Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary
Initiation Ritual


General Instructions
No deviation from methods prescribed by Ritual is allowed unless changed by order of the National Convention.
* One rap of the gavel, all members be seated.
** Two raps, Officers take their stations.
*** Three raps, all members stand.
The front of the Altar is that part nearest the Commander’s station. The rear of the Altar faces the Senior Vice Commander’s station.
Before the opening ceremony of regular meeting, the Altar is covered with an Altar cloth, preferably blue with gold, with a closed Bible on top. A white Altar cloth shall be used for Memorial Service.
Members who arrive late, pause upon entering the room, salute the Flag, and pass quietly to a seat.
Only elected officers and/or Past Commanders of the Auxiliary, in good standing, shall be permitted to conduct initiation ceremonies, and Auxiliary Ritual MUST be used for initiation.
When obligation is administered to candidates, each member will place her right hand over her heart, thus silently renewing her obligation.
For convenience, or due to locations of piano, the stations of Musician and Patriotic Instructor may be reversed.
COMMANDER sounds gavel, all be seated.
COMMANDER: Officers will please take then stations. If an officer is absent the Commander appoints some member to fill the vacancy, for the meeting.
COMMANDER: Sergeant-at-Arms, you will see that the door of our hall is closed.
COMMANDER: Conductress present the Flag of our Country.
The Color Bearers, with the Colors are standing at or just outside the doors entering the meeting hall, which shall be opposite the Commander’s station. * * *.
CONDUCTRESS: Color Bearers, Forward March. The Color Bearers take their places behind the Altar. The Conductress should halt the Colors and Banner Bearers 3 paces to rear of Altar allowing sufficient space to cross Banner and Flag if necessary when posting same on platform.
CONDUCTRESS: Madam Commander, the Colors are in position to receive the respect due them.
COMMANDER: Members Salute. Salute is given.
COMMANDER: The Chaplain will invoke the Divine Blessing. If the Colors are in place, members stand * * *. The Chaplain advances to the Altar. Opens Bible.
CHAPLAIN: We thank Thee, Almighty Father, for permitting us to gather here again. Bless and keep our absent ones. Help each one of us to so live, that the world may be better for our having lived. Bless and keep our disabled veterans and help fit each for a long and useful life. May we, with Thy help, ever be ready to lend a helping hand to each and every one of our needy ones. Amen.
COMMANDER: The Patriotic Instructor will lead us in the “Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag.”
PATRIOTIC INSTRUCTOR: Free your hands; stand at attention; place your right hand over your heart; and join in the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all.”
CONDUCTRESS: Post Colors. After colors are posted the Chaplain returns to her station.
COMMANDER: Conductress and Assistant Conductress you may return to your station. Color and Banner Bearers take seats beside the Patriotic Instructor and Musician. At the discretion of the Auxiliary our National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”, may be sung.
COMMANDER, *. All members be seated.
COMMANDER: Senior Vice Commander, what is the Purpose of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary?
SR. VICE COMMANDER: The purpose of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, etc. (see National Constitution, Article II, Section I) Where desired the entire unit may follow in unison.
COMMANDER: Junior Vice Commander, what qualifications determine eligibility for membership in the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary?
JR. VICE COMMANDER: The wife, widow, mother, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, and great granddaughters of anyone who was injured or disabled in line of duty while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America, during time of war. Gold Star relatives of persons who were killed or have since died of a disability, daughters, granddaughters, and great granddaughters of members of the Auxiliary and any woman who is eligible for membership in the Disabled American Veterans, shall be eligible for membership in the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary.
COMMANDER: This Auxiliary is now open for any business that may properly come before it.
COMMANDER: Sergeant-at-Arms, admit any member who may be waiting. The Conductress escorts in any visitors. If there are any distinguished guests present, the Commander asks the Conductress to escort them to the rostrum. Each one is escorted to the Altar and presented to the Commander, and is then escorted around one of the colors at the Commander’s station. No one should pass between the Altar and the Commander’s station.
COMMANDER: The Adjutant will call the roll of officers.
Sergeant-at-Arms stands and answers to roll call for officers both present and absent.
COMMANDER: We are now ready to proceed with the initiation. You are requested to remain silent during the ceremony.
COMMANDER: The Adjutant will call the names of the candidates. As the names are called, the candidates shall retire to the rear of the room.
COMMANDER: Conductress, you will take your station at the left of the Altar. Assistant Conductress, you will retire to the rear of the room and escort the candidates to the altar.
Instructions: Assistant Conductress shall stand at the right of the candidates.
COMMANDER: The Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, cherishes four great principles COMRADESHIP, LOYALTY, SERVICE and DEVOTION Before you are privileged to assume these obligations, you will be instructed in these four principles.
COMMANDER: COMRADESHIP is the first principle of our organization. It is a term that emphasizes true friendship. Application of this principle is essential to any organization, without it only strife and discord would prevail, but with it, all good things are possible. In service and in suffering for a noble cause, Comradeship was born. It continues to influence our lives, through fellowship in the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary Candidates. I counsel you, be true to the ideals of Comradeship. May you always exemplify in spirit and in practice, the first principle of this organization.
COMMANDER: Conductress, you will present these Candidates to the station of the Junior Vice Commander, who will instruct them in LOYALTY
JR VICE COMM.: This station exemplifies LOYALTY, the second principle of our organization. Loyalty is a basic virtue. Without Loyalty there can be no true Comradeship Candidates, I admonish you, be loyal to your loved ones. Be loyal to your Disabled American Veterans.
JR VICE COMM.: Conductress, you will present these Candidates to the Senior Vice Commander, who will instruct them in SERVICE.
SR VICE COMM.: Through the ages, womanhood has been synonymous of Service. Service to the wounded and afflicted. Service to those who bear the visible and invisible scars in defense of their country. Service to the families of those who paid the supreme sacrifice. I admonish you, as a member of this organization, to stand ready to serve as a mark of faith in the ideals and principles for which our loved ones fought and died Service strengthens the ideals of Comradeship, Loyalty and Devotion.
SR VICE COMM.: Conductress, present the Candidates to the station of the Chaplain, who will counsel them in DEVOTION.
CHAPLAIN: You now stand before the station which exemplifies DEVOTION. You have already been instructed in Comradeship, Loyalty, and Service. These three, with Devotion, constitute the basis of our organization. I admonish you, in Comradeship and in Loyalty and in Service, be devoted to your God and your Country, and to the best interest of our Disabled Veterans and their families.
CHAPLAIN: Conductress, you will present these Candidates at the Altar. Commander remains at her station while giving the obligation.
COMMANDER: Are you willing to assume the obligation of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary?
COMMANDER, * * *, members stand: You will place your right hand over your heart and repeat after me, using your name where I use mine: I, …, solemnly promise  and declare, I will always uphold and maintain the Constitution and Laws of the United States, and will always show the proper courtesy to the Stars and Stripes and will give it the love and devotion it merits. I further promise, always to aid and assist any disabled veteran or any member of his family, that I will do my best to exemplify the purpose of this organization, which is based upon Comradeship, Loyalty, Devotion, and Service. I further pledge that I will support the Constitution and By-Laws of the D.A.V. Auxiliary, and obey the Officers of Local, State and National.
COMMANDER: You may lower your hand. *.
COMMANDER: You are now privileged to wear the emblem of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, which symbolizes Columbia conferring Knighthood upon a kneeling soldier. The emblem is of small intrinsic value, but the value of the deeds of valor it represents is exceedingly great. Wear it proudly. It is a mark of distinction.
COMMANDER: Members, I now present to you, our new members.
Adjutant should prepare list of members, so Commander may present new members by name.
COMMANDER: Members, you will be seated with the members of our Auxiliary.
Closing Ceremony
COMMANDER: The business of this meeting has been accomplished. We will now have our closing ceremonies.
COMMANDER: You will face the East, stand at attention in devoted memory of our departed Comrades. Though they have gone West they face the East as the sun rises for them on a new day. Pause.
COMMANDER faces the Altar: Hand salute! Two!
COMMANDER: The Chaplain will give the closing prayer.
Chaplain advances to the Altar, gives prayer.
CHAPLAIN: Dear Heavenly Father, bless and keep our Auxiliary members as we are about to leave this meeting. Help us to be worthy and loyal members, forgiving in spirit, charitable to all mankind and ever ready to assist our disabled veterans. Amen. Close Bible.
COMMANDER: Conductress retire the Colors. Colors are now retired to the rear of the hall.  Color Bearers remain there. As Colors are retired Chaplain returns to her station.
COMMANDER, *: We are adjourned to meet again. Specify date of next meeting.