Grand United Order of True Reformers
Ritual of the Third Degree or Degree of Charity


W. G. M.: W. Con., you will examine the members and see if they are in possession of the Third Degree Password and report.
W. Con.:
D. G. M., all the members present are in possession of the password.
D. G. M.:
W. G. M., all the members present are qualified to remain.
W. G. M.:
The members will rise while the D. G. M. opens the Lodge in the Third, or Degree of Charity.
Three raps.
D. G. M.:
By the desire of the W. G. M., I declare this Lodge opened in the Third, or Degree of Charity, for the purpose of conferring its honors.
W. G. M.:
I declare it so opened. One rap.
W. G. M.:
W. Con., you will retire to the ante-room, prepare the candidates, and when ready, you can give the usual alarm, three loud knocks upon the door.
D. G. M.:
Who comes there?
W. Con.:
Brothers (or sisters) of the Degree of Hope, who wish to be initiated in the mysteries of the Degree of Charity.
D. G. M.:
Admit them.
Before the W. Con. enters with the candidates, a curtain is drawn across the Lodge room. The W. Con. brings in the Candidates and leads them to the opposite side of the room, where sits an old gentleman clothed in a dark robe, with a cap or turban on his head, with a mask on, and as the W.
Con. approaches him with the candidates, he says:
W. Con. to the candidates:
This is one of our venerable Patriarchs, he seems to be quite feeble, yet he has always something good to communicate. Hear what he has to say:
Patriarch, rising up, with cane in hand, says:
Strangers, I hope you will not deem me imprudent in the few words I have to communicate. I was once young and buoyant in my feelings as most young people are; but those days have passed away, and with them the buoyancy of youth has fled; and now, as you see, I am old and infirm; the frosts of many winters have left their marks upon me; the visions of the past are to one like a dream which has no reality, I have proved the sayings of the wise man that childhood and youth are vanity; that it is unwise to hope and expect pleasures here that cannot be realized. Be content, therefore, with that state in which a kind Providence has seen fit to place you, and hope for no more than a just reward for a virtuous and diligent course of life. Live not for yourselves alone, but live to do good unto others, then shall your peace be as a river, and your righteous acts like an overflowing fountain.
W. Con. to the candidates:
I will now introduce you to our W. G. M. for further instructions in this Degree.
At this moment the Patriarch unrobes himself, and takes his seat. The W. Con, commences marching around the Lodge-room while the D. G. M. reads:
D. G. M.:
Have compassion on the poor and regard their sufferings; watch for opportunities of doing good and when presented, do it with a willing mind and cheerful heart. Devise not evil against thy neighbor, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee. Say unto thy neighbor, go and come again and to-morrow I will give when thou hast it by thee.
W. G. M.:
A faithful man shall abound with blessings but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.
To have respect of persons is not good, for God is no respecter of persons. Let thy heart do right, so shall thy ways please him.
Brothers (or Sisters,) it is with pleasure that we initiate you into this glorious institution, for it is one in which we all delight. It is founded upon the principles of total abstinence from, the intoxicating cup, and a more blessed and glorious enterprise was never engaged in by mortal beings. The cause of Temperance lays at the very foundation of our national glory. It promotes peace, prosperity and happiness; it gives virtue to character, and plants living hopes around the abodes of the rising generation. It is an enterprise which ranks high in the scale of moral improvement. It is a Divine cause, and as ancient as the Bible. Yes, that Holy Book is a great temperance record, and this institution, and all others have derived the materials for their frame-work from that immortal Book, and all who esteem the cause of temperance should love that Book for its temperance doctrines, if nothing more. It is a noble and benevolent enterprise, and we rejoice at every accession made to our number. We bid you welcome among us, and most earnestly do we beseech you to cooperate with us in all its laudable objects. You will now place yourselves in the proper position to receive the obligation. Three raps.


In the presence of the members of the Degree of Charity here assembled, I do solemnly promise, declare and say that (in addition to my former Obligations) I will keep secret and never shall reveal any of the signs, tokens, grips, alarms, warnings, passwords, or other secrets belonging to this or any other degree I have taken or may hereafter take, to any person or persons under any pretence whatever, unless to a member of this Degree. I furthermore promise, declare and say that I will render all the aid that I can to a Brother or Sister of this, or any other Degree of the Order, and in violation of my pledge to be dealt with according to the Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Order. So in sincerity of your pledge you will kiss this Book. One rap.
W. G. M.:
Intemperance, view it in what light you may, carries the form and wears the garb of an enemy. It is an old enemy, known in the days of the patriarch Noah. It is an enemy to kings and kingdoms, to rich and poor, to body and soul. Alas! how many indulgent parents have gone down to their graves lamenting that they have brought this deadly poison into their houses. It is truly an awful subject to contemplate; but its progress has been stayed and we cherish the hope that the time is of no distant period when its remains will be entirely banished from the world. It is for this object we intend to labor and put forth our best efforts, and it will be expected of you to render such service to the cause as circumstances may place within your reach.
Brothers and Sisters, we feel that we are building upon a firm foundation, and that the Temperance cause must ultimately succeed, It is so closely connected with the religious principles of the Bible, that nothing can succeed to overthrow it. The reformation from drunkenness to sobriety prepares the way for the reception of the Gospel which is destined to fill the world. Hence all who are working in this great moral reformation, are, in a certain sense, working for God and the salvation of mankind. True, we may obtain no reward here, but a consciousness of doing right, yet we shall reap a just renumeration hereafter if we faint not.
There are to this Degree a Countersign, Alarm sign, & Token, a Grip, and a Word.
The countersign is given thus, by placing the right hand upon your heart and let it fall to your side.
The alarm sign is given by placing the right hand upon the forehead with the head inclined downward.
The token is the word Dragon.
The grip is a grasp of the three fingers and thumb
Te word is the word faith, and is to be used as the Pass; and in case of distress there are seven words to be used, and they are, I cannot hold out any longer.
Brothers (or Sisters,) you are now entitled to all the honors and privileges of the 1st, 2d, and 3d Degrees of the Order.
In the name of the Grand Lodge, I declare you fully instructed in the mysteries of the Third Degree. You will salute the chairs and be seated.
W. G. M.:
The members will rise while the D. G. M. closes the Lodge in the Third Degree. Three raps.
D. G. M.:
By the desire of the W. G. M. I declare this Lodge closed in the Third or Degree of Charity.
W. G. M.:
I declare it so closed. One rap.