner: ….
Should a member be overtaken with any misfortune in the dark, or at any other time when immediate assistance is needed, we have a distress signal, which is: …. Any member hearing this cry is under obligation to respond thus: … and hasten to the aid of the member in distress.
The Gavel is the sign of authority; the President’s wishes expressed to the members of the Legion through it shall be as follows:
One rap * convenes the Legion, and calls its members to order.
One rap * also attracts the attention of the members of the Legion when special orders are to be given or executed, and is a general sign of attention.
Two raps * * call the officers of the Legion to their feet.
Three raps * * * call up the entire Legion.
When standing, one rap * seats them.
To follow the course of the National Protective Legion through all its stages is to recount the unselfish purpose of men and women, associated for the common good of humanity. In this fraternity are those who regard the protection of the home and the comfort of the loved ones dependent upon them as paramount to all other interests in life. From the nine men who, in the beginning, associated themselves together in this cause, our membership has increased to thousands, while the benefits of our order are recognized and coveted by a constantly increasing multitude. Pure life insurance, unaccompanied by mutual assistance, in the hour of need is a cold business transaction, but we encircle it with the golden tints of friendship, encouragement and charity.
To conclude our ceremonies, stepping down and taking the candidate by the hand I now welcome you to membership in our Order. Let me exhort you to lay hold of our work. Hands candidate a Constitution. Study our laws and principles and you will become a loyal defender and ardent worker for the Order.
Conductor, cause our new members to face the altar. * * *.
Brothers and Sisters, in harmony with your wishes we have received these friends into membership. That the heartiness of this reception may be the more fully realized it is for each of you to extend the right hand of fraternal fellowship. We will now have a brief recess for that purpose.
This being an informal greeting the pianist will play "Robin Adair" or some other appropriate piece, not a march, while the members advance and give to the new members the right band of fraternal fellowship.

Closing Ceremonies
If there is no further business to claim the attention of this Legion we will proceed to adjourn.
The Conductor will collect and deposit with the Secretary the Odes, Rituals and any other paraphernalia of the Order.
Pianist plays.
* * *.
Officers and members, we have concluded the business of this session, and I thank you for your presence and assistance in deposing of the matters that have claimed our attention. We are now about to separate and go our various ways in the world. Leave no opportunity unimproved, and no avenue neglected that may afford us the means of adding new recruits to our Legion. We have most solemnly pledged each other to co-operate in the work of advancing the principles of our Order. Let us remember these obligations and seek always to render that unselfish service that cannot fail to merit the high regard of our friends.
I now declare this Legion closed in due form until our next regular meeting unless specially convened. *.