Master Elect of Nine, 9º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign. (1) Facing the one who is proving you, make a movement as if you were going to strike him on the forehead with a dagger; in reply, he will place his hand to his forehead as if to assure himself that he is not wounded. (2) Strike at his heart as if with a dagger and say “NEKAM” (vengeance), and in reply he will place his hand on his heart saying “NEKAM.”

Sign of Recognition. With the right hand make a movement as if to seize a dagger and to strike with it; in reply the right hand being shut, with the thumb raised, lift the hand in turning it over, the thumb turned towards the ground.

Grip. Present to the tyler the right hand shut with the thumb raised, in reply the tyler seizes with the right hand the thumb which is presented to him, and keeps his own thumb raised.

Knocks. Nine knocks by 8 and 1.

Steps. Three apprentice steps, three of a F.C. and three of a Master.

Age. Eight plus one years completed.

Insignia. Blue tunic, sash of cherry-red, with gold fringe; a black ribbon worn crosswise, at the bottom of which is a dagger as a jewel.

Pass-word. BEGONGAL-CHOL (abomination to all).

Sacred word. NEKAM, reply NECHAM.