Loyal Order Of Moose
Ritual for the Advancement of Members to the Degree of Aid

1976, Great Britain

General Opening Ceremony
Guard, from his post:
Brothers, arise and receive your Officers.
Members rise and remain silent Officers, except Mentor and Guide, enter Lodge room in two files, one to the left of the Commender’s Station led by Advocate, and one to the right of Commender’s Station led by Past Mentor. They form a semi-circle around Altar and face Mentor’s station. After a suitable interval the Mentor, escorted by the Guide enters and moves to his station, passing on Wisdom side of Altar Guide moves to position in.
Mentor, standing:
In the name of the Supreme Lodge of the World, Grand Lodge of Great Britain, Loyal Order of Moose, Region of ... Aid Lodge No. …, will come to order. Officers will assume their stations. Pause while they bow to Mentor and do so. The Inner Door will be closed. Pause. The Guide will ascertain whether or not all present are Loyal Moose in good standing.
Guide bows, turns about and moves to Guard from whom he receives his report. If any visitors are present the Commender will say:
Commender, without sign:
Brother Mentor, I have the pleasure to announce that the following visiting brothers are with us tonight
Commender reads list of names, giving rank of any officers and same and number of unit to which each visiting brother belongs. The Mentor will extend a welcome and invite any visiting Officers to occupy any special seats sear his station.
Brother Mentor, I find that all present are entitled to remain.
Guide remains at Altar, Mentor gives one rap.
Brother Guide, prepare the Altar and Stations.
Guide unfolds Cloth:
With this cloth I drape the Altar, before which we assumed our obligation. Holds up Bible, closed. This is the Holy Bible, our inspiration and our guide.
Places Bible on Altar and opens it at page marked with gold riband, then holds up Bible—.
Here, marked by the gold riband of Aid, are written these words. Reads: "He shall deliver the needy when He crieth: the poor also, and him that hath no helper."
Guide replaces Bible on Altar. Electrician lights Mooseheart Lamp. Guide then bows to Mentor returns to his post and resumes seat.

Procedure for Apparelling Station Officers
1. Guide proceeds to each station in turn, beginning with the Preceptor’s.
2. Guide drapes the station and declares it.
3. The Station Officer then rises.
4. The Station Officer receives collar from Guide, apparels himself, makes his response and remains standing.
5. Guide remains standing at the station till the response is complete.
6. Guide bows to Station Officer, who returns the bow.
This is the Station of Purity.
We bind ourselves to keep the heart pure, the mind chaste, and the body clean; to learn to love, and to love to learn, that which is good.
This is the Station of Aid.
We are bound together in a common brotherhood, and we labour for the common good — ‘One for all, and all for one’.
This is the Station of Wisdom.
Get Wisdom, get understanding; forget it not. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
This is the Station of Progress.
Forward in the good; onward in the right.
Guide returns to his post via the Station of Purity and remains standing.
The apparelling will now be completed.
On this command the remaining officers will use together and apparel themselves, taking their time from the Guide and will remain standing.
Mentor gives two raps to raise remainder of lodge:
Brother Preceptor.
All fold arms and bow heads during prayer.
Our Heavenly Father, the Source of all beauty, all truth and all goodness, we pray Thee for the guidance of Thy Spirit, that by the ministry of our ceremony our lives may become more beautiful; that through our fellowship we may more fully partake of Thy everlasting Truth and Order. Guide us by Thy Spirit into the path of the perfect life, and help us by Thy Grace to live less for ourselves, more for our fellows, and most of all for Thee. Amen.
All remain standing Guide proceeds with Union Jack facing Mentor, where he presents it, holding it upright, unfurled, pole clear of the floor.
I present the flag of our country, the symbol of unity, the emblem of liberty, justice and brotherhood.
Guide retains flag motionless Brothers sing first verse of National Anthem. Guide then proceeds with flag to rear and right of Mentor’s station, places it in its stand, after which he returns to his post.
Mentor in an undertone:
Brothers, let us now say together, ‘It is our duty...’
Mentor and Brothers in an undertone together:
It is our duty to keep inviolate our obligations — to strengthen and maintain the Defending Circle and in our daily lives and conduct — to exemplify Purity, Aid and Progress.
Brothers, form the Defending Circle.
On the word ‘Circle’ Brothers place left hand on heart and right hand on next brothers shoulder without unseemly movement or noise, a lone brother — for example, Guard, Organist, etc — will simply place his left hand on his heart. The Circle of brothers nearest the Altar must be continuous, but all brothers behind shall be deemed to be symbolically a part of that Circle though there is no actual contact.
As the Mentor advances the Circle is closed by the brothers on either side of him.
And now listen to the legend of the Locked Horns. In the primeval wilds of the northland two noble moose, leaders of their herds, met in deadly combat. Today their locked antlers, mute evidence of the futility of antagonism and strife, lie bleaching on the plains. We are met tonight as brothers united in a common cause. Let the spirit of harmony and fraternal regard temper and guide our deliberations, lest we be blinded to the lesson of the Locked Horns. Brothers, dissolve the circle.
While Organist plays introductory bars of Opening Ode the Circle is dissolved by each Officer returning to his station and each brother to his place.

Declaration of Secondary State
Brothers, I declare that Region of Aid Lodge No. …, Grand Lodge of Great Britain, Loyal Order of Moose, is in due state and properly apparelled unto Aid. The Guard will admit all qualified to enter.
Mentor gives one rap.
Offertory to be taken at this point.

Ceremony of Advancement

Candidate in ante-room.
Brothers, it is my purpose to conduct the ceremony of Advancement gives one rap. Brother Secretary, are there any brothers who await advancement?
Secretary rises:
Brother Mentor, … number members of our Defending Circle earnestly desire advancement in our Order.
Can you assure us that this (these) brother(s) is a (are) true and loyal member(s) of the Order, and that he has (they have) complied with the particular requirements of this Degree?
Brother Mentor, I can. Secretary resumes seat.
Brother Past Mentor he rises. You will please retire and prepare the candidate(s) for advancement.
Past Mentor advances, bows and retires without escort. Organist plays voluntary until he re-enters.
Past Mentor:
Brothers, are you prepared to make a promise pertaining to the Degree of Aid? If so, you will answer ‘I am’.
I am.
Past Mentor:
You will rise. Place your left hand on your heart, thus, and repeat after me, using your name where I use mine: I, …, do promise for all time on my honour as a Loyal Moose — to retain within the membership of the Degree of Aid — all shall see and hear therein.
You will be seated.
Past Mentor re-enters and assumes position:
Brother Mentor, the candidate(s) are in readiness.
Brother Past Mentor, I thank you. Past Mentor returns to his place and resumes his seat.
Brother Guide, retire and conduct our Brother Candidate(s) to the Lodge Room. The Guide bows and retires.
Challenge and Avouchment
Who challenges the sanctity of the Inner Door?
Guard opens the Door to gain the information, he then closes the door and reports:
Brother Commender, ... number brothers of the Degree of Purity who seek(s) admission into the more advanced ceremonies of our Order.
Do you, Brother Guard, vouch that these brothers are entitled thereto?
Brother Commender, I do.
Brother Guard, admit our brother candidates.
Throughout this dialogue, the Commender speaks clearly and audibly without turning his head to Guard.

Presentation of Candidate
Guard opens door to admit Guide and candidates. The Guide sets the representative candidate at position and will stand on his right after ensuring that other candidates are seated outside the front circle in the Quadrant of Aid, and, if necessary, the Quadrant of Purity.
Brother Mentor, I present Brother …, who has been selected to represent his Brother candidates who will each consider to be advanced individually.
Brother …, on behalf of this Lodge of Aid, I welcome you.
Secondary Story of the Moose
Commender assumes position.
Brother(s), you have learned the story of the majestic animal from which our Order takes its name. You have been taught how the moose in its natural state lives and feeds in herds; the strong and vigorous move in the outer circle to defend the rest against all dangers.
In the depths of winter the male and the female, with their young, choose well-protected clearings in the heart of the forest, forming compounds or yards as a protection against their natural enemies. The more aged moose likewise form mooseyards, separate and distinct from the family compounds.
The young male members of the herd, brave and fearless, roam the outer edges of the forest, quick to answer the call and stubbornly defending all access to the compounds. Occasionally a young moose, tempted maybe, by some succulent pasture further afield, will leave the forest clearing unprotected; and wolves, bears and cougars, the natural enemies of the moose, are able to break in and attack the compounds, causing disastrous confusion and even death. This is unusual, for the moose is habitually faithful to his kind.
Thus we learn from the moose, the duty that the strong should share their strength with the weak.
Commender bows and returns to his Station.
My Brothers, hear now how these ideals are being fulfilled. Inspired by the animal from which we take our name, we have set out to find places of sustenance and security for the weak and the distressed of our Order; to that end we have founded a home of happiness for the children and the aged.
We, of the Loyal Order of Moose, are the founders, builders and supporters of Mooseheart and Moosehaven, and devote ourselves to their growth and development.
In the Degree of Aid we rededicate ourselves to this noble purpose, remembering that it is more blessed to give than to receive, that deeds speak when words are silent, that the strong should share their strength with the weak.
Believing, as we do, that our ideals and aspirations have the blessing of Almighty God, we have lighted in faith that Mooseheart. Points.
In its radiant and beneficient glow, we are inspired and strengthened for the duties that await us. Mooseheart, and its ministries, must be a vital factor in the life of every brother of this Degree.
Advocate bows and returns to his station Remaining lights are turned on.

The Defending Circle
Mentor gives two raps and assumes position:
Brothers, form the Defending Circle. Brother Candidate(s), I must warn you that advancement in this Order is beset with many demands upon your loyalty, obedience and self-sacrifice. In this Degree, Aid is our watchword, and you will learn the moral value of personal self-sacrifice, and the glory of continual and ungrudging service to your fellows. After a slight pause.
Brother Guide, prove the Circle.
The Guide tests each Quadrant of the Circle from within, in the order — Purity, Aid, Wisdom, Progress. He then faces the Mentor over the Altar and reports:
Brother Mentor, each Quadrant stands firm and the Circle remains unbroken.
The Guide returns to the right of the candidate.
The chain of our fraternity is only so strong as its weakest link and in unending loyalty must every part be forged. Therefore, hold fast that naught but death may break our Circle. Let me remind you of that first great occasion when you were told that in union there is strength, that a burden heavy to one is borne lightly by many, that the strong should share their strength with the weak.
We solemnly pledge to you anew that this Circle shall be your sure refuge. Remember, you stand charged with us to make its protection a vital factor in the life of every brother. Brothers, dissolve the Circle.
Mentor returns to his station, sits and gives one rap to seat the Lodge.

Preceptor advances to position:
At your initiation into our beloved Order you took your obligation. It is now your duty, brothers, to submit yourselves freely and willingly to a searching self-examination. Let your conscience decide, remembering that our Creator, who understands the frailty of all human effort, looks with mercy upon our weaknesses, pardons our errors and blesses all noble endeavour. ‘God is not careless about what ye do’.
Brother candidates, you will all place your left hand on your heart and silently answer of your conscience and your heart. Confess, not to me, nor your brothers, but to your God.
All lights are extinguished. The gong is struck once.
Have you at all times willingly and without reserve given help to a brother, or his family, when called upon to do so?
Have you protected the weak, lifted the fallen, and cared for those who cannot help themselves?
Five seconds pause.

Have you been just and fraternal in all your dealings, fostering peace rather than strife, harmony rather than discord, service rather than self?
Five seconds pause.

Have you, because of petty spite, business jealousy or other unworthy motive, kept any applicant from the privileges of our Defending Circle?
Five seconds pause.

Have you endeavoured to keep your heart pure, your mind chaste, your body clean? Have you protected a brother’s honour as your own?
Five seconds pause.

Have you, Brothers, at all times, used the utmost endeavour to strengthen and maintain the Defending Circle?
The gong is sounded once. Five seconds pause.
God help you and guide you.
Brothers repeat:
God help you and guide you.
Mentor gives two raps.
Mooseheart Lamp turned on.

Mentor, from his Station: Brothers in Aid, you will place your right hand on your heart and repeat after me, using your name where I use mine:
I, …, solemnly rededicate myself and my service — as far as it may be in my power — to the well-being of the dependent child the care of motherhood — and the cause of the aged and distressed.
I will endeavour at all times — to be present at the lighting of the Mooseheart and to bring to this altar — such material blessings — as it may lie in my power to bestow.
All lights are turned on.

Gifts to Mooseheart
Guide takes position with a wooden salver covered with a linen cloth.
Brother Advocate, what do you bring to Mooseheart?
The Advocate leaves his Station with a basket of bread. He assumes position and places basket on salver.
I bring bread that all may be sustained.
Advocate returns so his Station.
Brother Commender, what do you bring to Mooseheart?
The Commender leaves his Station with a vessel of water He assumes position and places vessel on salver.
I bring water, that none may thirst.
Commender returns to station.
Brother Past Mentor.
The Past Mentor leaves his pout with a basket of fruit, he assumes position and places the basket on the salver.
Past Mentor:
I bring the fruits of the earth, for they be both food and drink.
The Past Mentor returns to his post.
Brother Secretary.
The Secretary leaves his post with butter, tea, eggs or other comforts in a basket. He assumes position and places the basket on the salver.
I bring divers comforts for the ease of all.
Secretary returns to his post.
Brother Treasurer?
The Treasurer leaves his post with the offertory bags. He assumes position and places the bags on the salver.
I bring the gifts of our brothers for the support of our beloved Mooseheart.
Treasurer returns to his post.
Brother Preceptor, what do you bring to Mooseheart?
The Preceptor leaves his Station. The Guide takes a step to his left bringing the salver over the Altar. The Preceptor assumes position, places his left hand upon the Holy Bible and raises his right hand.
Brothers, I bring the blessing of Almighty God.
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of light with Whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. Let us bow our heads, and in silent adoration of our Creator offer our thanks to Him that He put the spirit of eternal good into the hearts of men, making possible these material gifts to our beloved Mooseheart.
Brothers bow their heads in silent prayer, afterwards the Preceptor returns to his Station and remains standing. The end of the silent prayer is indicated by the Organist’s playing the refrain of Wir pflugen (We plough the fields and scatter).
Brother Commender, receive these tokens of our brothers’ love. Points.
The Guide places the salver on the Station of the Commender and returns to the right of the candidate.
These gifts shall be shared amongst those in need.
Brothers, form the Defending Circle.
Mentor assumes position.
Mentor, addressing the candidates:
Are you and each of you prepared to obligate yourselves before this Altar of Aid? If so, you will answer ‘I am’.
I am.
Brother you will raise your right hand, place your left hand on your heart. You will (all) repeat after me using your name(s) where I use mine.
I, …, of my own free will — in the presence of the Father of all men — and of my brothers here assembled — do hereby reaffirm — all the obligations — I have previously taken — in the Loyal Order of Moose.
I will uphold the requirements of this Degree — and assist to the best of my ability — all the Officers — in the due performance of their duties. I will be faithful in my attendance — at lawfully constituted lodges — as far as it may be in my power.
I will aid Mooseheart and Moosehaven — in every way possible — and I will further the cause of British Mooseheart — and give of my substance for its help.
I will endeavour to relieve the distress — lessen the afflictions — and comfort in their need — any member of a brother’s family.
I will at all times— tend the sick — help the needy — and lift up the fallen. And even as I claim the Fatherhood of God — so will I — in my daily life and conduct — exemplify the Brotherhood of Man.
To all this — I pledge my word — and may God help me to fulfil this my vow Amen.
Mentor folds arms as a sign that prayer follows.
Almighty Father, bless these brothers who before this Altar have pledged themselves to Thy service and the good of their fellows. May they live long and honourably in Thy sight, strong in the knowledge of a great purpose worthily fulfilled. Amen.
Amen. Candidates lower arms.
First Advancement Ode is sung.

Defending Circle re-formed.
Brothers reform the Circle. With right hand uplifted. By virtue of the power vested in me as Mentor of this Lodge I declare you (and each of you) lawfully advanced and hereby pronounce you (a) brother(s) of the Degree of Aid.
Lowers his hand.
The remaining candidates will be seated with the Lodge. Brothers dissolve the Circle.
The Mentor returns to his station, sits, and gives one rap to seat Lodge.

The Secondary Secrets and Emblem
The Past Mentor assumes position.
Past Mentor:
To gain admission to a Lodge of the Degree of Aid you will give the alarm which was given you at your initiation.
You will show the Guard your receipt for dues and membership certificate of this degree.
In all other matters you will conduct yourself as you were instructed in the Degree of Purity.
Brother Candidates, you will rise. It is now my pleasure to invest you with the emblem of the Degree of Aid.
Past Mentor invests each brother. He attaches, first, the emblem to the right lapel of the collar of the representative candidate, and then presents each of the remaining candidates with his emblem.
He continues: My Brothers-in-aid, the emblem with which you have been invested has a special significance, adding to the values of your full membership of the Order. Attached to the right lapel of your collar — in the manner you have been shown — that golden heart will continue to revive the remembrance of your allegiance to Mooseheart and the cause of the dependant child and widow.
There are specific rights to which you are now entitled … you are eligible to hold an appointive office at Area level; to speak and vote at Area Conventions; to carry one or more of the lodge representative’s votes at the National Convention if so elected.
May you discover the enrichments of this Degree in cordial fellowship and service. May you realise and apply its special distinctions and joyfully accept its ennobling responsibilities.
Returns to his station.

Mentor, moves to position:
FAITH, Brothers, is the fundamental virtue of this Degree...
Even as we, with FAITH in our hearts did open the door of Mooseheart and enter in, so now with FAITH do we advance to this Degree, whose symbol is ... that same Mooseheart.
Now what was FAITH in the beginning but a gift by God implanted in the heart of a child? It was neither begotten of knowledge nor born of experience. Yet in the contemplation of our Order’s progress we are the more certain in that we have both knowledge and experience of its fruits.
For in FAITH a sorry remnant of Moose, upon the verge of disbanding the Order, took heart from the enthusiasm of a young initiate.
In FAITH they forsook their despair, followed his leadership, and grew from strength to strength.
In FAITH they took a humble farm, and saw therein the vision of a city — the City of Happy Childhood.
In FAITH they crossed the ocean to these isles and nurtured us their children.
In FAITH do we their children grow, and spread our Circle ever wider.
In FAITH within that Circle there has appeared the outline of a heart, which lies there shaped in green amidst the pleasant acres of British Mooseheart.
Be not then ashamed, my brothers, to recall from the years now past the spirit of simplicity, of trustfulness and faith. Good works will ever grow where FAITH is living.
For out of FAITH is born ZEAL— out of ZEAL, ACTION — out of ACTION, PROGRESS — out of PROGRESS, a vindication and renewal of a now enlightened FAITH.
Mentor returns to his station— remains standing, all rise as opening bars of Ode are played.
Second Advancement Ode is sung.
Brothers in Aid, cherish and tend a continuing affection for our beloved Mooseheart, and when the call comes be ever ready to take your part: quit you like Moose, be strong.
Gives one rap. The Guide will seat newly advanced brother(s).

Mooseheart Ceremony

This ceremony is normally performed during any session or any meeting where only Loyal Moose are present. Except for an Initiation Ceremony, it may be takes at any convenient time at the discretion of the Governor or the Chairman. At son-sessional meetings the Ode may be omitted.
Brother Past Mentor will now conduct the Mooseheart Ceremony.
If the Lodge is seated, Mentor gives two raps. Lights are turned low.
The Past Mentor goes to position.
Past Mentor:
Brothers, at this hour, we remember the dependant children of departed Brothers Moose. Let us, with arms folded and heads bowed, stand for a moment in silent prayer.
All fold arms and bow heads Pause for silent prayer.
Past Mentor:
Brothers, you will say with me — ‘Suffer little children.
Past Mentor and Brothers:
Suffer little children — to come unto Me — and forbid them not — for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. God Bless Mooseheart.
Past Mentor returns to his seat.
Mooseheart Ode
Lights turned on Mentor gives one rap.

Closing Ceremony
I will, before closing, inquire of all present if they know of any brother in want, sickness or distress.
Mentor pauses for replies, and afterwards instructs the Secretary to deal in the customary manner with any cases that arise.
Has any matter of importance been neglected or overlooked?
Mentor pauses for replies.
Brother Commender.
The Commender conducts the GREETINGS. Greetings on behalf of Mooseheart Lodge No 01933 will be given by the senior officer present or by his delegation. Mentor gives two raps.
Brother Preceptor.
Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the joys of fellowship, unite us in the common cause of well-doing, and let the unuttered thanks of those we aid sweeten our labours. Make us strong in our faith, and help us all to make the great heart of this Order beat true to her divine ideals. Amen.
Brothers, we will remain standing and, with arms folded and heads bowed, pray in silence for our absent brothers where’er they be, in health, in sickness or distress.
End of silent prayer to be denoted by the Organist’s playing of the opening bars of ‘Peace, perfect peace.’
Brothers, form the Defending Circle.
Mentor, right arm upraised:
Whatsoever things are true . . . Whatsoever things are pure . . . Whatsoever things are lovely and of good report, THINK on these things.
Even as this Lodge was opened in the cause of Aid, shall it remain closed closes the Bible with his left hand until our next lawful assembly while Organist plays introductory bars of Closing Ode, Mentor returns to his station and officers form a semi-circle around Altar and face the Mentor’s station, as in Opening Remaining brothers return to their places.
Closing ode is sung.
Mentor waits till music has ceased:
Brothers, I fraternally bid you goodnight.
Good night.
The Guide will advance, bow to the Mentor and escort him from the Lodge Room.
Guide will then collect insignia and equipment.