Ceremony for the degree of Prince of Memphis, or Grand Administrator, 94

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

A body originally 10 and then 7 Dignitaries, entitled Grand Council General of Administrators of the Order, Princes of Memphis.
Sign: place right hand on the heart and withdraw it; then make the sign of an Apprentice. (It implies: I promise to aid those who are in want, to be affable and to love my neighbor as myseff).

Touch: clasp right hands; then pass the left hand round, each others waist, bringing breast to breast. (It implies: We venerate the true light which is revealed to us arid sacredly treasured in our hearts).

Password: Zerigoothe (I have seen the true light).

R. of W.: Dumazig (Free and Venerated Man).

Battery: *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******     *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******.

Jewel and Symbol: within a double circle, Symbol as last.

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