Ritual for the Installation of a Worshipful Master - Emulation


Inner Guard, after Master Masons withdraw, closes and locks door and resumes seat.
Past Master, assisted by another Past Master if necessary, places kneeling stool about five paces from WMís pedestal, positions Master Elect in front of it facing East and resumes seat.
I now declare this a duly constituted Board of Installed Masters. Gavels once, repeated by Senior Warden and Junior Warden.

All rise, the Installed Masters remain standing until the Board of Installed Masters is closed.

The Brethren will turn to the East.
All turn to the East.

Let us pray.
All may rest one knee on convenient seat in action of kneeling and give Sign of Reverence. Brethren in the West will not have such a seat and will therefore remain standing.
Past Master ensures Master Elect kneels on kneeling stool and that he gives Sign of Reverence.


IM says Prayer: Vouchsafe Thine aid, Almighty Father and Supreme Governor of the Universe, to this our solemn rite, and grant that the worthy and distinguished Brother, who is now about to be numbered among the Rulers in the Craft, may be endued with wisdom to comprehend, judgment to define, and ability to enforce obedience to Thy Holy Law, Sanctify him with Thy Grace, strengthen him with Thy Power, and enrich his mind with genuine knowledge, that he may the better be enabled to enlighten the minds of his Brethren, and consecrate this our mansion to the honour and glory of Thy Holy Name.
So mote it be.
All drop Sign of Reverence, and turn to former position.
Past Master ensures Master Elect rises and that he continues to stand in the same place; then, assisted by another Past Master if necessary, replaces kneeling stool in front of WMís pedestal.
You have already taken a Solemn Obligation as regards your duties as Master of this Lodge; you will now advance and take another Obligation with respect to the secrets restricted to the Masterís Chair. ME advances to pedestal Kneel on both knees, place both hands on the Volume of Sacred Law ME does so. IM ensures ME removes gloves, if worn.

Installing Master gavels once, repeated by Senior Warden and Junior Warden.

All take Step and give Master mason Penal Sign.

Repeat your name at length and say after me: I, ..., in the presence of the Most High, and before this Board of Installed Masters, duly constituted and regularly assembled, of my own free will and accord, do hereby with left hand touches one or both hands of Master Elect and hereon with left hand touches Volume of Sacred Law most solemnly promise and swear that I will for ever conceal and never divulge any or either of the secrets or mysteries restricted to the Master's Chair to anyone in the world, unless it be to an Installed Master, or to a Candidate duly elected to that Office, nor then unless assisted by two or more Installed Masters regularly assembled for that purpose. All these points I solemnly swear to observe, without evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation of any kind. So help me the Most High and preserve me inviolate in this my Solemn Obligation of an Installed Master.
All cut Sign and recover.
As a pledge of your Fidelity and to render this a Solemn Obligation you will seal it with your lips thrice on the Volume of Sacred Law. Master Elect does so.
The symbolic penalty which a Master Elect was formerly called on to repeat in his Obligation was that of having his right hand s o a sl o h l s t t w a d Master Electís hands remain on Volume of Sacred Law.
Let me once more direct your attention to the three great though emblematical Lights in Freemasonry, the Volume of Sacred Law, the Square, and Compass. The Sacred Volume, that great Light in Masonry, will guide you to all truth, direct your steps in the paths of happiness, and point out to you the whole duty of man. The Square will teach you to regulate your life and actions according to the Masonic line and rule. The Compass remind you to limit your desires in every station of life, that rising to eminence by merit you will live respected and die regretted. Leaves pedestal by left side and goes to right of Master Elect, with right hand takes Master Electís right wrist from above, places left hand on Master Electís left breast near shoulder and presses Master Elect backwards with left hand so that he rises to his feet.
IM as ME rises:
Rise .... Wheels Master Elect backwards so that he is at South side facing across Lodge, releases hands, and steps back a few paces.

IM facing ME:
It is traditionally reported that when the Temple at Jerusalem was completed, King Solomon, attended by a numerous retinue, went to view it. On entering the building, observing Adoniram at a distance, he beckoned him thus indicates to Master Elect that he should copy and gives Bowing Sign thrice with right hand by extending right arm horizontally sideways and bending at the elbow moping the hand to the right shoulder as if bowing, at the same tune turning his head to the right. Ensures Master Elect copies and then drops right arm to side.

On approaching his Royal Master, Adoniram was about to kneel, which the King prevented by taking him thus steps towards Master Elect and takes latterís right wrist in his right hand saying places his left hand underneath Master Electís right arm close to wrist Rise simultaneously slides his left hand up Master Elect's right forearm to elbow and raises arm, then replaces Master Electís right arm back at his side and steps back.
The signification of the word is ex mason. When the royal party were about to retire, he saluted them thus indicates to Master Elect that he should copy and gives Sign of Hy by moving right foot slightly back and bending body slightly forward, at the same time making a sweeping gesture with right hand from left shoulder to behind and outside right leg. Ensures Master Elect copies and then stands as before in token of humility. Hence are derived the G and word ... of an Installed Master and the Sign and salutation of a Master of Arts and Sciences.
Past Master ensures that Badge is available and assists to remove from Master Elect his Master Mason's Badge and replace it with that of an Installed Master.

Installing Master goes forward to Master Elect, fits Badge, holds it momentarily: I now invest you with the Badge takes off collar of Worshipful Master and invests Master Elect and Jewel of your office, which is the highest honour the Lodge has in its power to confer on any of its members. The Square holding Square in left hand being the implement which forms the rude and proves the perfect mass, is well applied by Master Masons to inculcate the purest principles of piety and virtue. Masonically speaking, it should be the guide of all your actions releases Square, at option, either after Ďvirtueí or after Ďactionsí.
Installing Master takes right wrist of Master Elect with his right hand, places left hand on Master Electís left shoulder and instructs him to place his left hand on Installing Masterís left shoulder.
Installing Master whispers to Master Elect to step off with left foot and then, moving backwards starting with right foot leads Master Elect to North side of Worshipful Masterís pedestal and into pedestal till Master Elect is standing in front of Worshipful Masterís Chair.
With the Grip and Word of an Installed Master I now place you in the Chair of King Solomon, by pressure of his hands makes Master Elect sit in Chair and releases hands, feeling fully satisfied your future conduct will justify the choice the Brethren have made steps back on South side of pedestal to allow enough room and salutes Master Elect with Sign of Hy.

IM, on South of WM, takes up Gavel and hands it to new WM:
I now place in your hand this Gavel which is an emblem of power and will enable you to preserve order in the Lodge, especially in the East indicates to WM to replace Gavel.
You will now invest the Immediate Past Master hands collar to WM.

WM rises:
Brother ..., I have much pleasure in investing you with this jewel places Collar on him as the Immediate Past Master of the Lodge, feeling assured from the manner in which you have transacted the business of the Lodge during your Mastership, that should I at any time require assistance, my reliance on your co-operation will not be misplaced shakes hands with IPM and sits.
IM on South of WMís pedestal:
Brethren, you will now greet our newly installed Brother as Installed Masters with five, taking the time from me faces WM to order, Brethren takes Step and give Greeting Sign, the meeting of the hands together and with the sides being made audibly.
All take Step when IM does and give Greeting Sign audibly in unison with IM.
IM on South of WMís pedestal:
I now declare this Board of Installed Masters closed leans across pedestal, gavels once, repeated by Senior Warden and Junior Warden.
All sit, except Installing Master.
IM on South of WMís pedestal:
Brother Inner Guard, admit Master Masons.
Installing Master goes to North-East corner of Lodge and stands facing South.

Inner Guard goes to door, opens it, admits Master Masons, closes and locks door and returns to seat.