Knights of Honor of the World
Second Degree Uniform Rank : Knighting


This whole ceremony must be performed without books.
The ceremony upon conferring Knighthood can only be performed with the candidates own sword, and must be made the most solemn and impressive. A degree team can officiate, clothed in proper paraphernalias for the occasion otherwise the whole commandery or commanderies in full dress uniform will take part. The degree of Knighthood must be conferred by the officer highest in rank present if possible, a general or staff officer especially appointed, and in no case shall me rank of the officer be lower than a Past Commander who has himself been duly Knighted.
The time for this ceremony must be specially appointed, and the conferring upon this degree must be regarded as the highest advancement for a Sir Knight, and can only be obtained after a reasonable time of probation, and after the candidate has proven himself worthy of this advancement by diligent attendance and Knightly behavior in his Commandery, and after a unanimous choice of the ‘Sir Knight.’ Before this degree is conferred upon any member of the Uniformed Rank he is addressed as ‘Brother.’ The voting shall not be by secret ballot viva voce, and any Sir Knight having any reasonable objection other than personal dislike against the candidate, shall be in duty bound to make the same known to the chapter, or meeting of the Sir Knights. In such meeting no one but Sir Knights who have been properly Knighted shall be present.
The highest officer present shall preside and command:
Sir Knights, draw swords! Rally around the altar! Prepare to take the obligation.
The Sir knights form an open ring around the altar and hold their drawn swords over the Bible repeating after the Commander the following obligation:
I do solemnly promise upon the honor of a Sir Knight, that I will never reveal the proceedings of this meeting to any one not entitled to know them, and that I will in this case vote as a true Knight of Honor of the World without malice fear or favor, for the best interest of our beloved Order.
The officer in charge commands:
Sir Knights Carry, swords! Open circle! Parade rest!
While in this position the vote is taken.
If the vote is favorable to candidate the room is prepared for the ceremony.
The altar removed, the Knights form a circle, open at the side where the conferring officer takes his station. Behind the latter is a standard bearer with a banner or flag if there be any. When the Aids retire the signal bar shall he tolled by striking it regularly and softly until the candidate has taken his place within the circle. Four (4) pedestals shall he placed within the circle equal distance front the cushion in the center.
Upon each pedestal should be a dish containing alum and alcohol which should be lighted as soon as aids give returning signal at the door. All other 4 lights in the room should be put out.
The officer conferring degree can he clothed with royal mantle over his uniform and with crown on head. The Aids can he clothed as Knights in full armor, also the Standard Bearer and Standard Guards which is composed of two Knights with drawn swords or spears. If there is no standard, he guidon may be substituted. All other Knights must be in full parade uniform. A cushion should be in center of circle. The Aids are ordered to introduce the Brother. They retire and enter with candidate hoodwinked; one Aid hearing his chapeau and the other his sword and belt. The circle opens enough to admit Aids and candidate, after which it closes. The most profound silence must prevail. The Aids with candidate halt in center of circle. All the Knights stand with swords at carry.
Chief Officer:
Aids whom have you here?
A brother found worthy of the highest honor.
Chief Officer to Candidate:
If you are willing to proceed, then answer, I am.
Candidate answers.
Chief Officer to Knights:
Sir Knights, what say you, shall we proceed
Knights all answer:
Let us proceed.
Chief Officer to Candidate:
With eyes blinded thou art at the mercy of the world. Such is the condition of those who are without our sacred circle. We are hound together by the sacred ties of fraternity and pledged to mutual aid. Give him light.
When the hoodwink is being removed, the Knights, at a wink or command of the officer in charge of Commandery, or next highest in rank, assume the position of with swords, point. The second officer in rank, or the commander of the commandery must give all commands, as far as the manual of the swords during the whole ceremony is concerned. He shall give his commands with subdued voice, and must be obeyed with alacrity and precision. After the removal of the hoodwink the Aids take position behind the conferring officer, to whom the sword is now handed, with hilt foremost. Aids retaining scabbard and belt.
Commanding Officer:
Carry, swords! Order swords! Parade, rest!
Chief Officer to Candidate:
My brother, pay attention, and bear in mind my words. This sword is composed of three parts the hilt, the blade and the point. The hilt denotes "fraternal love,"
you grasp this hilt, so also grasp the hand of your brother in fraternal love, being ever ready to aid him in his adversity and affliction, being doubly mindful to fulfil the solemn obligation you have taken upon yourself when you became a member of our noble Order.
The blade: as it is the true soldier’s greatest pride to keep his blade free from rust and spotless, so also must it be your pride to keep your character blameless and pure in the eyes of your fellow men. Let your walk through life be like that required of the soldier: upright and without reproach, so that your brothers will never have cause to regret having conferred this honor upon you.
The point denotes truth. May you never swerve from the path of Truth and Duty, and, may you never wrong a brother by word or deed nor suffer him to be wronged, and may you so live that you can proudly exclaim, "Spectemur agendo." Wilt thou promise this?
Commanding Officer:
Attention, Knights. Carry, Swords! With swords, charge!
After an affirmative answer from candidate, Chief Officer continues:
Then with thy right hand upon this blade and thy left hand upon thy heart, repeat after me:
Upon the sacred honor of a Knight I promise, and infamous will I be if I forget.
Sir Knights in Unison:
We have beard the vow. We will record it.
Commanding Officer:
Sir Knights, carry swords!
Chief Officer to Candidate:
Then kneel. And now, by the authority invested in me, with this stroke touches the left shoulder with the blade I thee a Sir Knight of the Guards of the Knights of Honor of the World, and dedicate thee anew to the service of our noble Order. And now, Sir Knight with this hand I raise thee into our brotherhood, and bid thee welcome to our Ranks.
Candidate rises.
Chief Officer:
Aids, belt him and cover him.
Which is duly done at the same time.
Commanding Officer.:
Present, swords!
Chief Officer to Candidate:
Take thy sword. Candidate, in taking sword, presents. Return it to the scabbard.
Commanding Officer: Carry, swords! Return, swords!
Chief Officer: Let honor be thy guiding star through life’s journey. Thy heart and sword thou earnest on the same side but remember always that thy heart is above thy sword only draw it in defense of thy brothers and for the glory of our beloved Order. Sir Knights, welcome our brother.
All pass by him in front and shake hands with the newly initiated. After that Commanding Officer says:
Sir Knights, be seated. When speeches are in order, etc.