Order Railway Conductors of America
Ritual of the Ladies’ Auxiliary


Opening Ceremony

Each Division has privilege of using own form for Entering and Retiring march.
Previous to opening Division, Junior and Senior Sisters shall place supplies in proper place in Division room. Rituals, Gavels, Badges and Ode Cards at stations of Secretary and Trustees, Altar in center of room, with closed Bible upon it, ribbons at stations of Link Officers, and Banner at station of Banner Bearer.
President, *:
It is now time this Division convene for the transaction of business Officers will assume stations and prepare for duties of Division.
President fills vacant stations.
Junior Sister, respond, you will present the National Colors.
Sister Vice-President, respond, notify the Guard to secure the doors of this Division room and instruct her in her duties.
Sister Guard, respond, secure the doors of this .Division room.
Sister Vice-President, your order has been obeyed and the doors are secured.
Sister Guard, it is your duty to faithfully guard the doors of this Division room, ascertaining that each applicant for admission is duly qualified before she is admitted, allowing no one to enter or retire, except as directed. Also see that Members entering Division room are supplied with badges.
Sister Vice-President, I will obey your instructions.
Sister President, respond, this Division room is secure from intrusion and guarded by a loyal Sister, who has been duly instructed.
President, *, seats Vice-President and Guard.
Junior and Senior Sisters, respond, you will attend at Altar, distribute Rituals, Gavels, Badges and Ode Cards.
Music. Junior and Senior Sisters advance to Altar, salute; Senior Sister opens Bible; retrace steps, Junior Sister advancing to Station of Trustees, Senior Sister to station of Secretary, put on badges, secure supplies, distributing same, Junior Sister supplying President, Senior Sister supplying Vice-President meet. Senior Sister giving supplies to Junior Sister, who will place them with Guard, and returns. Both Sisters about face, advance to Altar, salute, Junior Sister reports.
Junior Sister:
Sister President, your order has been obeyed.
Junior and Senior Sisters, ascertain if all present are members of the Order, by receiving the password.
Junior and Senior Sisters salute, advance to station of President, the President stands in front of station receiving password from Junior and Senior Sisters. After President returns to station, Junior and Senior Sisters about face.
***. Music. Members rise, forming in line on each side of room (with exception of President, Vice-President and Musician, who remain at stations). Junior and Senior Sisters advance, extend right hand, receive password.
Should Junior or Senior Sister find a Member without the password she will inform the President as follows:
Sister President, Sister … is without the password.
President: Sister Secretary, is Sister … entitled to the password?
Secretary will answer yes or no. If the answer is "Yes", the President will instruct Sister to advance and receive password. If the answer is "No", the President will instruct Sister to advance to station of Secretary, pay dues, then to station of President and receive password.
Should a visitor be present without the password, she reports to the Junior or Senior-Sister she is not in possession of the password, but has receipt, which entitles her to instruction.
Junior (or Senior) Sister:
Sister President, Sister … is not in possession of password, but has receipt which entitles her to instructions.
Junior (or Senior) Sister, you will present Sister … at this station.
If Junior Sister, she will advance with visitor on her left; if Senior Sister, she will advance with visitor on her right, to President’s station; President will examine receipt, communicate password and Junior (or Senior) Sister will conduct the visitor to her place in line. Should visitor be without password or receipt, President will instruct Junior (or Senior) Sister to conduct her to anteroom.
Senior Sister receives password from Vice-President, reports, to Junior Sister:
Members on right are entitled to remain.
Junior and Senior Sisters advance to Altar, salute, Junior Sister reports.
Junior Sister:
Sister President, all present are entitled to remain.
Officers, resume your stations.
Junior and Senior Sisters salute and with Secretary, Trustees and Guard resume stations.
*. Members seated, except Junior and Senior Sisters.
Junior and Senior Sisters, are visitors present?
Junior Sister reports visitors on left of room, Senior Sister reports visitors on right of room.
We will sing the Opening ode. Optional.
Senior Sister, respond, read the Scripture lesson and invoke the Divine blessing.
Senior Sister will advance to Altar, give Bible reference and read Scripture lesson, which she has previously selected. Members assume attitude of reverence, head bowed, hands lightly clasped.


Senior Sister:
Almighty God, our Father we come to Thee in our opening hour to give thanks for that; loving care which has kept us during the days of our separation, to renew our strength and to seek preparation for the work and responsibilities before us. We acknowledge our weakness and without Thee we can do nothing. Be with us to enlighten our minds, strengthen our reason, purify our hearts, that through Thy providence this Order may be strong in truth and abundant in virtue. We beseech Thee, Father, to hear our prayer on behalf of our Sisterhood, that they may share the blessings which we now ask for ourselves, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Division in Unison
"Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not- into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen."
Senior Sister, salute, resume station.
President, *. Members seated except President, Vice-President and Guard.
President :
Sister Vice-President, respond instruct Guard to attend anteroom.
Sister Guard, respond, ascertain if Members are waiting for admission.
Guard retires to anteroom, returns and reports.
Sister Vice-President, I find a Member (or Members) in waiting.
Sister Guard, admit her (them) if correct raps and password are given.
As each member approaches wicket, she gives regulation raps, name, and password to Guard. When she enters, Guard will supply her with badge. She will advance to Vice-President’s station, then to Altar, salute and be seated.
If guard finds visitors in anteroom.
Guard :
Sister Vice-President, respond, I find a visitor in waiting.
Vice-President: Sister President, respond, the Guard informs me a visitor seeks admission.
President: Junior Sister, respond, retire, examine and introduce the visitor.
Junior Sister will advance to Altar, salute Vice-President, retire, greet and challenge visiting member, examine receipt and receive password. When ready to enter, Junior Sister gives regulation raps, Guard admits them according to regular form, supplying visitor with a badge. Should there be more than one visitor, all are examined and admitted together, follow Junior Sister single file, advance, (President will rise), then to Altar, form in line, salute. If visiting member is without password, Junior Sister will notify President at Altar, when visitor is introduced, President will instruct Junior Sister to escort visitor to her station, President will examine receipt, communicate password. Junior Sister will then seat visitor, return to Altar, salute and resume station.
Junior Sister:
Sister President, respond, I have the pleasure of introducing Sister … of … Division No. … of …
Sister …, in behalf of … Division No …, I greet you. We are always pleased to welcome you at any time you can honor us with your presence. Junior Sister, escort visiting Member to a seat.
Junior Sister and Visitor salute and are seated. Should Visitor be an Officer or Division President, the President will instruct Junior Sister to escort her to station of President. If she is an Officer, Grand Honors will be extended, Junior Sister resumes station after Grand Honors are given.
Sister President, respond, your order has been complied with and we are ready to proceed.
President, *: Officers rise.
Officers, explain your duties and badge of office.
As the name of each Officer is called she will respond, explain duties and badge of office, hold jewel between thumb and first finger of right hand, until explanation is completed.
President :
Sister Secretary-Treasurer.
My duties are to record correctly proceedings of this Division, present communications, receive all funds, notify Members in arrears, render a quarterly and annual report, upon proper order pay bills and perform such other duties as the Division may direct.
My badge is a crossed key and pen within a circle, an emblem of security and intelligence.
Senior Sister.
Senior Sister:
My duties are to act as Chaplain of the Division, assist Junior Sister in receiving password, in distributing and collecting Division supplies, and perform other duties assigned me.
My badge is the open Bible within a circle, an emblem the Word of God.
Junior Sister.
Junior Sister:
My duties are to receive, prepare and conduct candidates through the ceremony of initiation; to examine and introduce visitors, and with the assistance of the Senior Sister, distribute and collect supplies requisite to our work in opening and closing Division, receive password and perform other duties assigned me.
My badge is a staff within a circle, an emblem of direction.
Sister Guard.
Sister Guard:
My duties are to guard the Division room from interruption. Allow no one to enter or retire without permission of the Sister Vice-President.
My badge is a sword within a circle, an emblem of protection.
Sister Musician
My duties are to provide appropriate music for all Division work, regular or special. My badge is a harp within a circle, an emblem of harmony.
Sister Chairman of Trustees
Chairman of Trustees:
The duties of Trustees are to advise upon financial affairs, audit books of Secretary-Treasurer and submit report in writing at first regular meeting in January.
The badge of the Trustees is a pair of scales, an emblem of justice.
To the Link Officers and Color Bearers, your duties are to teach the lessons these Links and Colors symbolize, to guard the Altar during initiation, and to make your work beautiful, impressive and instructive.
Sister Vice-President.
My duties are to assist the President in her duties, to allow no one to enter or retire without complying with the established forms, and perform such other duties as may be assigned me.
My badge is the clasped hands within a circle, an emblem of good fellowship.
President: *, Members rise:
Officers and Members, my duties are to preside at all meetings of the Division, call special meetings, appoint committees not provided for, observe the laws and see they are enforced, maintain order and promote peace and harmony.
My badge is a gavel within a circle, an emblem of authority.
In the name of Charity, Truth and Friendship, I declare … Division No. … open for the transaction of business. *.
*. Seats Members.


Initiatory Ceremony

When there are Candidates for Initiation, Junior and Senior Sisters will place necessary number of badges and carnations at station of President and staffs at stations of Color Bearers. During Initiatory Ceremony members may be admitted quietly and seated without ceremony by direction of Vice-President.
Should there be more than one Candidate, Senior Sister will assist Junior Sister. Junior Sister and Senior Sister will advance to Altar, salute Vice-President, half face to opposite sides of room, and meet on side of room in which door is located and retire.
The Junior Sister enters with Candidate on her left and Senior Sister with Candidate on her right, thereby bringing Candidates between the two Officers when they are presented at Altar for instructions. II there are more than two Candidates, they will follow in line.
Sister Secretary, are there Candidates for initiation?
Sister President, L have the name of Mrs. …, who wishes to become a member of our Order, and the preliminary details have been completed.
Sister, retire and introduce the Candidate.
If more than one Candidate, President will use this form Junior and Senior Sisters, retire and introduce the Candidates.
Junior Sister advances to Altar, salutes Vice-President and retires. When ready to enter, she gives regulation raps, Guard investigates and reports.
Sister Guard, you will admit them.
Guard: Sister Vice-President, Junior Sister with Candidate seeks admission.
Junior Sister, it is the order of our Vice-President that you be admitted.
Music. Guard steps to side of door, until Junior Sister and Candidate have passed to Position 1, closes door and is seated.
Junior Sister with Candidate on left will advance to Position, then to Altar, (unless Color Bearer’s march is used, when she will hesitate at Position, until Color Bearers are in position at Altar.

Color Bearer’s March

Staffs are held as follows: those on right of President, Nos. 1 and 3 in right hand, Nos. 2 and 4 in left hand. Those on left of President, Nos. 1 and 3 in left hand, Nos. 2 and 4 in right hand.
Staffs at rest resting on floor, held straight.
Staffs in position diagonally under the arm.
**. Music. Color Bearers rise. *. Staffs in position. March.
Nos. 1 and 4, meet opposite partner in front of stations of President and Vice-President; Nos. 2 and 3, half face to stations of Junior and Senior Sisters, all half face, march to Altar at same time, when about four feet from Altar, halt, stand shoulder touching shoulder.
*. Take one side step to right and left.
Junior Sister:
Sister President, I have the pleasure of introducing Mrs. …, who honors us by presenting herself for initiation in our Division of the Order.
Sisters of … Division No. …. Junior Sister presents to me Mrs. …, who desires to be introduced into our circle of friendship. We appreciate the confidence Mrs. … expresses in our objects and aims, and with pleasure we receive her within oar circle. Junior Sister, conduct Mrs. … to the Altar opposite the Vice-President’s station for instructions.
Junior Sister and Candidate advance to Junior Sister’s station and follow line of march.
Junior Sister:
Sister Vice-President, by the direction of the President, I present Mrs. … for your instructions.
Mrs. …, we welcome you into our circle of friendship. We are organized to assist the Order Railway Conductors, to extend fraternity and promote sociability, to be friendly and render such mutual aid and comfort as may be in our power. Let me charge you to always remember we work in willing service for the Conductors and their families.
The Colors of our Order are Red, Green and White, typical of danger, caution and safety. You are now familiar with our principles. Let the obligation you are about to take sink deeply into your heart, firmly stand to our Colors; let their significance be a beacon light on life’s storm-tossed waters.
Junior Sister, conduct the Candidate to the Altar opposite the President’s station to receive the obligation and final instructions.
Music. Junior Sister and Candidate advance.
Junior Sister:
Sister President, by direction of the Vice-President, I present Mrs. … for obligation and final instructions.
Mrs. …, we extend to you a cordial welcome. Our laws require you to take an obligation. This obligation will not conflict with your religious or social opinions.
Junior Sister, assist the Candidate to assume the attitude for taking the obligation, by placing the right hand upon the open Bible.
When in position, the Junior Sister stands by side of the Candidate.
When a number of Candidates and it is impossible for all to assume proper position for obligation, Candidate at center of Altar will place right hand upon open Bible, those on right of President will place right hand on left shoulder of next Candidate; those on left will place left hand on right shoulder of next Candidate, forming circle around Altar. President will advance and complete circle by clasping right and left hands of Candidates.
Junior and Senior Sisters will take position forming triangle with Vice-President inside Obligation Circle, Vice-President will offer Prayer.
Junior Sister:
Sister President, the Candidate is in proper position to receive the obligation.
President, ***. Music. Members rise, form in lines on sides of hall, except the President, Vice-President, Senior Sister, Guard, and Musician.
*. Each line will face the Vice-President’s station, Truth and Banner Bearer will take proper position, face each other.
Banner Bearer leading outside line, Truth leading inside lines. When Banner Bearer and Truth are opposite the President’s station, *, halt, all face Altar. Members opposite President, and Senior Sister ‘s station will leave space for these Officers to pass inside the circle. Vice-President will advance to position between Secretary and Chairman of Trustees, all clasp hands completing circle.
Soft music may be played during the Obligation.
You will repeat after me, using your name, where I use mine.


I, …, in the presence of Almighty God and these Sisters, do solemnly promise never to reveal any of the secrets of the Order. I will honor and obey, the laws and rules now in force, or that may be adopted.
I will not traduce the name of a Sister nor allow her good name assailed, neither will I knowingly wrong a Sister, or see one wronged if in my power to prevent it I will cultivate sisterly love and endeavor to attend all meetings. Should I violate this obligation, I hereby consent to be suspended or expelled from the Order. So help me God.
As the President repeats the sentence, "So help me God," she and the Candidate will raise their right hand. The Junior Sister will whisper to Candidate, "Raise your right hand."
We witness your solemn vows.


Senior Sister:
Heavenly Father, may the solemnity of the obligation which has just been taken, make a deep impression in our hearts, and enable us to renew and fulfill our vows. We lift our hearts to Thee in thanksgiving for the preservation of our Order throughout the years, and thank Thee for this another link in our chain of friendship. Bless this Sister who has just taken these sacred vows, and give to each one of us a broader, clearer vision of the beauty and sacredness of our Sisterhood. May love, mercy, and peace abide in each heart and life. We commend this Division to Thy guidance and Thy name shall have all the glory. Amen.
Response by all members, "Amen," unclasp hands and drop to sides. Members opposite President, and Senior Sister’s stations will step aside to give these Officers room to pass through the circle. President, Vice-President and Senior Sister about face, resume stations.
President: *. Music. Members face leaders: Follow line of march around the circle until they are again opposite the President’s station. Leaders will march to opposite corners of room, followed by Members, passing alternately, down sides of room, face Altar.
* Seats all but President, Junior Sister and Candidate.
After members forming obligation circle have been seated, *. About face, march to corner and follow lines to respective Stations, halt, face center. * staffs at rest, * seats.
You have now taken the obligation that members are required to take, which unites us as Sisters, and completes our circle of friendship. With pleasure, I will instruct you in the unwritten work. Junior Sister, you will present the Sister at this station.
First the gavel, this in the hands of the proper officer is an emblem of authority.
Response not necessary when raps are used in instructing new members.
One rap calls the Division to order, also seats members.
Two raps calls the Officers to their feet.
Three raps calls all members to their feet.
Should you desire to enter the Division room while the Division is in session, you will give … raps on the door. The Guard will respond with … rap, after which you wil1 respond with … rap. The wicket will be opened and you will give the Guard your name, the Guard will close the wicket and announce you to the Vice-President, who will order you admitted if you have the correct password. The wicket will again be opened and you will give the password, in a whisper, to the Guard. The password is ….
Password shall be communicated by President or one duly authorized to communicate same.

After receiving the password, the Guard will admit I you, presenting you a badge. You will advance to Vice-President’s station, half-face, advance to Altar and salute the President. The President will respond , after which you will take your seat, advancing to the right or left side of room.
Wishing to retire before the Division is closed, you will rise and ask permission of the Vice-President; receiving permission, you will advance to Altar, with the Altar between you and the Vice-President, and salute …. The Vice-President responds …
The etiquette of organization work makes the space between the Altar and the presiding officer forbidden ground, except in balloting, initiation and installation.
In crossing the room, keep the Altar between the President and yourself, in retiring from the room, retrace your steps.
As a source of recognition and protection, we have a test sign and other tests which we are in challenging strangers. The test sign of recognition is made …. If the woman whom you challenge is a member she will I respond with ‘‘Charity,’’ you ‘‘Truth,’’ and she ‘‘Friendship." You will then exchange a cordial handclasp, as a testimony of friendship.
Grand honors, extended to visiting Officers, are given by raising the right arm, hand open, palm down, to a line parallel with the shoulder; move the extended hand to center of forehead, return the hand to a line parallel with the shoulder and drop to side.
The emblem of our Order is a circle enclosing three links in the form of a triangle, each link representing a word of our motto "Charity, Truth, Friendship." Within the triangle are clasped hands and our emblematic flower, the white carnation.
Give your attention to the exemplification of the teachings embodied in our emblem.
Junior Sister will take left arm of Candidate, and turn in to face Altar.
President: **. Music. The Link Officers rise, take one step out from their station, march over lines. Banner Bearer steps in front of Truth, when Charity and Friendship reach the Banner Bearer they turn toward the center, both facing the President’s station at the same time, Charity on the right and Friendship on the left of the Banner Bearer. Charity, Friendship and Banner Bearer advance, Charity and Friendship on triangular lines, forming a triangle with Truth, who remains at position, the Banner Bearer advances on a straight line to center of triangle.
The first link is represented by Charity.
"Faith, Hope and Charity, and the greatest of these is Charity." A woman’s heart beats with the inspiration to do good deeds. She hears the cry of the orphan, the call of want. My Sister, reach out your hand to the destitute, weary and worn. Take by the hand the erring Sister and give her of your strength and heart love to lean upon. Let her see that you love her and have faith in her redemption. "For the greatest of these is Charity." The heart can give when the hand can not.
The color appropriate to this link is Red, symbolizing the blood of our Lord that was shed to lighten our sins and make us pure. God so loved and had Charity for His people, that He gave His only Son as a sacrifice to atone for our sins. If God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. This color also warns us there is danger ahead if we do not live up to the golden rule, "Do unto others as ye would that others should do unto you."
President: The second link is represented by Truth.
While Truth is giving charge Banner Bearer will take two steps to right. When Truth completes her charge, Banner Bearer will resume position.
Think truly and thy thoughts shall the world’s famine feed. Speak truly and each word of thine shall be a faithful seed. Live truly and thy life shall be a great and noble creed." My Sister, be loyal to the conviction of Truth; let it shine through your life like a bright light. It is a precious pearl, and to the woman who wears it, it is above the price of precious stones.
It is a diadem whose light will illuminate your pathway through life, for Truth will finally triumph.
The color appropriate to this link is Green, a symbol of the opening of life and spring of the world. It teaches us to be cautious in our way of living and speaking.
"Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth, keep the door of my lips."
The third link is represented by Friendship.
There is no power in the world like Friendship. Those who have no friends are to be pitied. Our lives are shaped from our friendships. My Sister, let your life be so lived that when a Sister says, "She is my friend," all will know that Sister is blessed indeed. All friendship, all love, human and divine, is spiritual. When we say friendship, we mean the clasp of the hand that comes from the heart.
The color appropriate to this link is White, symbolizing purity, also teaching us to so live that the great white light of eternal friendship shall shine on us until the end of life. It also teaches us that where the white light of friendship gleams, there is safety from the falseness of the world.
The Banner Bearer represents the Banner of our Order, which blends the Circle, Motto and Colors representing the principles of our Sisterhood.
Banner Bearer:
The emblem of our Order is a circle, typical of that which is closely bound, endless and unbroken, enclosing three links in the form of a triangle, each link representing a word of our motto, "Charity, Truth, Friendship." Within the triangle are clasped hands and a white carnation, the significance of which is also in harmony with our motto.
The Colors are Red, Green and White, emblematic of eternal love, the truth of the world, and steadfast friend-ship; and as link by link the membership chain is broken by death, may we all have the assurance within our hearts that the spirit of our motto, "Charity, Truth, Friendship," has been the rule of our lives.
President: *. Music. When the Banner Bearer has completed her charge she turns. Truth takes one side step to right, when Banner Bearer reaches position, Truth and she half face to right and left, take two steps. Charity and Friendship about face, turning in, march over and face right and left, * half face, march four abreast to Altar, salute, follow line of march to stations, face center of room. * Seats.
Junior Sister, face this station.
Junior Sister will take right arm of Candidate and about face.
The ceremony and solemn obligation we have enjoined upon you are not without their teachings. We wish you to be impressed with our objects and aims, and trust the solemn vows you have just taken will forge a bond of love between you and all members of the Order.
A clear vision of our motto and the significance of its colors will bring to us purity of thought, word and action.
When the "Golden Rule" is the law of all hearts, then we shall see the glory of our cause.
Our emblematic flower is the white carnation, chosen because of its simplicity and purity. This one I present to you as a seal, that you now form a part of our circle of friendship.
President steps from station, presents carnation to the Sister, takes one step back and remains standing until she completes the lecture.

I also invest you with the badge of our Order; may you ever wear it with pride and honor.
We welcome you to this Division and in testimony of our sisterly affection and the sincerity with which we receive you, I extend the right hand of friendship. God grant you may always be a faithful and useful member. President extends right hand to Sister, then resumes her station.
Junior Sister, you will conduct our Sister to the desk of Secretary-Treasurer, where she will sign the register and become entitled to membership in this Division of the Order, you will then conduct her to the Altar where she will be welcomed.
Junior Sister conducts Sister to desk of Secretary-Treasurer where she will sign the register and receive a copy of the Constitution and Laws. Advance to Altar, salute President.
President, *:
Sisters, our Sister has taken the obligation of our Order and listened to the beautiful teachings embodied in our emblem, as exemplified by our Sisters Charity, Truth, Friendship.
When there are several candidates the President will declare a short recess to greet new Members.
You will extend the right hand of friendship with a cordial welcome. Junior Sister, you will about face with the Sister.
*. Music. Lines face station of Vice-President, march, meet, advance to Altar in couples Vice-President leads line, greets new Member, about face, returns to station and remains standing Members following extend greeting, march in V to corner of room, about face and down sides of room to stations.
*. Face center of room. Junior Sister will seat the Sister
*. Seats.


Closing Ceremony

There being no further business, we will bring this meeting to a close.
Junior and Senior Sisters, you will collect the Division supplies.
Music. Junior and Senior Sisters advance to Altar, salute, about face, turning toward center. Junior Sister will advance to station of Guard, receive supplies, return, give one basket or box to the Senior Sister. The Senior Sister collects from Vice-President. Junior Sister collects from President. Supplies are collected as they advance over line to President’s station, about face, place supplies at desk of Secretary-Treasurer and Chairman of Trustees, remove badges, march over line to Altar. Salute, Junior Sister reports.
Junior Sister:
Sister President, your order has been obeyed and I find … Rituals.
Junior and Senior Sisters salute, and resume stations.
President: ***. Members rise:
Sisters, we are about to separate, and amid the duties and cares of life, let us bear in mind the principles of our Order and remember we are pledged to keep our transactions here from those not entitled to know the same.
We will sing Closing Ode. Optional.
Senior Sister, respond lead in closing prayer.
Senior Sister advances to Altar, salutes; Members assume attitude. of reverence, head bowed, hands lightly clasped.



Senior Sister:
Eternal God, our Father, ere we go out from this meeting we come to Thee for Thy benediction and commit ourselves to the love that has never failed us. We beseech Thy forgiveness for all that has been displeasing to Thee and to grant us Thy presence during our separation. We commend all members to the watchful care of our Heavenly Father, who has promised to watch over and strengthen us through the trials of life. Amen.
Senior Sister will close Bible, salute and resume station.
Senior Sister, respond, retire the National Colors.
I now declare … Division No. … closed.
Retiring March, optional.