Mystic Workers of the World
The Motive Degree


May be conferred upon both men and women.
This Degree is especially appropriate for a staff of all ladies. The Degree Staff may consist of eight men and eight women, or all can be ladies. If sixteen cannot be secured, use eight or twelve instead.
Having ascertained if candidates are in waiting, the offices are filled by la dies, and the Queen takes the Prefect's chair.
Worthy Marshal and the Degree Team will retire and prepare the candidate(s) for initiation.
All march to the altar, salute, and retire. Candidates should all be made ready to enter before this order is given by Queen. When ready to re-enter, Marshal gives two raps on door and repeats. Warder opens door and says:
Who comes here?
The Marshal with (a) candidate(s) seeking adoption.
Mystic Queen, the Marshal with (a) candidate(s) seeks admission.
QUEEN, rising, says loud and with dignity:
Worthy Warder, open wide our doors, extend our hospitality and bid them welcome to our presence.
By command of our Mystic Queen, I bid you enter and be received.
Marches once around room and halts before the altar, and says:
Mystic Queen, I present (a) candidate(s) for obligation.
QUEEN, * * *, calls up Lodge:
Worthies, gather around the candidate(s), form the Mystic Circle and witness the solemn promise.
Stranger(s) to become one of us, you must make a solemn promise in which there is nothing to conflict with either your religious, or political opinions. Please repeat after me the solemn promise.
A Solemn Promise
I do most sincerely promise never to reveal, unlawfully any of the secrets of this Order communicated to me as such. I will be cautious in speech, helpful in good work and will aid in increasing the membership of this Lodge. I will not knowingly recommend for membership any person whom I know to be unworthy.
I further promise that I will not communicate the annual password to any other than the proper officers of a lodge while at work.
Worthies, do you accept the promise made by the candidate(s)?
We do, Mystic Queen.
Then once again we form the Mystic Circle and pledge to you Friendship, Fraternity and Protection. .
While members are standing in the Mystic Circle, the choir softly sings in the distance the following song. Lights turned low during the song.
Blest are our Mystic ties,
That bind our hearts in love,
True fellowship of Mystic minds
Brings peace and joy to all.
QUEEN, *, seats Lodge:
Worthy Marshal, conduct the candidate(s) to our Goddess of Hope for instruction.
Worthy Goddess, by command or our Mystic Queen, I present (a) candidate(s) for instruction.
My friend(s), the first cardinal principle of our Order is Hope. Hope is the balm and life blood of every soul to steady its frail bark upon the ocean of life. Hope is the precious gem that comforts and cheers, in every extremity. Hope whispers health to the sick, life to the dying, and buoys us up to drain the bitter dregs of sorrow's cup. On ocean wave or mountain crest, hope springs eternal in the human breast. Without this blessed hope our lives would be like deserted ships at sea. If you cultivate the evershining spirit of hope, there is no ill or burden of life you cannot bear. In the hour of death, hope hears the rustle of an angel's wings and sees a star to light the way to everlasting bliss and happiness with loved ones gone before. May this blessed hope never desert you in all the trials and temptations of life. Remain true and loyal, faithful and hopeful, that you may ever be worthy of a place among us.
Worthy Marshal, conduct the candidate(s) to our Worthy Goddess of
Love for instruction.
Worthy Goddess, I present (a) candidate(s) for instruction.
GODDESS OF LOVE, earnestly and impressively:
My friend (s), the second cardinal principle of our Order is Love. Words are inadequate to express the power of love. All the gold, silver and precious gems of earth cannot purchase an ounce of love. Without love in the human heart, this world would be a barren desert, without home, friends or country. Love links the hearts of the
Mystic Workers in ties of friendship, fraternity and protection. Love divides our sorrows, increases our joys and lifts the veil from the heart, and throws sunshine amidst the darkest scenes of life. Where there is love, there is celestial harmony, and like Diana's kiss unasked, unsought, gives itself, but never can be bought. Let love animate your heart; be kind and sympathizing; you are thereby strengthening the ties that bring mutual happiness and protection to all.
Worthy Marshal, conduct the candidate(s) to our Goddess of Truth for further instruction.
Worthy Goddess, I present (a) candidate(s) for instruction.
My friend(s), thus far neither hatred, malice or strife has marred your journey in the pursuit of knowledge. Truth is the foundation of all knowledge and the keynote to sincere affection. By truth we judge all things and all Worthies within our Mystic Circle. As
Mystic Workers we are never to speak an untruth, that our tongues remain clean and our hearts pure before heaven. When we cannot speak the truth, sealed lips and silence shall be the only alternative.
You will be judged by your willingness to exemplify in your daily life this great principle of truth.
Be honest, true and steadfast in purpose, to obey our laws, to assist all sick and distressed worthy members, and protect your home and loved ones.
Worthy Marshal, conduct the candidate(s) to our Mystic Queen for instruction.
Mystic Queen, I present (a) candidate(s) for instruction.
My friend(s), I take pleasure in introducing to you our Worthy Monitor.
My friend(s), having passed through your initiation, I will instruct you in the secret work of our Order, at any time you wish. It is my duty to answer any question you may care to ask and to aid you to feel at home with us. As an officer of this lodge I welcome you into our circle of friendship.
In addressing the lodge the recognition sign should be given to the Prefect, and if permitted to speak he will recognize you by calling you by name as Worthy , after which you have permission to speak.
The Supreme honors are given by placing the left hand, palm upward, in front of the body near the waist, then striking it three times with the right. This is repeated, making six strokes in all. These honors may be given Officers, past Officers, and newly made Worthies, and are to be used in the installation ceremony and in closing the Lodge. Monitor is seated.
My friend(s), I now introduce our W orthy Prefect, who will further instruct you. ,
My friend(s), I will now communicate to you the annual password, which can only be imparted by the Worthy Prefect; and also instruct you in the manner of gaining admission to a lodge.
The annual password is promulgated by the President every December, and comes into use the January following. The password for this year is whispers it to each. To gain admission to a lodge, give any alarm on the door. Give your name or the annual password to either the Sentinel or Warder. If known you will be admitted. Then advance to a seat. If unknown and without password the Monitor or Correspondent will assist you to enter upon request.
I, too, welcome you into this lodge. We will try to make your association here pleasant and profitable. Prefect is seated.
MYSTIC QUEEN, with dignity:
My friend(s) I welcome you most earnestly as (a) Mystic Worker(s).
You are now pledged to the great teachings of fraternity. Your life cannot be a failure, if you are sincere in the grand work you are just beginning. You cannot live unto yourself. You are dependent on those around you. You draw daily from the great storehouse of knowledge. As Mystic Workers we aid, shield and defend each other in the hour of sorrow, sickness and death. As Queen of the Mystics, I give you this beautiful flower, emblematic of love, friendship and purity, which never looks so enchanting as when it decks the brow of beauty or adorns the breast of innocence. Let its beauty and fragrance ever remind you of a more beautiful and perfect life. As you journey through life, let your eyes see only that which is good, your ears hear only that which is pure, your hand that it do no wrong, your mouth that it speaks only as a true Worthy, and your feet that they may tread only in the paths of peace and virtue. I now declare you duly adopted as (a) Mystic Worker(s).
QUEEN, * * *, calls up Lodge:
Please face the Monitor's station. Worthies, I have the pleasure of introducing to you the youngest made Mystic Worker(s) whom you will greet with the honors of the fraternity. * Seats Lodge.
The candidate(s) is now seated and the Drill team executes any drills they wish.