Ceremony for the degree of Grand Defender, 91

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

These were a body of Nine Dignitaries entitled Grand Tribunal of Defenders of ihe Order. The President is named Grand Suffete, a word used by the Carthagenians for their Chief Magistrate, and derived from the Tyrian and Hebrew word Shofet or Sofet, a judge.
Sign: extend the right hand horizontally, as if holding a balance, then with the left hand, take, as it were, from the heaviest scale to put in the lightest, as if to establish equality. (It is an Egyptian design, and implies: Never weigh thy fellows in one scale alone; if evil has the advantage take from it the human weakness with which it is charged, and let charity do the rest.

Touch: press each others hand seven times. (It implies that a lodge is not perfect without the number seven, which is that of Harmony. Harmony is born of justice, which gives true happiness.)

Password: Midgard (elevated Sanctuary).

Secret Word: Astree (justice).

Battery: *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******.

Jewel and Symbol: four-pointed rayed star enclosing a square with central point.

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