International Longshoremen, Marine and Transportworkers’ Association


The President gives one rap.
All persons not qualified to remain will please retire.
The Marshal will see that all present are qualified to remain with us.
Mr. President, I have examined all present and find them qualified to remain.
The President gives three raps.
We have met for the transaction of such business as may properly come before us, and to receive such communications and suggestions as you may have to make for the benefit of the Association. Let our proceedings be conducted with dignity and decorum, and though subjects may be introduced upon which we may differ, let us discuss them with freedom, admitting the same honesty in purpose in others that we claim for ourselves, and conduct ourselves as true members of the Association.
The President gives one rap.

The President will direct the Marshal to go to the ante-room and obtain the names and occupations of the candidates in waiting. After doing so, he will return and report to the President. If the candidates have been duly proposed, balloted for, and elected, the Marshal will return to the ante-room and introduce them. Before the Marshal enters with the candidates the President will give three raps, at which signal all shall rise. The President will then direct the Guard to admit the Marshal with the candidates. The Marshal will place the candidates in the center of the meeting room, facing the President, who will then administer the pledge and instruct the candidates in the work of the International Longshoremen, Marine and Transportworkers’ Association, after which a recess of five minutes shall be declared by the President for the purpose of introducing and welcoming the new members.

The candidates shall be instructed to place left hand on the heart, raise the right hand, and then repeat the following pledge:
I do most solemnly promise, on my honor, that during my connection with this Association, I will remain a true and faithful member, observe its laws and labor, as far as lays within my power, to further the advancement of my trade, so that my fellow-men, can receive and enjoy with me, the just fruits of their labor. To attend all meetings, regardless of other engagements, except in case of sickness and death. That I will not reveal to anyone, unless by permission, the name of any brother connected with this Association, nor reveal any of the secret workings that may at any time be confided to me. And I do further promise, to assist a member of this Association, when and wherever I may find him in distress. That I will never knowingly, wrong him or his, but will help him preserve the rights of his household inviolate: and finally, I will strive to create a brotherly feeling, between our Association, and all organizations who mean to uphold the dignity of labor, and to affirm the nobility of all who earn their bread by the sweat of their brow. That I will not deal, in any manner, with any person, who is an enemy to Labor. To this I pledge my honor.

The business of this meeting having been concluded, I now declare this Association duly closed until … at … o’clock.
One rap.