Czecho-Slovak Protective Society



PRESIDENT gives one rap of the gavel, which calls the lodge to order:
Brothers and Sisters; Sentinel and Page; you will close the doors and allow nobody to enter the lodge room. without giving his (her) name and the annual password.
The lodge will come to order and the officers will occupy their respective stations.
The President gives three raps and lodge rises to feet:
Sergeant-at-Arms; carefully investigate if all present are in possession of the annual password.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS proceeds to the altar, give the sign of courtesy, and says:
Mr. President; I will obey your order.
And after taking up the password, he again proceeds to the altar, gives the sign of courtesy and says:
Mr. President, I have obeyed your order and find all present in possession of the annual password of this lodge.
The lodge will sing the Opening Ode.
1. My country ‘tis of thee,
Sweet land of liberty,
Of thee I sing.
Land where my fathers died,
Land of the Pilgrim’s pride,
From every mountain side,
Let freedom ring.
2. My native country thee,
Land of the noble free,
Thy name I love.
I love thy rocks and rills,
Thy woods and templed hills,
My heart with rapture thrills,
Like that above.
Duties of Officers
PRESIDENT, gives two raps, which calls the officers of the lodge to their feet and duties of officers follows:
Brother Vice-President; what is your duty in this lodge?
My duties are to assist the President in preserving the discipline of the lodge; to supervise the officers at the outer and inner doors; to allow nobody to enter and interrupt the discussions during the sessions of the lodge; and appoint the minority of all the committees. established by the President of the lodge.
Brother Secretary; what is your duty in this lodge?
My duties are to keep a true record of all the proceedings of this lodge; to answer all correspondence promptly, and have charge of the roster of membership and seal of the lodge.
Brother Financial Secretary; what is your duty in this lodge?
My duties are to conduct The accounts of the members and business for the lodge; collect all dues and assessments from the membership; and deposit all moneys received by me with the Treasurer of the lodge; furnish quarterly reports to, the Grand Lodge, and notify the Relief Committee to visit all the sick members of the lodge.
Brother Treasurer; what is your duty in this lodge?
To have charge of all moneys received for the lodge and keep a strict account and true record of all disbursements requisitioned, according to the vouchers of the financial secretary of the lodge.
Sergeant-at-Arms; what is your duty in this lodge?
To see that all members present are properly in possession of the annual password at the opening of the lodge; and to assist at the initiation of all candidates of this lodge.
Page; what is your duty in this lodge?
My duties are to have charge of the inner door and require all members to give their name; correct alarm and second half of the annual password and obey all others orders requested of me by the President and Vice-President of this lodge.
Sentinel; what is your duty in this lodge?
My duties are to have charge of the outer door; to allow nobody to enter without giving his name, the correct alarm and first half of the annual password, and to perform all other duties required of me by the President and Vice-President of this lodge.
The duty of the President is to call the meeting to order promptly and on schedule time to conduct the business of this lodge with justice and impartiality in accordance with the by-laws of the lodge and constitution of the Order; and to appoint a majority of all committees unless otherwise ordered by the lodge. In the discharge of these duties I ask the earnest co-operation and support of the officers and all the members of this lodge.
The President requests the duties of each and every member as follows:
What are the duties of each and every member of this lodge?
To meet in Equality; act in Harmony and depart in the practice of Fraternity.
Brothers and Sisters; as a token of your sincerity to work together for the good of this lodge, I ask for the sign of courtesy of the Order.
The sign is given, and the President gives one rap of the gavel, the lodge is seated and order of business prevails.

Order of Business
1. Calling the roll of officers.
2. Reading the minutes of the previous meeting.
3. Reading of official communications.
4. Reading of communications, applications for membership and presentation of bills for payment.
5. Reports of investigating committees on candidates.
6. Balloting on candidates.
7. Initiation of candidates.
8. Reports of officers and all other committees.
9. Presentation of receipted bills and vouchers by the treasurer from the previous meeting.
10. Reports from the Relief Committee on sick members.
11. Recess for the payment of dues to the financial secretary.
12. Nomination and election of officers.
13. Installation of officers.
14. Unfinished or new business.
15. For the good of the Order.
16. Announcement of the receipts and expenditures.
17. Closing of the lodge.

Initiation of Candidates
PRESIDENT, gives one rap of the gavel:
The official communication from the secretary of the Supreme Lodge of our Order reports that candidate … has passed the required physical examination. The investigating committee also reports favorably, the ballot being clear, and there being no further objections, candidate … is entitled to admission by initiation in this lodge ….
Therefore, I ask your earnest co-operation in the following ceremonies. Sergeant-at-Arms; kindly investigate if the candidate is present and collect from him (her) the necessary fee for initiation in this lodge.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS will arise, advance to the altar, salute the president and say:
Mr. President; I will obey your order.
And retires to the ante-room, collects the amount of money due, returns and pays it over to the secretary and says: Mr. President; the candidate is waiting in readiness for his initiation.
Sergeant-at-Arms; proceed with the initiation.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS retires to the ante-room and addresses the candidate thus:
Friends, I was directed by the president of this lodge to present you for initiation, but before you enter, it is my duty to inform you that it will be necessary for you to make a solemn promise to observe all rules, laws and regulations of our organization, and support the principles embodied in the constitution of the Order and by-laws of our lodge. Are you willing to make this promise? Yes or No?
I gratefully accept this expression of your sincerity and good wj]1 to become a loyal member of our Order. Follow me.
And gives three raps on the inner door.
Who comes there?
The Sergeant-at-Arms of this lodge with a candidate who desires to be initiated within our brotherly circle applies for admission.
Let him enter.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS enters the lodge room without further challenge, conducts the candidate- once around the lodge to the vice-president’s station, and says:
Brother Vice-President; I present a candidate who desires to be initiated into this lodge.
Thank you, Brother Sergeant-at-Arms.
And addresses the candidate as follows:
Before you can be initiated into this lodge and partake of the rights and benefits of this worthy Order of the Czecho-Slovak Protective Society; it will be necessary for you in the presence of these assembled members to make a solemn promise, which consists of the principal duties of a member of this Order and obliges him (her) to keep this pledge inviolate as evidence of his (her) loyalty to the Order as well as membership in this lodge and this brotherly circle. You will, therefore, place your right hand over your heart, say I, pronounce your name in full, and repeat after me.
President gives three raps which orders the, lodge to rise.

I, …, do solemnly and sincerely promise upon my sacred word of honor, in the presence of all the assembled brothers and sisters of … Lodge No. … Czecho-Slovak Protective Society, that I will support the constitution and by-laws, rules and decisions of my subordinate
lodge, the Grand Lodge, and the Supreme Lodge having jurisdiction over it, the laws, rules and decisions of the regular conventions of the Order which are in force at the present, or may be adopted in the future, and seek to exemplify the principles of this Order embodied in the mottoes of Equality, Harmony and Fraternity.
I further promise that I will become a true and faithful member of this lodge, and that I will not expose the secret transactions of this or any other lodge of this Order, or willfully contribute to its degradation or slander, but will strive to maintain and support the Order by leading a respectable life, exemplify its teachings and employ every opportunity to increase the membership, its welfare and progress.
I further promise, that I will always pay my dues as prescribed by law, because, neglecting that obligation would deprive myself, my heirs and relatives from the benefits of this lodge.
I further promise, that I will aid and assist every worthy brother or sister, so far as possible, in their private and public life, and prove myself a loyal and progressive member of this brotherhood.
To all of which I pledge my sacred word of honor, and call upon as witnesses all members
present and assembled here tonight.
President gives one rap of the gavel and the lodge is seated.

Sergeant-at-Arms; the candidate having assumed his (her) obligation, you will escort him (her) to the Secretary of this lodge and I request his (her) endorsement upon the roster of … Lodge No. … C.S.P.S.
From thence you will next present this candidate to the speaker of this lodge.
Mr. Speaker; I present this candidate for further instructions.
My friend; the sacred obligation which you have just taken placed you into the ranks of the oldest benevolent organization in America.
This Order was founded in the City of St. Louis, Mo., on the 4th day of March, 1854, and already has passed more than three score years of its existence. Not many organizations survive such a noble record. For 70 years our Order has fulfilled its obligations and weathered the storms of the past in its primitive days of youth with a glorious future before it, in, the practice of Equality, Harmony and Fraternity.
This Order is likened unto a Big Tree and this lodge to one of over 200 branches, spreading its influence of brotherly love for the elevation of mankind.
Relying upon the sincerity of your obligation, we request a hearty co-operation for the progress of humanity in visiting the sick, helping the needy and caring for the widows and orphans.
This Order has for its object to elevate the Czechoslovaks in America, both morally and intellectually and perpetuate the cardinal virtues of such great men as John Hus, the Reformer, who was Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and also rector of the University of Prague; having exercised enthusiasm and zeal for the cause of truth, he suffered persecution at the hands of his fanatical adversaries and died a martyr’s death. Thus perished one of Bohemia’s greatest sons, a man with a character so pure, that even his bitterest enemies could bring no charge against him.
This Order worships the bravery of men like John Zizka, who fought valiantly for liberty, justice and equality of mankind; whose power was the intelligence and the strength of character of the common people, and who fought bravely for their rights and liberties, which era marks the most glorious page in Bohemian history.
This Order seeks to promote the- universal brotherhood of man like John Amos Komensky, whose chief aim was to cultivate brotherly love and mutual helpfulness, and during his exile established public schools and wrote books on educational science in foreign countries.
This Order seeks to emulate the character of such distinguished men like Francis Palacky, whose literary works have become a national inspiration of our Bohemian people; who wrote the history of Bohemia, which has earned him the undying gratitude of his countrymen and this work has become a national monument of his conscientious labors. He also published books on æsthetics, philosophy and scientific terminology, which forms the modern foundation of Bohemian scientific literature of today.
We thereby commend the examples of these noble men for their patriotism, freedom of thought, and love of truth. These virtues are the cornerstones which form the bulwark of our Order, and all our members are taught to exercise them in their daily life.
Sergeant-at-Arms, conduct this candidate to the president of our lodge for further instructions
You will now receive instruction in the secret work of the Order.
When this lodge is open for the transactions of its official business and you desire admittance to the ante-room, you will make your presence known by producing two raps on the outer door. The wicket will be opened and through it you will give in a whisper your name and the first half of the annual password. Having been admitted to the anteroom you will approach the inner door and give thereon three raps and the second half of the annual password, and immediately upon entering the lodge room you will give to the Page at the inner door the grip of the Order. The annual password of this Order is a phrase which is changed once each year. Every subordinate lodge of this Order uses the same annual password during the current
annual term. You can receive this annual password only from the president of the lodge of which you are a member. So, if, on seeking admission to your lodge, you should be without it, you will report that fact to the Sentinel at the outer door, who will report it to the Page at the inner door, and he will report it to the president, and immediately upon entering the lodge room you shall proceed to the president, receive the word, return to the altar and give the sign of courtesy to the president before being seated.
Now, before you receive this annual password, it will be necessary for you to take an obligation not improperly to reveal it. You will stand erect before my station, place your right hand over your heart, and repeat after me.
The President will use his left hand for the demonstration and gives three raps of the gavel and the members rise to their feet.

I do sincerely promise that I will not reveal the annual password of this Order, or give any information concerning it to nobody except to the guards at the doors or to the Sergeant-at-Arms at the opening of my lodge, or when officially discharging my duty as president of my subordinate lodge, Grand Lodge or Supreme Lodge.
President gives one rap and lodge is seated.

The position in which your hand is now placed is called the sign of courtesy in this lodge.
This sign must be given at the altar when you. both enter or retire from a lodge room accompanied by a slight bow, which indicates your sincerity to work for the good of the
The grip is given by placing the thumbs of the right hands diagonally above the knuckles pressing them slightly three times in conformity to the three mottoes of this Order, and you are bound to recognize this sign when proffered by only true and upright members of this Order.
The mottoes of this Order are Equality, Harmony and Fraternity. By Equality we mean, that all our members, regardless of station in life, are equal to each other; while Harmony is the strength and security of every fraternal organization, even this. Likewise, the practice of Fraternity exemplifies the highest type of friendship for the universal brotherhood of man.
And so, at the opening of a lodge of this Order, when the president calls -for the duties of the members, you will recite in concert as follows: "To meet in Equality, act in Harmony and depart in the practice of Fraternity."
The gavel indicates the authority of the presiding officer of the lodge. One rap calls the lodge to order and seats it. Two raps call the officers of the lodge to their feet. Three raps call the whole lodge to rise, and four raps call all the members of the lodge to form a brotherly circle.
The voting sign is given by the raising of your right hand, thumbs parallel to the fingers, palms forward. When voting negatively, use the same sign.
Sergeant-at-Arms; escort the candidate to the Past Worthy President of this lodge for final instructions.
Past Worthy President; I present this candidate for final instructions.
PAST WORTHY PRESIDENT, addressing the new member:
My Brother (or Sister); you are now entitled to the recognition of full membership in this lodge. With gratitude I welcome you into our midst, and your presence here tonight shows your appreciation of the obligations which you have assumed, and your willingness to work together with us for the betterment of this lodge and the elevation of mankind.
Brother (or sister), this Order not only restricts its members to obligations of friendship, but also extends certain rights and benefits in time of need and distress. So when the hour of trial and tribulation comes to a brother or sister, your duty is there to comfort and console, and make light the burdens of sorrow and distress and extend to him the helping hand of assistance.
Charity and Humanity are the golden links which bind our three mottoes of Equality, Harmony and Fraternity in our Order.
When sickness comes to the home of a brother or sister unable to support his or her loved ones, it becomes your duty to bring relief.
When the shadow of death falls upon the home of a brother or sister, then again our Order extends heartfelt sympathy to the grief-stricken family, condoles in their bereavement, and protects the widows and orphans from public charity.
We trust to find in you a virtuous character of temperate habits, charitable and benevolent.
Be true to your lodge, your home and to your manhood, and by no acts of yours bring dishonor upon the country in which you live, or disgrace to the Order which now bids you welcome.
Thus you will exemplify the principles embodied in the lessons of tonight and serve the highest type. of membership in this Order.
I will now present you with a copy of the constitution of the Order and by-laws of this lodge. Read them carefully and govern yourself accordingly.
And now, since you yourself have become another link in this endless chain of our membership, the members of this lodge will conclude these ceremonies by admitting you within our brotherly circle, as exemplified by the permanence of our Order.
PRESIDENT gives four raps with the gavel and all members form a circles with the candidate between the Past Worthy President and President of the lodge.
Br others and Sisters; in unity there is strength forever, while death alone shall part asunder.
All hands are up at the word Unity and all down at the conclusion of the word Asunder.
PRESIDENT gives one rap of the gavel and all members are seated again, or he may declare a short recess for a few minutes to introduce the new member.
Then invites the new member to be seated.

Degree Work
Sergeant-at-Arms, kindly escort our new brother (sister) to the ante-room and instruct him (her) as to the manner of approach our lodge room.
SERGEANT-AT-ARMS escorts the new member to the altar; gives the sign of courtesy and retires from the lodge room, saying:
Mr. President, I will obey your order.
PRESIDENT, during the absence of Sergeant-at-Arms and candidate:
Brothers and sisters, in the following ceremony you are earnestly requested to avoid discussing anything personally offensive to the candidate. Kindly conform all your remarks to the violation of the candidate’s obligation. The prosecution should be conducted without insult or slander. The defender shall present his plea for the candidate in a clear and dignified manner tending to appeal his error and justify his cause through the investigation of the grievance committee;
The President appoints brothers or sisters as prosecutors and defenders, one of each or two of each as lie deems necessary at his own discretion; also a substitute Page is selected, td whom the candidate gives the alarm and password at the inner door, together with die grip of the Order and escorts him (her) to the altar and then to the President’s station.

Alarm at the door of the lodge!
Answers the alarm, takes the name and annual password of the candidate through the wicket in the door; admits him (her) into the lodge room; receives from him (her) the grip of the order; escorts him (her) to the altar, giving- the sign of courtesy, and presents the candidate at the President’s station, saying:
Mr. Presidient, I hereby present brother (sister) …, who has given to me the grip, name and annual password of this Order.
PRESIDENT, facing the candidate before the lodge:
Officers and members of … lodge, it becomes my painful duty to inform you that brother (sister) … has blundered and improperly revealed the secret work of our Order, What is your pleasure regarding this grave mistake.
VICE-PRESIDENT, rising to his feet repeats the obligation, then is seated:
I do sincerely promise that I will not reveal the annual password of this Order, nor give any information concerning it to nobody except to the guards at the doors or to the Sergeant-at-Arms at the opening of my lodge, or when officially discharging my duty as president of my subordinate lodge, Grand Lodge or Supreme Lodge.
The trial of candidate then follows.
Addressing’ the President’s station, the first prosecutor opens the discussion, while the first defender follows. Then the second prosecutor continues while the second defender closes his remarks of defense by offering a motion to refer the candidate to the grievance committee consisting of three members appointed by the president of the lodge, who report favorably in
due time and vindication follows.
PRESIDENT, announcing:
Reports of Committees.
Mr. President, we have carefully investigated the error committed by brother (sister) … and we are satisfied that he (she) thoroughly understands his (her) obligation and recommend him (her) for further initiation.
Brothers and sisters, you have heard the report of the grievance committee, what is your pleasure?
A motion, s unanimously passed to accept the recommendation of the grievance committee.

Sergeant-at-Arms, kindly escort brother (sister) … to my station.
Mr. President, I present brother (sister) …, who has violated an obligation of our Order and stands before you entirely vindicated by this lodge.
With pleasure I welcome your return to my station, completely exonerated from the mistake you made. In the lesson of tonight we sought to impress you with the importance of the obligations you have taken, to not improperly reveal the annual password and other secret work of this Order.
What you have seen and heard gives you a broader and grander conception of the duties and responsibilities we teach for the mutual helpfulness of each other. The most profitable way of making this a better world is by discovering the good and brighter side of mankind. Defects and certain inclinations toward error and mistakes remain the common lot of us all. Blunder follows blunder, and promising beginnings sometimes end in grotesque disappointments, while streams of living water are poisoned by the cup that conveys them to the thirsty lips of mankind.
Eliminate greed, selfishness and hypocrisy. Remember your human frame and how full of faults it is. Put yourself into the place of the one you criticise—and then imagine your position. If you are hurt by thoughtless words—likewise will others feel this same injustice of your willful carelessness.
The mistake you made, brought hasty words of censure, common to all humanity. Ere long you saw the hand of charity extended and pardon granted. Thus you should fully realize that our Order has but one desire and one result—the elevation and betterment of all mankind, to live the full measure of life in the spirit of real completeness, ever ready to champion the cause of suffering Humanity and defend the noble virtue of Charity, the golden links which bind our beautiful mottoes of Equality, Harmony and Fraternity.
Brother (sister) …, you will now face the lodge. Officers and members of … lodge, No. …, I take great pleasure to introduce brother (sister) ….
The lodge will be at ease while the members extend their courtesy and proffer the welcome hand with the grip of fellowship of our Order.
Three raps.

Closing of the Lodge
There being no further business before this lodge and all present are satisfied, we will proceed to close.
Gives three raps and members rise to their feet.
Brothers and Sisters; your participation in the discussions and official business of this lodge shows your appreciation for its welfare and progress. In conclusion I ask for the sign of courtesy.
The sign is given.
The President gives one rap of the gavel and says:
Brothers and Sisters; this lodge is now closed.