Farmers Alliance of Texas
Initiation Ritual


Form of Opening
President calls the house to order.
President says: The hour has arrived for opening this Alliance. If there are any present who are not members in good standing, they will please retire.
The Doorkeeper will secure the door, and the Assistant-Doorkeeper will take up the word, and see that all are correct.
Prayer by the Chaplain, all standing.
President: You will now assist me in advancing the signs. Done.
I now declare this Alliance open for the transaction of business.
President: Bro. Secretary, is there any candidate present for initiation?
Secretary: Mr. ... is present and seeks admission.
Pres.: Bro. Conductor, you will introduce the candidate for initiation.
Conductor: Mr. President, I present Mr. … for initiation.
Pres.: Bro. Conductor, is he duly elected, and is he worthy to receive this honor?
Con.: He is.
Pres.: Mr. …, do you believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, who rules and governs the universe?
Candidate: I do.
Pres.: Before you proceed, it will be necessary that you take on yourself a solemn, obligation, which I assure you will not, conflict with your political or religious views. With this assurance, are you willing to proceed?
Can. : I am.
Pres.: Bro. Conductor, you will place the candidate in the proper position to receive the obligation. The candidate is placed at the altar, with his hand on the Bible.
Pres.: Mr. ..., you will repeat your name when I use mine, and repeat after me as follows:
I, …, in the presence of the Heavenly Father and these witnesses, do solemnly affirm that I will never reveal any of the secrets of the Allianceto any one, unless by strict test , or in some legal manner, I find him entitled to receive them. I will conform to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Alliance, and I will act in harmony with and endeavor to promote unity among the members. I will never wrong or defraud a worthy member, but will always assist and protect him and his interest when in my power to do so. I will always speak the truth when talking to a member, and will assist him in bearing the burdens and crosses of life. I will advise and do all in my power to keep any member from engaging in any immoral conduct that would be likely to bring reproach upon him, his family, or the Farmers Alliance. I will never propose for membership, or sanction the admission of any one whom I have any reason to believe is an improper person; neither will I oppose the admission of any one solely on account of a personal matter. I will always recognize and answer all lawful signs given by a worthy member of the Alliance. I furthermore solemnly affirm that, if I should be expelled from the Alliance, for any cause whatever, I will keep this obligation as sacred out of the Allianceas when a member. So help me God.
Pres.: Bro. Conductor, you will conduct Bro. … to the Lecturer, who will instruct him in the principles of the Order.
Con.: Bro. Lecturer, I present Bro. … for instruction.
Lecture by the Lecturer

My Brother, the members of an Allianceshould act together as a unit. Bound together by the same bond, having the same interest, and seeking to accomplish the same object, it is essential that we be controlled by united action. One of us, acting alone, may accomplish some good; but one hundred of us, acting in unison, with judgment and determination, can accomplish almost anything we undertake. And this forcibly illustrates our motto: “United we stand, dived we fall;” or, “In union there is strength.” You will thus see the necessity of acting in harmony with your Brothers in the Alliance. My Brother, you will henceforth be a representative of the interests of the Alliance. In all your acts and dealings you should exhibit a manly bearing, a knightly honor. A strict adherence to the principles of justice and integrity will render you a valuable member of the Order, and your Brothers will ever recognize your merit and appreciate your fidelity.
Bro. Conductor, you will now conduct Bro. … to the Chaplain, for further instructions.
Con.: Bro. Chaplain, I present Bro. … for further instructions.
Chap.: Bro. Conductor, how should we speak?
Con.: We should always speak the truth.
Chap.: How should we act?
Con.: In harmony with our Brothers.
Chap.: What should we take for our way-bill through life?
Con.: The Bible.
Chap.: Why take the Bible?
Con.: Because it is the book of truth.
Lecture by the Chaplain
My Brother, truth is mighty, and will prevail. This has been continually illustrated to man since time began. It is the solid base on which all great structures must be built. The poet has declared its immutability when he says:
“Truth crushed to earth will rise again,
The eternal years of God are hers.”
On this firm basis our Order is founded. United in the bonds of the Alliance, we should, each and all of us, press forward to accomplish the great objects of life and of our Order. You and each of us have a great and noble work to perform. Let us gird on our armor, resolved to work out the problem of the future, and that it shall be higher and nobler than the past. My Brother, may truth ever be your motto, and may it lead you to a haven of peace and rest.
Chap.: Bro. Conductor, you will now conduct Bro. … to the President for final instructions.
Con.: Mr. President, I present Bro. … for final instructions.
Lecture by the President
My Brother, you are now a member of the Farmers Alliance, and united with us in a common brotherhood, bound together for our collective and individual benefit. Our aims are high, our purposes noble; we aim to elevate man by blending together more intimately the ties of brotherhood and humanity in his social life, thus dissolving prejudice and selfishness in the sunlight of human love. We aim, by cultivating the mind, to reach a higher degree of intelligence, thereby adding to the pleasures and relieving the cares and anxieties of life. Man has a mental as well as a physical existence, and both should be equally and fully developed, to afford him the greatest degree of enjoyment on this earthly sphere. In aid of morality, the Alliancewill exert its influence in opposition to the glaring and shameful vices which degrade mankind, lower him in the scale of human existence, and bring despair and woe to the dearest creatures he has on earth. We are allied together to render the lives of farmers and laborers more attractive, country life less lonely and more social, and to better our financial condition. My Brother, you have a sacred trust to fulfil. You have the honor of the Allianceand its principles to guard and defend. In conclusion, my Brother, we confidently hope you may ever be found worthy of the high trust reposed in you.
Bro. …, I will now instruct you in the signs, grips and pass-words of the Alliance, and explain their meaning. On wishing to enter an Alliancewhen at work, you will make an alarm at the door by … knocks, when the doorkeeper will open the door, and you will advance and give the door-word, which is …. You will then advance to near the center of the room and salute the Vice-President with the salutation sign, which is made thus …; on being recognized, you will be seated in the Alliance. The room-word is …. The degree-word is …. And the grip is …. The sign of the degree is …, and is thus explained: ….
I will further instruct you in the other signs of the Order, which are thus explained: ….
Form of Closing
President: If there is no other business, we will now close.
Prayer by the Chaplain.
Pres.: You will assist me in advancing the signs.
I now declare this Alliance closed until next meeting.