Know Nothing Lodge
Ritual of the Second Degree  Council


President: We are now about to open in the second degree of this order.
All who have not taken the same will please retire.
The Marshal will receive the pass-word of the second degree from all who remain.
The Secretary will read the names of those who apply for the second degree.
As their names are read, those who desire their admission will signify the same by depositing a white ball in the ballot-box—those opposed will deposit a black ball. Three or more black balls reject the candidate.
The Marshal will now retire and ask the necessary questions of all who have been elected to this degree.
Marshal: Worthy President, these brothers having been duly elected to the Second Degree of this
Order, I present them to you for obligation.
Brothers, you will place your left hand upon your right breast, and extend your right hand towards the flag of our country, preparatory to obligation. Each Council-room should have a neat American flag festooned over the platform of the President.

You, and each of you of your own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God and these witnesses, your left hand resting upon your right breast, and your right hand extended to the flag of your country, do solemnly and sincerely swear that you will not, under any circumstances disclose in any manner, nor suffer it to be done by others, if in your power to prevent it, the name, signs, passwords, or other secrets of this degree, except in open Council for the purpose of instruction; that you will in all things conform to all the rules and regulations of this Order, and to the Constitution and By-laws of this or any other Council to which you may be attached, so long as they do not conflict with the Constitution of the United States, nor that of the State in which you reside; that you will under all circumstances, if in your power so to do, attend to all regular signs or summons that may be thrown or sent to you by a Brother of that you will support in all political matters, for all political offices, members of this Order in preference to other persons; that if it may be done legally, you will, when elected or appointed to any official station conferring on you the power to do so, remove all foreigners, aliens, or Roman Catholics from office or place, and that you will in no case appoint such to any office or place in your gift.
You do also promise and swear that this and all other obligations which you hove previously taken in this Order, shall ever be kept through life, sacred and inviolate. All this you promise and declare as Americans, to sustain and abide by, without any hesitation or mental reservation whatever. So help you God, and keep you steadfast!
Each will answer:
I do.
Brother Marshal: You will now present the Brothers to the Instructor for instruction in the Second Degree of the order.
Brother Instructor: By direction of our worthy President, I present these Brothers before you that you may instruct them in the secrets and mysteries of the Second Degree of the order.
Brothers: In this degree we have an entering-sign and a counter-sign. At the outer door, proceed …. At the inner door you will make … and proceed … in the First Degree, giving the Second Degree pass-word, (which is …), instead of that of the First Degree. If found to be correct, you will then be admitted, and proceed … giving the countersign, which is made thus ….
The sign of recognition in this degree is the same as in the First Degree with the addition of …, and the response to be made in a ….
Marshal, you will now present the Brothers to the worthy President for admonition.
Worthy President: I now present these candidates to you for admonition.
Brothers: You are now duly initiated into the Second Degree of this order. Renewing the congratulations which we extended to you upon your admission to the First Degree, we admonish you by every tie that may move patriots to aid us in our efforts to restore the political institutions of our country to their original purity. Begin with the youth of our land. Instil into their minds the lessons of our country's history—the glorious battles and the brilliant deeds of patriotism of our fathers, through which we received the inestimable blessings of evil and religious liberty. Point them to the example of the sages and statesmen who founded our government. Implant in their bosoms an ardent love for the Union. Above all else, keep alive in their hearts the memory, the maxims, and the deathless example of our illustrious Washington.
Brothers: Recalling to your minds the solemn obligations which you have severally taken in this and the First Degree, I now pronounce you entitled to all the privileges of membership in this Second Degree of our Order.
Communications or bills on the Secretary's desk read.
Reports of committees are next in order.
Unfinished business now demands our attention.
New business will now be in order.
Before closing, my brethren, you will repeat after me the obligation which binds us together as an organization. Position the same as in opening obligation.
I, …, hereby solemnly swear eternal fidelity to the vows I have taken in this order. I also swear that I will always advance the interests of every native born American citizen, especially the members of this order, to the entire and absolute exclusion of all aliens and foreigners, and more especially those who belong to or approve of the Roman Catholic faith, So help me God!
We meet, brethren, at this place, on … evening next, at … o’clock, when all are invited to be present who can attend. By this power in me vested, as President of this council, I declare it duly closed,