Rituaal voor de installatie als Knight of the Holy Sepulchre

Deze engelse versie van dit rituaal dateert uit 1996. In Nederland wordt een nederlandse vertaling gebruikt die overeenstemt met deze versie.

Form of opening a Sanctuary

The Knights, other than those taking part in the procession, assemble in the Sanctuary and are seated. The Marshal forms the procession: Deputy Marshal, Captain of the Guards, Guards (in pairs), Sub-Prior and Prior, Seneschal, Standard-Bearer with Standard, Marshal, Prelate.
Dep.Mar.: Brother Knights, to order to receive the Right Reverend Prelate.
All rise; the procession enters, forms an avenue and halts.
C. of G.: Knights of the Guard, engage.
The Guards form an Arch of Steel.
The Prelate, preceded by the Standard-Bearer and Marshal, passes through the Arch and assumes the Throne. Standard-Bearer takes post in front of the Altar. The other officers pass through the Arch and go to their stations.
C. of G.: Guard. Carry swords. To your stations. March. Return swords.
The Standard-Bearer sets the Standard in its place in the West and goes to his station.
Prel., knocks once: Assist me to open an assembly of Knights of the Holy and Invincible Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Brother Knight Guardian of the Sacred Vault, what is our first duty?
Gdn.: To see that the approaches to the Sanctuary are secure from intrusion.
Prel.: See that they be so.
Gdn. opens door, sees that the Beadle is at his post, closes door and returns to his station.
Gdn.: Right Reverend Prelate, the Beadle is at his post.
Prel.: Brother Knights, you will prove yourselves Knights of the Order of Holy Sepulchre by the Sign.
All give Sn.
Prel.: By the power vested in me, I open this assembly. Knocks * * * **, repeated by Wdr and Bdl.
Prior opens Bible on Altar at Matthew chap. 28, v. 6; Gdn. opens Bible on Sepulchre at John chap. 1, v. 1-5.
Prel.: Be seated.

Ceremony of Reception - First Point

Prel.: Brother Knight Marshal, ascertain that the Candidate is in attendance and, if so, examine him and report.
Mar. goes to the Room of Preparation.
Mar. to Can.: Give me the reverential sign and word of a Royal Arch mason. Done.
Mar.: Give me the pass-words of a Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine. Done.
Mar.: And the first Sign of that Order. Done.
Mar.: Is your desire to enter this Order based on true Christian principle of serving the Church and its members by performing the seven Corporal Works of Mercy, and to protect and guard the Holy Sepulchre from the destroying hands of our enemies? Have you given food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty and clothed the naked with a garment?
Cand.: Yes, it is.
Mar.: Then entrust me with your sword, that it may be laid upon the Altar.
Mar. directs Beadle to prepare Can. with sash of the Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine, to veil his eyes with a black crape and to await further orders. Mar returns to the Sanctuary bearing Can.'s sword horizontally in both hands, and stands between the columns in the West.
Mar.: Right Reverend Prelate, I have examined the Candidate, and he has entrusted me with his sword.
Prel.: Let it be laid upon the Altar.
Mar. advances to the East, and hands sword to Prior. Prior lays it upon the Altar, hilt to the South. Mar. returns to his station.
Prel.: Brother Knight Guardian of the Sacred Vault, how do you report the time?
Gdn.: Right Reverend Prelate, it is the first hour of the first day of the week and the true word, having passed through the gates of death, is lost in the gloomy mansions of the grave.
Prel.: Reverend Prior, how do we hope to recover the word?
Prior: By exercise of faith, hope and charity, which are the pillars of the new law.
Prel.: How shall we find these three pillars?
Prior: By patiently guarding the Sacred Vault.
Prel.: For what period?
Prior: The space of three days.
Prel.: Then, Brother Knight Guardian of the Sacred Vault, at this solemn moment where is your station in the Sanctuary?
Gdn.: At the entrance to the Holy Place.
Prel.: Your Christian duty when so placed?
Gdn.: To see that the Sepulchre is properly guarded against all opposers of the Christian faith.
Prel.: But as we are taught not to rely on human strength alone, Brother Knight Seneschal, what is the chief defence of our Sanctuary?
Sen.: Right Reverend Prelate, it is the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.
Prior rises, and reads St. Mark, chap. 15, verses 42-47: "And now when the even was come, because it was the preparation, that is, the day before the sabbath, Joseph of Arimathaea, an honourable counsellor, which also waited for the kingdom of God, came, and went in boldly unto Pilate, and craved the body of Jesus.
And Pilate marvelled if he were already dead; and calling unto him the centurion, he asked him whether he had been any while dead. And when he knew it of the centurion, he gave the body to Joseph.
And be brought fine linen, and took him down, and wrapped him in the linen, and laid him in a sepulchre which was hewn out of a rock, and rolled a stone unto the door of the sepulchre.
And Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus beheld where he was laid.
Sen., before Altar, facing East: Let us pray. All rise.
Before Thine Altar, we humbly bend, O Heavenly Captain of our Salvation. Vouchsafe to grant us peace here and everlasting glory hereafter. Amen.
Prel.: Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto, sicut erat in principo, est nunc, et semper in saecula saeculorum. Amen. Let us repair to our several stations, and strictly observe silence.
C. of G.: Knights of the Guard. To order. To your posts at the Sacred Vault. March. Reverse swords.
Mar.: Brother Knights, be seated.
All lights except the candle on the sepulchre are extinguished.
Wdr. opens door and instructs Bdle. to report the presence of Can.
Bdle. knocks * ***.
Wdr.: Who comes there?
Bdle.: A Worthy Knight and soldier of the Cross, who, having worked at the second Temple and discovered the ancient word, now prays to be enrolled as a Guardian Knight of the Holy Sepulchre in order that he may learn the true word of a Christian mason.
Wdr.: Wait whilst I report to the Right Reverend Prelate.
Wdr.: Right Reverend Prelate, a Worthy Knight and soldier of the Cross, who, having worked at the second Temple and discovered the ancient word, now prays to be enrolled as a Guardian Knight of the Holy Sepulchre in order that he may learn the true word of a Christian mason.
Prel.: On what is his desire founded?
Wdr.: On a true Christian principle: to serve the Church and its members by performing the seven Corporal Works of Mercy, and to protect and Guard the Holy Sepulchre from the destroying hands of our enemies.
Prel.: What good works hath he performed?
Wdr.: He hath given food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, and clothed the naked with a garment.
Prel.: Thus far he has done well; but there is still much for him to do. Let him enter, under the penalties of his knightly obligation.
Wdr.: Enter, under the penalties of your knightly obligation.
Can. is received by the Vgr. who places him between the columns in the West, facing East, and instructs him in the answers he is required to give.
Vgr.: Give the first Sign of a Knight of the Red Cross of Constantine and the pass-words. Done.
Prel.: We acknowledge you to be a Knight of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. You must prove yourself a Royal Arch Mason by giving me the reverential sign and word of that degree. Done.
Prel.: Worthy Knight, whence come you?
Can.: From Bethlehem.
Prel.: What art do you profess?
Can.: Masonry.
Prel.: What edifices do you build?
Can.: Temples and Tabernacles.
Prel.: Where do you raise them?
Can.: For want of territory we build them in our hearts.
Prel.: Worthy Knight, you inspire us with esteem; but we are now in darkness and sorrow. The veil of the Temple is rent; the corner-stone of our faith overthrown; the Rose of Sharon sacrificed; the day-star of mercy obscured, and the true word is lost.
Still we do not yield to despair, and have firmly resolved to guard the sacred tomb for three days is the hope that we may recover the word. Is it your desire to assist us?
Can.: It is.
Prel.: Then our Brother Knight Verger will conduct you round the Sanctuary, and during your progress you will be instructed in the three theological virtues, which are the pillars of the new law. May they ever be impressed upon your memory and guide you in your journey through life.
Vgr. Leads Can. to the North-West, halts him facing the column and bids him to lay his right hand upon it: This is the column of Faith.
Sub-Prior: Faith is a firm conviction of the existence and attributes of God. It produces in the mind perfect love and reverence for His name; a steadfast confidence in His word; an entire resignation and obedience to His will.
If this Faith be sincere it will influence all our actions, directing us to such a line of conduct as will be pleasing in the sight of that God in whom we live, and move, and have our being. Faith, thus exercised and exemplified in the actions of our lives, leads us to the acquirement of another virtue whose influence, though not less powerful, is still more soothing to the soul; it leads us to that firm and steadfast hope, which the storms of fate can never shake nor the terrors of death itself diminish or destroy.
Vgr. Leads Can. to the East, bidding him to lay his right hand on the column: This is the column of Hope.
Prior: To define the nature of Hope is a task almost beyond the power of language of thought. It is more than desire, greater than expectation, superior to confidence; and when we speak of the hope of eternal life, surely no other term can more adequately express the immortal feelings of the soul.
This sacred Hope, based on the pure and active principles of Faith, is the day-star of your youth, the comfort of our declining years, and the loving companion of our pilgrimage through the vale of tears until the closing hour of life unveils to our view the many mysteries of a boundless eternity.
Vgr. Leads Can. to the South-West, halts him facing the column, and bids him to lay his right hand upon it: This is the column of Charity.
Sen.: Charity is that sacred virtue which inspires the breast with the spirit of universal beneficence. It teaches us to consider all mankind as our brethren, viewing their errors and infirmities with pity; overlooking wrongs; forgiving injuries; and avoiding all offence and injustice. The heart enlightened by this the greatest of all human virtues can truly be said to reflect a certain measure of the attributes of the great author of our being, and to bear the impress of the divine image.
Let us then carefully cherish and preserve the sacred flame which His goodness has imparted and imitate, so far as human frailty will permit, His love, His compassion and His bounty towards the children of men. Thus, rising in the scale of moral excellence, the faithful Mason shall finally receive the crown of his generous labours, and be admitted into the assembly of the just made perfect; to that glory which fadeth not away.
Vgr. Places Can., facing East, between the columns in the West.
Prel.: Worthy Knight, I congratulate you on your happy return, as it is the possession of these virtues that alone can ensure you peace in this life and everlasting happiness hereafter.
I must now, before proceeding further with the ceremony of your reception into this sovereign Order, earnestly demand whether you are prepared to renew your knightly vows, pledging yourself to a strict observance of our laws, and a careful concealment of our mysteries?
Can.: I am.
Prel.: Approach then, and take the engagement we require. Brother Knights, to order.
1st and 2nd Lieut. Escort Can. to the mouth of the Sepulchre.
Prel.: You will now kneel at the mouth of the Sepulchre. 1st and 2nd Lieut. Cross their swords on the nape of his neck when he kneels. Place your right hand upon the Holy Gospel, and your left hand upon the emblem of mortality. Recite your names at length and repeat after me:
I, , in the presence of our Prophet, Priest and King, do hereby voluntarily renew my sacred vows as a Christian Knight, and faithfully promise to guard and defend the Sepulchre of the true word against all the attacks of the impious and ungodly.
I solemnly swear to reverence the blessed name of our crucified Master, and never to forsake the Christian Religion, so that, at the resurrection of the dead, I may arise from the tomb of transgression as one of the just made perfect.
I pledge myself never to reveal the mysteries of the Sanctuary to any Knight Mason, Royal Arch or Master Mason, Fellow Craft or Entered Apprentice, or indeed to anyone on the universe, unless it be to a Knight of the Order, or to a candidate lawfully entitled to receive the same.
I promise to pay due obedience to the Statutes of the Grand Council of Patriarch of Jerusalem, who are the true chiefs of this Noble and Invincible Order.
All this I solemnly swear to observe, under the penalty, in addition to those of my former obligations, of being pronounced inanimatus and deprived of the rites of sepulture. So help me our Prophet, Priest and King and keep me steadfast in this my solemn obligation as a Guardian Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.
Prel.: As a seal to this renewal of your vows, you will salute the Holy Gospels three times Done and again twice Done.
Lieuts. Resume their stations, Can. remains kneeling
C. of G.: Guards. Carry swords
Prel.: Brother Knight Verger, what is your duty?
Vgr.: To restore our Brother from darkness to vision, and afterwards from vision to light.
Prel.: By what right do you claim this privilege?
Vgr.: By the right of a Sign and the power of a Word.
Prel.: Brother Knight Verger, you are at liberty to show the Sign and to speak the Word.
Vgr. Gives the first Sn.: places the right hand on the heart, then points downwards with the right index finger, saying: He is not here.
Prel. Answers with the second Sn.: points upwards with the right index finger, saying: He is risen.
Vgr. speaks the Word: Adonai.
Prel.: You are our fellow soldier, and this privilege is yours of ancient right.
At the accustomed signal let it be performed, for God said 'Let there be Light' and there was light. Knocks * * * **.
Vgr. Removes the crape from Can.'s eyes. Can. remains kneeling. The Torch-Bearer then kindles a taper at the Sepulchre, and therewith lights the three candles upon the Altar.
Prel.: Brother Knight Verger, raise our Brother Knight in due form, and place him in the West.
Vgr. Raises Can., interlacing fingers of the right hands and supporting Can.'s elbow with his left hand.
Dep. Mar. places a stall for Can. between the columns in the West. Can. is seated.
C. of G.: Guards. Resume your stations. March. Return swords.
Prel.: Be seated, Brother Knights.
The general lighting of the Sanctuary is restored.
Prel.: Brother Knight Seneschal, I call upon you to deliver the traditional oration of the Order.
Sen.: In the year of our Lord 329, St. Helena, the daughter of Caylus, King of Britain, Consort of Constantinus and mother of Constantine the Great, made a journey to the Holy Land in search of the Cross of our Redeemer.
After levelling the hillocks on Mount Calvary and destroying the Temple of Venus three crosses were discovered; but is was difficult to determine which of the three had borne the divine form of the Lamb of God.
The Pontiff Marcellinus, being consulted, commanded then to be carried to the bedside of a woman who had long been visited by sickness and lay at the point of death, and their virtue and efficacy to be tested by placing their hands upon each of the crosses. The Pontiff's orders were obeyed; two of the crosses rendered her no service, but when her hand was laid upon the third she was miraculously restored to health, and instantly arose, giving glory to God, saying 'He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed.'
On the spot where the crosses were found St. Helena and Constantine erected a stately church, one hundred paces long and sixty wide, part of it covering the site of the crucifixion; and by the levelling of the hillocks the Sepulchre is above the floor of the church, like a grotto, it being twenty feet from the floor to the top of the rock. There is a superb cupola over the Sepulchre; and in the aisle were the tombs of Godfrey, defender of the Sepulchre, and Baldwin, the first Christian King of Jerusalem.
St. Helena then, with the sanction of Constantine, instituted the Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Order was confirmed by the Pontiff Marcellinus, and the Patriarch of the Holy City was appointed Chief of the Knights, who were selected from the Red Cross fraternity and, kneeling on the sacred tomb, were bound by a solemn vow to guard the Holy Sepulchre, protect pilgrims, and to repel the attacks of all infidels and enemies of the cross of Christ.
The city of Jerusalem was rebuild and ornamented in the second century A.D. by Publius Aelius Hadrianus, Emperor of Rome, and given to the Christians in the fifth century. The Persians captured it from them in 614, and a few years later it fell into the hands of the Moslems, under whose oppressive rule it long groaned, until Peter the Hermit encouraged the western princes to liberate the distressed Church. Godfrey de Bouillon unfurled the banner of the Cross and, in 1099, expelled the invaders. His companions thereupon elected him King of Jerusalem; but, as he thought it not meet to wear a royal crown where his Blessed Saviour had worn a crown of thorns, he consented for the common good to be called the 'Defender and Baron of the Holy Sepulchre', which title he held until his death in 1100.
During the period of the Crusades the Order of the Holy Sepulchre flourished, and since the loss of the Holy Land it has continued to exist in many countries in Europe.
Prel.: Let the lines be duly formed in the South.
Mar.: Brother Knights. To order.
Dep. Mar. removes the stall between the columns in the West.
C. of G.: Knights of the Guard. Form an Arch of Steel in the South. March.
Standard Bearer, with the Standard, goes to the East. Prior takes Can.'s sword from the Altar and bears it horizontally in both hands. Mar. forms the procession: Standard Bearer, Marshal, Prelate, Seneschal, Prior, Sub-Prior.
C. of G.: Knights of the Guard. Engage.
The procession, followed by C. of G., passes through the Arch of Steel and forms line in the West, opposite Can.
C. of G.: Guards. Carry swords.
Prel.: Worth Knight , I now receive and acknowledge you as a Christian Knight and, as proof of our confidence hereby appoint you a Guardian Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.
Prior hands Can.s' sword to the Prelate.
Prel.: receive back your sword, which has lain upon our Altar. Defend the Holy Sepulchre.
Can. receives the sword and comes to the carry.
Prel. lays his hand on the banner, which the Standard Bearer lowers before him.
Prel.: Unfurl the Banner of the Cross, and return to us in victory and triumph.
Standard Bearer raises the Banner. Prel.: preceded by the Mar. and followed by the Sen., the Prior and the Sub-Prior, returns to the East by the North.
Mar.: Brother Knights, be seated.
C. of G.: Guards. To the West, turn. March.
C. of G. leaves the Sanctuary, followed by the Guard (in pairs), the Standard Bearer, the Verger and Can.

In the interval between first and second point, it is supposed that the candidate and the guards have defeated the infidels, and that they return in triumph, the candidate bearing the crescent as a token of victory.

Ceremony of Reception - Second Point

The Sanctuary is fully lighted and all candles lit.
C. of G. knocks * * * **.
Wdr. opens door: Worthy Knight, what is your request?
C. of G.: Having subdued the enemies of the Cross, we are desirous of the reward due to our services.
Warder closes door: Right Reverend Prelate, the Knights of our Noble and Invincible Order, having achieved a victory over their enemies, request the reward due to their services.
Prel.: Let them be admitted.
The Knights enter in the same order as that in which they retired, Can. bearing the crescent. They pass round the Sanctuary and form a line in the West, facing East.
Prel.: Worthy Knights, we receive and welcome you on your return from the dangers of warfare. Advance therefore to the Altar; deposit thereon the spoils and trophies of your victory and, as humility is ever inseparable from true valour, kneel there to receive the fitting reward for your services.
Vgr. And Can, advance to the East. Can. places the crescent on the Altar. Standard Bearer sets Standard in its place and resumes his seat.
C. of G.: Guards. Right and left turn. To your stations. March. Be seated.
Dep. Mar. places a stall between the columns in the West.
Can. kneels before Altar. Prel. takes the laurel crown from the Altar and places it on Can.'s head.
Prel.: The laurel wreath with which I crown you has ever been the reward of courage and constancy. It represents for us the victory that men should gain over their passions, and also the final triumph of truth in the world to come. But, in order that you may participate fully in the celebration of our mysteries, I must call upon you to arise and take five steps backwards to the mouth of the Sepulchre, return from light to darkness, and prepare to unite with us in that solemn bond which is the characteristic rite for our Noble and Invincible Order. Reflect therefore before you consent to undertake the toils and trials that may await you.
If however you are resolved to persevere and, like a true Christian Knight, are willing to retrace your steps in humility, even to the foot of the Cross, as a token of submission rise and lay your crown upon the Altar.
Can. rises and lays the laurel crown upon the Altar. Vgr. Leads him to the South-East corner of the Sepulchre, halts him facing East, and places the crape over his eyes. Torch Bearer goes to the Altar. The general lighting is extinguished.
Prel.: The Verger will now conduct you to the entrance of the Sacred Vault.
Torch Bearer slowly extinguishes the five candles on the Altar. As each goes out, Vgr. Moves Can. back one step, so that at the fifth he reaches the South-west corner of the Sepulchre. Vgr. Resumes seat.
Prel. knocks * * * * *.
Sen. knocks * * * * *.
C. of G. knocks * * * * *.
Prior knocks * * * * *.
Sub-Prior knocks * * * * *.
Prel. knocks * * * * *.
Prel.: The mysterious number is accomplished.
Brother Knight Guardian of the Sacred Vault, descend with our Brother into the Sepulchre, and report to us what you may see.
Gdn. directs Can. to kneel, withdraws the drape over the mouth of the Sepulchre which is in darkness, and bids him look within. Gdn. rises, Can. remains kneeling.
Prel.: Brother Knight Guardian of the Sacred Vault, what have you seen?
Gdn.: Right Reverend Prelate, the day star of mercy is obscured and darkness covers the earth.
Prel.: Brother Knight Guardian, descend into the Sacred Vault a second time and report to us again.
Gdn. descends again, as before, and again rises: The day star of mercy is still obscured, and darkness covers the earth.
Prel.: Let us hear the Word of the Lord.
During the scripture Dep. Mar. fetches the censer, and moves quietly by the South to the East, taking post at the South-west of the Altar.
Prior recites St. Mark chap. 16, v. 1-6: And when the sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the Mother of James, and Salome, had brought sweet spices, that they might come and anoint him.
And very early in the morning the first day of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun. And they said among themselves, Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the sepulchre? And when they looked, they saw that the stone was rolled away; for it was very great.
And entering into the sepulchre, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment; and they were affrighted. And he saith unto them: Be not affrighted. Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified. He is risen. He is not here; behold the place where they laid him.
Prel.: Descend once more, Brother Knight Guardian, and report to us for the third time.
The Vault is illuminated. Gdn. descends a third time, as before. He removes the crape form Can.'s eyes; they look within.
Gdn.: The Sepulchre is empty.
The lighted transparency is exposed.
Prel.: He is risen.
All, except Gdn. and Can. rise and face East. Dep. Mar. censes.
Gdn.: Adonai, be praised. Our temple is rebuilt. The corner stone of our faith is restored. The day star of mercy reappears in greater splendour. And the word of God is found.
Prel.: Pronounce the word.
Gdn.: Jesus Agnus Dei. The Lamb of God and the King of Glory.
Gdn. rises. He raises Can. by grasping his right hand with the thumb along his index finger.
Dep. Mar. ceases censing. Torch Bearer then kindles a taper at the candle on the Sepulchre, and therewith relights the five candles on the Altar. Prel. turns and addresses Can.: Worthy Knight. The ceremony that you have just witnessed has revealed to you that the grand mysteries of Christian Masonry is a sincere belief in Jesus; the Lamb of God.
Brother Knights, be seated.
Dep. Mar. takes the censer to Beadle. Vgr. Leads Can. to the stall between the columns in the West. The general lighting is gradually restored.
Prel.: Worthy Knight, whilst we receive into our Order those only who are true Royal Arch companions, because Freemasonry was founded upon the instructions that were given, not only by Moses and Solomon, but also by Zerubbabel, at successive periods of the world's history, we further follow the footsteps of those worthy masons who have remodelled it in accordance with precepts of our Sovereign Redeemer and Master, whose titles are inscribed in his own Blood above the throne of God. And I now call upon the Reverend Prior to make known to you all the allegorical sequel to the history of the Royal Arch Degree.
Prior: After the building of the second Temple the masons neglected their labours, and abandoned to the ravages of time the valuable buildings which they had raised with so many pains; so that the wisdom of their workmanship, the strength of their materials, and the beauty of their architecture, were alike exposed to confusion, destruction and decay.
But the Eternal Jehovah determined to manifest His Glory, and to replace the fallen material structures by that sublime and spiritual geometry whose existence human power should not be able to affect, and whose duration should be everlasting.
It was then that the stone, the corner of the building, was torn from the Temple by the workmen and thrown among the ruins, It was then that the Mystic Rose was sacrificed upon a cross planted on the summit of a mountain, which is elevated above the surface towards the celestial spheres by three squares, three circles, and three triangles. In an instant the veil of the Temple was rent, the earth was covered with darkness, the day-star of mercy was obscured, and the word was lost.
It may easily be imagined into what depth of misery every true mason was plunged. Some of the Brethren, who possessed relics of the former Temple, wandered among the woods and the mountains in the deepest obscurity. Others sought the sacred tomb in which the word was hidden, and watched in silence for the space of three days. Never before was such perplexity experienced by the human heart.
But the will of Him Who rules all events, at the expiration of three days, caused the light to shine again; the day star of mercy appeared in greater brilliancy; and the word of God was found.
The elect Brethren, who had followed the hallowed footsteps of the Redeemer, then taught others that it was necessary to practise faith, hope and charity, and to obey the new law before they could resume the mystic labours of the Order. It was only by means of those sublime principles that masonry reappeared to the gladdened eyes of man, and from this period masons no longer built material edifices, but occupied themselves in spiritual buildings. Their works were sustained by temperance, prudence, justice and strength, and they feared no more the vicissitudes of life, or the shadowy terrors of the grave.
Prel.: Brother Knight Verger, place the Candidate in the East.
Dep. Mar. removes Can.'s stall in the West. Vgr. Places Can. at the Eastern side of the column of Hope. Prel. stands between him and the Altar.
Prel.: Worthy Knight, I will now entrust you with our Signs and Token. The first, or Sign of Sorrow is given by placing the right hand on the heart, then pointing with the index finger downwards, saying 'He is not there'. The response of a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre is pointing upwards with the index finger of the right hand, saying 'He is risen.'
These Signs, however, must never be uses except in the Sanctuary, or when you are obliged to claim form a Brother Knight the performance of the seven Corporal Works of Mercy, which I will now recite to you.
Prel. interlaces fingers of his right hand with those of Can.: In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti: I greet you as a Guardian Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.
1st. Go, feed the hungry;
2nd. Give drink to the thirsty;
3rd. Clothe the naked with a garment;
4th. Visit and ransom the captives;
5th. Harbour the harbourless, give the widows and orphans where to lay their heads;
6th. Visit and relieve the sick;
7th. Go, bury the dead.
Prel.: The examination or interrogatory Signs are made thus:
You raise the index finger of your right hand;
I reply by raising my first and second fingers;
You then raise your first, second and third fingers;
We both then close the hand, signifying Three Persons in One God.
The Grip is given by grasping right hands.
You press my right index finger with your thumb, and whisper 'Jesus';
I press your index finger similarly, and whisper 'Agnus'
You press my finger again, and whisper 'Dei'.
These are the Sacred Words of the Degree
Prel. resumes the Throne.
Can. is taken to the West, where he stands between the columns, facing East.
Prel.: You will now be conducted to the ruins of the ancient temple, upon which the new Tabernacle of Divine Truth has arisen. You will gaze for the last time upon the fragmentary forms and types of the Mosaic dispensation, and return to us with the holy doctrine of the great evangelist St. John. You will enter the Commandery with the password Gethsemane.
Vgr. and Can. leave the Sanctuary.
Prel.: Our labours as Guardian Knights of the Noble and Invincible Order of the Holy Sepulchre being thus concluded, by the power vested in me, I close the assembly; and bid you, Brother Knight Captain of the Guards, seal the Sanctuary accordingly.
C. of G. knocks * * * ** (on Sepulchre)
Wdr.: knocks * * * **.
Bdle. knocks * * * **.
Prior closes Bible on Altar; Gdn. closes Bible on Sepulchre.

Hierna wordt de ridder bevorderd tot ridder in de Orde van St. Johannes de Evangelist