Loyal Order of the Moose
Ritual of the Second Degree or Mooseheart Legion of the World



GREAT NORTH MOOSE, gives one rap:
By the authority vested in me by the Supreme Lodge of the World, Loyal Order of Moose, and the Regents of the Mooseheart Legion of the World, … Legion No. …, will come to order. The officers will take their respective stations and perform their several duties. Three raps.
The Guiding Moose will take up the permanent and the semi-annual passwords and examine the receipts of all Legionaires present to ascertain if all are in good standing in the Legion and the Loyal Order of Moose. After you have satisfied the Guiding Moose, you may resume your seat.
Great North Moose gives three raps. All members shall rise and remain standing.
The Guiding Moose shall then proceed to examine all present, either in person or by the aid of his assistants, who shall report to him the results of the examination. As approached by the Guiding Moose or his assistants, each Legionaire shall place his right hand on the left shoulder of the examining officer, who shall place his right hand on the Legionaire’s left shoulder and the Legionaire shall then give the permanent and semi-annual passwords to the examining officer in a whisper, exhibit his official receipts and thereupon shall immediately be seated.
If any Legionaire is without the words the Guiding Moose or his assistants shall so report to the Great North Moose, who shall in person, or by the South Moose, instruct the Legionnaire in the words, if he is entitled thereto. If not entitled to remain he shall leave the hall while the Guiding
Moose is examining those present. Three raps.
Each Legionaire will now give me the sign of courtesy of the Moose.
They do so.

The sign of secrecy. They do so.
Legionaire … Naming some one at random, do you know the Permanent Password of the Moose?
The Legionaire selected will answer "yes", but will not repeat the word aloud.
How many letters
are there in it? Legionaire will answer.
Legionaire … Selecting another, what is the response of the Lodge to the Dictator’s query in the closing ceremony of the Moose, "What is now the duty of every member of this Order?" Legionaire answers.
Legionaire … Selecting another, a Dictator if possible, You will repeat the Legend of the Locked Horns. Legionaire does so. Examining officer should call on Legionaires until he finds someone who can answer questions correctly. These questions should be varied from time to time, and the examination should be continued until the Guiding Moose is ready to report.
Great North Moose, I find all members present qualified to remain and prepared to form the Heart of the Moose, emblem of our Legion.
I am now fully satisfied that all present are worthy members and prepared to form the Heart of the Moose, emblem of our Legion.
The Herder will call the roll of officers. Gives two raps.
As the Herder calls the roll of officers the Guiding Moose responds. If any of the officers are absent the Great North Moose will make pro tempore appointments.
The Guiding Moose will now prepare the Altar and Stations.
GUIDING MOOSE, places the open Bible upon the Altar:
In the name of God, we place upon our Altar the open Bible and offer it to the members as an inspiration for their spiritual guidance and direction of their moral life. We place upon the Bible the charter of our Legion, The framed charter is placed on the open Bible in evidence of our faith in Mooseheart, our love for its aims and purposes, and our hope for the future that we shall eventually realize another Mooseheart in the North, another Mooseheart in the South, another Mooseheart in the East and another Mooseheart in the West and in commemoration of the founding of Moosehaven, the City of Contentment.
Brothers of the Mooseheart Legion, take rank about the Altar in the form of the Heart.
Officers and members form the heart. An easy way to form the heart, is to first form the Defending Circle, making it round and with the altar in the center. The South and North Legionaires can then make the heart by drawing their parts of the Circle towards the South.
Thus standing in reverent attitude about our Altar, forming the outline of a heart, the East Moose will invoke the Divine Blessing.
Our Heavenly Father, the source of all blessing and good, we are gathered in behalf of Mooseheart and Moosehaven. We pray Thee to bless both of them in all their aims and operations. Prosper the work of all our Brothers who are striving to build things greater, so our loved ones may be benefited. Keep us in good fellowship with one another and inspire in all of us a desire to seek only the good there is in our Brother Moose and their families. Amen.
All members respond:
All members unite in singing the opening ode of the Loyal Order of Moose or National Anthem of the country in which the Lcgion is situated.

Our Order ‘tis of thee,
Hope of fraternity,
Of thee we sing.
Our thoughts shall ever be
For thy prosperity,
With joyful love for thee
Our voices ring.
For thy fraternal deeds,
Thy noble laws and creeds,
Thy name we love.
Purity in intent,
And aid to brothers lent,
Will bring the progress sent,
From God above!
Brothers, let us all join in repeating our pledge of membership.
BROTHERS IN CONCERT, repeat after me:
I promise to aid, defend and protect Mooseheart and Moosehavenin every way within my powerto the full extent of my ability. Even to the end of my life I will remain loyal to their high idealsand noble purposes. I will earnestly striveto do some good thingto some oneeach day.
Brothers, you will give the salutation sign of FAITH, HOPE and
CONTENTMENT. They do so.
The officers will resume their respective stations and the members will be seated.

The Custodian of the Heart will admit those who are entitled to enter. Let us proceed to business.
Fraternal Section

Officers should, if possible, appear in full dress or tuxedo suits. The sashes furnished the Legion officers are made to be worn under full dress or tuxedo vests, and should pass from the right shoulder to the left side.
The Herder shall see that all candidates have signed the roll and that all fees have been paid.
In case there is more than one candidate the plural number will be used in the Ritual for initiation.
The Great North Moose shall have absolute charge and control of the initiatory ceremonies, although he may appoint a Master of Work to serve for him if he desires. He shall thoroughly familiarize himself with the Ritual. He cannot read it too often or devote too much time to its study. If the officers of the Legion fail to memorize their parts the Great North Moose shall declare their offices vacant and appoint other members who can and will memorize the Ritual.
The officers of the Degree Stall should rehearse their parts with sufficient frequency to become letter perfect. This does not apply to the dramatic section and the burlesque section, in which those most fitted should be used.
MUSIC. Every Legion should have an organ and an organist and have music at every Initiation. An organ is preferred to a piano, although the latter may be used. The organist shall play proper march music when any marching is done.
DRAPING INSTRUCTIONS. The Altar and Great North Moose station shall be draped with a purple covering with Legion emblem, and an unfurled flag shall be at the right of the Great North Moose station.
The Herder informs me that a candidate is waiting in the anteroom for initiation into our Mooseheart Legion. The Guiding Moose will retire to the anteroom and present him at the door of the Legion in order that he may be duly welcomed and admitted as a Brother member by receiving the initiatory ceremonies of the Legion.
The Guiding Moose repairs to the anteroom and, accompanied by the candidate, presents himself at the closed door of the Legion. Be gives three raps on the door and awaits an answer from within.
Who knocks without?
The Guiding Moose with a Brother of the Loyal Order of Moose who seeks admission into the Mooseheart Legion, that he may learn its high aims and purposes, and the application of FAITH, HOPE and CONTENTMENT to the noble Mooseheart Home for the sons and daughters of the Loyal Order of Moose; and Moosehaven, the City of Contentment for the aged and deserving members of our Order.
Have all the fees been paid?
They have.
Does he come well recommended from his Lodge of the Loyal Order of Moose?
He does.
Is he proficient and efficient in the work of the Loyal Order of Moose?
He is.
CUSTODIAN OF THE HEART, opens door. While the Great North Moose gives three raps to call the Legion to its feet, the Custodian of the Heart will say:
In the name of Mooseheart and Moosehaven, I welcome you most cordially to the Mooseheart Legion and introduce you to the initiatory ceremony, which I trust will so inspire you and inflame your heart that you will become one of us in our love and devotion to the success of Mooseheart and the perpetuation of Moosehaven.
The Guiding Moose will conduct our Brother on his journey.
The Guiding Moose conducts the candidate or the class to a point before the Altar, facing the Great North Moose.
Great North Moose, I take pleasure in presenting before you my Brother of the Loyal Order of Moose, who desires to aid us in our work for Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
Great North Moose gives one rap, seats Legion.
Preceding the initiatory ceremony proper, the Great North Moose, or some one designated by him, shall give the class an examination in the Moose Ritual. This will prove very beneficial and may also develop humorous features. Dictators who are in the class and have not learned their work should be criticised. Various Legionaires should criticise the failures of applicants to answer properly; the general intent being to determine the fitness of the class for advancement to the Second Degree. A motion to exclude some uninformed applicant is usually the best basis for debate, but if expelled, he should be given an opportunity to re-enter after an apology. The purpose of the examination is to impress the Moose with the advisability of knowing Moose work. After a motion to accept the class has been passed the initiation may proceed.
My Brother, in the great Order we all love, the Loyal Order of Moose, you were taught how that noble animal, the moose, in his natural state lived and fed in herdsthe strong and vigorous of the herd on the feeding ground moved in the outer circle to defend the weak and the aged against all enemies and all dangers. Sometimes in the history of the herd it became necessary to seek other pastures; and by the wonderful instincts of anima1 life the strongest and bravest moose was selected to go further in search of better and safer feeding grounds. So great was considered the honor of seeking protection for the herd that the selection of those who were to perform that duty was often decided by mortal combat.
Alone the victor of the contest set out on his perilous journey, and when he had discovered the desired location he returned with triumphant step and waving antlers to lead the herd to the green pastures and quiet resting places he had found.
Emulating this noble example, we of the Mooseheart Legion have set out to find for the Loyal Order of Moose places of sustenance and safety for the children, the weak, the distressed and the aged of our Order, and to that end we have founded Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
Around Mooseheart and Moosehaven we weave the cordon of Mooseheart Legion. Our aim is to live a life of love and usefulness and to show the fraternalists of the world that our policies are equal to, if not in advance of, those of othersthat it is the duty of mankind to live unselfishly in the worldthat a happy home, whether yours or mine, for children or aged after all is God’s sweetest blessing. So great is our faith and love for these, we hope the future will bring more of them in the North, in the East, in the South and in the West. We of the Mooseheart Legion are the founders, builders and supporters of Moosehaven and consecrate ourselves to its growth and development.
As; a good and loyal Moose you have decided to join us in our great effort. Having now heard the object and aims of this degree, I ask you in the presence of our Brotherhood, whether you are still in determination of mind and purpose of heart to advance to take upon yourself a share of the burden.
If this is your purpose you will answer, I do.
I do.
Your answer fills us with delight. Listen to these brief lessons of Faith, Hope and Contentment.
WEST MOOSE, advances to the Altar opposite the class or candidate:
My Brothers, the history of the progress of humanity teaches us that no great enterprise has been successful, that no advance has ever been made, that no great institution has ever been built, unless those who have been its founders, its promoters and supporters have had unbounded FAITH in its objects and designs and the assurance of FAITH in its final attainment. FAITH is the main root of all real growth and development. FAITH is the electric current that brings light and power into every successful movement. We of the Mooseheart Legion hold unswerving FAITH in the success of Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
We believe that Mooseheart and Moosehaven are the highest demonstrations of fraternal sincerity in the world today. As an evidence of our FAITH we are giving our time and money to the extent of our ability for the support of these worthy enterprises.
We believe that we are following the highest dictates of Moose conscience and Moose ideals in all our efforts for the support of Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
If you are one with us in the work, you will repeat after me the Mooseheart Legion Declaration.
GREAT NORTH MOOSE, gives three raps:
I believe in Mooseheartits aims and purposesinspired as it isby that higher powerwhich with favorand loving kindnessupon the human family.I believein the developmentof Moosehaven, the City of Contentmentfor the aged. I believe in the splendid enthusiasm of the Mooseheart Legionand am willing to prove my FAITH by my workin company with all my Brothers of this Legion.
GREAT NORTH MOOSE gives one rap, seats members.
It is well. On behalf of my brothers of the Mooseheart Legion, I welcome you as a brother worthy to take up with us the splendid burden of the support of Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
SOUTH MOOSE, advancing to the Altar: We are saved by HOPE. HOPE saves from the danger of oppositions, trials, hardships and difficulties. Hope saves us from yielding to the weariness of the body and soul. Hope keeps the heart refreshed and in determination. HOPE keeps the whole being moving forward in splendid harmony of action toward accomplishment. HOPE fills the vision of the future with things that can be done and dictates the assurance that they will be done.
Mooseheart, the dream of James J. Davis, its founder, is a City of Childhooderected and dedicated to Godand built for advancement of the sons and daughters of the deceased members of the Loyal Order of Moose. As these sons and daughters are accepted there they are enrolled as studentsand it is the Hope of the Mooseheart Legion that these students may be so trained that the universe may become illuminated by their intelligence and sunshine created through our efforts.
HOPE proclaims that Moosehaven is the shelter for the aged and deserving of the Order, and those who have fallen by the way. It was thru HOPE that we saw that certainty of a home for the aged where they may rest from their labors, and in quietness and peace spend their declining days. This is now accomplished in the comfortable home of Moosehaven.
I ask you now to unite with us in the Mooseheart Legion’s Declaration of HOPE, repeating the same after me:
Great North Moose gives three raps; calls members to their feet and all members join in.
I HOPE for the highestand best success of Mooseheart. I entertain a sure HOPEand expectationto see Mooseheart the foundation of knowledgefor the thousands of Moose children. I entertain a certain HOPE that Moosehaven, the City of Contentmentwill lighten burdensand will thru industry make happy the aged members.
In proof of thismy most profound convictionI promise to sustain and support Mooseheart and Moosehavenwithin the range of my ability.
Great North Moose gives one rap.
EAST MOOSE, advancing to the Altar:
My Brothers. Of all the virtues the greatest is CONTENTMENT. FAITH is the impulse of all successful action. HOPE is the sustaining power in the human breast that keeps every fibre in the body strained to the goal, every pulse beat more eager for accomplishment, every thought expectant in the sure confidence of attainment. FAITH and HOPE hand in hand move towards the destined end, never swerving, never yielding, never failing. But CONTENTMENT, the product and direct attribute, of Love, is the moving force. Without CONTENTMENT, HOPE weakens and FAITH dies. From manhood to old age we work and plan for the CONTENTMENT of those we love. The desire for CONTENTMENT is the unconquerable force. It creates the joy of doing something which is the greatest satisfaction of the human soul. Deprive the true soul of that privilege and it will indeed be dead. All nature is planned for our comfort and CONTENTMENT if we but understand and obey. The location in Florida where we have builded Moosehaven stands as a monument to this truth. Situate on the banks of the placid St. Johns River, it is surrounded with beautiful foliage, flowers, and tropical fruits. The Creator planned for the CONTENTMENT of the weary and world-worn when He designed this land of sunshine, where the notes of the mocking-bird are blended with those of myriad tropical songsters, and where climatic conditions are all that might be hoped for or expected. Here among the spreading live oaks, the moss-festooned tall palmettos and the sheltering palms, our aged members are exemplifying CONTENTMENT produced by industry.
Here they demonstrate to the world what a wonderful fraternity is ours. Here the world problem of old age dependency has been solved and merged into an opportunity for endeavor and attainment, bringing the rich reward of peace, happiness and CONTENTMENT.
I ask you now, my Brother, to unite with us in our declaration of CONTENTMENT, repeating after me:
Members join in. East Moose gives three raps.

We support Moosehavenbecause it is the place where the old folkswill never be made to feelthat they are an encumbrance. At Moosehaven they will learnthat we want them to live on and onenjoying a happy old ageof peace and Contentment.
East Moose gives one rap.

My Brother, that CONTENTMENT which I dwelt upon is the result of that LOVE in the great heart of the Mooseheart Legion, which has made it possible for the aged Brothers and Sisters to enjoy contentment thru industry, until the Grand Regent of the Universe shall have called them to their eternal reward. We do this great work, not as alms giving, but as an evidence of our love for our Brother and his family, and not for the hope of a reward in the hereafter.
You have heard the lessons of FAITH, HOPE and CONTENTMENT. It is now incumbent upon me to ask whether you desire to proceed further in taking the oath of allegiance to the Mooseheart Legion, which I assure you will in no way conflict with any affiliations that you now have.
Candidate answers:
I do.
Guiding Moose will arrange the candidates about the altar in the form of a heart and will instruct all candidates to place their right hands upon their hearts and their left hands upon the shoulder of the brother to the left. Legionaires should form an outer heart about the candidate.
You, together with all Legionaires present, will repeat after me, using
your name where I use mine. I, …, of my own free will, in the presence of the Supreme Beingand this Mooseheart Legion, do hereby reaffirmall of the obligationsI have previously takenin the Loyal Order of Moose. I promise to assist a Brother of this degreewhen he is in distresseven at the risk of my own lifeI deeming him worthy.
I will not reveal the secrets of Mooseheart Legionor of any Frolic thereof: to any Moose or any other person: who has not taken the Mooseheart-Moosehaven Degree. I will keep secret all things that are confided to me by a brother of this degree.
I will support the laws of the Loyal Order of Moose and the Mooseheart Legion.
I will aid and assist: to the best of my abilityall the officers of the Loyal Order of Mooseand
Mooseheart Legion in the performance of their duties.
When anything in the Loyal Order of Moose or Mooseheart Legion is not done lawfullyI will write my objections to the proper officersdelegated to receive the same.
I will aid Mooseheart and Moosehaven in every way possibleprovided it does not conflict with the dutyI owe to my familymy country or my God.I will do all I can to assistin building another Mooseheart in the Northanother Mooseheart in the Southanother Mooseheart in the Eastand another Mooseheart in the West, and I will aid and support Moosehaven, the City of Contentment.
I will earnestly striveto do some good thingto some oneeach day.
To all these thingsI pledge my word of honorto keep them and perform them to the best of my ability. Amen. Gives one rap.
Brother Legionaire, the hearts of the members of Mooseheart Legion are greatly moved toward you because of the obligation you have just taken. We are sure of you and your co-operation and continuance with us in our united effort for Mooseheart and Moosehaven. We believe that through your life you will remain faithful to your obligation.
I shall not bore you with secret things to remember.
To gain admission into the Mooseheart Legion, you will give the Permanent and Semi-Annual Passwords, which are …, and exhibit your receipt for dues in the Legion and the Loyal Order of Moose to the Argus of the Heart and the Custodian of the Heart, and to the Guiding Moose or his assistants during the opening of the Legion.
We have no grip or test word; you will identify yourself by the annual receipt of dues.
The sign and countersign are the sign of FAITH, HOPE and CONTENTMENT, which are given in this manner: FAITH, the uplifted right hand, with the index finger pointing upward.
HOPE, carrying the forefinger of the right hand to the heart and then swinging it to the right.
CONTENTMENT, the hands extended, palms upward.
In entering the Legion while in session you will advance to the Altar and give the Great North Moose, or some designated officer beside him, the sign of courtesy followed by the signs of Faith, Hope and Contentment. In leaving the room you will give the same officer the signs of Faith, Hope and Contentment, followed by the Moose countersign. These actions are symbolic of the fact that a Legionaire enters and leaves the Legion as a Moose.
While standing in the Heart, the right hand must be over the Legionaire’s heart and the left hand upon the shoulder of the Legionaire to the left. The members of this degree should wear a purple fez. Royal purple is the color of this degree and is emblematic of the high and noble efforts of our members, and the red tassel represents our hearts which beat true for Mooseheart and Moosehaven. It is not absolutely necessary that you purchase a fez, but we recommend that you do so if possible.
One rap of the gavel calls the Legion to order or seats it when standing; two raps call officers to their feet; and three raps call Legionaires to their feet. The voting sign of the Legion is the same as used in the First Degree.
You have completed the initiation of the Second Degree of the Loyal Order of Moose and I hereby create you a Legionaire.
At this point the Guiding Moose will arrange for the Dramatic Section, by drawing a curtain across the Great North Moose’s end of the hail, about ten feet from the end.
A stage about 10 by 12 feet lighted from the wings should be provided if possible. All lights except those on and beside the stage should be cut off at this point.
Dramatic Section
GREAT NORTH MOOSE, continuing to speak from his place at the Altar while the room is being arranged:
And it is now right and proper that you should see your fellow Legionaires at work and at play. You will take your seats. Waits until all are seated, then continues. There are two additional features to our work tonight. The next, the Dramatic Section, will make clear to you the struggles of those valiant Moose who built Mooseheart. You will take yourselves back in your minds, to 1912, before Mooseheart was a reality. Pay close heed to what you may see and hear.
Characters should be disguised with wigs, beards and costumes where practicable.

First Scene
DICTATOR, a dignified, elderly gentleman seated at a table in deep meditation; speaks slowly after the manner of a dreamer:
The last gathering of the Lodge of Moose in 1920, finds five hundred and fifty thousand men united in the bonds of Brotherhood, devoted to a great purpose and in fulfilment of this purpose during the year past we have paid all our sick brothers their allotted benefits. We have furnished in many cases free medical attendance to them and their families. We have provided funeral benefits for those who have passed to the Great Beyond. Fine things, all; wonderful deed of Brother to Brother.

But are these benefits the limit of our power? Is the doing of these deeds the total of our possibilities? Is there no more substantial and enduring task for the Moose of the World? Must the Loyal Order of Moose be ever shackled to material benefits? May it not reach out into the realm of the spiritual? Shall we labor always for ourselves and are we never to undertake the unrequited tasks that lay hold upon the future with their unknown forces? Each day our Brothers die. The Grim Reaper passes this way; he walks through the ranks of our Lodges and always when he comes, he plucks strong men from our defending circle. And what befalls the children of those who are taken? How fares it with the babies left behind? I see one nursing on its mother’s breast! I hear another prattling in the kindergarten; I see a third plodding his weary way to school, and I question, "Is there a future for these little ones?" The great body of the men of the Moose are common men. Some die and leave little provision for their offspring. Economic pressure has prevented their laying aside the necessary stores to care for the future of their children.
Pressed always by the struggle for existence, their eyes have not seen, nor have their ears heard the story of the future. I see the sorrow, the want, the need, the lack of education, the failure of the tender touch, and all because the multitudinous demands of this day prevent us from taking account of the demands of tomorrow. They fail, and in their failure, we fail and the Loyal Order of Moose fails. The present purposes of this organization are not as big as the organization itself. Locked up in the Loyal Order of Moose is an unused power that is limitless. We are not fulfilling our possibilities. Certainly a great union of over a half-million men, united in the holy bonds of brotherly loge, can do more than merely care for the material wants of the living. We can emerge from the realms of the material, pass across the line that separates the present from the future, go from the realm of the physical into the realm of the spiritual, and there adding to our difficulties of today, having to do with the living, we can take on the discharge of our duty to the dead in the caring for, rearing and educating of the children of the dead. The conservation of children! That may well become the highest and most distinctive purpose of our organization. Such purpose is worthy of our strength, our power and our vision. The giving to the boys and girls of the men of the Moose a fair chance in the race of life, that may well become the chief reason for the existence of this great Brotherhood of men.
The curtain is here drawn together and a brief pause ensues.

Second Scene
The Curtain is drawn back disclosing the Council; table; men about; Dictator at the head of the table.
DICTATOR, as if in heated argument:
Yes, it IS possible. In my youth, I read the blazing words of Lytton: "In the bright lexicon of youth, there is no such word as FAIL" In my manhood, I still believe in the truth of that line. What say you, Brother Selfishness?
SELFISHNESS, suggest a tall, slender man in tight worn Prince Albert coat:
Your idea may be good, but it will fail. You are but a dreamer of dreams and a seer of visions. Your thought is but a theory, a disordered fancy straying through your brain. So through all the ages men have dreamed and not a dream has ever come true.
The men of the Moose are practical. They will not give; like all men they love themselves too well to place their treasure in a common fund for the use of children fathered by men other than themselves.
Your vision has no fabric; its warp is theory; its woof, imagination! Tested by the realties of life, it will vanish as all such dreams have vanished, because men love themselves, and their pleasure first, and doing good to others comes always last. Am I not right, Brother Doubt?
DOUBT, business of uncertainty, head shaking in negative, high voice:
It will not do. Your plan is full of flaws. I see the plans grow always wide and yet more wide. In it there is no element of the practical. To the world given o’er to gain, it promises no dividends. The Love you boast that binds your Brotherhood will not endure the test of envy, strife, ambition and contention.
I see no future for this plan. I have no faith in its fulfilment. I think I am right, am I not, Brother Indifference?
INDIFFERENCE, careless, slipshod, ragged, unkempt:
The plan is not worth while. I do not care to undertake this work. The project may be good. I find no interest in these novel, unfledged notions. I walk among the membership; they are interested in feasting and fine raiment. They do not know, nor do they care about the spiritual values in the lives of men. They will not labor for love’s sake alone. Your fancies all will fade, your vision is a general sloth and dullness. How about it, Poverty?
POVERTY, tall, slender, pale, powdered, ragged, stooped, nervous, shaking and clawing at the face of the Dictator:
And so you think to rid the children of the dead of me! WELL! Through all the ages gone I have hung upon the flank of marching men. I have clothed your babies in rags, your fathers and your mothers have gone to graves in want because of me. Men, tribes and nations have marched across the stage of human life and each has waged its little war against my hosts, but in the final battle tests have I emerged victorious. And so will you, after a day of effort, give o’er the strife and vanish in defeat, while I live on and work unwonted misery.
Looks around at all the rest with shaking hands and trembling fingers, and then sits down.
CARELESSNESS, a very large man, in overalls, with only one suspender and that fastened with a nail, shaggy hair uncombed, and dirty face. As Poverty finishes, and dust before he sits down,
he jumps to his feet and strikes the table such a blow with his fist that it nearly crashes:
Mid so, you would reckon without me? WELL, you CANNOT, for "I am more powerful than the combined armies of all the world. I have destroyed more men than all the wars of the world. I am more deadly than bullets, and I have wrecked more homes than the mightiest of siege guns. I steal in the United States alone, more than three hundred million dollars each year.
"I spare no one, and I find my victims among the rich and poor alike; the young and the old; the strong and the weak; widows and orphans know me.
"I loom up to such proportions that I cast my shadow over every field of labor, from the turning of the grindstone to the moving of every train. I massacre thousands upon thousands of wage earners in a year.
"I lurk in unseen places, and do most of my work silently. You are warned against me, but you heed not.
"I am everywhere: in the home, on the street, in the factory, at railroad crossings and on the sea.
I bring sickness, degradation and death, and yet few seek to avoid me. I destroy, I crush or maim. I give nothing, but take all."
DICTATOR, jumping to his feet and shaking his fist at the speaker, in a loud, clear voice:
I am your worst enemy. I AM CARELESSNESS.
At this period the curtains part and in steps a man, large, brawny and muscular, with all the appearance of a prosperous workman, clad in a clean pair of overalls, a blue shirt with sleeves rolled up displaying well developed forearms, slightly darkened from work, on his head a cap such as is worn by engineers, in one hand a hammer and in the other a dinner-pail. As he enters he gives the Assembly a stern look and walks to the center of the room. All those assembled, except the Dictator, shrink back and raise their trembling arms as if to shield their faces which are partly turned from the entrant, and yet stealing a side glance at him as if in mortal fear.
WHAT!! Assembled again? What now! But well might I know, ‘tis to retard the ends
of Purity, Aid and Progress, for such are your aims. But due to my timely entrance your aims once again must fail.
Here he walks over to the Dictator whom he eyes with a pleasant, smile, places tools into the Dictator’s hands, places one hand upon the Dictator’s shoulder, the other hand outstretched towards the others assembled.

I have listened to the boastful bray of Selfishness, to the dictatorial voice of Doubt. Indifference has harassed me more than the rest. Poverty have I been forced to fight with might, and Carelessness has sneaked in while I have been away. Yet, have I been forced to fight our common foes from time immemorial in their endeavor to retard progress and destroy mankind. Note how they tremble when I am near. For well have they cause for fear. In every battle we have fought, have I defeated all their plans, and o’er and o’er have they been taught that my entrance means their defeat, because: "I am the foundation of all business. I am the fount of all prosperity. I am the salt that gives life its savor. I am the sole support of the poor. The rich who try to do without me deteriorate, languish and usually fill premature graves. I am the primeval curse, yet a blessing that no healthy man or woman can be happy without Nations that woo me ardently, rise. Nations that neglect me die.
"It is I who have made the United States what it is today. I have built her matchless industries, opened up her rich minerals, laid her incomparable railways, reared her cities, built her skyscrapers. I have laid the foundation of every fortune in America from Rockefeller’s down.
"I alone have raised men up from the ranks and maintained them in positions of eminence. I am the friend and guide of every youth. If he sticks close to me, no prize or place is beyond his reach. If he slights me, he can have no enviable end. I am the sole ladder that leads to the land of success. Sometimes men curse me, seeing in me an arch-enemy, but when they try to do without me, life turns bitter and meaningless and goalless. I must be loved before I can bestow my greatest blessings and achieve my greatest ends. Loved, I make life sweet and purposeful and truthful. Fools hate me; wise men love me. Savages, some rich men and many rich women, shun me: to their undoing.
"The giants who fill the presidential chairs of our railroad systems, our great industrial organization is, our colossal mercantile establishments and our institutions of learning, almost without exception, owe their places to me. I can do more to advance a youth than his own parents, be they ever so rich.
"I am the support of millions; indirectly the support of all. I am the creator of: all capital. Wealth is me stored up. I am represented in every loaf of bread that comes from the oven, in every train that crosses the continent, in every ship that steams over the ocean, in every newspaper that comes from the press. I am more zealously cultivated in America than in most other countries, especially by men of wealth. I am sometimes overdone: voluntarily by the ambitious, involuntarily by the oppressed and the very young.
"But in moderation, I am the very oxygen of the able-bodied even though some, sure of my constancy, look upon me as loathsome. A little taste of my absence brings them to their senses. My followers among the masses are becoming more and more powerful every year. They are beginning to dominate governments, to overthrow anarchistic dynasties.
"I AM THE MOTHER OF DEMOCRACY! All progress springs from me. The man who is a bad friend to me can never get very farand stay there. The man who is a good friend to me, who is not afraid of me, can go: who can tell how far?"
Turning and facing Dictator:
I place myself with you, and with my aid, your dream shall soon come true; your vision, too, will soon be real. Disperse these useless things pointing to the others assembled and call my friends to aid and you shall see the force in me, when once begun, shall run and run and run, eternally.
DICTATOR, rises and speaks with emphasis:
Out, all of you! The Moose have passed the day of doubt; we wage today a battle strong against want and woe and poverty. In lieu of selfishness, already have we set up among the market places the principle of altruistic effort. On every hand, men free themselves from Sloth and give their strength, in grand co-operation for the common good. I bid you all adieu and dedicate my strength, our strength, our lives in solemn labor for the good of others. No longer shall we be content to satisfy the present wants of men; we shall reach out and undertake to meet the teeming needs that swarm upon us from the future. A temple for the children of the men called Moose shall soon be built. That much is settled now; it but remains to find the means, the place, and to fix the purpose. OUT ALL OF YOU! Pointing to all but Work. Let other wiser men come in your places. I will call my counsellors.
Drives the five out to one side scrambling and falling, then turns, smiles and extends a welcome hand to the three counselors who enter from the other side. In the meantime while this is going on, WORK seats himself at the table.
A home for children, I hear you say: a temple builded for the education of the youth of the Moose: a colossal institution to which the little children of our Brothers gone may gather in. I say, let’s build it by the Sea, where ever charge the waves of the Ocean old upon the ranks of staunch, unyielding, rock-bound coasts. ‘Tis there the sea-breeze wafts its health to cheeks all pale.
‘Tis there that Ocean, Earth and Air combine to carry health and strength and long life to those who need it most. Sits down.
I say, let’s build it in the City’s Gates. Clear out a place where swarm like rats the children of the streets and there, in lieu of shacks and hovels, plough fields, plant gardens, set flowers and shrubs, and in their midst erect a temple proud whose portals open wide to all orphan children of the Moose. The City holds our people; it is but wise to take this institution to the place wheeze most of those who need are easiest found.
I do not think the City or the Sea will suit the purpose of this mighty plan.
The Sea is far removed, the City’s slums too sickly, the air too foul. Besides, the Moose domains extend from farthest East to farthest West. Within its membership are found a multitude of men who live in towns and labor on the farms. The prairie land will give us all the health that may be found beside the Sea, and, too, it is accessible equally with the City. Placed near the continent’s heart, quite well within the reach of mighty inland seas, hard by the majestic current of the Mississippi, and blown with breezes from the prairie land, should stand this temple here proposed, upon whose portaled entrance will read the words, "I am the Keeper of my Brother’s Children."
Third Scene
DICTATOR, advances through the curtain, which is closed behind him:
The years have passed; the dream of other days has now become today’s accomplishment. In history rests the story of the vision of the dreamer. Beside us now there stands the achievement of the doer.
The thought of yesterday has become the deed of today.
On the curtain now appear stereoptiron views of Mooseheart as Dictator talks.

The mountains beckoned; their measureless vistas drew us toward their hearts, but we rejected their inaccessible grandeur. The multitudinous, voices of the City called; we rejected their cluttered streets and their forbidding aspect. The Seas murmured their invitation, but so far removed we could not heed them. In solemn council we passed by the mountain, sea and city and answered the call of the prairie land. The breezes of the country, the wild flowers of the farm lands, the odor of the woods, the fine free air of the open places, drew us far out toward the heart of the continent and in the valley of the Fox, have we laid the architraves of our Wonder-City of Mooseheart. Amid doubts and difficulties the men of the Moose who had an abiding faith in the vision of other days, attempted the embodiment of their vision and now in soil and street and granite structure, their dream has come to be a reality. Those who had hope vanquished Indifference, Doubt and Sloth and they have lived to see the walls of shelter rise, the roofs to cover laid, and to these halls and underneath these roofs there live the children of our Brothers gone. We have seen the workshops rise on their foundations, the mechanism there assemble, the tools gather and all devoted to the use and training of our children. Those of us who cherish liberality have seen the contributions of our members, small in themselves, unite from many sources and become a giant stream of gold, inflowing toward our heart’s desire. Out of the savings of a multitude of men, this temple has been built. It has its plants for power, for heat, for sanitation. Upon the many acres of this mighty farm now stand a group of buildings, libraries, dormitories, homes, structures for administration, technical training shops and workshops. Care, comfort and instruction are provided and all things necessary in the making of a home for childhood. We turn toward Mecca. In it we find an embodiment of the spiritual ideal of the dreamer of yesterday. It is the dearest, fondest, most cherished hope of our mighty army of Loyal Moose. To it we pay tribute of love, unalloyed. To it we make our contributions out of unselfish savings. Upon its shrine we lay the offering of our manhood’s strength, our tribute to brotherly devotion. Nor is this all. Independent of and in addition to all the accomplishments of THE LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE, the MOOSEHEART LEGION OF THE WORLD, of which you are now a member, has provided MOOSEHAVEN THE CITY OF CONTENTMENT where our aged Brothers and Sisters are given an opportunity to live and achieve, rather than to pine and decline. MOOSEHEART is the heritage of the LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE and MOOSEHAVEN is the heritage of MOOSEHEART LEGION OF THE WORLD.
Dictator steps aside in dark and withdraws as stereopticon views are completed. Some Legionaire familiar with Mooseheart should lecture upon the remaining scenes. Lights on after pictures, show’ Great North Moose standing near Altar as he was when lights went out.
Little time has been taken tonight to recite the many difficulties and dangers through which our brothers passed in building Mooseheart and Moosehaven. We have left these lessons for you to make clear to us. You will yourselves now teach us how to bear up under difficulty, etc.
Burlesque Section
Introducing burlesque work.
The extent and character of which is optional with the Legion and may be wholly dispensed with if desired, in which event the Great North Moose will substitute something else for the foregoing speech. The Regents insist only that electrical appliances shall not be used, nor anything that might injure the candidate. The Grand Regent will issue supplementary suggestions from time to time. Each Legion is furnished with a burlesque catalogue.


Closing Ceremony
Our business being concluded, we will proceed to close. Three raps to call members to their feet.
What is the duty of the Legionaires of Mooseheart Legion?
MEMBERS IN CONCERT, repeat after me:
To aid and support Mooseheart in the education, protection and care of the sons, daughters and widows of deceased members of the Loyal Order of Moose. To dedicate our lives in the upbuilding of Moosehaven, the City of Contentment, so that thru industry, contentment and happiness may come to the aged men and women of our Order.
The East Moose will again invoke the blessings of the Deity.
Our Heavenly Father, abide with us as we separate, and watch over us while we are absent. May we bear in our hearts the interest and prosperity of Mooseheart and Moosehaven, and may we by all means within our power endeavor to induce our Brother Moose to unite with us in the great mission, the further support of Mooseheart and Moosehaven. Amen.
Brothers, we will now sing the closing ode. National anthem of country where Legion is located.
The Guiding Moose will now close the Holy Bible and replace the Charter upon the wall.
Brothers, give the retiring sign.
GREAT NORTH MOOSE, giving one rap:
The Legion is now closed to meet in its next frolic on the call of the Executive Committee. Good luck!